132 thoughts on “A no doubt depressing home stand begins game thread: June 20, Mariners at Braves”

  1. Something Frenchy needs to realize is that when you add muscle, you don’t have to screw yourself into the ground to hit the ball hard. That’s WHY you add muscle.

  2. The thing about adding muscle didn’t make much sense to me. He was certainly strong enough to hit home runs before. If he was trying to make himself stronger to avoid injury or increase his stamina, that would be one thing but he explicitly said it was so he would have more power. It really does make me wonder how much Frenchy actually knows about baseball.

    Very interesting numbers in DOB’s column. Basically, Tex from the right side is Andruw Jones from last year. That’s bad.

  3. Shameless Plug Alert:
    So after the REM gig last night, I ran into a musician named Steve Wynn & he told me about his new band called The Baseball Project.

    Every song is about baseball. Tunes about Fernando Valenzuela, Harvey Haddix, Oscar Gamble’s afro, etc. The CD is titled Frozen Ropes & Dying Quails. They’re on Letterman tonight.

    Here’s the link to their label’s site, and you can listen to the CD streaming.


    Haven’t listened to the music yet, but judging from his history & his choice of bandmates (Scott McCaughey & Peter Buck from REM), I would imagine that they’re fairly tuneful.

  4. ububba,

    The same thing happened to my friend at the R.E.M. show in Raleigh. I was so jealous when he told me the story the next day. Apparently, they were discussing if Mike Mills would be joining there fantasy league.

  5. ububba,

    The same thing happened to my friend at the R.E.M. show in Raleigh. I was so jealous when he told me the story the next day. Apparently, they were discussing if Mike Mills would be joining their
    fantasy league.

  6. I’ve heard that Mills is a longtime Braves season ticket holder and Scott McCaughey (their touring guitar player) is a big-time baseball fan.

    In fact, as a kid McCaughey was at the game where Marichal attacked Roseboro with the bat. His dad took him. Crazy, huh?

  7. Mills is a longtime season ticket holder. I used to get to use them semi–regularly when I worked with the guy in charge of doling them out when he wasn’t in town. Nice guy, fer sure.

  8. @3,

    I always wondered why ballplayers work more on adding bulk rather than stuff like plyometrics (sp?) that would increase their fast twitch muscles and shorten overall reaction time.

  9. even george costanza can hit ’em out (as long as he’s not getting lucky)… it’s all physics, right?

    I’m sure the extra muscle doesn’t hurt in the HR category. Not sure if it helps in pitch recognition and plate discipline. heh heh.

  10. anyone see this on mlb rumors…

    From the What Might’ve Been File: the Tigers offered Jair Jurrjens for Jack Wilson about a year ago. Nice to see that .500 will not be a goal for the Bucs, by the way.

    the Pirates are morons….but their outfield is WAY better than ours

  11. Albert Pujols career stats are beyond ridiculous. Just stupid. Lowest batting in a season .314? Lowest OBS in his 2nd year in the major at .955. Mind-boggling…

  12. Ububba, thanks for the link… Wynn’s a good guy, and that stuff’s not bad. I think I’ll give it a few spins.

    I’m a big fan of Yep Roc — I pretty much like everything I’ve ever heard they’ve put out.

  13. AAR,
    Yeah, I listened to the record twice today. I like the “Harvey Haddix” song, the story in the tune about Jack McDowell, “The Yankee Flipper,” and I can’t get “Ted Fuckin’ Williams” out of my head now. Oh well…

    If you ever get a chance to check out the first 2 Dream Syndicate records, Wynn’s old band, I’d recommend them, too. (“The Days of Wine & Roses” and “The Medicine Show.”) Kinda Velvet Underground-ish, but with more searing guitar.

    Gonna miss this game tonight, too. Heading out to see My Morning Jacket at Radio City. Go Braves. Time for some home cookin’.

  14. I never listened to My Morning Jacket before, but I have their new album. It’s okay, and I like the stylistic variety, but their singer’s voice sometimes grates. I like “Highly Suspicious,” though.

    Have you heard The Cops? I’m really digging their album, Free Electricity. Very sharp Pacific Northwest punk/post-punk.

