Googlebomb Game thread: Phillies at Braves, June 6

I think I want to try a Googlebomb. But right now, the only one that comes to mind is “Francoeur Sucks” and I’m already in the top ten for that. Any ideas?

Here’s the Braves’ draft today, so far (I think these are all today):

Paul Clemens RHP Lewisberg College
Brett Oberholtzer LHP Seminole CC
Kyle Farrell RHP Western NV CC
James Hoover RHP Calhoun CC
Richard Sullivan LHP Savannah Coll Art & Design (!)
Ross Francis RHP Walters St CC
Travis Adair SS Sabino HS (AZ)
William Hiller OF Blinn Coll
Billy Burns OF Walton HS (GA)
Michael Pallazzone RHP Lassiter HS (GA)
Zachary Fuesser LHP York Comp HS (SC)
Robert Brooks SS Lurleen Wallace St JC (Alabama — I once applied for a job there but I didn’t get it)
Tyler Barnett SS Eastern Kent. U
Bryan Carter 3B Texas A&M
Daniel Hodges RHP Mt. Olive Coll
Shane Moody SS UNC Charlotte
Nicholas Fuller RHP Walters State CC

Well, if we’re playing the Phillies, it must be Hall & Oates time again. This is one of their worst videos.

399 thoughts on “Googlebomb Game thread: Phillies at Braves, June 6”

  1. You mean the Braves drafted THE Nicholas Fuller? I’m excited already.

  2. Nick Fuller. Man, he played in my region. Dude was a beast, went to South Carolina on a scholarship. And then got caught stealing stuff, I think it was computers, and was kicked off the team.

  3. Hall & Oates…I have a good feeling about tonight. Would like to see a big effort from Huddy. Will be scoreboard watching tonight.

    From previous thread…
    You mean Alvarez? Never seen him play, just read about him. Can’t avoid it up here, that’s for sure.

  4. Thanks Ububba…that’s who I meant. For his sake I hope he some good.

    From earlier comment…Moyer, a lefty…so that means JFrancouer should have a HUGE game.

  5. Francoeur this season: .756 OPS vs. left handers (.265/.322/.434) and a .719 OPS vs. right handed pitchers (.248/.298/.420).

    How about Cox on the radio saying no work lately for Stockman because of all the close games? The trust isn’t there yet apparently.

  6. Dan – I just think he doesn’t know what the kid can do yet. And I don’t think any of us do, really.

  7. I was actually shocked at how well he was doing based on his stuff alone. He has one heck of a breaking ball, but his fastball seemed aweful straight to me and in the low 90’s. He would have to have excellent control with that to be effective – I would think anyways. But I also only saw the kid once, so he may have just been off with the fastball that day.

  8. #940, Jason Stolz, SS from Kell HS, Zeke Spruill’s teammate. If he makes the majors and doesn’t obtain a restraining order, there is a 100% chance that Chris Berman will call him Jason “Eric” Stolz.

  9. I typed in “Swung at ball four” into Google and nothing about Francoeur came up. That seems wrong.

    However the phrase “one run loss” does lead right to Braves Journal. So that’s working.

  10. A SCAD student? Woah. Poor guy had better be good at baseball if he’s going to pay off his student loans.

  11. If the Savannah kid can’t pitch, maybe he can re-design the Braves’ website, or the clubhouse. I would imagine he has a modium of taste.

  12. The SCAD kid was too much to not search on… found this:

    Another 2007 Yankee draftee, Ryan Pope, went to the same art school that Richard Sullivan currently attends. Savanah College of Art and Design is home to the physically impressive lefty who sits in the low nineties.

    That means there will be at least TWO from SCAD… wild man, wild

  13. Ohhh Art School Cheerleaders… now THAT has to be a thankless job. Gotta imagine a large percentage of the campus with crunchy or emo girls mocking the few who would be foolish enough to want to be cheerleaders.

  14. It’s gotta be depressing to get an athletic scholarship to a design school.

    Charles, going by what I know of the school, the students are less emo and more yuppy. This shouldn’t surprise me, seeing as there are several athletes in the design school at AU, but somehow it’s just different when the whole university is for design.

