Nats 5, Braves 4

ESPN – Braves vs. Nationals – Box Score – April 13, 2008

Wow, a one-run loss. That’s new.

Tom Glavine started, got in early trouble, and left the game with a hamstring pull, the bases loaded, and a run in without getting an out. Jeff Bennett did a pretty good job of getting out of that jam with only one run scoring, and the Braves trailed 2-0, which could easily have been worse. But in the second he (CHOOSE ONE) lost the plate/got squeezed by the umpire and walked in a pair of runs with two out, and third allowed another run to make it 5-0.

The Braves got back into it, Chipper hitting a two-run homer in the sixth, followed by a sac fly from Francoeur. In the eighth, they got a gift run on one of the most egregious misplays of a fly ball that I’ve ever seen. And in the ninth, they had a real chance with two out, as Escobar walked and Chipper doubled down the line. It wasn’t quite enough for Escobar to score, Teixeira was walked, and McCann hit a liner that held up long enough to be caught to end the game.

Jorge Campillo, whose existence I have previously ignored, did a fine job in two innings of work, striking out three and not allowing any baserunners. Resop still sucks, but the Braves made some nice plays behind him to prevent any damage. Guess which one will probably get sent down when someone else is needed.

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  1. I knew we’d blow the sweep, but they threw in some interesting twists and turns along the way.

    The contrast between how we hit when we are down by 3 or 4 runs and how we hit when down by 1 run (i.e. like choking dogs) is pretty hilarious.

  2. Actually, I thought that the hitters showed a much better approach today than I saw most of last year. Particularly the first 4. We ahve 4 guys in a row that will not swing until you throw a strike and then try to hit it hard.

    With as bad of luck or performance as McCann has had against Rauch, I, to a point, understand him going on the first pitch, trying to make something happen. However, with a wild pitch able to tie the game, maybe first pitch swinging wasn’t such a good idea.

    Frenchy also showed a good eye. Took a lot of borderline pitches, most not called strikes. And got one walk. Particularly good after yesterday to remember, that when you hit them, they are going to expand their strike zone.

  3. The Mets, Phillies and Marlins all lost, so the Braves lose no ground.

    But it also means they blew a chance to gain a game on everyone in the NL East.

  4. We’re going to be fine. Wait til we get a groove and the weather warms up. Pitching staff will sort itself out. 0-5 in one-run games is 95% luck.

  5. On the other hand, there aren’t many teams in all of MLB with a worse record than us.

    I know it’s still early.

    Just sayin’.

  6. @Malone: Yeah, sure. With two of our five starters AND our closer already out after TWELVE f**ing games and Smoltzie’s very questionable health, the situation couldn’t be worse. And if you really believe all those losses in close games are due to luck, let me tell you that the Braves were the worst team in all of baseball last year in one-run games. I doubt that any team can have “95% bad luck” for a season. I see a trend here that I don’t like.

  7. Can we sit Diaz and his sub-.500 ops vs righties vs right handed starters now? Blanco needs more at bats anyway.

    What’s with Jurrjens running for Chipper when Prado was still available? I’d rather have my utility infielder in a play at the plate than my #4 starting pitcher especially with Glavine having already gone down to injury earlier in the game.

  8. I had no problem with Jurrjens running. Bobby just trying to keep options open if the game went into extras.

    Despite what it seems like…all pitchers aren’t fragile china. We’re talking 3rd base to home. Even on a wild pitch, I think Jurrjens could’ve gotten it done.

  9. I was cautiously optimistic about the pitching staff this year, but will we ever see Hampton, Glavine, and Smoltz healthy at the same time? If Hudson gets hurt, we are royally screwed.

  10. Escobar was on third, Jurrjens was on second, I’m inclined to agree with Ron on this one, Prado is going to play third anyway. I’d rather not see Jurrjens trying to score the tying run at the plate either.

  11. I’d rather not see Jurrjens trying to score the tying run at the plate either.

    Maybe he’s, you know, fast. That could have been useful.