  15. I still like Bobby (unlike many here recently), but this is getting just ridiculous.

    Batting McCann below Infante? Batting Infante fifth, period? Batting the most powerless player on the team, a left handed, leadoff? Taking Kelly Johnson out of the lineup, when he is hitting .316/.349/.382 against left handers this season and putting in Gotay, who’s season stats are worse than Johnson’s are against lefties.

    Also Johnson’s OPS this season against lefties is .731. Blanco’s season OPS is .698 (.580 against left handers!). Can someone explain why one sits and the other plays and bats leadoff?

  16. Dan, Blanco is the best CF on the roster. Hence he plays. He has a pretty good OBP and can steal bases, so he’s your prototypical leadoff hitter. As for Gotay instead of Kelly, I have no idea. Hopefully it’s just some nagging injury and Bobby decided he needed a day off to rest. I’d hate to think Bobby would play Gotay over Johnson for any kind of strategic reason.

  17. When we got Gotay, I was afraid that Bobby would do things like this with him. He can’t hit lefties — he’s a phony switch-hitter who should stop hitting righthanded. I’m all for getting Gotay some PT — I think he can play, but he barely ever gets to do anything but pinch-hit, an impossible job — but he should have done that during the road trip, give KJ a day as a DH instead of trying to find different ways to work Norton into the lineup. For that matter, giving KJ a day off every so often isn’t a bad idea, but it should be Infante playing in his place with a real left fielder. I guess that’s a dead horse, though.

  18. Bobby reminds me of every boss I’ve ever had. Old school to a fault.

    It’s great to trust what got you there but downright annoying and stupid to resist a little bit of change.

    This lineup angers me.

  19. I wonder how soon it will be until Bobby bats Jeff 3rd and puts me out of my misery.

  20. Any lefty looks likes the reincarnated Warren Spahn against this lineup.

    Speaking of which, just looked at his numbers awhile ago. I had forgotten how good he was. 14 seasons with 20+ wins. Fourteen. That’s unreal. And he missed 3 years for military duty. If not for that could have easily been at 400 wins.

  21. Someone needs to help poor ole Skip out…

    he’s updated the Reds v. “Mets” game at least 5 times already tonight….the Reds are playing the yankees tonight.

  22. Infante shouldn’t be hitting fifth, and he shouldn’t (great play aside) be playing left, but he’s a good player. The thing is that he’s a great bench player but shouldn’t be a regular unless he’s at short, but he keeps playing a other positions.

    You suck, Jeff.

  23. C’mon guys, he’s hitting the ball hard. ,He’s just getting really unlucky. Don’t lose faith Bobby. The fate of the team/game of baseball/world depends on Jeff Francoeur playing every inning of every game. Always.

    Might be about time for a delenda est.

  24. Campillo screwed up, BTW. He should have just run Betancourt back to the bag, because the other runner was standing at third. I guess he didn’t screw up as much as that runner, though.

  25. Just tuning in.

    Francoeur is an unbelievable rally killer. You think once, just once, he would not be a guaranteed two outs.

    On the other hand, how did we keep the lead in the next inning.

    Genius .

  26. Also, good thing we have Infante and Gotay in the lineup. That’s where we’re getting all of our base runners.

  27. Riggleman with his first managerial screwup of the year, too. Let the reliever hit, then pull him two players into the next inning. Bobby couldn’t do that better.

  28. Dodged a bullet there…I was positive the lead run would score once Frenchy committed the Prado.

  29. He ran jogged to a ball in right center that bounced off the end of his glove. It wasn’t an easy play, but he should have had it. Jeff almost looks like he’s running in place. I guess that weight is really hampering him.

  30. Nevermind. I was able to see it on the cool Gameday video feature. Just waved at that fly ball / double. Jorge looked a little pissed at him, too.

  31. Thanks for the explanation, anyway.

    So, when is Chipper going to get a hit again? He is suddenly ice cold.

  32. FYI – Looking at the replay, I don’t think it is so much that Francoeur jogged to the ball as much as he took a poor route, breaking in a little and then having to go back as he ran over. The misjudgement screwed his timing.