  15. I’m not sure if there are currently, but Kendall Simmons, who plays for the Steelers, was a Graphic Design major.

  16. Does Tech play SCAD in football?

    I mean, they’re no Jax State or Gardner-Webb, but they probably have decent uniforms.

  17. Damn, I played with Mark Pope too. I hit third and he hit fourth for a pretty good team one year. The Braves are taking all my old teammates.

  18. The guitar player in the video has a really cool 50’s copper mist Dan Electro U-1. Just thought I’d point that out.

  19. Hmmm, I just looked up Salty’s stats and he’s finally starting to hit a bit. In the last 10 games he’s hit 3HRs, 3 doubles, and has brought his average up from .194 to .279 and has 6 walks…

  20. Ahhh, I have in vague memory that the Savannah one was more artsy than this one seems… but that was a few years back.

    Changing subject. We know .400 is a long shot, but how many more dings does Chipper have in him? does he have 105 more? 137 more? 105 puts him above Eddie Murray, 137 above Mickey Mantle.

  21. 40th Round; #1210 Jesse Wierzbicki/C

    one of the “names” popping up in the late rounds.

  22. I’d like to point out for this season that Tom Glavine’s K rates are up to a servicable 5.43 per 9 innings.

  23. It’s too bad “the children” are going to be up way past their bedtimes tonight because the Braves decided to run this game at 730 in instead of 0700.

  24. RE: Chipper

    It seemed to me from reading DOB’s blog on Chipper, that Chipper wanted to play until he was around 40. So, say 4 more years, 1-2 of which will likely be a Decline Phase. 105 more taters is possible, but I don’t see him reaching 137, as that would be about 35 a yearfor his 37, 38, 39, and 40 y.o. seasons. 105 is 26-27 a year, which seems more likely.

    Of course, that assumes he hits no more this year. Say he hits 20 more, to finish with 34. He’d then need 117 to pass Mickey. That’s an averageof 29-30 a year, which is possible. I’m no stat guru, but I’d say if he need 117 more after this year, there’d be a 40-50% chance he’d get it.

  25. So how many Beckhams have been drafted so far… There’s tim, and his brother… and james beckham in the first round also…

  26. i really think the coolest thing about this site is watching Jeff Francouer ruin Jeremys’ life.

  27. I don’t have a chance to watch this team play a lot, but now that I’m in Atlanta for a few days I’ve had a chance to do so… and now that I have, I want to reiterate what everyone has said about the outfield hitting. Omar Infante actually makes me angry. I mean: really, genuinely angry.

  28. i really think the coolest thing about this site is watching Jeff Francouer ruin Jeremys’ life.

    I cut myself every time he hits a weak groundball.

    And it’s FRANCOEUR. Think Julio Franco and Europe.

  29. keep up the good work and thx for the spelling lesson. these days, they have better utensiles than knives, you know?

  30. How predictable was that first-pitch swing following a walk to load the bases?

  31. Grrrr I can’t get mosaic or mlbtv to work. first time in a while but I was looking forward to this game!

  32. Opened yahoo baseball and saw the bases loaded, and got excited. Then I saw Frenchy’s dumb “country strong” idiotic face, and 2 strikes, and said to myself, “oh crap”.

  33. Could have been worse – he could have hit a liner up the middle that caroms off Chipper (injuring him) and winds up as an inning ender as well (force at third).

  34. The Braves have had four plate appearances by left handed hitters so far. All I’m saying is: maybe Teixeira should just bat left handed if he can’t bat right handed. I mean, just try it. It can’t be much worse than his right-handed hitting.

  35. Actually, they have six PA by lefties. Two walks and a HBP.

    Chipper has the Braves’ only two hits of the game. This is embarrassing.

  36. It’s games like these that I look at my favorite team and think ‘you know, they’re not the brightest group of guys.’ Is there coaching? Is anyone watching Chipper hit? Escobar right now is doing his best Francoeur impression.

