26 thoughts on “Please be Resop, please be Resop…”

  1. Yes, Frank, open up a browser, click, “bravesjournal.us” and please see the request of Braves nation asking the Resop experiment to end.

  2. Alex @1–I don’t get the reference to me.

    Carlyle wasn’t pitching well at AAA–give me Reyes instead.

  3. Weird. Why Carlyle? From his era, it doesn’t seem like he’s pitching well. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s somebody like Corky Miller who is sent down. As bad as Resop has been, the Braves just have too many innings for the bullpen right now to be getting rid of anybody.

  4. Deja vu.

    James starting. Carlyle starting. The Braves giving real consideration to giving starts to Bennett and Campillo. All they need to do is have Jo-Jo Reyes pitching in some games and it’s 2007 all over again.

    I think this is bad news. I think Glavine is going on the DL. If this was just to fill the fifth starter slot vacated by Hampton/James for one game, they’d probably have just let Bennett or Campillo start. Carlyle starts in Glavine’s place and Bennett/Campillo in Hampton’s place seems where this temporary disaster is heading.


    Like I said, 2007 all over again.

  5. True, he’d throw in a half decent one now and then so he could keep his job and kill us for a while longer.

  6. Well, he was bad, but I wouldn’t say he was killing us, at least not relatively speaking. He was the second-best of the slop we trotted out in those 4/5 slots last season, so it’s not like anyone who’d have been pitching instead would’ve given us a better chance to win.

    I really wish we weren’t back in that situation again two weeks into this season. Ugh.

  7. Yeah he was bad. He had the second highest RA of any pitcher who managed 100 innings last year (Mike Maroth). It would be hard to do worse than a 6.75 RA.

    Of course HoRam was worse but Seattle pulled the plug at 98 IP. Ah….our glorious minor league pitching system.

  8. #11

    Stu, Craptastic is officially one of my favorite words. Hilarious.


    Frank, yes, I was talking to Frank Wren, but I wish you WERE Frank Wren, because then a few hundred of us on here and several questions for you :-) But mainly just to ask you to get rid of Resop.

    I agree with you though on Jo Jo…would much rather see him than Carlyle. I think the “Buddy magic” is not likely to return.

    AAR – thanks, I do agree. Not the least of which is the fact that she’s fantastic with Jake R. and her natural abilities as a mom has made it a lot easier to be a dad.

  9. Alex–

    Re punting Resop–I’d gladly oblige. One has to be a d%^$ rotten–make that a craptastic–pitcher to make trading away Yates look like a bad decision.

  10. Moylan DLed?

    This year is officially a disaster.

    I say we go to a three man rotation and count on Smoltz, Hudson, and Jurrjens to go 9 each time out.

  11. Half our pitchers either are hurt or stink, we’re turning to Buddy Carlyle and yet I was criticized for saying that this is a .500 (or less) baseball team in ’08 and won’t sniff the playoffs.

    Are you kidding me?

  12. I think if the players ever read the comments they would simply consider the sources from which they come from and laugh heartily….

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