Pirates 5, Braves

ESPN – Braves vs. Pirates – Box Score – May 12, 2008

It is generally not a good thing when your baseball team continually sends you to the thesaurus because you’ve run out of negative adjectives and nouns. In this case, I was going to call this game an “atrocity” but realized that I’m overusing that word, and will go with “outrage”. This game was an outrage. It was outrageous in every way.

The Braves outhit the Pirates 8-6. They outwalked them 6-5. The Pirates committed four errors, and through seven innings had more errors than hits. And they won, because the Braves’ performance with runners on base was, well, an outrage. They left fifteen men on base and lined into a double play. Chipper was 3-4 with a walk and never saw third base — in fact, he was never advanced at all, reaching second base on a double and a fielding error. Omar Infante led off, and we’re still waiting for him to make solid contact or work the count — he was 0-5. Matt Diaz was also 0-5. Francoeur had two hits with nobody on base, but grounded out and struck out in a pair of two-men-on situations.

Jair Jurrjens did fine for four innings, but the pressure of trying to stay in the game got to him in the fifth, and he gave up a three-run double. That’s a loss. Bennett pitched around problems for two innings, then Acosta came in to give up a two-run homer to LaRoche just to add to the humilation. Acosta should thank his lucky stars for Resop, because I can’t say that our worst reliever is the closer.

Game thread for the nightcap. Here is a video.

This team doesn’t deserve The Beatles.

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  1. I bet Bobby lets Infante play for Chipper just so he can get a few more AB’s in him. Gotay will play for KJ. Thorman will get called up and play LF. Frenchy will move to CF and Diaz in RF. We will sign a few extra’s before the next game. Our lineup for tonight

    Lineup –

    Infante 3B (leadoff king)
    Lillibridge SS
    Frenchy CF
    Thorman LF (power potential)
    Pratt C (he’s back)
    Gotay 2B
    Diaz RF
    Norton 1B (best hitter goes in this spot)

  2. A couple things from DOB:

    Bobby Cox is trying to get Infante playing time since he came off the DL last week. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts playing him some in center against lefties.

    Oh, no.

    I asked Bobby if he’d bring back one of today’s two starters, Jair Jurrjens or Tim Hudson, on short rest Friday and he said that was definitely a possibility. If Hudson comes out after, say, five or six efficient innings today, I think that’ll make him a likely candidate.

    Maybe that’s what they’re doing with Jurrjens. Probably not, though. Even if that’s the plan (LOL—Bobby has a plan—I crack me up), I’d rather have let Jair pitch more on double-header day…

  3. Egregious is the word that comes to mind when describing this game.

    Now I truly understand why Mac was ranting when the Braves left men on base while scoring 14 runs against the Reds. The Braves left 15 runners on base in this game. That’s got to be some kind of egregious record.

    Oh the humanity!

  4. That’s Bobby’s dream lineup, csg. Fortunately, Wren demoted those guys so Bobby couldn’t play them.

  5. when was the last time we hit a ball in the gaps in a road game. seriously all of our hits, outside of Chip, and just lazy singles. No one is hitting the ball hard on the road. Its not like they are facing good pitchers either

  6. Oh, the blank spot rather than “0” in the post title was an accident this time… but appropriate, so I’m leaving it that way.

  7. Im just glad Bobby didnt put our best leadoff candidate in the leadoff spot, that would just be a terrible thing to do. Another thing, Bobby got to see Frenchy’s two singles today and I guarantee you he’s cleanup tonight if Tex is out.
    My guess for tonight

    Infante (1B)

  8. You should omit “Braves,” too, Mac. “Pirates 5” would be even more appropriate.

  9. Nah, I already did that one.

    What’s so fracking special about Infante that Bobby has to bench KJ and Kotsay to play him? He didn’t do that for, say, Brayan Pena. How about giving Pena a start in right field against a righthander, huh? No, wait, that would interrupt Francoeur’s pursuit of Ripken.

  10. Stu,

    I’ve been listening to the game on the radio (Pete and Lemmer) and they were speculating that JJ would start on Friday almost the moment he was pulled from the game.

  11. What a weird lineup.

    Secular Ebony

    Not bad, just weird. I’d probably have gone:


    Or something.

