“General malaise” is a symptom of altitude sickness game thread: June 16: Braves at Rockies

I was going to try to find something really depressing for this horrible one-game makeup, but yesterday’s entry has already been named the most depressing rock song of all time. So here’s a song that makes me feel general malaise.

If there’s no recap tonight, that may be because I went to sleep or it may be because the internet is still out at my house.

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  1. Tony: “The problem with KJ’s numbers is that he is so streaky

    Honest question:

    Would you rather have a player who in 150 games played hit .300/.400/.500 and 30 homeruns but had prolonged hot and cold streaks or a player who in 150 games played hit .250/.350/.400 and 15 homeruns and was very consistent week to week?

  2. From previous thread:

    …we play the Rockies, Rangers and Mariners. On paper you would think that we may do well. However, we got swept by the Reds. The Rangers offense scares me a little in that park. The Mariners…they just got swept by the Nationals at home, so surely we can do the same. Can’t we?

  3. I think the Mariners are in Atlanta so that should help. And, I saw the Nationals-Mariners series on TV. The Mariners truly are dreadful.

  4. Dan,

    If Kelly could put us those numbers you listed, in the hot and cold category I would be thrilled. I think b/c Kelly was a corner outfielder, and when he’s hot he’s really good…I’m just expecting too much from him. I at least thought he would be a.300 hitter. Kelly’s good, I just thought at this point he would be very good.


    Tiger Woods might be an okay golfer. Mercy…if I can quote Joe Simpson.

  6. Wow…all three N. Carolina Tarheels are returning to school. Where there is your preseaon #1 in college basketball.

  7. Yeah, i think Tiger Woods may have figured out this golf thing. I think he may have a future in the sport even.

  8. Yeah, who figures a “sudden death” playoff between a “Rocco” and a “Tiger” is describing golf?

  9. Bavasi fired. There goes the worst GM in baseball… I mean, it take a special kind of lunacy to think that Carlos Silva and Jarrod Washburn (or Jeff Weaver; or Brad Wilkerson; or Richie Sexson… the list goes on and on…) would make you anything but hittable. One of my best friends is a Mariners fan, and somewhere out there, he’s celebrating.

  10. Nevermind. They now have links to the Rockies and Braves broadcasts.

  11. Wang out at least 10 weeks, probably for the rest of the season.

    If a bad homerun call at Yankees stadium got baseball to kneejerk and add very limited instant replay, what’s this going to do? Are we going to be subjected to a week of ESPN and radio talking-heads demanding the NL adopt the DH rule?

  12. I can’t wait to get replay for ball and strike calls. Maybe they can encourage fan participation* (read: staring at the jumbotron) by allowing them to vote on which way they think a call should go via their mobile phones. Maybe the official wireless provider of major league baseball could design a special phone that would allow the user to push a button on the back of the phone to vote without having to take the phone out of there ear while waving into the TV camera.

    Chip: It looks like 98% of the fans here at Turner Field think that was a ball.
    The Lemmer: When I was playing, a ball was a pitch that was out of the strikezone.

  13. To be fair, the Braves have been bitten by some abhorrent home run calls. And Bobby Cox, I recall, called for something like instant replay three years ago… I think he did, anyway. But even if he didn’t, this new system in no way leaves balls and strikes up to replay challenges. Come on now. I think it’s a good idea.

  14. “Denver — Good news is finally coming for the back of the Braves bullpen. Mike Gonzalez will re-join the Braves Tuesday in Texas and is ready to be activated from the disabled list on Wednesday, manager Bobby Cox said.”

  15. I think we should just get extra umpires to sit on top of the foul poles to make the “boundary” calls. I’m really not interested in introducing machines to the game. Baseball is a game for human beings and should be governed by them. Errors in umpire judgement are part of the game and I don’t so much mind that. The player/manager/umpire interactions add entertainment value to the game.

