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  1. Boy, listening to the Met fans on radio, you’d think Willie was already gone. I’ll be sitting with a rational bunch today, curious to hear their take on things.

    Off to Shea. Go Huddy. Let’s keep them down.

  2. “Atlanta was looking to replace Phil Stockman, who was called up to the big leagues Friday, on the Richmond roster.”

    What does this mean? I don’t get it.

  3. That’s interesting. It’s a nice move — minor league contract, so literally no harm done if he fails, and so you can’t chalk it up to panic, and while the odds of payoff are remote (Williamson hasn’t pitched as many as 40 innings in a season since 2003), it’s always nice to have as many reasonably competent people in AAA as possible.

  4. Hopefully that means they’re expecting Stockman to STAY with the big boys, which would be awesome if it happens.

    Phil, whatever Hampton has, don’t catch it, okay?

  5. #5

    And that they plan to release poseR once they call up Hampton. And then replace Hampton with Williamson the following day.

  6. I know Lilli is a defensive replacement, but when was the last time a guy with a .540 OPS got called up?

  7. why is Chipper out of the lineup? Is this one of those days where Bobby tries to make it hard on Hudson–like a challenge?

  8. # 10…indeed. I was just laughing about the same thing.

    In other news, Salty was called up today.

  9. Nobody should be happy. What’s his paycheck again? MVP candidates usually play, not take a weekend off.

  10. I was responding to the suggestion that he ‘took the day off.’

    Anyway, back spasms are no good. Sigh.

  11. To create a major league roster spot for Lillibridge, the Braves returned right-handed reliever Phil Stockman to Richmond, one day after the 6-foot-8 Aussie had been recalled. And to open a spot on the 40-man roster for Lillibridge, the Braves designated minor league reliever Zach Schreiber for assignment.

  12. Wow, the Braves DFAd Zach Schreiber. He was off to a bad start, but that’s just crazy. Meanwhile, Paul Pot continues to log major league service time.

  13. So the obvious move to DFA Resop, keep Stockman and bring up Lillibridge was too…obvious?

    Perhaps it was too compentent for our current GM.

  14. As bad as Pol Pot was in Cambodia, and as bad as he’s been in our bullpen this year, and as bad as this Whiskey Falls ad campaign is….NONE of these things are as bad as Prado’s defense has been this year. I’m absolutely baffled that anyone but him be given “delenda est” honors, even with whatever sporadic offense he’s given us thus far.

  15. How is it possible that the Molina catching for the Mets today is not one of the three already acknowledged catching Molinas? I just assumed it was Jose but it looks like there is another one.

  16. At least Jeff’s going to be patient, take a pitch or two against Maine, who’s been all over the place. Oh wait.

  17. Let’s quickly trade Prado for whatever we can get while teams will still be fooled by his batting average. The Marlins like infielders who can’t catch. Maybe they’d take him.

  18. Chipper missed a series in NY last year, for someone who loves playing there he sure misses a lot of time when we are there

  19. And Kotsay is the median hitter; four of the guys are better than him, and four guys are worse. When Kotsay is your fifth-best hitter, you’re in trouble.

    Not that the Mets, with the decaying remains of Delgado, useless against righties Easley, and the long-lost Molina, are a whole lot better.

  20. “Not that the Mets, with the decaying remains of Delgado, useless against righties Easley, and the long-lost Molina, are a whole lot better.”

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the best of the NL East!

  21. check out our injury report

    Y Escobar Left game-right index finger day-to-day
    C Jones Left game-strained right quadriceps day-to-day
    T Glavine Strained right hamstring on 15-day DL
    P Moylan Bone spur, right elbow on 15-day DL
    R Soriano Right elbow tendinitis on 15-day DL
    M Hampton Strained left pectoral on 15-day DL
    M Gonzalez Recovery from left elbow surgery on 15-day DL
    O Infante Broken left hand on 15-day DL
    A Lerew Recovery from left elbow surgery on 60-day DL

    that’s incredible…

  22. I’ve never been there in person, but on TV Shea has the worst sound system. Everything sounds like it’s in a can. Plus, their music & sound effects selection is circa. 1992.

  23. Question on Lillibridge. Is there no rule against playing in the majors if you’ve not hit puberty yet?

    Hope the bullpen can keep us in it.

  24. The thing is that Tim was more hit-unlucky than anything. He didn’t walk anyone and didn’t give up any homers, but the balls fell where there weren’t fielders.