  12. I’ve been calling for TP’s head since last season. Who else wants to join my bandwagon?

  13. I guess what’s so frustrating about these losses to the Pirates is that I truly do no think that the team is bad. The offense has clearly been the problem, but it should be much better.

    Am I just fooling myself?

  14. The Braves plunked two batters last game. If this games gets out of hand early, don’t be surprised to see some fireworks.

  15. Thanks, JC.

    Question: Do you (or does anyone else) know of any research suggesting increased likelihood of injury by bringing pitchers, especially younger ones, back on short rest? Seems like it’s a little dangerous, but my intuition is frequently not backed up by the numbers.

  16. Several people have said tonight when referring to Game 2, so in case there’s any confusion, this is an actual doubleheader, not a “fake doubleheader,” as Mac referred to it yesterday. Game 2 will start momentarily. I’m not sure why this is a real doubleheader (a day-twi doubleheader, I guess???). Maybe the Pirates still have a conscience when it comes to scheduling or something.

  17. I would send pretty boy Jeffy to the minors. Not that it would help him but maybe if the Delta Boy went down, it might send a message. I think he is an example of what is wrong with this organization; an average player that has been built up into a star.

    Obviously, the team is pressing on the road. They are trying so hard to hit that they accomplish nothing. Having said that, when you have a group of unselective hitters, it’s hard to grind out runs, which is what they really need to do.

  18. I don’t like being that guy, but I’m on board with the prospective firing of any coaches you want to fire, including TP.

    Unbelievably, among all of our coaches, I’m actually most fond of McDowell, which I guess says a lot more about the staff than it does The Second Spitter.

  19. I think we may have to actually start secretly rooting for Francoeur to pick up a minor injury of some sort just so that Cox will pull his worthless ass from the lineup for a day or two. Everyone seems to be having back spasms recently, so maybe that will work.

  20. The Braves are stuck in a feedback loop. They have a couple of bad PAs with runners on base, and then they press and swing at bad pitches with runners on base, which leads to more bad PAs, and eventually you have 16 baserunners left in ten innings today.

  21. Didn’t help that Chipper swung at the first pitch against a guy he’d never seen before from the minors.
    1-0 already. I can’t take this much longer.

  22. As if we needed something else to go wrong, this is shaping up to be a Bad Hudson game so far.

  23. He cut in front of KJ, who would have had an easy play, and basically batted the ball into right field.

  24. Norton can’t play D at all anymore I think.

    He is a DH at this point.

    Just please win this game somehow.

  25. His single may have been the weakest outfield hit I’ve ever seen. Think Luis Gonzalez from the ’01 World Series.

  26. From the last thread:

    Not only are they using a lefty reliever for more than one batter, now they are using him for more than one inning? Is that even legal?

    Yes if they’re worth a sh!t. Unfortunately ours are not.

    And, surprise, surprise–Frenchy goes king of pop again. Next time it’ll be a K or a DP. Call it the Frenchy trifecta.

  27. Nick, if you do choose that route, can you see if you can find logic, reason, or playing ability?

    Because all those seem to have gone out the window too.

  28. Yes if they’re worth a sh!t. Unfortunately ours are not.

    Or if they (1) have a 3-run cushion with which to work and (2) are set to face such right-handed mashers as Jeff Francoeur, Matt Diaz, and Corky Miller.

  29. I see huddy got out of the 2nd, but he’s throwing a lot of balls (can only watch the gameday thing). How’s his velocity today?

  30. I think this team needs a fight. I don’t care if it’s with each other (maybe someone can kick Resop’s ass) or with the other team or with the hotel staff or whatever.

  31. His velocity is alright, but he’s getting the ball up and his control isn’t great. It’s more like that start against the Mets than that start against the Marlins.

    Great bunt BTW. At least Blanco’s trying to make something happen.

  32. Bunting for a hit, especially for Blanco (who has no power) is fine. But then Hudson can’t get the sac down. This team is pathetic at bunting.

  33. Notice that he got on base first, Smitty. Nobody says speed isn’t valuable or that being fast isn’t better than being slow.

