87 thoughts on “I am not optimistic game thread: Braves at Phillies, May 15”

  1. I want you all to do something: Go over to Chop-n-Change and read the first line of comment #15 on AAR’s most recent post.

    That may be the single funniest line in the history of the internet. I actually didn’t read anything afterward—I thought that might ruin the hilarity of that line.

  2. How ’bout this?

    Every fifth day, we plan on pitching Glavine for five and James for four.

    That way, we get a complete game. Kinda.

  3. Oh, those wacky Mets.

    Reyes leads off the 8th with an infield single, Castillo bunts him to 2nd, but that’s not enough for TMEPIB. He keeps running to a briefly unoccupied 3B—and is thrown out.

    Wright pops out. End of inning.

    The key part of the phrase for me is “brand new,” as in store-bought with a warranty.

    Hate King,
    Where is he playing? Nashville?

    Of course, you may return from that show with a new handle—we might have to start calling you “Warm, Fuzzy, Love King.”

  4. Exactly, ububba. The word “brand” is the lynchpin to the comedy of that sentence.

  5. are the Mets about to drop 3 of 4 at home to the Nats. Ububba, be careful out on the town tonight

  6. You know, Joe and Jon were having fun last night with the press guide report on Ryan Howard’s weight, but do you think McCann really is 6-3 230?

  7. I’m sorry. I’ll get back to you all in a minute. I just coughed up some coffee at the way the Mets lost today.

  8. if Gameday is correct and the game ended this way, seriously, Randolph better run and hide. There will be some crazy Met fan trying to hunt people down tonight

  9. Whew. Too much.

    OK. Beltran singles, then Willie Harris makes a sensational catch in CF for the 1st out.

    Beltran steals second. Throw goes into CF & Beltran takes third. Delgado lines out to Aaron Boone’s shoetops & Beltran gets doubled off third. Ballgame.

    The Mets basically ran themselves out of the 8th and 9th innings. Met announcer Howie Rose: “An especially excruciating loss for the Mets.”

    And now the Met post-game is interviewing Harris & they’re discussing “that great catch you made last year with the Braves.”

  10. Willie Randolph will be the 1st to be fired. Everyone thought it would be Ron Washington, but the Rangers are actually playing pretty well.

    Losing 3 of 4 to the Nats at home…yikes!

    McCann needs to be careful with his weight…he maybe 6’3 but he ain’t no 230.

  11. This is the classic give up on getaway day game.

    Watch Chuckie pitch 5 scoreless innings

  12. Whew. Too much.

    OK. Beltran singles, then Willie Harris makes a sensational catch in CF for the 1st out.

    Beltran steals second. Throw goes into CF & Beltran takes third. Delgado lines out to Aaron Boone’s shoetops & Beltran gets doubled off third. Ballgame.

    Now that was a tough loss. I can’t believe we haven’t pulled something like that. Phenomenal catch by Willie Harris.

  13. One guy at Mets blog says:

    the prob with a handful of posters on this site is that while most of the willie-haters turned that way in August 2007 (or maybe even june or july) you have been that way since 2005….youve been waiting for him to fail.

    And the next poster replies:


    Now, there’s a witty rejoinder for ya!

  14. Touché!

    Willie Harris’ catch was in LF, actually. My bad.

    According to the Mets’ WFAN beat reporter, Ed Coleman, when Harris finished up with doing his post-game interviews, he walked into the Washington clubhouse & was greeted with cheers and a standing ovation by his teammates.

    He also reports some post-game discord in the Met clubhouse—the ongoing Billy Wagner-vs-The Latin Guys feud. Like that charmer LoDuca last year, he’s tired of having to answer for Delgado & Beltran when they have a bad game and are nowhere to be found by the beat reporters.

    (Know what this is? It’s the world’s smallest violin playing just for the Mets.)

    I have tix for tomorrow night’s Subway Series game—both teams limping along—but I think it’s gonna get rained out.

    Tonight’s mound matchup certainly doesn’t favor us, but that’s why they play the games. Let’s go get ’em, Braves.

  15. From DOB:

    1. Escobar, 2. Infante (3B), 3. Francoeur, 4, Tex, 5. McCann, 6. Diaz, 7. Kotsay, 8. Gotay (2B), 9. Chuck

    Oh, dear.

    He does report that Chipper should be back tomorrow.

  16. Willie Harris is such a fun guy to root for unless you expect him to be a star. He’s occasionally a useful hitter, an above-average baserunner and defender, and occasionally he does something just frigging jawdropping.

  17. i’m always amused by the “fire the manager” people. i’m sitting here trying to thging of one mid-season firing that produced any dramatic results………anybody got one? i personally doubt that it would make more than a few games difference if the manager was Bobby Cox, Joe Torre, Billy Martin, Me or freakin’ Pee Wee Herman.

  18. I don’t want to say Bobby’s an idiot, but it’s starting to look more and more that way.

  19. I must say I don’t really understand why Kelly’s not playing. Yes, he’s only 1-11 in his career against Hamels, but Gotay is terrible from the right side (as is Norton, who could conceivably play 3B with Infante shifting to second).

