358 thoughts on “We have gone beyond Phil Collins, people thread: Phillies at Braves, June 8”

  1. In regards to letting Reyes hit. We have to in that situation, that is a downside of having 13 pitchers. Ugh.

  2. I also thin if we don’t win the next two games, we should focus on the Wild Card

  3. Move KJ back to left when Prado’s able to play second. Let Lillibridge/Prado and Yunel handle up the middle. Get rid of Norton, Infante, Miller, inter alia, and back up the kids with more kids.

    If Frenchy cannot be traded and must play (can he still be sent down?), bat him seventh or eighth. Get what you can for Tex, even if it’s not much.

    Let Chipper choose whether to rebuild with the club or go elsewhere for prospects. I bet some contender would ante up something good for him; but if he chooses to stay and hit .400, great.

    Lose our old pitchers and start our most promising babies, be they Reyes, Morton, whoever.

    Whatever money is available, spend on a real ace and a productive corner outfielder during the off-season. An outfield of Schaeffer (geez, 10 ABs +/- above A ball!), KJ (can he make the throw from right?), and the new left field pop plus this year’s birth pangs might make 2009 palatable.

    You may fire when ready, Gridleys.

  4. Rebuilding is going to take more than one year, I’m afraid. I don’t see any Ace types that the Braves could pick up in free agency (and Sabathia scares me with his Zito Potential – he has a LOT of miles on his arm for his age).

    What worries me though is the legacy of the 14 straight division titles. I don’t believe that the organization believes it is out of the race, despite the evidience before all our eyes. If they aren’t ready to pack it in, we won’t be sellers at the deadline, regardless of our standing on July 31.

  5. I really don’t see a bona fide ace being available. I’d prefer younger, projectable arms. Maybe Bonderman or Santana could be had, but not from free agency. Sabathia scares me too, but I don’t think we would put up the kind of money he’d demand anyway.

    What we have’s not cutting it, though I see it more as a failure of offense at present.
    Defense hasn’t helped our pitching at times either.

  6. I think that rebuilding probably needs to happen–but it ought to begin on the farm and move upwards. It means an end to doctrines which worked well in the 1990s, but just don’t seem to anymore. For example, at the next draft the Braves need to be willing to move beyond focusing on high school players from Georgia. For another, the Braves need to take a hard look at the coaching within the system. Most players will not develop as hoped, but it seems like the farm system had more success in the 1990s than it has in recent years.

    Also, the Braves will need to be patient with the rebuilding–because as Seat Painter rightly says it will take much longer than one year.

  7. So Sportscenter said Chipper is gonna miss 2 games with a quad tear. I guess thats from stealing those bases? I guess?

  8. Our bats should boom today. Will we get our daily allotment of two runs?

    Although they haven’t climbed far, there are some position players in the system that may get to Atlanta in three or four years. Pitching help may be closer, but I also agree with Seat Painter on the prospect of quick turn-arounds. Ain’t happening. May as well start sooner than later with the rebuild.

  9. ESPN.com is reporting the tear was sustained in Colorado and he felt pain in it during the 7th last night. Escobar is hitting third, Infante is playing third and leading off, according to the article.

  10. Makeshift lineup today

    LF Anderson
    CF Blanco
    SS Escobar
    1B Teixiera
    2B Johnson
    RF Francoeur
    3B Infante
    C Miller
    P Campillo

  11. Attention, attention, would any other Braves like to get hurt? Just curious. Damn, Chipper is ailing and will miss plenty more games because of the quads, Soriano still has tendinitis, Kotsay is out, Smoltz is gone for the year, Hampton is Hampton, Glavine is old and I can hit off of him now, Norton is hurting, Diaz is out, some of the bullpen is overused to the point to where they are going to get hurt, and damn it if we didn’t get rid of Brayan Pena and keep the worst possible backup for when McCann gets hurt.

  12. Doom.






    Oh, sorry. I was just recapping the posts for anyone who didn’t get all of that.

  13. Holy crap is that lineup awful. All it needs is Gotay in place of Johnson and it’d be the worst possible realistic lineup the current Atlanta Braves’ roster could put out.

    Adam Eaton will look like an ace today.

  14. At least Escobar isn’t batting leadoff and Johnson is hitting fifth instead of second. That might bode well.

  15. If Bobby goes with that lineup in a game in which we are trying to avoid being swept, then the fans should ask for their money back….