  16. if Tex hadnt of swung at a terrible 3-1 pitch and then taken a boarderline 3-2 pitch, we would’ve scored anyway

  17. It’s cool how Blanco understands that the point of a bunt isn’t to make an out.

  18. I just want to say a special thanks to the Braves for not ending my baseball season by batting Francoeur 3rd on Friday night.

  19. That’s crazy. I figured they’d rather keep an injured Soriano on the roster than Stockman.

  20. did anyone just notice the 2nd base ump clapping after the 1-2 pitch was called a ball?

  21. Nice to get out of that without giving up a run.

    But, I still think we are going to have to score to win this game.

  22. Joseph… If you don’t have any runners at third base with less than two out — and the Braves have not — it doesn’t really matter if you strike out or fly out or whatever, unless you ground into a double play. Outs are outs.

  23. Do they really think that if they keep saying that fans love interleague play that makes it true?

  24. Awesome AB, KJ!

    Sign that he is coming out of his slump?

    I do not think they will ealk Chipper, here.

  25. The Rockies’ radio broadcasters are saying that Hawpe has been charged with an error.

  26. Gameday is saying that the error allowed KJ to third, but not Yumel to home. 2 RBI.

    Not that Gameday is infallible.

  27. Oh man! This is gold.


    * Hannah Montana
    * aggressiveness
    * “In my own words” series
    * pregame interviews
    * smiling and popularity.

  28. JJ with 65 pitches through 5 and looking pretty good. If he was just having a tired arm he should skip a start now and then. Bennett could start those.

  29. Glad to see Jair’s ankles ok…

    of course if he stays out on the bases too long he could resprain it on a pebble in the infield.

    Get those ducks off the pond!

  30. Yesco really could have done more with that pitch. I think he was surprised it was a strike.

  31. Any time we can make it through Holiday and Helton without allowing a run, it’s real nice.

  32. Jorge Julio in to close out a 4-0 lead for Richmond and gives up a first pitch double and then a 5 pitch walk.

    Nice to know he’s there if we need him.

  33. I don’t mind the Julio signing. He is at AAA, not blocking anyone. And I trust Gus Hansen more than McDowell. If we get anything out of him, its buffo

  34. Because KJ is streaky as hell and was on a hot streak during the period that he had gotten moved down in the order?

  35. Can’t help but notice a few of those interests on the Francoeur blog sounded a bit familiar…

  36. Ill take a streaky KJ over this crap that Tex and Frenchy have been doing all season, these two are killing our offense.

    tex, prove me wrong here

  37. The only thing I can think of is that KJ might be more aggressive later in the order.

    At 1 or 2, he is thinking about getting on in front of Chipper and Tex. At 6 or 7, he could be thinking just about hitting, getting runners to score instead of leaving it up to the pitcher.

  38. I’ll take the double, but almost not lowering your average by going 1 for 4 still isn’t cool.

  39. he basically dove to try and make the catch, but the ball was about 5 feet away from him and already past him and the ball went to the wall

  40. Anyway, I know I talk too much about what’s an error, but if you screw up, it’s an error. If you REALLY screw up, it’s a double. Or there, if two guys screw up, it’s a triple.

  41. The Rockies failed to score with a runner on third and nobody out–seems vageuly familiar…

  42. What is doubly impressive is that Jurrjens is having this kind of game in Coors.

  43. I frickin’ knew the Wang injury would bring the DH crap back. If it had been another team, like the Royals, it wouldn’t get mentioned.

    Just like Delgado’s non-homerun at Yankee stadium that got the instant replay ball rolling, does anyone believe if it was a Mariners-Pirates interleague game it would have been mentioned more than once on ESPN?

  44. 146 — Apparently such a phrase can be appropriate for so many situations and across generations.

  45. we’ll I dont like the DH at all, but both leagues should be playing the same game and that’s not happening right now

  46. You know I’m always trying to think of new ways to play with player usage, and thinking of the last couple of nights… First, Campillo looks tremendous after going six days between starts with a short relief appearance in between. Now Jurrjens looks great (though I think he’s tiring) on long rest. How about having a staff largely made up of swingmen? One or two anchors make 35 starts, and the other 92 are divided between five guys who make 16-20 starts and about the same number of relief appearances?

