Braves 9, Reds 1

ESPN – Reds vs. Braves – Box Score – May 03, 2008

So, some promising signs. Joseph Reyes looked really good for four innings, throwing about twice as many strikes as balls and not walking anyone. Unfortunately, he seems to have contracted Chuck James’ Disease, and tired in the fifth, in which he walked two and allowed a hit, but got a double play to avoid damage. In the sixth, he wasn’t, and gave up a run, and could only get one out. He left with a 2-1 lead, but Bennett and Ohman got out of a jam. Campillo pitched another one of his “How does he do it?” seventh innings, and Boyer another “When will his arm fall off?” eighth.

Chipper gave the Braves a 1-0 lead in the first with a double to score Escobar, and Escobar in his turn singled in KJ in the fifth. The Braves finally — for the first time in at least a week — had a big inning in the seventh. Teixeira worked an 0-2 count to a bases-loaded walk, and McCann followed with a two-run double off the left fielder’s glove. Francoeur singled in another run, Kotsay doubled in McCann, and Diaz hit a sac fly to make it 8-1. KJ scored on a wild pitch in the eighth to make it 9-1. This was enough to bring up an ideal Resop situation (eight-run lead against a bad team) and he answered with a 1-2-3 outing.

The first six spots in the order all had at least two hits. Escobar had three and a walk. Since it all worked out, I won’t detail how Bobby screwed up the sixth inning.

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  1. Andruw with a hit today.

    That’s news!

    Seriously, I am pulling for the guy like he is pulling off of every single pitch.

  2. It’s promising in that it looks like Reyes could fill one of the two holes in the back of the rotation. If Chuckie can get it fixed at Richmond, we’ll be fine.

  3. If Hampton cares enough about the team that’s been so good to him, he needs to retire so the Braves can use the extra money to buy a young pitcher.

  4. I love Bobby, but over the last few years he has cost us a few games. I am glad that tonight wasn’t one of them.

  5. If we could get a schedule with only the Reds and Dodgers we’d rule the world.

  6. I didn’t see the whole game but can somebody tell me how Bobby almost blew it? Just curious.

  7. Parish, well said. I am pulling for him too…I hope I don’t get too pull happy…

  8. Honestly, Bobby’s strengths have NEVER been on-field strategy. I don’t know why we start questioning him now as I have complained about this aspect of Bobby since 1991. Bobby’s strength is his work in the clubhouse.

  9. kc, I have to say that Bobby’s mistakes seem to me much less defensible than in years past. I used to see why he did what he did and believed most of his criticism to be second guessing, not so much any more.

    Either my eyes have been opened or his reasoning has gotten worse. Maybe, it’s both.

  10. Sometimes Bobby goes by the book, as when he brought Ohman in to pitch against Dunn, and others he throws the book completely out the window, as when he had Diaz pinch hit for Blanco instead of Kotsay (and this peeved Mac to no end). Sometimes I think Bobby’s trying to pull the double fakeout on the opposing manager (especially La Russa). Who knows?

  11. The Braves had a chance to blow it open with two on and one out in the sixth. Kotsay was due up, then Blanco. The Reds came with a LOOGY, meaning that he could pinch-hit Diaz for Kotsay and the Reds couldn’t counter. Instead, he let Kotsay hit (.174 entering the game against lefties) and he struck out, then hit Diaz for Blanco (2 for 6 so far against lefthanders) meaning that Baker could come back with a righthander (Diaz is hitting .176 against righthanders). Diaz grounded out on the first pitch. Diaz pummels lefties, and LOOGYs are usually worse than most at getting righthanders out; it was a perfect situation. But for a basically invisible defensive advantage (Kotsay instead of Blanco in center) the situation didn’t come up.

  12. People need a scapegoat. Since we’re not winning, and Andruw is gone, it’s now Bobby’s fault. If Lockhart came back, we’d have a new one.

  13. I do, however, agree that Mac is dead-on that Bobby screwed the pooch in the sixth inning. Perhaps he thought Baker wouldn’t eat through his bullpen like that. I dunno.

  14. Finally got to see some baseball. Fox Sports Ohio. I second the motion that we play the Reds more. A lot of futility going on there.

    I am holding my breath to see how the pitching staff shakes out. Mac, I thought you were being sarcastic when you said Hampton would never pitch a game for us.

  15. I left in the middle of the big rally (Reds weren’t coming back) to eat Chinese & then have drinks at a beach bar watching a (relatively cliche blues) cover band.

    Was fixing to leave, until the band redeemded itself by breaking out some Stevie Wonder & a really fine version of Dr. John’s “Such a Night.” (OK, I’m defeated—another beer, please.)

    Hey, let’s go for the sweep. And, not like I’m expecting anything, but let’s go Hawks. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

  16. Still, anytime someone can work a Sister Rosetta Tharepe reference into a column, it’s not all bad. Amyone who doesn’t have a copy of “The Ball Game” should rectify it immediately.

  17. A nice start for Jo Jo and its a bit early to say that he has Chuck James’ disease.

    At Richmond Morton has started where he left off last year. Another good night for Morton:

    I think that he is for real; it would not surprise me to see him Atlanta before the All Star break.

    I am also glad to see the Schreiber is still in the system…

    Given our injuries, the Braves are actually doing reasonably well…

  18. It can’t be an accident that the Braves have done so poorly in one run games the last couple years and Bobby Cox has been even dumber than he used to be at in game strategy.

  19. For those of you in the Atlanta area, “JJ On Atlanta” airs from 7:00-7:30 on Sunday mornings.

    It’s, believe it or not, worse than his little bits during home Braves games..

  20. mac, the poll missed what i condider the worst aspect of phil collins………… a producer, he performed the impossible(for me anyway) by making two eric clapton cd’s virtually unlistenable.

  21. One of the reasons why Led Zeppelin wouldn’t allow their performance at 1985’s Live Aid benefit to be included in a video is because Phil Collins, who filled in on drums for the late Jon Bonham, was all over the place. The band hadn’t rehearsed in some time, true, but Collins made a bad situation worse.

  22. I kinda don’t want to see Chucky up here right now, but who else would you bring? Morton?

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