  16. well said rob…………i was just thinking its kinda funny for me and my sports teams. the braves and my football team were on a helluva roll through the 90’s and now both have slipped and its amazing how hard it is to get back to the top. or even near the top. …………………oh well, i was a fan when they sucked before(for decades!) so i guess i’ll stick around and see how this one plays out.

  17. Bobby Cox doesn’t have to sit McCann today, with an off-day tomorrow. And the team certainly didn’t have to keep Corky freakin’ Miller as McCann’s backup.

  18. Tonight’s lineup is funny. I don’t get why we move both the 7th AND 8th hitters into the 1/2 spots, but there ya go. :-)

    I hope we win. It’d be funny with this lineup. Heh. With all that speed, maybe we can get a winner the Stolen Base Inning with all those runny guys out there! :-D

  19. Irrational Downer Rant:

    Seriously, How does it come to this? How the fuck does it come to this? I was pumped for this season. I was so pumped for this season. The lineup looked stacked. The bullpen looked solid. The rotation looked like it could be dominant. I was even deluded to the point that I thought Hampton could make a comeback.

    And now… look at this bullshit. Smoltz…gone probably for good. Glavine…smoke and mirrors, at best. Kotsay…(our best outfielder more BS thanks frenchy) out. Soriano…out and who even knows what the hell is wrong with him. Diaz…out. (not that he didn’t suck anyway). Hudson still gets screwed out of wins on a consistent basis. Teixeira reminds me more and more of A-Rod with how he accumulates his stats. Our top minor leaguer buys his hats at the same store that Barry Bonds does. The bullpen has been overworked and abused to the point Acosta is a nutjob, Boyer’s arm is about to fall off, and the other guys outside Ohman never even see the light of day. (Oh, and good job on the Resop of Kali Wren) Fianlly, Chipper, the one bright point, having a season I’ll tell my kids about, tears his quad and is out. Why the hell is he stealing bases? There should be a rule now that he is not allowed to run faster than McCann ever.

    Okay I’m done and feel a little better

  20. Irrational Downer Rant:

    Seriously, How does it come to this? How the fuck does it come to this? I was pumped for this season. I was so pumped for this season. The lineup looked stacked. The bullpen looked solid. The rotation looked like it could be dominant. I was even deluded to the point that I thought Hampton could make a comeback.

    And now… look at this bullshit. Smoltz…gone probably for good. Glavine…smoke and mirrors, at best. Kotsay…(our best outfielder more BS thanks frenchy) out. Soriano…out and who even knows what the hell is wrong with him. Diaz…out. (not that he didn’t suck anyway). Hudson still gets screwed out of wins on a consistent basis. Teixeira reminds me more and more of A-Rod with how he accumulates his stats. Our top minor leaguer buys his hats at the same store that Barry Bonds does. The bullpen has been overworked and abused to the point Acosta is a nutjob, Boyer’s arm is about to fall off, and the other guys outside Ohman never even see the light of day. (Oh, and good job on the Resop over Kali Wren) Plus, the team couldn’t win a one run game if you gave it to them. Oh wait, KJ, they did and you still blew it.

    Fianlly, Chipper, the one bright point, having a season I’ll tell my kids about, tears his quad and is out. Why the hell is he stealing bases? There should be a rule now that he is not allowed to run faster than McCann, ever.

    Okay I’m done and feel a little better

  21. ON the radio, Skip said McCann’s knee was sore.

    I also vote to end the Campillo experiment and make a move for a starter.

  22. It probably isn’t a huge difference, but I think I’d go with Anderson in center and Blanco in left.

  23. Make a move? You must be joking. Our “move” this season was acquiring an injured Greg Norton. Enjoy!

  24. Well Rob, are you saying that it’s not good to be “doom and gloom” right now? What some of us are saying is that with what remains of this lineup after injuries, combined with the lack of pitching (and good managing) is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, no matter how Bobby bats these guys. You can only keep being positive for so long until you realize it’s September and you are 9 games out…and that’s exactly where this team is headed. Lots of “so close” moments and coulda shoulda wouldas but can’t quite make it happen. Alec Baldwin would tell this team the same thing he told Jack Lemmon in “Glengarry Glen Ross” right about now.

  25. Thank goodness, because if the runs don’t come from the 3 and 4 slots, they just ain’t coming today.

  26. Plus it’s been all of 1 inning so it’s a little ridiculous to be claiming he’s going to suck forever now.

  27. I feel this team has four issues that can be fixed:

    1) No left fielder. Just face it, we are going with Frechy in right and that’s not changing. However, we have to get better production out of left. If Blanco is going to play most of the time there when Kotsay gets back, he is going to have to steal some bases or something.

