128 thoughts on “I don’t have anything to say here game thread: Reds at Braves, May 4”

  1. Don’t know if you noted, the Braves have the lowest ‘Runs Against’ in the Majors so far this season with 108! In the NL, no other team is even close.

  2. Hopefully we’ll give Glavine some support today and he’ll get his 1st win back as a Brave. He’s pithed good enough so far, he deserves one

  3. So, who gets to be the 5th starter??? I don’t like the idea of Chucky coming back up – 3 very alike left handed starter is not a good thing. So who would you want? Morton?

  4. What’s the deal with Soriano? He is ot very open about his injury (to the press). And Moylan, seriously, get the surgery, so we have you back as early as possible next season.

  5. if Chuck stays in line with his career numbers and comes back as our #5 pitcher then we are in very good shape. I dont mind having 3 lefties in the rotation. If Chuck and Jo Jo can give us 5 or maybe 6IP and our bullpen gets healthy, I like our chances in this division

  6. It’s funny, Mac, because Pete Van Wieren wasn’t sure Prado had made the tag.

  7. actually he missed an easy tag, luckily the ump called Freel out for being out of the baseline

  8. Glavine, Leibrandt, and Avery weren’t much different in style from Glavine, James, and Reyes.

  9. actually just hit his forearm, I cant believe he didnt at least try and get the ball afterwards

  10. I didn’t really want to bunt. It was a joke.

    For those of you following online, Freel dove for the ball and apparently misjudged where it was, and instead of catching it, it hit him in the arm and bounced away. He lay on the ground while the runners advanced.

  11. Tom, if you were a better hockey player than baseball player, why were you a second-round pick in baseball and a fifth-round pick in hockey?

  12. Thank god the Braves didn’t trade for Arroyo at the trade deadline last year.

  13. Is it just me or is Gant not as annoyingly obvious as he was last year. Still the worst announcer on the air but to a much lesser degree.

  14. Kotay @ 2 million and giving up Devine >>>>>>>> $15-17 million Andruw and keeping Devine

  15. I have never seen a baseball player be so hot for so long like Chipper has been to start the year.

  16. Now I just feel bad for them…. No need to rush that play with McCann running.

  17. Despite what’s happened since the seventh inning last night, the Reds really do have some strong pitching; Harang/Volquez/Cueto looks like the start of a really good rotation. If Dusty hadn’t wrecked the offense (I don’t know how he did it so fast) they could compete. But right now, they look terrible.

  18. young pitchers pay attention as uncle Tommy demonstrates how to piss away a 7 run lead

    let the parade of relievers begin

  19. Forget about keeping him in so he can potentially get the ‘W’ … it seems more likely he’ll be saddled with an ‘L’ if he stays out there any longer.

  20. This is surely a case of Bobby’s loyalty to Glavine. Trying to get him his first win of the year.

  21. The heart of the order…got like Ring’s chances at picking up the win…

  22. Chipper had to make sure his avg didn’t dip below .420. And the RBI leaderboards had seen a distinct lack of Chipper recently, so he had to fix that too.

  23. Francoeur is looking like an 8th place hitter even against the left hander.

  24. looks like Pena will hit again. 4 AB as PH in 2 games. Must be a record or something

  25. would you say that Kotsay’s swing and Utley’s swings are similar? both look real short and compact

  26. Agree, 105. I think this thing’s going to end up 16-13 when it’s done.

  27. Well, the no one-run wins streak will apparently continue a little longer. The record-holders appear to be the 1935 Braves, who won their first one-run game in game 45 against the Cardinals, 5-4. Of course, that team won just 38 total games all year and just seven by one run, both post-1900 NL lows.

    The 1936 St. Louis Browns needed 42 games for their first one-run win (out of 57 total wins).
    The 1985 Texas Rangers needed 36 games for their first one-run win (ouf ot a total of 62 wins).
    The 1952 Pittsburgh Pirates needed 34 games for their first one-run win (out of 42 total).

  28. Kotsay has twice as many homeruns as Andruw, anybody still hating him?

  29. “there’s no reason to throw at a hitter for no reason” can we start calling these ‘Gantisms’?

  30. Gant makes a Chip Caray-esque comment there:

    “There’s no reason to throw at a hitter for no reason.”

  31. Acosta pitching => no retaliation for hitting Tex

    Would have been a perfect spot for Resop, but Cox usually wimps out on retaliation.

    Thorman must have left his king of pop costume for Francoeur.

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