100 thoughts on “Yet another game thread: DBacks at Braves, May 25”

  1. The Marlins were rained out last night, so the Braves moved to within one game of first.

  2. I’m in LA right now. The local sportscast starts with “good news for Dodgers’ fans. You won’t have to watch Andruw Jones for 4-6 weeks.” Dodgers lose 4-0, but they are billing it as a win and a loss.

    You stay classy LA.

  3. Dayn Perry thinks the Braves should trade Schafer for Greg Maddux and Brian Giles.


    I don’t think you give up Schafer for two guys who won’t be around in 2009. At least not at this point. Wait a month or two and see how Campillo, James, and JoJo are doing. See if/how much Diaz bounces back. These are the two biggest issues for the Braves right now, but I’m not convinced giving up Schafer is worth it unless it gets the Braves a ring.

  4. mraver,

    I would guess some of that decision would depend on what the Braves think about Gorkys… Personally, I don’t like deals for 5 inning pitchers and overpriced, diminishing outfielders in exchange for high-ceiling prospects. And I say this with all of the respect in the world for Maddox–he was simply great for so many years and I’d love to have him back on the bench with the Braves, but not at a high price.

  5. To be fair, Giles isn’t overpriced at all if he’s producing like he has this year. But if this year is has him over his head a bit and 2006/2007 are better indicators of Giles’s performance the rest of the way, then he’d probably be a bit over-priced.

    The real issue is Diaz. If he’d just stop sucking, there wouldn’t be a huge need here.

    Frankly, I think both players would be a good addition to the team, but not at the cost of Schafer. Maybe, MAYBE I’d do it for Gorkys Hernandez (who has been doing VERY well in Myrtle Beach this year; he’s got 11 XBH in 90 PA; his season is actually looking not unlike Schafer’s), but even then I’d have reservations. Maddux is likely retiring, so no draft pick compensation there. I think if we’d offer Giles arbitration he’d take it, which probably means we wouldn’t offer it to him, either.

    So I dunno. Both players would improve the team, but I just don’t know if we could do it.

  6. Man, cleaning out my room today. I am finding so many baseball cards. I think I have the entire 2001 Myrtle Beach team and the Nick Green, Wilson Betemit, and Jeff Rodriguez cards are autographed. This is wild. Man, theres Orr, Laroche, and Langerhans in here. And Troy Cameron. Wasn’t he supposed to be the next stud for the Braves?

  7. Alex, I’m glad you met Gary Carter and liked him, and that was a good story. It wasn’t my intent to offend you or anyone else with my characterization of him, but neither am I shamed by your denunciation of my comments. I reserve the right to express an honestly held negative opinion. We all do it here, all the time.

  8. DAMN YOU TBS !!!…………………here we have a big game in Atlanta but we get get the last place, dog-ass yankees. i bet ol’ Ted is as pissed off as i am. on the other hand, i bet all six Seattle fans nationwide are thrilled.

  9. I’m inclined to give Frenchy a break today after his late heroics yesterday. Barring the extraordinarily stupid, I’ll cut him some slack.

    Joe Simpson will get no such break as he idiotically prattles on about Francoeur’s rbi production. Sciambi deserves better.

  10. nice AB by Glavine–didn’t get a run in but he made Owings work and didn’t hit into a DP

  11. Is it Snitker or slow runners? If it’s Snitker, it’s about time he get fired. Our inability to score from second on singles is maddening.

  12. Radio said it was in on the hands, so I’m not sure. Esco walked though so we tied it up.

  13. Inside corner. moved late, inside and down for Glav.

    Grr, Kotsay chasing the first pitch when he is labouring.

  14. Well, those particular times I don’t think the runners should have been sent. McCann was the first runner and the second runner, Francoeur, probably would have been a dead duck.

  15. And this score isn’t going to stick. The home plate ump has a small K zone. And Glav was jawing with when batting.
    Think we might see Bobby ejected soon.

  16. Thanks, braves14. I’m following online, so I have no idea what the “line drive to LF” and “line drive to CF” actually looked like. Who’s hurt?

  17. I agree with braves14. As annoying as it is not scoring from second ever, I think both would have been outs in this inning.

  18. Drew hit his knee with the bat. Nothing serious.

    And yea, the OFs were shallow. Mac would have been dead, and Frenchy close enough not to risk it this early

  19. Thank God. It was an obvious error, but the misplay was one of those that was so bad that they usually call it a hit. I guess he managed to tip the ball.

  20. So, the Gameday in-game video highlights are no longer accessible without payment?

  21. Argh, they give Owings a quick inning.
    Take a pitch to give Glav some time , Yunel!

    And Nomar?! wow, those were the days.

  22. Stu, I can see the in-game highlights fine, what kind of error/response are you getting?

  23. This one is on Bobby again. I can’t count the amount of games this year Bobby has tried to squeeze an extra inning or just an extra hitter out of a pitcher and it kills them every time.

  24. Glavine gave in to him. Bobby should have gone and gotten him one batter earlier

  25. Glavine walked the tightrope one hitter too many. You walk all those dudes eventually someone will score.

  26. Funny thing- I live in Michigan and switched the channel back over to the Braves from the Tigers and about 30 seconds before Byrnes hit his slam Jason Kubel hit one against the Tigers.

  27. Bobby was trying to get him a win. Blame the pitcher who was all over the place all day and grooved a fastball down the middle.

  28. I don’t blame Bobby on leaving him in. I think it’d do more harm pissing off Glavine pulling him one out from a win than trying to let a future HOF pitcher get out of a jam he’s done hundreds of times. It just didn’t work this time. We’re only down three we’re still in it.

  29. Cox’ responsibility is to get the team a win. It was pretty obvious Glavine was gassed, didn’t have his best stuff, and was getting nothing from the ump. Why not get a righty-righty matchup and try to keep the game close. i would think he’d manage it a little more smartly considering we face Webb tomorrow.

  30. I am going to check out the new Busch stadium this week. I’ll give a full report

  31. What is it about playing the Dbacks at Turner Field? They have the Braves number here the last couple of years.

  32. Damn.. Teixeira Sucks… And we supposed to pay 100.000.000 $ for that ????… Good luck Yankees with your steroid free Teixeira next year

  33. Cox managed that situation right. He got the first two outs really quickly. There wasn’t really time to get anybody up. You’ve gotta have confidence in your starter to get you out of that situation, especially Glavine. It was the right move to let him try to get out of it.

  34. Personally, I think I would rather Glavine be out there in that situation than either Stockman or Acosta regardless.

  35. If that performance doesn’t get Stockman more innings, I don’t know what could.

  36. Six hits and only ONE walk off cruddy Owings just serves to prove once again how pathetic the offense can be without Chipper.

  37. He has a killer breaking ball, but that fastball scares me. He is pretty wild with it and it is VERY straight. Too slow to throw it straight unless he can hit his spots. But I don’t know too much about the kid, it was the first time I had seen his stuff. Maybe he was just off with it today.

  38. Haven’t been watching all day; didn’t see glavine pitch at all, but it seems like you guys are right and this ump has a tiny strike zone.

  39. Cruz was throwing 95 mph right down the middle and not one of our hitters could hit it. Is that right? Ouch.

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