  12. If Glavine goes on the DL, he’ll be the 4th pitcher of our projected 5 man rotation to spend time on it already.

  13. 18 — yeah, and Gagne’s closed it out both days. Which is possibly a little bit misleading though since I believe he closed out the bottom of the order both times. No matter. Brewers win and Mets lose all the same.

  14. i guess there must be something obvious that i missed, but why didnt Escobar score from first on Chippers double? with two freakin outs !!! isnt he a lot faster than Chipper? isnt the first thing you learn from a little league coach “two outs, run like hell on anything”?

  15. I guess Bennett for walking 4 straight and giving up too many hits and earned runs in his short outing

  16. With the rate our existing pitchers are breaking down, I don’t think Resop is leaving anytime soon.

  17. the situation couldn’t be worse

    Someone wasn’t a Braves fan back in the 70s. Or the mid to late 80s. Believe me, the situation was worse then.

    Think of it as being a Pirates fan now. Except worse, because the team was spending money like the Yankees, and getting results like the Pirates. Bad, expensive, and with no hope of the players getting any better.

  18. Escobar was running from first. With no one on base the hit would have been a single not a double but the throw had to go home some Chipper took 2nd. I might have sent Escobar anyway and forced the Nats to make the throw catch and tag at the plate.

  19. Anyone else seeing these annoying ebay ads with all this obscure baseball memorabilia that I really don’t need but desperately want. 1958 Topps with Aaron, Matthews, Adcock and Crandall — bidding at $31. That card looks freaking awesome. Pretty high on the list of things I should not be buying, though.

  20. If Escobar had been sent home and tagged out for the third out, everyone would be screaming that you hold him there with Tex and BMac coming up. It’s a lose/lose situation.

  21. Jo-Jo – 4.0 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 8 Ks. 78 pitches, though.

    Reyes might be the next guy called up if Glavine goes on the DL for his first time ever.

  22. Had friends in from Maine for the weekend and I only got to catch the last few innings of this one. I’m so sick of one run losses. WTF. I mean, really.

    To bring up the non-baseball part of the last thread, the first time I saw that video I still remember thinking, wow, they’ve finally done it. The major labels have finally found a way to sell the alternative/punk/indie scene to the masses. A perfect storm of an incredibly catchy song, killer imagery and marketing.

    And it totally worked. They were a game changing band.

    No question about it.

    Everything that got the push after it was just riding the wave. I was working at a record store at the time it was pretty obvious the labels had cranked up the machine to try to sell every other band from Seattle they could find, or already had on their roster. In a perfect world Tad would be as big as Nirvana, no pun intended.

    /just my two cents

  23. Count me as someone who wouldn’t have wanted to see Escobar sent to the plate. Sure, there’s a lot of margin for error (relay pickup, throw, catch, tag), but Escobar would have been toast if they made a solid throw. We would have been so pissed since Teixera coming up. Now, if the outfielders were playing at normal depth, that ball gets to the wall and Escobar scores. But, that’s how good outfield positioning wins ball games. Someone should tell my baseball coach that…

  24. Watching the replay. Resop has a decent breaking ball, why doesn’t he use it more often?

  25. Wasn’t that double hit off of Resop’s breaking pitch? I don’t quite remember though.

  26. No prob. I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t listened to the broadcast while catching up on my yardwork and then watched the replay. Pete and Lemmer went on and on about how he only wanted to throw his FB outside. That pitch wasn’t anywhere near outside upon seeing it fer reals.

  27. Parish, even if Glavine is not heading to the DL, I believe the Braves are still calling up JoJo to on the coming Saturday.

    Looking forward, the Braves will be rolling out Jurrjens, Hudson, and Smoltz for the weekend series with the Mets on Apr 25 – 27. However, the series against the Dodgers this weekend could be ugly as the Braves may be forced to go with Carlyle, JoJo, and Jurrjens…

  28. Seeing the replay, Esco should have gone for it in the 9th.

    I’m not sold on Snitker as our 3rd base coach. Not that Freddy G was much better.

  29. That was a shoulder high first pitch that B-Mac flied out on. Bad judgment from a guy that normally knows better.

    We’ll get ’em next time. Go Braves!