  37. Frenchy gets bailed out again by his buddy McCann. That’s what you get Phillies announcers for declaring Russell Martin the best catcher in the NL, you think they of all people would know better.

  38. Squeezes usually work better with a team that can actually bunt the ball, but maybe that’s just me.

  39. Just a terrible, terrible bunt call (as if that needed to be said). Why would you do that with the pitcher coming up next? All you have to do is hit a flyball to score the run. I don’t understand why Bobby is averse to someone swinging away.

  40. gaaaaaaah should have been at least one more run.

    Sick of all this bunting! Definitely seems like there is more of it at this point, this season than the previous.

  41. Well, Infante is not all that fast, and Blanco doesn’t hit a whole lot of deep fly balls, and Blanco has been struggling lately. I don’t have any particular problem with the play.

  42. Well if Infante is not all that fast and it’s bunted right at someone then he can be thrown out at the plate. Or someone could screw up the bunt and he could just get tagged out easily…oh wait…

  43. I hate when this happens to Huddy.

    No hard hit balls but they just slip through…

  44. Nice! KJ has become quite good at turning the double play. From what I can tell, it’s the best part of his game defensively.

  45. I’d rather watch a double play than a homerun ball any day of the week.

  46. Re: announcer combos

    What would we have to do to get a Van Wieren/Sciambi combo? Statheadzzz ASSEMBLE!

  47. Insurance would be nice.

    Philly bullpen has been good though.

    Even Gordon who I think we’ve owned pretty bad recently has been decent.

    Hopefully JC will be wild…

  48. Why is he bunting. Even if it is a good bunt they’re going to walk Chipper. Stupid.

  49. Why are the Braves playing for just one more run? Don’t they know they suck at close games?

  50. I hate bunting. I hate it. And now Francoeur comes up with the bases loaded again. Anyone want to venture a prediction?

  51. @127

    I truly don’t know. I can’t remember a season in which I was more confounded by Bobby’s decison-making… and that’s saying something.

  52. Run expectancy, runner at 1st, no outs: 0.897
    Run expectancy, runners at 1st and 2nd, one out: 0.914

    Not that I’m suggesting Bobby knows this, but if he did suspect Chipper would be walked (and really, why wouldn’t he be?), the chances of picking up that extra run increase, albeit marginally.

  53. Seanez has been wild this year and is benefiting from a low BABIP. I’m guessing Fracoeur is sitting on the first pitch.

  54. Wow, what on earth was that?! Seems like it’s been a while since we were Snitkered…

  55. Escobar’s baserunning + Snitker’s decision-making = Out that should never happen

  56. I have to believe that was Escobar acting on his own. Even Snitker couldn’t have thought that was a good idea.

  57. was a good cut, 2 feet right its a double.
    whatever, i am officially off the frenchy bandwagon, i hung on for a while longer than most, but its done.

  58. Once he wasn’t on the bag when the ball was caught, there is no way he should have gone home. I don’t know what Snitker was screaming.

  59. We wonder why we lose so many close games, why we’re a third-place team right now … what we saw in the sixth and seventh with men on third provides the answer.

  60. “INJURY DELAY”?!

    i can’t watch it, so i’m using gameday… what’s happening

  61. Alright, I just put that into google translate since I don’t know any Spanish. Second part came up as ‘devils who are doing’. Did that come out in the wrong order?

  62. don’t worry… we’re at home, so it’s not a certain loss. But then again, maybe the fact that we’re leading by a run cancels that out

  63. Mike… its something like: “yunel.. as*hole, what the f*ck are you doing?

  64. I don’t like a potential Soriano/Acosta-vs.-Howard duel to lead off the ninth … shades of Pedro Cerrano on a fastball.

  65. mac, thats why you should never live with adjoining walls with anyone………….i tried it once about 40 years ago, but i quit the experiment before the bloodshed began. i make lots of noise but i have no tolerance for other peoples racket.

  66. Can we make a motion that the Braves should not be allowed to bunt ever again until they have lessons from someone who actually has successfully bunted in his/her life?