  34. Since our speedy leadoff guy left (Furcal) we have sucked. Wee need a guy who can get on and get over so Bobby doesn’t wate AB’s with bunts

  35. Where does Van Benschoten stand on the longest last names in baseball history list? By my count, if we count the space, he’s tied Salty. I’m guessing we don’t, though.

  36. And note the sixteen baserunners we had in the first game. I am not a big speed guy, but Blanco got to second base almost entirely due to his speed, and scored from second on a single which is something several of our guys can’t do.

  37. Getting on base in important, but when that guy on base can run, and does, he forces the pitcher to throw more fastballs and presses the defence and can get him self in scoring possition on his own.

  38. I like speed in places. Power and speed change the way pitchers pitch and how defender play.

  39. I don’t disagree with that, Smitty, I was just arguing against a point which you may well not have been making—that speed is as or more important than on-base ability in a leadoff guy. If you weren’t saying that, I apologize. I’ve seen that argument so frequently that I’m overly defensive about that issue.

  40. Since we scored, I decided I’d hold off a little while, AAR, but if I do and find those things, I’ll let you know.

  41. I vote we sign Furcal to play second or move Esocbar there and trade KJ’s sucky ass.

  42. I still think burning the blue road jerseys is a good idea, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a séance either.

  43. It hasn’t happened yet, but I had this pegged as one of those games we win like 15-0 or something just to mess with our pythag record some more.

  44. Most channel spirits, but Smoltz would certainly challenge one with heat right down the middle.

  45. Oops, no, they gave him an error. Hmm… do you think that, in addition to being 5-1 against the Braves this year, the Pirates have a more competent official scorer too?

  46. #85, did he lose a bet or something? He nearly broke himself trying to catch the pop up.

  47. Whew.

    I mean, I’m not one to panic, but if we hadn’t been able to score anything on Van Nobody….

    Now please, let’s just put this out of reach.

  48. Apparently, this is Mientkiewicz’s 6th game at the hot corner this season. He also played one inning there in 2003 for the Twins.

    Also, I spelled his name right on the first try when looking him up on B-Ref.

  49. I have to say that I agree that he should at least be leading off when KJ isn’t playing. Whether we should have him as our everyday leadoff guy over KJ, I’m not sure yet.

  50. until Blanco shows us that he cant handle leadoff, he should be in that position. I think KJ would do fine at #6 with Frenchy 7th, but it wont happen

  51. I don’t think we’re getting the good Hudson right now. Hopefully, he can get through it.

    Is the velocity down a bit?

  52. #114, I think he looks ok. Not great, not bad – should be good enough to handle the Pirates unless he runs into some Prados.

  53. I saw on the internet that Huddy could not get McClouth to miss anything, but maybe no one can right now. Also, he seems to be falling behind hitters, missing with his breaking stuff.

  54. BTW, we’ve commented on all the Pirates’ lefties (which is part of the problem we’ve had scoring runs) but looking at the park on Gameday you can see why they’re so lefty-heavy. Left field is enormous, and right field is tiny.

  55. To paraphrase an old saying, “A bunt’s as good as an out to a blind horse.”

  56. Yes, blowout in progress. Sigh

    I appreciate the sentiment, but jeez, that’s dark – I mean we DO like it when they win still, right?

  57. God, Francoeur takes the right approach and lines out. That’ll probably send him back into his popping-up/striking-out ways for another two weeks.

  58. I know it’s cold, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen less people at a game before.

  59. Well, after watching the team blow chance after chance in the early game… Wins are great, but this boom-or-bust offense is not optimal.

  60. There were more people there during Game 1. I’m not sure I get it. I know Game 1 was the regularly scheduled game, but given that theoretically these people would’ve had to take off from work or whatever to go to Game 1, it makes no sense that they all left for Game 2.

  61. From Pete & Lemke on the radio: They said that Game 1 was “Middle School Day.” They said that most of the kids left after the opener.