  30. Escobar had no deal running home on that play. Watch the play – No way he would’ve made it anyway. Plus, as someone said before, with Tex and McCann coming up, the odds were not too bad to score a run. Well…

  31. He was obviously given the stop signal before he rounded second. The relay wasn’t spot on. I’d take the chance and I think he would have made it. But hindsight being 20/20 and all that…

  32. Freddy G…I still remember he sent Adam to the plate on the day when Adam had an upset stomach…and he was out by a mile…yeah, that Game 4 18-inning game…Freddy G sucks.

  33. FWIW, I think Morton has passed Carlyle in the pecking order.

    If we need two starters to replace Glavine and Hampton, it will probably be Bennett and Reyes.

  34. Cy Young 511
    Walter Johnson 417
    Grover Alexander 373
    Christy Mathewson 373
    Pud Galvin 364
    Warren Spahn 363
    Kid Nichols 361
    Roger Clemens 354
    Greg Maddux 349

  35. I would love to see the Mad Dog passing Clemens on that list.

    Andruw is officially hitting .100 with 14Ks in 12 games….ooch!!! I love Andruw so much that I hate seeing that.

    Another bad game by Hughes, I wonder if the Yankees fans start wonder why they hold on to Hughes instead of getting Santana…

  36. I would like to see what Morton can do. To me so far, he seems like one of those Breves-hyped minor leaguers who will make great trade bait. But I am probably wrong.

  37. Funny to see the different way of reactions on annoying losses. This one is from and it’s not exception at all:

    What a pathetic, putrid effort today. This team from the GM on down deserves to be BOO’ED If they think Met fans are going to except this non-motivated, dreary looking , dead pan effort this year they’re crazy. Delcrappo is a piece of crap . What a BORING team , they’re about as exciting as their manager. And what will Steamboats story be today…we battled,… it’s just another game? Hey Omar the team you put together is boring and this is for you and your organization.


  38. kc,
    I’ve been saying it all off-season: The storyline of the Yanks’ season is “The Trade They Didn’t Make.”

    I’m going to Yanks/Sawx on Thursday. It’ll be interesting to take the pulse that night because Hughes & Kennedy have been less than stellar so far. (Not that he was ever seriously discussed in a deal, but Chamberlain remains otherworldly.)

    But what’s interesting about NYC baseball fans this year is the relative calm of Yankee folk & the near hysteria of Met people. We’ll see how long that lasts, especially if they lose another series to Boston.

  39. FWIW, looks like McCann thinks he should have done something a little different with that last AB yesterday. Quote from the article:

    “I’ve faced him, like, 10 times now, and every time he’s pitched me different,” McCann said. “I knew that time he was going to try to get ahead of me. I just shouldn’t have swung at that pitch. I’ve got to hit the ball up the middle or go the other way. I tried to pull it.”

  40. Was at the Saturday and Sunday games and despite the rain, it’s fair to say I enjoyed the Saturday game, far more.

    Towards the end of yesterday’s game, there was some incredibly drunk Nats fan, a few rows back, screaming at the umpire on a balls & strikes call – except, he kept calling him “ref”, as in “hey ref, you suck!”.

    Finally, a guy right behind me snarkily said something to the effect of, “I don’t see a ref but there is an umpire there” and you could hear even other Nats fans, including the ones this guy was with, chuckling at this moron.

    One observation: I am seeing a lot less Braves fans than I did in the RFK games.

    I remember one RFK game where I swear we made up about 60% of the crowd; so far at the new stadium, we are definitely in the small minority. It was so bad that when we made our late rally, I only had one kid nearbye to high five with!

  41. I don’t care who we played this weekend. Getting 2 of 3 is just fine. We need to just concentrate on one series at a time and we’ll be fine. Also, the one run stuff has to turn around.

  42. #58

    JoshQ- I don’t agree. 4 of our 7 losses have been to the Nats & Pirates. Instead of 5-7, we’d be 9-3 if we would njust take care of business with the bad teams. 4 losses to bad teams, if you lose a division or wild card by 1 game in September, matters.

