Interleague play is the reason the schedule is so screwed up game thread: A’s at Braves, May 17

You know, we don’t have any Canadians on the roster these days. Someone should probably do something about that.

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  1. From the previous thread:

    Many here were saying the Kotsay-Devine trade was a bad one. I think it still was in the fact we overpaid. Kotsay’s performance thus far has made it much better than I thought it would turn out.

    Still, a marginal improvement over what it was reasonable to expect from Blanco for one year will not prove to be worth more than five years of top notch relief, be Devine a closer or a setup guy.

  2. Also, Stephen mentioned Chris Vines in the last thread. We need to start paying attention to him. He has really been hampered by injuries over the last two seasons. Only now does he seem to have a clean bill of health and he is putting up sick numbers.

    Deunte Heath out of UT is also worth noting. He has kind of been in Hanson’s shadow at Myrtle Beach, but some on here probably know he came within one strike of throwing a no-no the other day. Also, his ERA is under 2 and it might now be sub-1.50.

    If a quarter of these arms pan out, we will have more pitching than we know what do with. That creates a nice balance with the young position players we already have in Atlanta. Kudos to the Braves’ scouts.

    Now, we might need some help at the corner infield spots in the next few years.

  3. and nice video mac…………..i still like the old acoustic/folkie stuff……… G. Lightfoot song…..Early Morning Rain……….good enough for Dylan to cover it. thats good enough for me.

  4. Godot–Vines is never going to be an elite prospect, but I am happy every time someone begins to move through the system. If he can stay healthy I could see him making a contribution as a #4 or a #5 starter or as a reliever.

    More than anything else, since he has not been completely healthy, we really don’t know how good he could be.

    At this point, I am just glad to see him beginning to make some progress…

  5. is it just me or does everyone despise Tim McCarver? he just said that Jim Rice was a better all-around player than Ted Williams…….ignoring all the time Rice spent as a fairly ordinary DH……. i wish Deion would have thrown battery acid on him instead of water.

  6. I think you guys may be overestimating Blanco just a little. Everyone says Kotsay can’t keep up his current production levels, but why aren’t people making the same claims about Blanco? I like Blanco a lot, but for now Kotsay seems to be a much steadier option, and he brings a veteran presence to the clubhouse, which is something we lack outside of Chipper and the pitching. He in many ways fills the role that Renteria had from an offensive standpoint.

  7. funny sancho1………its hard to believe that guy actually played in the big leagues as long as he did and is so blatently ignorant……………i was always a fan of Rice too, but i never got him confused with Williams……………….now, i admit ol’ Ted was all about hitting but if you told him to leave his glove at home. you might get your ass kicked.

  8. Yeah, UT’s pretty good, even if it’s only the second-best college baseball program in the state.

  9. I really think it’s Don-tay. Probably a misspelling – remember he went to UT.

  10. We don’t have any Canadians, but we have replaced them with another part of the commonwealth. Australia has been very very good to the Braves (even counting Glenn Williams flameout).

    WE ARE Australia’s team.

    And we get Men at Work.

  11. It’d be a good time for Tex to have a big game. Anyone know his history against Harden?

  12. Parish, not to mention the $2 million to pay Kotsay, which maybe could have paid for those four seasons of Devine as well, but hey it’s not my money. I was against the trade at the time, and I still am against the trade. Just because Kotsay has had a good month and a half, doesn’t mean the trade is even now. You can’t judge it until the end of the year at least, when Kotsay will probably be gone, Huston Street will probably be traded, and Devine will be closing. The Braves usually do a pretty good job of giving their young guys first shot at the job, which is still surprising to me that they didn’t at least try Blanco out there in Spring Training first, before making a move. I still doubt there were people beating down the door for Kotsay in the off season offering the A’s former first round picks. I also don’t buy that Devine was done in the organization because of the terrible job the Braves, and Bobby Cox in particular did with handling him. Say that they sat him down in the offseason, and said “Joey, we believe in you, we really do, we want you to be a very important guy in our bullpen this year, either our seventh inning guy or our eighth inning guy.” Then ran him out this year on a regular basic, and actually appeared to have confidence in him, maybe things would have worked out. I guess my main problem was that you invested $1.3 million and a first round pick to sign him, you have four more years left with him, why just give up on him ??

  13. we are sure quick to jump on Kotsay and say its only being a month and a half and he’ll come back to his norm. Why cant the same be said about Devine. I mean the guy has done absolutely nothing to show that these are the numbers that he’ll continue to put up. We made a trade when it looked like our CF options were Schafer (now out 50 games for HGH) and Anderson. No one had any clue that Blanco would be able to handle the everyday CF job. We traded Devine when we plenty of bullpen arms. It was a good trade for us and them. I hope Kotsay keeps performing and the same for Devine.

  14. stupid Lemke.. that’s not a “a little bit of a shift” that is a shift

  15. Yeah, whatever on the trade. We’ve got a deep bullpen and we’ve loaded up for this year. Teams trying to win now give up more than they get — the other GM is trying, too. We had a potential hole in CF that we’ve filled. Moving on….

  16. I really don’t get Hudson this year. He’s either great, or he can’t get out of the fourth. And the Human White Flag is up in the bullpen.

  17. 2 ip – 50 pitches so far, bases loaded no outs. Get ready for the team to roll over on this game.

  18. As for that, Blake, a splitter is a changeup. Any pitch thrown with fastball arm velocity with a grip to make it behave differently is a changeup. They don’t normally call it a change, but it is.

  19. Skip: this game is about as fun as an alimony payment

    Skip’s spot on as usual.

  20. This is too easy for Harden.

    I guess we can just put this one in the L column.

  21. I was too busy yelling ‘F!@#’ that we didn’t make it one full hour between posts.

  22. I think Harden is getting tired, maybe we can at least put up a few more runs?

  23. Resop looks good tonight. All you have to do to this team is throw strikes and they can’t really hurt you.

  24. when our pitching is good, we sometimes lose. when our pitching is bad we always lose. I see a trend here, we are not a very good team

  25. Looked pretty good, too. Except for that one pitch that got stuck to his hand. Nice movement all around.

  26. Great. We came back just enough to lose, once again, by one run. We must really enjoy losing by one.

  27. we should be able to score 5 runs at home, this team is pathetic.

    what I really dont understand is if you look at the stats, we are in the top 10 in MLB in almost all hitting categories, our pitching is in the top 5 in almost all categories and we are at .500. Something has to change

  28. from the website…

    ATLANTA — Braves catcher Brian McCann didn’t consult hitting coach Terry Pendleton when he decided to alter his stance during Spring Training. The way McCann was stroking it, he didn’t need to.

    imagine that…

  29. We pick some games to blow out, and others to get shut out. Bad approaches at the plate in tight situations, maybe? I think the pitching overall has been outstanding, and the bullpen deserves a lot of credit for hanging in even when the starters leave after 5 every day.

    I’m tired of trying to figure it out, and I’ve given up on this team ever being better than .500.

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