  47. Steinbrenner’s quotes:

    This is always a concern of American League teams when their pitchers have to run the bases and they’re not used to doing it.

    So, who has the unfair advantage? We throw Greg Norton as our DH while teams have David Ortiz and Travis Hafner on the bench, or a pitcher has to act like an athlete and do a bit of… running?

    Pitchers have enough to do without having to do that.

    You mean they have enough to do every 5th day. They can’t handle running, at most, 360 feet?

    They need to grow up and join the 21st century.

    How is the DH the 21st century? First of all, it’s been around since the 20th century, and second, to join the “21st century” means you remove most of the strategy from the game and make your pitcher less of an athlete?

    Mr. Steinbrenner, you’re an idiot.

  48. Way to go, Jair.

    The 2 HR calls at Yankee Stadium were wrong (for A-Rod & Delgado). I was at the game where the A-Rod HR was called a double. The ump was the only person in the whole stadium who didn’t see the ball correctly. It was such a bad call that Yankee fans weren’t even mad—they were laughing. (BTW, I’ve never seen A-Rod so demonstrative about a bad call.)

    Ever since the Braves got hosed out of a game in Washington a few years ago—Brian Jordan, remember?—I’ve thought that replay for HR calls is a good thing.

    Who cares what prompts MLB to finally get it right?

  49. Its a shame that J-man won’t get to finish the game–but what a great start….

  50. Maybe the pitching change stat thing is because…Bobby changes pitchers after every batter in blowout games?

  51. Braves lead the majors in pitching changes, but have one of the lowest ERAs in the National League.

    Cox has gone Tony LaRussa on us.

  52. wow. It’s like the Yankees and their brass go out of their way to make everyone hate them.

  53. I hope the Braves get Tex’s night on tape and show it to Boras when it matters…

  54. Instant replay is not the right thing. Even the limited stuff that MLB is proposing (only on homerun and down-the-line calls, would be done in a central office and only the umpires could decide when to use, teams/managers don’t get a say) to shut the talking-heads up isn’t good. Just my opinion.

    Talking head: “If baseball doesn’t adopt instant replay by tomorrow, it’s done. Over. Fans will leave. Ballparks will empty. Baseball will collapse and soccer will become America’s new pasttime. Dooooooooomed.”

  55. Ya know, Wren’s acquisitions are looking good.
    Ohman, Kotsay, Infante..
    And Ridgeway looks decent for Aybar given we were never going to give him a chance.

  56. Now would be a good time to start selling. Let’s send the Yankees Hudson for all their minor leaguers

  57. This inning may have it all. So far, maple bats splintering and Francoeur going the other way for a hit.

  58. wow, Holliday looking very ‘Brave-corner-fielder-like’ tonght

  59. We’ll still see one of Acosta and Boyer to end the game though.

    More bad outfielding by the Rockies.

  60. only two goats in this game

    Snitker and Tex (0-5, and the sombrero)

    KJ has 3 walks and 2 runs, so his 0-fer is still very productive

  61. Dan,
    Who cares what talking heads say?

    If you like, we can disagree on whether or not getting the calls right is a good idea.

    FWIW, the NHL reviews every goal from a central office in Toronto and generally it works very well, much better than if they didn’t have it at all. Unlike the NFL, the teams have nothing to do with it.

    This is not a slippery slope. Balls & strikes are not next. This is: HR or no HR; foul or fair—ball kicked up chalk or it didn’t. Not difficult to digest. Easy to implement. I can’t understand why anyone would be against it.

  62. I wonder who we send down, probably a guy on the bench or Brandon jones. 14 pitchers!!!

  63. I think someone tried to ask him, but DOB said it was a conflict of interest or something like that. He did say it was bad and the Braves made a quick decision.

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