    2) We need another starter that has more than two pitches and can go 6-7-8 innings. Our bullpen is going to come apart in August at this rate.

    3) Lack of a leadoff hitter. Escobar may fill this void, but I don’t think he is the answer here. Finding a guy who can play left and leadoff would be fill two voids. Someone is going to have to get on base for Chipper.

    4) A solid backup catcher that can play once every five days. Like our bullpen, McCann may be found dead behind the plate in late July at this point. Corky can’t hit at all. I understand the UGA kid getting AB’s in Richmond, but it may be time to call him up and let him play a few times a week. Hell, with the way Tex is hitting, we can let McCann play first once a week too!

    OUr next looming issue will be the closer. Sorriano may go back on the DL soon too.

  28. C.C. Sabathia is the ace…but DAMN…he’s DEFINITELY cost us some 1st round pick and next year we’ll probably have a pretty high one (if this weekend’s series is any indication)

    Coop? Are you serious?

    #1: Tex…sure we could get two AAA ready types (a LF and a SP), but from where? Hey…I’d do this:

    Chamberlin, Hughes and Austin J. Jackson from the Yankees for Tex.

    #2: Frenchy…ain’t going anywhere…but if he did, we’d send him to the AL for some young arms. Probably would work to Tampa Bay, for arguments’ sake, for:

    Frenchy for Wade Davis (and Wren would, right now, be GM of the year if this went down)…

    #3…If Chipper wanted to leave (which he doesn’t), it would probably be to Texas or Houston (he lives in TX during the offseason)…and neither of them have much in the way of talent to return for Chipper…but I could see Boston trying to tempt us with:

    Jacoby Ellsbury and Buchholz and some Minor League Arms….

    but NONE of this is happening…

    ps–This Lineup SUCKS

  29. Smitty, agreed, but that’s a LOT of issues that need fixing. Not sure Wren’s going to change that much, and Bobby sure as heck isn’t, which is why we’ll be 9 games out in September, as someone stated.

  30. Best case scenario: start series 3.5 out, finish 4.5 out
    Worst case scenario: start series 3.5 out, finish 6.5 out

    Lose today and it’s over. I say that because the Braves play, arguably, two of the best teams in baseball right now in the next 6 games…all of them on the road. There’s potential to drop another 3 games off of the lead in the next week after today. That would put the deficit at 9.5 out and would be a huge psychological blow to this team where the only thing to look forward to right now is Chipper’s quest for .400. Hey, call me a naysayer, but I think we all know what happened in 2006 that started about late May–it’s happening now but some don’t want to admit it.

  31. Chris, the Yankees wouldn’t trade Hughes and Chamberlain for a whole season of Johan Santana. They sure wouldn’t trade him for a half-season of Tex.

    There is no chance that Tampa would trade Wade Davis for Frenchy. If they traded him for anyone it would be for someone good, like Colby Rasmus.

    There’s no chance that Boston would offer Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay Buchholz, and other prospects for an old, injured, back-loaded Chipper Jones, who is a 10-and-5 and would veto the deal anyway.

    I like trade ideas as much as anyone, but you have to give something to get something.

  32. The problem is look at the hurt players that we have had to suffer, and then get this mess

  33. I think we can clear up our issues with only a few trades.

    A move for a starter will be the hardest to pull off and may not come til July, if it happens.

    I don’t know, maybe Kotsay can bat leadoff.

    I feel that Sammons would be a solid back up catcher.

  34. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that is why Josh Anderson should not lead off on a regular basis.

  35. how discouraging is it when the braves get their first 2 on and you absolutely know they arent going to score because you got:
    1. someone worse than a pitcher hitting next
    2. the actual pitcher hitting second
    3. a fast pitcher hitting 3rd.

    this would be a fun trade: acquiring micah owings and let him take 4 of 5 games at first and let him pitch the 5th game. that kid can rake. and off i go to oz.

  36. You know this series hasn’t been all that bad, they would have won Friday but for the blunder of Johnson. Yesterday, well, thats another thing, but they could be looking at winning this series then trying to salvage it

  37. NJ,

    You can sum up this weekend like that, but it also is a summary of the last two years.