    Otherwise, I don’t see the problem with the lineup, since we’re pretty limited without Chipper in there.

  20. If I could help it, I wouldn’t use that lineup in an APBA game.

    Off the top of my head, the only managers I can think of who were hired mid-season & made a big turnaround: Bob Lemon with NYY in ’78; Jack McKeon with Florida in ’03; and Phil Garner with Houston in ’04.

    And 2 of those guys were “wild card champions.”

  21. @25:

    Jack McKeon replacing Torborg in 2003 for the Marlins. I only know that because that is exhibit A for all the ‘Fire Willie’ folks in Metland.

  22. Seems like a good night to take your wife/girlfriend out to dinner to score some points. This should be ugly.

  23. I hear you.

    Tonight I catalog & box books, CDs & records for an upcoming move. TV on in the other room—just in case.

    Surprise me, boys.

  24. It’s an Office/30 Rock/Lost evening for Mr. & Mrs. Stu, too. I’ll check scores on my phone, but I’m betting that I’ll just stop refreshing about an hour or so from now.

  25. Yeah, this doesn’t look like a good game. Going to spend time with the girlfriend tonight.

  26. And why is Francoeur hitting 3rd? I’d rather just move Teixiera up to 3rd and McCann to cleanup.

    I guess it doesn’t matter too much, though.

  27. I’m trying to decide if the over/under on Chuckie’s HR’s given up tonight should be 2.5 or 3.5, I’ll be generous and set it at 2.5.

  28. Oh yeah…what am I gonna watch from 8:30-9:00? Or is The Office an hour tonight?

  29. Putting Francoeur in the three-spot in previous years against a lefty might not be a bad idea. But his platoon split this year isn’t as big; a lot of his problems are actually that he hasn’t been pounding lefties as he has in the past.

  30. office is from 8-9 tonight, this season went by quick. I’m sure Dwight will be in top form tonight.

    since we are basically giving them the game tonight with this lineup, we might as well have Corky in there

  31. You know, this is actually going about as well as we could possibly have expected. I don’t think anyone thought we were going to win, but hey, at least we’re not being no-hit, and Chuck’s only given up the one homer so far and that a solo shot.

  32. Seriously, why is he still pitching for a major league club? I think I might be able to hit James.






    *kills self*

  34. When James comes off the mound, his stuff better be packed in the locker room with a ticket to Single A. Does his ERA have to get to be above 10 before they finally say, “bring up a kid” from somewhere else?

  35. I don’t know what the heck has happened to Chuck, but I can say that I never want to see him on the mound for us again. He’s terrible.

  36. Hey everybody, let’s sing the Chuck James Club Song!

    Now’s the time to say goodbye
    To the pitcher who got beat
    Through the years we’ve all seen bombs
    To the hitters he’s just meat
    Chucky James, Chucky James
    Forever let them hit the balls high
    C-H-U – See you in the showers!
    C-K-Y – Why? Because they killed you!

  37. I think KC was showing some interest in Chuck James. Maybe we can get a ball girl for him.

    It’s a tough night for Chuck James every night, Joe Simpson.

  38. If you’re Chuck James you strategically give up that critical walk just before floating a meatball over the plate.

    You have to really know how to give up as many runs as possible with as few innings as you can. He’s a master.

  39. I can’t remember such an obvious punting of a game. Should have given McCann the night off.

  40. Mac,
    Thanks for the CSN. Always love it.

    But I must say, it’s not just getting to the point…it’s past the point of no fun anymore.

  41. here’s a terrible stat –

    last 14 pitches = 6 outs and a hit

    take a freakin pitch ladies

  42. Yeah, Chucky had a lousy game but everyone this side of Stevie Wonder could see it coming. Bennett or maybe even Campillo should have gotten the start.

  43. say what you want about Chucky, but this lineup would give John Smoltz on his best day a chance to win. 7 IP – 3 baserunners

    hopefully Bobby just noticed that a lefty got a hit off of a lefty and Infante and Gotay will stop getting starts in the field

  44. Here’s another reason we’re struggling against lefties, to go with Francoeur (previously mentioned) and Teixeira (you all know about)… Yunel Escobar…

    Vs. LHP: .298 .344 .439
    Vs. RHP: .322 .422 .448

    Kotsay is killing righthanders, but has been awful against lefties (.196 .255 .216). Basically, the only real production they’re getting against lefties is Chipper, McCann, and Diaz. With Chipper out of the lineup and Kotsay sitting after McCann and Diaz…

  45. 78 points of on-base is a whole lot. He’s been a star against righthanders, only ordinary against lefties. Which is weird from a righthanded hitter.

  46. I find it hard to believe that this is the first complete-game shutout Hamels has thrown.

  47. I’d definitely trade Anderson for Maddux. He’s not highly regarded and there are other CF in the pipeline (Schaefer, Hernandez). Lillibridge is a tougher call–he’s more highly regarded (though his ML cameo this year makes one wonder why) and we’re not deep at SS prospects.

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