62 thoughts on “I will not bring back Phil Collins game thread: Braves at Pirates, May 10”

  1. This is my wife’s favorite H & O song………just throwing that out there.

  2. over at the official site: “Braves look to Kelly Johnson’s bat to try and even up the series”

    uhhh, lefty on the mound. Unless Infante borrows Kelly’s bat I don’t think we’ll see much of him.

  3. You guys are like it. I am probally too late anyway. You’ve probally already seen it.

  4. mighty nice of the pirates to leave mclouth out of the lineup tonight–he’s been a tough out

  5. I thought that LaRoche foul ball was gone. That thing had a wicked hook to it.

  6. I’ve nailed the last 3 AFLAC trivia questions, which I think is a personal record.

  7. So does the blown call by the ump mean the Braves are entitled to a make up call like earlier this season?

  8. I’m fine with a pitcher bunting there.

    I’m watching the Pittsburgh feed on Extra Innings & the Bucs announcers are going on & on about what a break they got.

    Even when I played baseball, I hated it when the ump wouldn’t make the obvious call (i.e.,—the ball beat the runner, so he’s probably out) & they’d come up with, “No, you missed the tag,” or “You came off the bag too early” or some other way to justify their existence.

    That guy was so out at first it was a joke.

  9. I’ll say this… I think Sciambi is more willing to say what he thinks with Gant in the booth than Simpson. During the last week, he’s said that he doesn’t believe in “protection” and questioned whether position players should be bunting. It’s almost like he’s read books or something.

  10. no, Chipper, you’re supposed to give Frenchy batting tips not take them from him

  11. I actually agree with Gant about James needing to pitch inside more. He’s got to keep them off balance better.

  12. it is beginning to look like the 08 Pirates are the Braves version of the 07 Reds–a mediocre NL Central team that Atl has trouble beating

  13. The Pirates broadcast just showed a stat that Chucky was the third best in the majors at stranding runners in scoring position with 2 outs since last year.

    Of course this is because he had already given up a home run to clear the bases with one out.

    And then that happened…

  14. now setting up the opportunity to walk Gorzelanny again

    hindsight is 20/20 here and I don’t mean this to be critical of Cox (there are so many other opportunities), but Chucky should have been lifted after 5

  15. I have reached the conclusion that Bobby is betting against the Braves. That’s the only thing that makes sense for how he is managing the pitching staff lately.

  16. @51 “should have been lifted after five”

    I said the same thing to my wife as we started the 6th. It really makes no sense to leave him in, considering his history.

  17. Has Infante virtually guaranteed a platoon now?

    I hate this brain block against the Buccos. I blame the high-powered offense.

  18. This would be the 6th consecutive road loss – it’s time to ditch these blue batting practice jerseys.

  19. Seriously, he swings at a pitch shoulder high when you need baserunners. He’s such a worthless piece of crap. I hate him.

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