  38. I know its a long shot but does anyone think we would be able to get Roy Halladay? He would be good for this year, and we would still have him for a couple of years after this. Plus, the Blue Jays are usually out of it, so they may want to try and get a few prospects for him.

  39. Man…when the braves are having a terrible stretch like this, I really can’t listen to Joe Simpson. His sunshine pumping makes me want to slit my wrists.

    When Corky just dropped that ball instead of throwing it to second on the victorino steal attempt, Joe’s thoughts:

    “That’s what speed does to you.”

    No, Joe…that’s what sucking ass at your job does to you.

    I like Joe and all, but the worse the braves play, the less tolerable he becomes.

  40. #45 – 2 of those 4 issues can be solved right now in this organization. Morton is pitching today, too. It would seem the perfect time to bring him up to the big club, especially if this start is anything like his last.

    Also, let’s get rid of Miller and promote Sammons.

  41. Smitty I got you these last two years have causes me more indigestion and grey hair

  42. NJBraves fan youve got to be aboslutely shitting me with that comment (59)…I’m not even gonna respond…I just hope that was sarcastic.

  43. I sum the last two years to sub-par pitching and lazy play, score two runs then run cold, next game score 15 runs. When a simple hit is needed it doesnt happen.

  44. Parish,

    I agree totally. Maybe even 3 of 4.

    Joe Simpson: “You see Corky baited Howard there. That is a heads up play by a vet. That is why Bobby Cox sends him out there, for his head and his terrific arm.”

    I vote we let Corky pitch, he hits like a pitcher already.

    Also, if I have to hear about Corky’s batting practice home runs, I may murder a small village.

  45. Here I’ll try to make the best of it too:

    Hey, this isn’t that bad at all. We’d probably be about to sweep this series if Utley was on our team instead of theirs, if we hadn’t pussed away the game on Friday in 9 different ways, if our team had half as many winners on it, and if our offense was a third as productive as theirs…I agree, it’s just not all that bad. I really like the way you think, NJBravesfan: In a hypothetical universe, it’s the phillies who are fearing the sweep right now.


  46. Hypothetically, we should be 10 games up.

    Time for Tex to hit into a tripple play

  47. Lose today and it’s over.

    Sorry, I’m still laughing.

    I hear that plenty from Mets & Yankees fans, but it’s usually in April.

  48. chip caray: “that one got blanco on the back knee”.
    blanco has a back knee? weird.

  49. If there was ever a time for an ealk, it was there. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to ealk Kelly Johnson — our last good hitter — to load the bases for the Human Out Machine.

  50. Let’s see what Frenchy does with this chance to strike out. Does he take 1 pitch, or swing at all 3?

  51. I’m sure Francoeur’s a decent human being, but he is sure terrible at baseball.

  52. At least by this point in the season Frenchy has become predictable….I was surpised that he worked the count to 2-1…

  53. Hey, come on guys, make the best of it:

    In a hypothetical universe, Frenchy’s in the dugout right now high fiving ‘the gang’ after hitting a mammoth 440 feet shot into the left field seats.

  54. If I had a time machine, I would go back to each of my birthdays and tell myself to wish that Jeff Francoeur would be drafted by the Indians before I blew out the candles.

  55. Is Jeff F. the worst “face” of a franchise in professional sports, meaning the guy that all the local companies want to hire as a pitch man?

  56. So what do you do with Frenchy? The ass has swung at everything since he’s come up, you think by now something would have been done

  57. I think I am going to add another problem to my list. Terry Pendelton.

    This is the same shit over and over. Just let Chipper be the hitting coach

  58. Chief, in fairness, we do have Smoltz and Chipper.

    But for young franchise players, yes. (There’s a case to be made that Stephon Marbury hurts his team more, but he is a better ballplayer than Francoeur. Also, he’s gone.)

  59. If the organization was ran right, you’d send him to AAA and tell him to either learn pitch recognition or he could stay there.

    He has no clue about how to read pitches. He’s one of the worst I’ve seen at that.

  60. In his first AB, he had a good AB. He was doing good until he got baited to swing at that inside pitch.

  61. I wonder how long these shenanigans will have to continue before the media, local or national, starts taking note of the fact that he sucks?

    As recently as yesterday, when reading the press release for the ‘Big 3’ special on TWIB, I read that “Brian McCann and Jeff Francoeur have already establised themselves as the next great Braves.”

    Really? They have?