  62. Huddy is working on a 2 hitter and we are complaining about him also, dang, our madness is unreal

  63. apparently Kotsay is pissed off about hearing that Infante might see some playing time in CF

  64. just checking through my special edition of my North Florida Thesaurus and the word that leaps out at me is Pisspoor (or pour?)………..as far as the bunting thing goes, i always hear the ”
    experts” say “if the other team is willing to give you an out, just take it”……..in erffect saying bunting is a dumbass thing to do. thats as i watch the teams pitcher and the, the next inning, the same teams manager will BUNT !…………makes me crazy with rage. Earl Weaver for the HOF. defend against the bunt like its 4th and goal !!……………

  65. Why did Hudson hit for himself? And Bobby just couldn’t stand the thought of a day passing without Boyer pitching, could he?

  66. Hopefully Reyes’ blister won’t be a problem tomorrow. That would help the bullpen out a lot.

  67. It appears we may allow the Pirates to have more hits than errors for a 2nd straight game.

  68. As much as I hate Resop, wouldn’t the right move have been to let Hudson go one more inning and then if necessary use Resop with a seven-run lead in the ninth? He just doesn’t seem to understand the concept of using your junk relievers to take pressure off your important ones at all. I’m not even sure he’s aware that this concept exists.

  69. Couldn’t Resop, Campillo, Ohman, or Ring pitch here? None of them pitched in the first game.

  70. Add this to the list. He’s losing it. Hope we don’t need Boyer in a close game tomorrow at Philly.

  71. Basically, anybody other than Acosta would have been a better choice than Boyer. And there was no reason not to let Hudson go at least 8.

  72. Let’s get two runs here, then the series will stand with each team scoring fourteen runs apiece even though it was 3-1. Screw you Pythagoras, you ancient Greek freak.

  73. Is there any doubt in anybody’s mind that we will, Brad? It’s just mindless. He always says something like, “Well, he hadn’t gotten any work in three days.” And then there are situations where we need him on four consecutive days after that. If he’s the setup man (which he basically is), he’ll have more than enough opportunities for work.

  74. Does anyone else get the impression that it’s 46 degrees in Pittsburgh?

  75. I’m trying to remember…who was it that was riding Kotsay so hard when he had a bad second week of the season?

  76. Couple things:

    1) Jeff “The Goat” Francouer has five hits today. Just throwing that out there.

    2) Kotsay is now hitting .310 and has a .829 OPS. With the defense that he’s played, I think we’re winning the Kotsay + $2M for Devine/Random Dude trade.

  77. If the Braves won’t even use Resop with a 7 run lead, what’s the point of his roster spot?

  78. Bobby only uses him in games where there’s a possibility of him blowing the lead.

  79. 2) Kotsay is now hitting .310 and has a .829 OPS. With the defense that he’s played, I think we’re winning the Kotsay + $2M for Devine/Random Dude trade.

    Yeah, that’s about what his production level was the last time this was discussed. Note that Blanco is still faring well, too.

  80. Rob, considering that the A’s have Devine for quite some time to come (and Richmond), I don’t think we can say we are “winning” the Kotsay trade. FWIW, I am warming up to it.

  81. Resop was warming up last game, when we were down 3-0. Makes perfect sense to use him in a close game but not a blowout.

  82. Is it possible for the Pirates to score negative runs this inning, and then we can bring in Resop?

  83. “I think we’re winning the Kotsay + $2M for Devine/Random Dude trade.”

    It’s May.

    Also, Joey Devine has a 0.60 ERA with a 17/3 K/BB ratio for the A’s.

  84. Resop has only made 1 appearance in 2 weeks (yea!), but I just can’t understand with all the injuries they’ve had how they can just let a bullpen spot waste like that. If he isn’t the first to go when someone comes off the DL after not being used, it is nuts.

  85. weird management of a thin pen–Use Acosta when down by three runs in one game; in the next game use Boyer with a 7 run lead

    both situations were perfect for Resop, Ring, or Campillo

  86. Since I’ve grown tired of not remembering who the other guy was in the Kotsay/Devine/$$ deal, I looked it up.

    Jamie Richmond, who as a 22 year-old at High-A this season has done this in 7 starts:

    36 IP
    3.75 ERA
    1.17 WHIP
    5.5 K/9
    5.5 K/BB
    1 HR/9

    Not bad.

  87. Mac: Since you suggested a team fight, why don’t you start it and try and kick Resop’s ass. I would pay money to see that happen. Just make certain to let us know which charity to which we should send our donations.

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