  67. Will he strikeout, pop out, or ground out? Or will they walk him to get Ohman out?

  68. So basically, we could get a pitcher per batter next inning. I’m excited Dusty Baker would be jealous. I’m predicting a 42-minute top-half of the 9th.

  69. Yeah, McCann is not a proficient bunter. He has six career sacrifices, none this year. But with the Stupidshift, it’s still a good idea.

  70. I’m fine with this, I guess. I don’t really think Norton would’ve done much, anyways.

  71. Here’s what we’ve learned. Will Ohman is a more patient hitter than Jeff Francoeur.

    Madson should probably be cut right now.

  72. This team is like watching a coddamn little league team most nights, with the exception being little league teams can get a bunt down occasionally.

  73. The six-year-olds who run the bases after every Sunday home game do so with far more baseball savvy than the Braves.

  74. Wild pitch and Blanco advanced to third…Ohman hesitated, stutter-stepped, and then looked like a freaking idiot when the ball beat him to second by about 10 feet. He should have kept his ass at first. Now just 2 outs away, but I’m wondering if Ohman should have stayed in since he was loose and in the rhythm.

  75. Adam, it’s not that unusual is it? Chip does that to many people frequently.

  76. Actually, Ohman should have run back and tried to get into a rundown so Blanco could break for home. Maybe. He did have to stay in to pitch.

  77. Stockman!
    (Chances of happening: slim to none. Probably Soriano. Unless Bobby wanted to get creative again and shift Boyer to left.)

  78. Bruntlett takes second on defensive indifference. Feliz singles him home. (This hasn’t actually happened; I’m just conditioned to fatalism now where one-run games are concerned.)

  79. Am I to assume Coste hit a 3-run homer or something? (Yahoo sports is oddly silent…)

  80. New and creative ways to blow games.

    Ladies and gentlemen, your 2008 Braves!

  81. as soon as I saw Kelly running back, I had a feeling that was gonna happen. It happened once to me when I was 17. For some reason, running towards the foul line on those pop-ups, you can’t get a good read.

    either that or I am as bad a 2nd baseman as KJ

  82. I can’t even think of anything to say other than I’m going to start drinking now. Please refer to post #195. That is all.

  83. Dammit! (But of course, if Boyer hadn’t WALKED two Phillies with two out, we wouldn’t be in this situation.)

  84. How many wins has Hudson lost now as a Brave because of incompetence around him?

  85. I said, hit it out, KJ! Now you have to run the bases and who knows if you can do that.

  86. OK, there’s the ealk to Chipper. Now for Tex or *gulp* HIM to come through.

  87. Dang – I was hoping for a single so Chipper would get to hit… Oh well – another PA for Chipper w/o lowering his average.

  88. Is the smart move here to IBB and bring Francouer up? That would tempt me if I were an opposing manager…

  89. If the runner was at third, I’d consider the Ealk to Tex. This is a rare situation where the BA of the batter is higher than the OBP of the on-deck hitter. But they got Tex. Extras, here we come.

  90. Gordo has thrown a few wild pitches in his day — don’t put the winning run on 3d.

  91. well… game over… theres no way we can win another extrainning this season

  92. Ok, time to hope for a freak Wrath of God type deluge where they have to call the game off (thus resetting the scores to the end of the 8th inning)…

  93. I’d love for Frenchy to win it here, but with the baserunning issues plus KJ’s fart in the field … we deserve to lose.

  94. Frenchy can’t even hit Tom Gordon anymore. That’s got to do wonders for his confidence.

  95. Frenchy Walk–bite your tongue man. He’s a hitting machine (if by hitting you mean popping out and flying out).

  96. This is the kind of defeat that puts a team in a funk for the next three days. If we’re 6 1/2 back by Sunday, all of the blame goes on KJ.

  97. Wow this game is grueling! Everyone is so sweaty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet McCann has lost 40 pounds of body weight tonite! Whoever sweats most loses! Why cant we have JORGE SweatySosa tonite??