  33. Just got in, from the comments it looks like I’ve missed another tour de force performance of suckitude from Francoeur.

    No worries though, I’m sure he’ll do it again tomorrow.

  34. Should have yanked Campillo after the 6th. He got hit pretty hard the third time through the order.

  35. Still, 2 runs in 6.1 IP. Our offense has got to support that effort.

    With all of the injuries and even the idiot moves by Cox, the story of the season is the failure of our high powered offense to come through time and again.

  36. The offensive exhibition tonight has been shameful. Frenchy is, to quote Clark Griswold, “f—ed in the head,” because he’s missing plays he used to make with ease in the field, while remaining the same free swinger we all know and loathe at the plate.

  37. I see it is possible for the punchless Braves to look even more anemic that hapless seattle. By my count we’ve threatened once, and are lucky to be down only 3 runs.

    As I say that, who is teh idiot that just plunked francouer?

  38. Is it wrong to be happy that Frenchy got hit? I was actually hoping he might miss a few games with a sore elbow.

  39. Now Chipper’s out with an injury. And now, with the game already likely out of reach, Bobby turns to Will Ohman.

  40. At least Myrtle Beach is up by two touchdowns.

    I love Gorkys Hernanadez. He’s putting up better numbers than Schafer was last year at the Beach.

  41. Any of you guys buy OOTP 9 yet? It has real rosters all the way through Rookie ball.

    It’s an awesome game.

  42. 8th inning, the production crew still hasn’t corrected skip about the Reds – Yankees game.

  43. If Bobby Cox’s career can be likened to a television show, I think we can safely he “jumped the shark” when Ridgway was inserted into the game yesterday.

  44. Thanks for the therapy. Time to pack it in. There is nothing left to root for tonight. Chipper is injured and we are not on the road so we can’t continue our streak.

  45. Phillies keep losing but the Braves won’t take advantage of it. They’re blowing a good chance to make up that six game ground.

  46. So ryanc, by what calendar date do you see us wrapping up the division.



  47. Damn. It’s been a busy night at work so I didn’t even cut the game on tonight feeling like I didn’t need the extra stress. Seems like a good decision. We losing? Francouer making lots of outs?

  48. nice job guys………..you all suck………even the sacred cows…………..no exceptions tonight.

  49. Skip just said something after the game was over and probably didn’t realize he was still on the air. Right before Peachtree TV went to commercial, Skip said, “That’s almost embarrassing.” I think that about sums up the season, except I would say, “It is embarrassing.”

  50. Myrtle Beach won 22-3 tonight.

    Gorkys Hernandez was 3-for-6 with 2 doubles and a walk.

    Schafer is 2-for-3 with a double as the M-Braves lead 8-2.

    It won’t be long til we have a Schafer-Gorkys-Heyward outfield.

  51. I should add that Tyler Flowers had 7 RBI tonight and Eric Campbell had 5 with a slam.

  52. Hanan, I hate to say it, but I feel we could probably find quite a few to challenge this level of suck.

  53. How quickly I forget the Arizona game I was at about a month ago. However, at that time we were actually playing well having just swept the Mets.

    This loss comes after another humbling week, which makes me feel worse about it.

  54. Schafer leads off the 7th with another double and comes around to score for the good guys.

  55. Hanan, it’s probably appropriate to start rating our worst losses (most miserable displays) this year. I remember several times hoping that I had just seen the low point of the season.

    One was a shut out against the Pirates, when we did not look at all like we wanted to play.

  56. Whatever. We were never going to beat Bedard anyways (even if he only pitched 3).

    So lets worry about the next two games and take care of business there.

  57. @103, I heard that too, Ben. And yes, it was an embarrassing night for the Braves. Not for Campy, though. Dude pitched a pretty good game. Bright sides and all that…

  58. Yeah, I saw the stat that said that Campillo leads the NL in ERA for rookie pitchers. He just gets no run support whatsoever, and the fielding tonight was not that great. I made a goof on yesterday’s final score thread. I thought they were playing in Seattle this weekend and to my surprise they were playing at home when I got home from work. It wouldn’t matter at this point if they played the Mariners in a simulated computer game…this team looks like they’ve given up already. They are lucky to only be 5.5 out.