    I can accept 3 straight losses to a tough Rockies team in snowy & cold Denver. I can’t stomach 4 losses to the Pirates and Nats when so many games like that early, give a team a real shot to be an early division leader.

  43. Taking a further look at the current NL East standings, at 9-3, we’d be 2 games up on Florida (who we know have a team that won’t hold up), 3.5 up on the Phils and Mets.

    Sure, things will seesaw as we head to June and July but already having an early leg up, rather than being behind those two teams, and with KEY pitching injuries (Glavine & Soriano, refuse to count Hampton sinc we’d knew he would get hurt) that may only further set us back.

    Two caveats that could stop the bleeding: if Glavine is really not that hurt and can roll back out by Friday’s game vs. the Dodgers, or if Tommy has to go on the 15 day DL, if Jo Jo’s Richmond numbers are for real, and he can come up and really step in.

    I refuse to rely on “mr. 5 innings”, Chuckie James.

  44. It seems to me that the NL East champion will come in around 78-80 wins. That’s how it feels, anyway.

  45. Braves farmhand update:

    Clint Sammons went 2-for-2 with two walks on Sunday for Triple-A Richmond. His .531 OBP leads the International League. He is hitting .444 and has hit safely in his team’s first eight games.

    And he nails over 40 percent of opposing baserunners. He will be an excellent backup to McCann when he’s recalled and may be in line to start somewhere else if his offensive improvement is for really real.

  46. Cary, those offensive numbers are way above the norm for Sammons. I think his future is still as an excellent defnesive backup. To tell the truth, his offense probably needs to improve a little to fit even that role.

  47. Cary,

    I have been watching Sammons stats. He has looked good offensively so far.

    However, he has never been better than about 280 / 350 / 420 in a minor league season (even at lower levels). Also, he is a little old for level (he is year older than Francoeur and will be 25 this year).

    He is a good to great defensive catcher and he might hit like a rich man’s Todd Pratt.

  48. There are some days when listening to Metfan complaints can serve as pure entertainment. Today is one of those days.

    These people are living in the Twilight Zone.

    They’re a decent team off to a bad start, but their fanbase thinks it’s the Davey Johnson Era.

    The good news for Braves fans: There’s nothing like the toxic atmosphere when a NY team’s fanbase turns on its own club. It’s a daily drumbeat & it’s already happening in Metland.

    They better beat up on the Nats or it’s going to get worse. ;)

  49. Alex, I went to the Saturday and Sunday games at Nats Park, and I agree with you — I saw more Braves fans at RFK. Sorry I didn’t run into you. There still were more than a few, though, which is always nice to see.

    To catch up on the stuff I missed, if we have to lose a game, I want to lose it like we did yesterday: holding the other team so they don’t score in the late innings, clawing our way back, not playing dead, and giving ourself a chance in our last turn at bat. I hate losing, but I hate it even more when we lose and it looks like we’re not trying, like during our summer swoons the last two years.

    That Maddux article is very probably the best thing I’ve ever read in ESPN the Magazine. I’ve liked Keown for a long time, and wish he wrote more features. If he wants, Greg Maddux could have a job in any clubhouse in baseball, holding any job he chooses. If he actually does follow through on his threat to retire, I’d sure love it if he came back to Atlanta, even though I know that’s probably asking too much.

    As far as the Nirvana debate, I was 7 when they broke, so I basically don’t remember the world before grunge. It’ll always be the music I grew up with and for that reason it’ll always be the music I love. Been meaning to listen to Tad for a long time, though — sorry for being so slow on the uptake, but can you explain the pun?

  50. AAR, yeah, sorry we didn’t connect at the park. It’s a much nicer place to visit than RFK and now that I have discovered easier ways of driving close to the park, I can now avoid the metro alltogether.

    By the way, I LOVE, LOVE LOVE that you can bring food – it’s cheaper & healthier. Both games, my friends and I brought Subway. Saved us a lot of money and calories.