  98. I was just wondering about leverage and extra innings. I guess that’s my answer.

  99. hey so what does ealked mean exactly? I get that it means walk, but I don’t entirely understand the context.

  100. KJ is the goat, no doubt, but this has been a team effort. Escobar’s baserunning, the Ohman gaff, the stranded runners (not that that’s new), Boyer’s sudden wildness with two outs and nobody on, the terrible squeeze play, etc.

  101. Can we put Hudson in RF on the days he’s not pitching? Didn’t he play OF in college?

  102. I blame Boyer (two walks), Kelly Johnson and Francoeur.

    Oh, and now Acosta. No way he doesn’t lose the game here.

  103. yeah, Acosta will lose it (but the others deserve something in the way of a loss share).

  104. Hey, they bunt, steal, run bases, and catch pop-ups. No wonder their in first place.

  105. You stupid Braves…are you going to make me choose between you and the vajayjay? Decide this game before 2330!

  106. I meant in our favor…do you have to take everything so literally?

  107. Acosta has nothing, going through a dead arm period or something? Maybe he just stinks like Frenchy.

  108. Ethan, they’ve been doing this for a couple of years now. It’s pay back for the salad days of the 90s (yet not nearly as bad as the 70s and the greater part of the 80s).

  109. 306 — yet he still gets run out there… despite having a 300 man bullpen.

  110. sure KJ is the goat but thinking this team will win a one run game is akin to thinking Hampton will contribute

  111. This will be the most deflating and demoralizing loss in…how many days has it been since Acosta blew the game against the Marlins? This is a huge swing…going from what could have been 2.5 out and tied with the Fish to 4.5 out…even if they can somehow win tomorrow they are back to where they started…this is awful.

  112. So, the most demoralizing loss in two days.

    Acosta is a low-leverage pitcher. Maybe he’ll be more someday, but using him late in close games is the definition of insanity.

  113. At least it won’t be a one-run loss, right? This team sucks so much at times. They are so bipolar. Thank you Kelly Johnson, you f***wad.

  114. “The Braves are imploding in the 10th inning”
    —Pete Van Warren

    That’s what they do best.

  115. But if we hold the phillies at 2, I bet McCann will hit a one run homer… (fatalism sucks).

  116. This homestand could still end up being over .500, and yet with the manner in which the losses happened, Smoltz’s season-ending surgery plus this team’s inability to even crap properly on the road looming over everything, it already feels like a turning point for the worse in this season.

  117. how many innings would this one have to go for Stockman to actually pitch?

    I hope he has a video game or a blackberry or something to pass his time in the pen since he gets less use than the maytag repairman

  118. Ah Mac, ye have little faith about a double switch involving Frenchy. Three nnings too late you say ?? Nah, I didn’t think so.

  119. He has certainly taken the place of Andruw on stupidest approach to hitting in the majors. I can’t bear to see him come to the plate anymore.

  120. KJ is not the only goat. Tex, Escobar and of course Frenchy blew it too. Yunel not only had the most inane baserunning move I’ve seen in my life, he also didn’t have a hit. All this from a supposedly “smart” player.

  121. Frankly, i didn’t really watch the braves at the beginning of the year, thinking it would be just like the previous two years…

  122. Soriano is not 100 percent yet, and they want to avoid using him on back to back nights. Remember, what Bobby tried worked, only KJ fucked up.

  123. So how many games must Acosta blow, and how many scoreless innings must Stockman pitch, before their roles are reversed?

  124. I can’t believe I’m about ready to type something positive about Mets fans (and I’m sure I’ll regret it in the morning), but at least they would have booed this team off the field tonight. What a craptastic effort.

  125. You are right, Bethany. There is plenty of blame to go around, but when someone drops a popup that I could have caught, it pisses me off to no end.

  126. Has anyone actually *seen* Stockman recently? Maybe we’re dealing with a Weekend at Bernie’s situation here?

  127. 343, I don’t believe in indiscriminate booing; e.g., I would never boo a college team. But these guys deserve — and I would say need — to hear the boos. Some of this crap would be unacceptable in Little League. This night and this performance sucked.