  25. Can Leo come back to be the pitcher’s strength and conditioning coach? We were remarkably injury free with him.

  26. I really don’t understand what happened to Schreiber…. Sure, he got off to bad start and he has had trouble with his command, but it is hard to believe that he was not worth a roster spot.

    Again, I don’t understand why the Braves traded two players for Ridgway, who had pitched in all of 3 games for Tampa Bay.

    These are not complaints–I simply assume that the Braves know a lot more about their players than we do.

    That said, it would not surprise me at all to see Schreiber pitch in the majors this year and become a decent reliever….

  27. No Chipper, No Esco, now no Hudson, may as well take Tex and McCann out and call this one a day.

  28. Blanco, Prado and Lillibridge–feels like a flashback to last year’s Richmond team….

  29. I think the NFL draft has officially killed the internet. Neither ESPN.com nor mlb.com will load, so I can’t listen to the radio feed. Moreover, I just went to a sports bar with the MLB package, and the Fox channel the game’s on is “not available” in our area, whatever the hell that means.

    I’m mad.

    Also, apparently the Braves are playing horribly.

  30. Frenchy is going for some doubles record? What’s he on pace to get for doubles this year?

  31. Hudson’s better than Maine, but this would make Nelson Figueroa their fourth starter, so…

    I’d say they can afford to lose him even less than we can afford to lose Hudson. But I hope to hell we haven’t lost him.

  32. If Lillibridge catches that clean he was out all the way.

    I’m not liking this kid so far.

  33. Tex backhanded a sharply hit groundball and threw out Angel Pagan at home, after Pagan had tripled.

    We seem to be throwing out a lot of guys at home these days.

  34. Teixiera smothered a ground ball and threw home from one knee to nab Pagan at the plate.

  35. whatever Campillo did this offseason he should share with our other guys. That curve or change is nasty

  36. Frenchy doesn’t come through again. Nothing could be less shocking.

    No hitters up next inning, so I guess we are 0-8 in one run games.

  37. How would you like to face Billy Wagner in your first MLB game? That’s what Lillibridge has to look forward to next inning.

  38. On a day like this, I really wonder what is going to happen next.

    Oh wait, ailing Smoltzie is pitching tomorrow.

  39. Lillibridge will come up big against Wagner. He has looked so lost so far at the plate.

  40. Chip has to find a way to hit for Lillibridge. Just hit it out and you can walk around the bases.

  41. Prado has more hits than anyone else in the lineup today. Maybe he’ll hit a solo homer and we can lose in extras.

    Also, Campillo: 2.0 IP, 1 BB, 4 K, 0 H, 0 ER
    Entire Braves bullpen today: 5 IP, 2 BB, 6 K, 2 H, 0 ER.


  42. I see the Falcons took Matt Ryan. I like that pick. They already have Joey Harrington, and now they have a young Joey Harrington for him to tutor. With luck, he’ll be a backup in the league for years.

  43. Two up, two down. 0-8 in one-run games this year. Thirteen straight defeats in one-run road games, according to the Mets broadcast.

    This is not bad luck; this is a crisis.

  44. oh and if you’re wondering a tie goes to the runner and Diaz was safe, and like we all said earlier “another one run loss.”

  45. Between the Falcons’ pick and the Braves 1-run loss situation, I’m basically about ready to root for another city’s teams. Not to be too melodramatic or anything.

  46. At this point, we’re not being melodramatic over the one-run loss thing … this unusually poor run of form in these close games has been going on since ’06 … and unless it gets reversed, this will be a third successive year out of the playoffs.

  47. Let’s face it: We have an injury-prone team that does just enough to lose each and every time a game gets close. I hate to say it, but that’s the way it is.

  48. It’s not as though we can blame one area of the team for the one-run issues … It’s easy to put it on the bullpen, but that seems more culpable in the losses like we saw earlier this week, and certainly the bullpen has done its job quite well the last three days (with Resop nowhere to be found — coincidence? I think not) … This team has lost one-run games in almost every manner imaginable … so unfortunately one starts wondering about less tangible items, e.g. toughness/character/poise.

  49. I don’t really believe players reach this level without being tough. I would prefer losing one-run games in lots of ways to just one, because if it’s just one it seems like a real problem and not bad luck.

    Recap is up. MATT RYAN?!?!?!?!??

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