  51. You brought Subway? That gives me an idea. Since you hate Andruw and all, when the Dodgers come to Atlanta you should get a Jared mask and wave Subway bags at him whenever he comes to bat.

  52. AAR,

    Tad Doyle is a very large man. I would guess well over 350 lbs. And you should totally check out 8-Way Santa if you run across it. Great stuff.

  53. My buddy brought Subway to the stadium both games, actually. I’m a big believer in stadium junk, though, so I enjoyed the stadium Five Guys outlet — yes, a burger, fries and a Coke may cost $18.50, but it’s worth it. (When you consider tax and tip, that’s about the same price you’d pay in a restaurant, when you think about it.)

    I like the new stadium. Actually, it reminds me a lot of Turner Field. It took some hits in The Post for being somewhat architecturally unadventuresome, which is probably fair, but it sure is a nice place to go see a game.

  54. You tip at Five Guys?

    I’m all about bringing food to the game, although (1) it’s never Subway, since I find Subway to be less than delicious, and (2) I always leave room for a stadium hot dog.

  55. I don’t tip at Five Guys, but I’d consider myself fortunate indeed if a sitdown restaurant served burgers as good as theirs. Question to any current Atlantans: how delicious are the Atlanta outlets?

  56. Ben’s Chili Bowl was a nice–though sloppy–helping of ballpark grease. Just one half smoke with a bucket of fries on the side could turn Kate Moss into AJ.

  57. AAR, the ones on Austell Road and near KSU’s campus are both delicious. As are the two that opened in Nashville in recent months, if you’re ever in this neck of the woods.

    (Speaking of grease, why doesn’t the Varsity have a booth or two in Turner Field?)

  58. If ever in Milwaukee … you gotta have a stadium brat. The ones at the Bucks games are just as good (same thing).

  59. clarification — the brat I had at a Bucks game was even bigger, but it was the same Klementz brat. mmm… can’t wait for grilling season. Which should come around any month now in Wisconsin. It snowed on Saturday. No accumulation, just depression.

  60. If you visit San Francisco’s AT&T Park, you must have some garlic fries. I don’t know if they serve Anchor Steam beer, but a glass of that would be good too.

  61. Terry Kath’s last words were, “Don’t worry. It’s not loaded.” What a talent he was.

  62. Remy,
    A Chicago fan, are you?

    Stadium Concessions:
    It’s been awhile since I visited Chavez Ravine, but Dodger Dogs are pretty great.

    And I did get an Anchor Steam at the Giants park the year it opened, but haven’t been back since. FWIW, that’s my favorite American beer & there aren’t many I like.

    Re: Herschel
    He’s in NYC tomorrow promoting his book.

    I wonder if he remembers running over Bill Bates.

    I heard a story years ago about someone asking Herschel were he was going to celebrate a big home win. His answer: “The Varsity!”

    Nekkid steak, coming up!

  63. ububba,

    I liked the Chicago that recorded songs like “I’m a Man” and “South California Purples.” “Color My World” was good for a grope on the dance floor, but that was about it. Once Kath died, Chicago lost its edge and turned smaltzy. Man! Those guitar solos of his were wicked! Death by Wah-Wah would have been a more fitting end.

  64. Remy,
    Decent riffage in “25 or 6 to 4” also.

    I’m going to see a DJ tonight who still occasionally plays “I’m a Man” in his club sets. You may not believe it, but it’s actually a dancefloor mover. Killer percussion on that one, too.

    Yeah, some of those Peter Cetera efforts were like cotton candy. Tunes like “If You Leave Me Now” should be relegated to elevators & doctor’s offices.

    I owned “Chicago’s Greatest Hits,” but I don’t think I ever played it again after discovering The Ramones.

  65. How could I forget “25 or 6 to 4”? Thanks for reminding me. And you’re right about the percussion in “I’m a Man”: It makes Chicago’s cover even better than the original by the Spencer Davis Group, whose version is pretty tough to beat.

  66. I’m watching ‘Bama’s A-Day game on CSS. Uhm, John Parker Wilson looks exactly the same – off-target when his feet are set, and throwing off the back foot a ton..

    I’m not sold on this new offense.