  128. You know, one of the few painful losses we haven’t had yet is where we get a game tying hit, but the batter passes one of the people on the basepaths and is called out, thus losing us the game…. Let’s try that…

  129. Well, when I was at Coors Field for the Braves-Rockies series in April, I booed Chuck James after a lame attempt at bunt. That’s what living in the Northeast for two years earlier this decade will do … it bred in me the same urgent, borderline a$$-hole mentality that Yankees/Mets/Red Sox fans possess.

  130. I love the sound on these home-game broadcasts — “Come on, Kelly!” as Yunel comes to bat.

  131. that didn’t quite work out

    but what a dynamic duo in anderson/blanco
    while they pale in comparison to the Ace and Gary of NorFante
    I’d like to see them in the corners

    Go Bobby for benching Francois

  132. Incidentally, Victorino – Chip, who made some weirdly derisive remark earlier in the game about Philly’s outfielders’ arms, clearly didn’t know this – has an amazingly strong and accurate arm. He was out.

    I’ve actually stopped enjoying watching or following baseball this season. I may take a break. For whatever the reason, this team is too painful to watch or follow.

  133. I suppose the baseball gods decided we haven’t filled our quota for 1 run losses recently.

  134. Wow, I actually didn’t think it would be a one-run loss after giving them two runs in the top half. That loss stings and I would make them run laps for that one with the fans still in the stands. If they are going to play like a Little League team, then I would treat them like one.

  135. I don’t think I would make a Little League team run as a punishment. Treat ’em like a high school team, however, and he can run their asses off.

  136. Maybe they should start batting Francoeur in front of Chipper. You know they wouldn’t walk him to face Chipper, so he should get something to hit. Maris got great stuff to hit by batting in front of Mantle. It can’t hurt, can it? If they are going to insist on playing that black hole of offense, then maybe they need to shake things up a bit.

  137. This is the point in the season when I start rooting for my favorite players, and ignoring whether or not they actually win games.

  138. God I hate Francoeur. Why the hell is he batting 5th!? Why the hell is Teixeira batting 4th!? We have two great hitters in Chipper and McCann, and they rarely hit in the same inning.

  139. Mike, I played baseball in a part of northeast Alabama that pretty much lives and breathes it. I have run laps at each level except tee-ball.

  140. Yeah, I like how much better Frenchy is against lefties than McCann. McCann only hit a 2 run bomb that should have won the game, while Frenchy is up there wailing away at balls anywhere – twice with the bases loaded. Freaking REDICULOUS!!!

  141. Frenchie = 0 for 5, 9 left on base. You suck salty chocolate balls. Cox, move this sucker down to the 9 spot, and give him an extra hour of bunting practice each day so he’ll know how to bunt the pitchers over to second base. Pitchers aren’t dumb enough to let you be “clutch” any more.

  142. There are like 8 different reasons we lost that game. Obviously, KJ dropping the popup was one, Boyer walking two for no good reason was another, and Acosta sucking for the second consecutive time was also important.

    But this loss, IMO, goes on the offense. You just HAVE to get more than 3 runs off of 10 hits + 7(!) walks. I mean, it’s you just HAVE to. Not to pile on (because it looked to me like he was turning things around the past few games), but Jeff Francoeur left NINE (9) runners on. That’s one helluvan 0-5. Nine runners left… that’s almost two per AB! How insane is that? There was an average of 1.8 runners on tonight for Jeff Francoeur! A 1-5 wins it for Atlanta almost without question.

    Oh, but that’s not all! We managed to get 3 runners thrown out at home tonight! WTF?! This was readily apparent last year, but Brian Snitker is probably the worst 3B coach I’ve ever seen. If he’s a great clubhouse guy, fine, make him the bench coach or some BS like that. But PLEASE, let’s stop getting guys thrown out at home!

    So please, make sure to spread the blame around for this one. Pretty much everyone but Chipper, Huddy, and I guess Ohman deserve a share. (Okay, okay. Anderson had a good night, too.)

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