    Frenchy may be a lot of things…but a “great” player he is not. He’s not even good. He’s not even decent. He’s the worst everyday outfielder in the National League. [i]That’s[/i] what drives me fucking nuts about it, that no one but us seems to notice (including Joe Simpson), despite the fact that all the numhbers are there…it’s not some anecdotal perception we’ve built.

  62. What do you guys think Brandon Webb’s end of season stat line will be?

    I’ll go with 22-5.

  63. God, the sad thing is everyone KNEW Frenchy was going to GIDP there. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind.

  64. BTW, the Human Out Machine should be changed to Automatic Out Machine. The pitcher should bat ahead of that guy.

  65. I’ve started to think that NJBravesfan shared some of his stash with Joe Simpson. He seems to have tapped into that alternative universe where nothing everything magically goes your way, even when it doesn’t.

    Please, share some with me before I finish tying this noose.

  66. I’ve started to think that NJBravesfan shared some of his stash with Joe Simpson. He seems to have tapped into that alternative universe where everything magically goes your way, even when it doesn’t.

    Please, share some with me before I finish tying this noose.

  67. JJ and Hudson have almost as many AB’s as Corky and are out hitting him. Cole Hammels is far out hitting Corky with two more AB’s

    So stupid

  68. The steinbrenners may be in a position to be fooled into trading Frenchy. Someone send them a tape of TV announcers saying how great he is. Braves should accept anything of genuine value.

  69. He’s goin for that Billy Ray Cyrus look.

    He’s obviously stopped one step short of rocking the achey-breaky-mullet or one of those little faggy pony tails, but that’s obviously what he’s going for…

    that’s right…our backup catcher is a billy ray cyrus wanna be…


  70. I can honestly say that if the Braves were down by one run in the bottom of the ninth in game seven on the World Series with the bases loaded and two outs; I’d take any one of the team’s pitchers as the hitter over Corky Miller.

  71. check this out. i did a little research, and since tex has been acquired, chipper, finally with some protection behind him, has been incredible. here are his stats since the acquisition:
    158/417 .379 batting average .467 obp
    27 homeruns, 87 rbis, 68 walks in roughly 2/3 of a season.

  72. Nah, Miley Cyrus’s music is too new school for our boy Frenchy. He only likes the tv show…he says it’s good, down home, family entertainment…and plus Billy Ray is in it.

    Musically, Frenchy’s more a fan of the older stuff, you know the classics…like Achy Breaky Heart…’man what a great song’ – Frenchy

    What can you say, he’s a man of the finer things in life…trucks…connect 4 and checkers…going down swiniging…marrying high school sweethearts….doing 9 pregame interviews a game for sportsouth, all with huge grins on his face, no matter how much he’s sucking on the field on the time…talking about how he and McCann grew up as a braves fans (did you guys know that?)…exuding small-town, ‘aww shucks’ appeal….you know, the finer things.

  73. Did the commissioner’s office tell the umpires to call everything against the Braves this year when possible? It’s like they want to keep them out of the playoffs because the Braves don’t sell out, losing them money.

  74. With all the Corky bashing (and justifiably so), someone remind me why we released Pena? Seriously…I don’t remember what happened to make us decide to keep a .060 hitter.

  75. I really hope there’s more to it than that. Something about them wanting Pena to play every day? Please be a real reason.

  76. Well, Campillo did today what 5th starters are generally asked to do. Now, let’s score some runs.

  77. His sweet soulpatch, and flowing, Cyrus-esque mane of hair. Good enough reason for me.

  78. yea – i think he needs a new at bat song – that could be the explanation for the slump

  79. April 4, 2008:

    In the 10th, Morgan led off with a walk against Chris Resop (0-1) and was sacrificed to second. Jason Bay walked, and Morgan alertly went to third when ball four got away from Miller.

    “I was anticipating anything in the dirt,” Morgan said. “Resop was throwing a bunch of curveballs and spiking them. I figured Corky Miller isn’t that great of a defensive catcher back there, and I took advantage of it.”


  80. I try not to miss one, but I did a quick count so feel free to correct me:

    By my count, Frenchy has now left 13 men on base this series and has 0 RBI.


    who’s fault is it if we get swept?

  81. Mike,

    I don’t know if that is funny or scarry that you know a Hanna Montanna song.

  82. this is 2 days in a row a bottom of the rotation guy has started an inning w/ 90+ pitches – that doesnt seem like normal Bobby Cox

  83. I told you all already, his favorite song is “Achy Breaky Heart’

    Word on the street is he did a choreographed dance routine to it, sporting an airbrushed t-shirt in his elementary school talent show.