  67. McElroy, on the other hand, looks really impressive to me. So do the tight ends, Walker and Peek, and Roy Upchurch, who I’ve always liked.

    Jimmy Johns a playmaker on the other side at LB.

  68. It looks like my latest Huffington Post article was just linked on Fark. The article was about how it’s weird to root for a team that used to beat everybody and want them to beat everybody again, how I realize that rooting for my formerly elite team to be good again is inherently obnoxious, but even though I realize that I’d rather be obnoxious and have the Braves win than be tolerable and have the Braves lose.

    The Fark guys didn’t really like it, unfortunately.

  69. Turner Field is in such a nice part of town. LOL. Being in the stadium is the good part of town. And being outside the stadium is the bad part of town. Anyone agree?

  70. Tommy Hanson’s line tonight:
    5.0 IP, 3H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 Ks.

    I am not sure that the run was earned even though the box score says it was. Tell me how this run was “earned” (You should like this, Mac.).

    Pop up.
    Fly out.
    SB, Error (runner takes third on error).
    SB, runner on third scores on throw.

    How is that an earned run?

  71. I guess that’s the quality of minor league scoring…nevertheless, Tommy Hanson is doing VERY WELL!!!

  72. is this the day that Detroit gets out of their slump, here’s the line

    Min 0 2 0 0 0 3 4 0
    Det 0 0 0 0 0 4 1 5

    10-9 bottom 8

  73. The Tigers are not going to survive with this existing pitching.


  74. That should be unearned…playing the inning back, even with the stolen base, the runner should be at third to end the inning.

  75. Well, Hanson’s team finally helped him win one. Gorkys Hernandez and Travis Jones came up big with the bats.

    Hanson’s now 1-0 after allowing four hits and 2 walks in three games. 16.0 IP, 26 Ks. He was also the pitcher of the week in the Carolina League and the number one player on Baseball America’s Prospect Hot Sheet.

  76. I was watching the Twins-Tigers game, and the Twins’ centerfielder Gomez sucks. I’m just gonna say that. For a guy who has been to said to be “the fastest guy in major league baseball” and “3 steps faster than Jose Reyes in the 60,” I was expecting more.

  77. I’m pretty sure Carroll Rogers has some misinformation in her Tom Glavine article:

    “Glavine didn’t miss a major-league start until he was 37 in 2003 with the Mets because of a bone spur in his elbow.”

    Didn’t he miss some starts in 1992 with a broken rib? IIRC, it cost him a legitimate shot at getting that year’s Cy Young Award.

  78. Chuck James update:

    5.1 IP, 5 hits, 3 runs (1 earned), 3 BB, 3 Ks, 0 HRs

    86 pitches/51 strikes

    Not terrible. Hopefully he can get back on track, I have a feeling we’re going to need him.

  79. I just checked baseball-reference’s gamelogs. Glavine missed 2 starts in September 1992, though he did not go on the DL with the expanded roster.

  80. Stephen, I bet one reason for the Braves to trade Yates rather than the others is that Yates makes the most money with almost $1M. That extra $1M will come in handy if we make another mid-season trade.

    Of course, I would much rather to have Yates than Resop. Actually, Resop has become the Kali of old…

  81. braves14, I am sure Chucky will be fine. His return was poorly managed in my opinion. Where else can be a worse place for Chucky to make his first start when he was clearly not ready yet?

    Chucky will eventually deliver good innings being the team’s fifth starter. I actually think he is perfect for that role.

  82. Andruw delivered his first triple of the season before hitting his first homerun. That’s unbeliveable.

  83. It was fun watching the Dodgers and Pirates play. Lots of familiar faces there. Yates with the win, LaRoche had a pinch hit single, Andruw with a triple, run scored, and an RBI. Furcal went 0 for 4.

  84. It was also mentioned during the broadcast that LaRoche’s first two hits came in the same inning. That’s pretty nifty.

  85. All of you married folks know that spouses can ask some inconvenient questions.

    My wife sat to tune in a few non-Braves ballgames with me last weekend. After hearing me say, “Yeah, he used to be a Brave” a dozen times, she cried in exasperation, “Don’t they keep anybody anymore?”