  59. This team has a bunch of goons playing the outfield. It’s the single biggest reason the Braves are where they are right now.

  60. The pitching staff coming into tonight has a 109 ERA+. You can’t blame them for much of the problems this year. It’s the offense and the manager.

  61. What a thoroughly depressing evening, went to a lady friend’s house and watched the movie An American Crime. It has the chick from Juno in it. Anyway, if you want to watch an uplifting movie, that would not be my choice. Then I came home and watched that craptastic performance put forth by the Bravos. Chipper getting hurt again was the icing on the cake.

    After Bedard got hurt, who pretty much lived up to his rep of having pusitis, there was no excuse not to win that game.

    Oh well, at least there is a huge cow to go along with the huge scoreboard. As stated earlier, this team is lucky to be only 5 1/2 out.

  62. Hamstring, elbow, Tommy John
    Disabled list you’re always on
    Mr. Hampton, you’re the best
    Working on three years’ rest

  63. “For some reason I just can’t hit with bases loaded right now,” said Francoeur, hitless in his past 15 at-bats with bases loaded and 2-for-19 for the season — more than twice as many opportunities as any other Braves player.

    “I’ve just got to keep working my [butt] off in the batting cage and the film room. It is what it is. I felt good at the plate, I really did. And I had an opportunity. I’m [ticked] off at myself.”

    He has hit only .219 in his past 32 games.

    “I feel like I’m so close to turning the corner, and for some reason I just ain’t going right now,” Francoeur said.

    umm, no Frenchy you just suck. Someone better pick up this team right now. We probably wont have Chipper or Escobar the rest of the series

  64. If nothing else comes out of 2008, we’ll still have the emergence of Jair Jurrjens.

    So cheer up lads, he’s pitching tomorrow.

    Also, did anyone see the end of the Croatia-Turkey Euro 2008 quarterfinal match? Unbelievable. The Turks were dead after giving up a goal in the final minute of extra time, but managed to sneak a last second goal in injury time and then won on penalty kicks. Tough Turkey!

  65. Cary–Yes–what an amazing ending. I guess that I was not surprised to learn that there were riots in the streets of Vienna.

    Otherwise, in catching up on the Braves, I see that we have reached a new low point.

  66. “I just ain’t going right now.”

    I really really really really wish I hadn’t read that.

  67. “So ryanc, by what calendar date do you see us wrapping up the division.



    you’re beginning to be a jerk chief. i never said this team was great. when i was arguing that this team was underachieving, we had smoltz, soriano, kotsay, and diaz all playing. since then, it has been a different story. all that aside, i will still take your bet that this team finish with more than your predicted 75 wins.

    in my earlier posts (about a month ago but you cant stop beating a dead horse) i merely pointed out that you say the same things over and over with NO analysis. the only point of yours to which i argued was that this team is not bad and they’re underachieving by a long shot, which i still believe is true.

    on a side note, i went to the game tonight. the crowd, the team, and the night deflated when chipper came out. bobby’s use of ohman was incredibly bad, francoeur sucks, infante is looking like a good pickup, bennett is going downhill fast, and buddy carlyle doesnt deserve a major league job. there needs to be a total roster reconstruction starting with kotsay and diaz getting healthy and ending with some shitty relievers getting the ax.

  68. Was at the My Morning Jacket show, flipped on my phone to check the score, saw it was 9-2 and the last play read: “Escobar hurts leg.”

    I flipped the phone back off & dove back into the tunes.

    Helluva show, though.

    I dig “Evil Urges,” but “Z” is better.

  69. Well, this is not at all encouraging:

    “It’s pretty bad,” said Jones, describing an egg-sized knot on his right thigh, where he partially torn the quadriceps June 7. “It got to the point where I couldn’t move out in the field [Friday].

    “This is definitely the worst it’s been. It’s raised a lot higher than the other leg. I’ll get back in there when it feels better. I missed a couple of days last time, and it’s worse this time.”

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