    I heard that on Sportsouth “Jeff Francoeur: In His Own Words VIII”

  84. Joe: He probably doesnt even know it’s hot.

    (you know…because he’s mexican)


  85. “See You Again” is played quite a bit on Q100 around here. Its actually requested a lot too.

  86. Yeah, Campillo did well in the heat, it won’t get hotter in ATLANTA, GEORGIA this summer

  87. maybe no one was eating the food on the spreads in the clubhouse, and they needed to keep corky around so it didnt go to waste

  88. How do you walk the pitcher and then strike out Jimmy Rollins on 3 straight?

    It does not make sense!

  89. Maybe Corky IS Billy Ray Cyrus…

    It would explain his lack of skill in anything related to baseball…and also explain why the Braves kept him on the roster. (all the country bumpkins in the dugout were in awe of being, as one brave (frenchy) put it, ‘in the presence of one of the great musical minds of our time.’)

    you decide:



    :shock: :shock: :shock:

  90. forget Clint Sammons – we need to call up Sal Fasano. He cant be worse than Corky, and he is old and cant really hit, which fits that important qualifications which make you a default good defensive catcher. And, most importantly, his ‘stache is hilarious.

  91. Man, Langerhans was gone after his terrible start last year. Why can’t the same be true about Corky?

  92. What will the backup catcher be five years from now?

    It will still be Corky Miller. This team’s strange obsession with him isn’t going away. They even dumped Brayan Pena to keep him.

    I really thought at the end of the 2007 season that I’d never see Corky Miller again. But here he is.

  93. 2 grounders in a row our guys didnt run out. Norton would have beaten that out.

  94. I figured out what the Hamster brings to the table. He’s so bad that everyone focuses on him instead of pointing out all the other bad players. He’s even distracting from Francoeur’s suckitude. Every five days, Infante and Norton and everyone else gets a day off.

  95. Oh great…and now they hit us with our first coldplay commerical of the day…just when I thought it couldn’t get worse.

  96. I’m actually in disbelief. Coldplay and Whiskey Falls in back to back commercials…

    …I’m gonna go have a good cry.

  97. I’m writing the “Corky Miller Song”. It goes a little something like this:

    CORKY MILLER! He is so bad!
    CORKY MILLER! He makes us sad.
    CORKY MILLER! I want to cry.
    CORKY MILLER! Please just die!

  98. When are we going to see a series of Corky Miller tapes like we did in spring training involving Mike Hampton?

  99. We can only hope by this time next week, SportsSouth will have developed an entire ad-campaign around Mac’s Corky song. Every commercial break, instead of Whiksey Falls, instead of those inbred homosexuals from the Barn, it will be our very own Mac Thomason…

    …I can dream can’t I?

  100. I changed the words to “Load up the Bases.”

    “Roll out Corky’s Corpse,
    Fire up bus.
    Call up Clint Sammons,
    Gonna hit one ouuuuuuuuuuuuuut (of the infield)

  101. that ‘ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut’ isn’t even half as long as the one in the commercial.


  103. TBS pitchtrack said that both the 3rd and 4th called strikes were balls. poor Yunel

  104. I vote we buy a pitch back and let Corky set it up every fifth day. It would be way more effective and might even draw a walk

  105. For all of the sabermetrics-haters out there, this is why “VORP” is not always a useful stat: the Braves do not have replacement players. They have Corky Miller, Josh Anderson, and Omar Infante.

  106. The guy in the bright orange shirt behind home plate would be an offensive improvement over Corky Miller.

  107. 2 things. Is there documented proof that some poor homo sapien has actually purchased a Whiskey Falls CD?

    And secondly, my son’s godmother sent him a Francoueur jersey yesterday for his birthday. It was not sent with a return shipping label. Should we send it back? ;)

  108. 264:

    point 1: yes. Francoeur owns their whole catalog…he purchased it at walmart before the season started.

    point 2: Yes, obviously. You don’t want youre get growing up to be a loser, do ya? Mail it back, and request a BMac jersey.

  109. Anyone think this is somehow possible…

    We setup a three-way deal, where Tex ends up a Yank, Red Sox, or an Oriole.

    Jeff Francoeur and a bunch of prospects end up Padres.

    And Adrian Gonzalez and Brian Giles end up Braves?