    “Well, there’s Chipper and Smoltzie, of course.”
    “Ancient,” she said
    “And Frenchy and BMac…”
    “Who?” she asked. I explained about the young stars. “Anybody else that you KNOW will be there next year?”

    I stuttered a minute. “Um… Huddy, of course. Unless we suck and he accepts a trade. I don’t know about Glavine…”

    “Now you’re just messing with me,” she said. “I know Glavine left. You moaned for a week.”

    It wouldn’t do any good to go through a roster with a spouse that’s convinced she’s made her point. And that point is the Braves are a revolving door of players good enough to keep a big league job, but not good enough to win anymore. Does she have a point?

    “What do you mean Skip isn’t on TV anymore?”

  86. Kevin,

    My wife doesn’t like Baseball so I am spared that kind of conversation. The only Braves she’s liked was a) Javy because she thought he was cute and b) Marcus Giles because he was “the little one”.

    Stu, I may like Subway better than you (I mean, there are so many combinations of subs you can come up with!) but mainly because it’s a) a healthier than ballpark food while still substantive and b) a LOT cheaper.

    Sorry, I love Five Guys and Ben’s Chili Bowl (two of the best places for greasy food in the DC area) but if I ate at those two places everytime I went to the park, I’d add to the 15-20 pounds I keep hoping to lose.

  87. Alex,
    I love sandwiches. Love them. Probably my favorite food. And I like cheap. And I don’t have anything against healthy, although I tend to be a sucker for a good burger. Subway just isn’t any good compared to about 30 other sandwich options. At leat not according to my tastes. It doesn’t help that there’s a Subway across the street from my office, and my co-workers insist on eating there at least twice a week.

  88. @119 – very funny. I think I’ve had that conversation.

    After losing Keith Lockhart, there is just no one we can count on being on the Braves roster year after year.

  89. #123

    Also, very funny. Yeah, I had this incredible fear Bobby was going to turn Chris Woodward into “Keith Lockhart 2: Electric Boogaloo”, but thankfully, reasonable people got in the way and removed Woodward from the organization.

    Thankfully, my wife loves football. She especially loves college football(as stated many times, she’s a die hard Oregon Ducks and Pac 10 fan) so I am grateful for that. She also likes Basketball so she follows March Madness & supports my San Antonio Spurs obsession. It’s just Baseball that she rolls her eyes.

    Look, there are many women who hate sports altogether (I know…I’ve dated them) so I glad take what my wife’s willing to give, as long as I leave her alone during “Project Runway”, “Top Chef” and all those other chick-lit reality series.

    Stu – I think Quizno’s is probably a little better and may do that next time for sandwiches. Near my office in downtown DC, I have a plethora of sandwich options including Quizno’s, Cosi, High Noon, Pot Belly, Corner Bakery, Au Bon Pain and several other more localized options. It’s a bit overwhelming at times.

  90. Lockhart had incriminating photos of Bobby, and now he’s given them to Prado. Thats the only plausible explanation at this point.

  91. Actually has the flowchart of the “photos” been updated?
    They were with Orr, and then passed to Woodward.
    So the candidates for current possession are
    a) Resop
    b) Ohman
    c) Corky
    d) Jamie Kotsay, cos I don’t think Mark can hold onto anything

  92. And I don’t mind Prado as a bench player at all. Think he is underutilised. He can give Chipper a break more often, and as a PH against lefties.

    Hopefully his defensive woes were just first week jitters

  93. I heard Carlyle was back up in Atlanta. Is this true?

    I am guessing that would mean the Braves think Glavine will miss at least one start. Campillo going down, maybe.

  94. #126…Godot, Thorman was quickly removed as a suspect because when people thought of him trying to catch the photos being passed over to him, well, he swung and he missed.

    My vote is Chris Resop as current holder of Lockhart photos.

  95. Of course, Thorman was also removed as a suspect of the guy who may have injured the Flyers player in the testicles….that would require precise aim, too.

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