  110. Infante, Miller, and probably Gotay due up. Should we just skip it and go to the ninth because it is so hot?

  111. game 1 of this series…

    Braves leave 13 men on base…9 of them by Frenchy.

    Game 3…9 so far…6 by Frenchy.

    Again, I ask: If we get swept, who’s fault is it?

  112. And that is why Francoeur is going nowhere. He is popular and (at least in 2006) sold more jerseys than everyone else on the team combined.

  113. In answer to your question, no I don’t think that’s ‘somehow possible.’

  114. Corky can’t even catch the straight pitches that are right on target. Our “defensive” catcher. Ugh. He is an embarrassment to baseball, and the Braves should be ashamed to put him on the field.

    Frenchy sucks, etc. He’s so freaking predictable. Not one sac fly with the bases loaded this year. Yet another embarrassment to the sport.

  115. For the record Catz, not only have the Braves not left 22 men on base in 7 innings, but that isn’t even possible.

  116. It would be nice if McCann could homer, Boyer pitch a scoreless 9th, and everyone go home happy.

  117. Utley Pradoes a ball from McCann, allowing McCann to reach on an “infield single.”

    Look, if Brian McCann reaches on an “infield single,” you can be pretty well positive someone Pradoed it.

    Catz, team LOB is going to be a lot less than the sum of individual LOB, because Frenchy comes up with the bases loaded and 1 out, and strikes out, then he has left 3 men on base; then Infante has a chance to leave the same men on base, and if he strikes out he will have done so. Frenchy and Infante will both have left 3 men on base; but that’s only 3 team LOB.

    Does that make sense? Sorry if it’s a bit of a convoluted explanation.

  118. I think that we will have Corky around for awhile.

    Oddly enough, he is fun to watch–just the way in which it was enjoyable to see Jeff Burroughs patrol left field–and, of course, in the 70s, the Braves never had a chance.

    Truly Corky represents a new low for Atlanta….

  119. They announced earlier on the radio broadcast that Chase Utley gives Jeff Burroughs a lot of credit for helping him with his hitting approach.

    What a slap in the face…

  120. Thats funny–but to be fair Burroughs could really hit, but he was an awful outfielder.

  121. Is anybody else having trouble with the audio part of the broadcast? I am having the full joy of hearing a Chip Caray echo…

  122. Sneaky, Escobar, sneaky. I like him.

    What do you guys think Teixera said to that fan on that foul pop?

  123. Escobar apparently deked Bruntlett on that play, so that he couldn’t tell where the ball was and didn’t take third on the play.

    My mancrush grows by the day…

  124. and now its really over…but that’s what happens when walk em full for Howard and leave a straight fastball throwing righty to face him.

    Not that we had a chance in the botoom of the 9th anyway.

  125. jesus christ, I don’t think I’ve made a single post today that didn’t need editing.

  126. Why does this keep happening? Hmm. Could it be because the manger is completely batshit.

  127. Blown Boyer strikes again, and here comes Acosta… This must be what hell is like.

    Mac, I think it’s time to rename this place “Raysjournal” :P

  128. Countdown to a ryanc post telling everyone how this team will get hot soon and runaway with the division…

    I’ll give it 20 minutes, tops..

    As I say, this team sucks. Every week I amend my season record downward. I was at 75-87 last night. I’m thinking 72-90 now.

  129. Well at least I can watch a good game between NC State and UGA, hoping NC State wins. Oh wait, they’re losing 6-0 in the bottom of the first. This sucks.

  130. I think the perfect accent for this game would be to give up a grand slam here.

  131. It’s a good thing Howard can hit. His baserunning is equally atrocious as his defense.

  132. They got Lidge for a song in the offseason. I kinda wish we could have got him, but I realize that he would have pitched worse than Acosta for us.

  133. This really sucks–watching this team is like re-living the late 1980s and late 1970s…You just know they’re going to lose….

  134. “The Braves have been playing some pretty good baseball lately…”
    -Ron Gant, today

  135. I’ll go with a 2-8 road trip, with 5 one run losses, and 2 injured players.

  136. The most uncomfortable thing to hear are announcers that are employed by the team and who are basically told to be homers, when they are forced to say anything negative about a team.

    See Peter Tom Willis.

  137. I’m glad I missed the Gant quote…I don’t think I could hand anymore delusional sunshine pumping after listening to Joe all game long…(and reading NJBravesfans posts as well… :wink: )

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