103 thoughts on “Saturday day game not on Fox thread: April 12, Braves at Nats”

  1. Andruw’s problems continue to baffle me. Out of shape or no, he’s better than this.

    Hopefully a day off for Chipper will be all he needs.

  2. Day game – does this mean we see Corky? If Chipper is out too, Smoltz might have to throw a shutout.

  3. the more and more i see ryan howard, the more i like him. he has to be the most likeable guy in the majors right now. someone say man crush?

  4. Parish re last thread:


    Could be — we called him (Salty) up on May 2 last year, and he was on a ML roster from then on. Had he made the team out of spring training, he would probably be a “Super Two” after ‘09. Very clever….

  5. Please not Prado and Corky both. Maybe Bobby gives Gotay or Pena a shot…maybe.

  6. Yahoo has the lineup today as:

    1. Johnson, 2. Escobar, 3. Jones, 4. Teixeira, 5. Francoeur, 6. McCann, 7. Diaz, 8. Kotsay and 9. Smoltz.

  7. Nice read, Stu.

    Now I’m awaiting the admission from Dix about how the SEC dominates golf, too. We do have the advantage of being warm weather schools.

  8. Or stoned.

    Is anyone here in Washington, or have a guess as to whether they’ll play today?

  9. whoa there jj3bagger, I know this is the internet and everything but let’s keep from making those kinds of leaps shall we. btw, everything I like about this organization is summed up in Wren’s comments.

  10. Cliff, I wouldn’t put too much stock in that boxscore that you linked to, Chris Woodward also had two hits that game, which I think equaled his total from last year. Lehigh Valley IronPigs!

  11. Kruger, they told him when he signed he had to stay clean, and he showed up “unprepared” to play. What else do you think that means ??? He was either high or drunk, one of the two. Why else would they have just cut him like that ??? I don’t really think it’s a big secret.

  12. Yeah, it doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what “unprepared to play” probably means. Speizio hasn’t earned the benefit of any doubt.

  13. I’m not saying it takes any huge leap of imagination as to why the Braves acted as they did. But the fact is we don’t know for sure because they chose not to say and good for them. Hopefully the guy can get his life back in order is all.

  14. As much as I hate rain delays, these pieces on Glavine and Justice Sports South is running are really interesting (Though are probably just reruns I’ve never seen before)

    Justice attributes more to Clarence Jones than I’ve ever heard any player attribute to a coach. I kind of miss those early 90s Braves coaches, Jones, Williams, Beachump…

  15. Anyway, we didn’t sign him to help him get his life together — we signed him because we thought he might be able to play. I mean that as a neutral statement, not a negative one.

    The brief episode with Spiezio doesn’t reassure me in any, say, “humanistic” way about the nature of our organization. If I found out that we took steps to help him above and beyond signing him to a low-risk deal with a zero-tolerance understanding, then I might could hold my nose high about the whole thing.

  16. I love Spotlight: Jeff Francoeur. You can see me in a red jacket to the viewer’s right of the grand slam ball. I wave an orange cap just as the ball lands a few steps away.

  17. Also, the HR Francoeur hits with Parkview that goes over the trees is the longest ball I’ve ever seen hit on TV.

  18. Ironically, when I saw Chipper grimacing in the dugout last night, my first thought was “here comes Spiezio”. Such are the perils of relying on alcoholics of the non-high-functioning variety….

  19. From the article.

    “We had an agreement with Scott,” Wren said. “There were three things we asked him to do: No. 1 is to continue his aftercare, which included testing, No. 2, that he attend AA [meetings] and No. 3 he would show up at the park every day ready to play. And yesterday he was not ready to play.”

    Wren declined further comment on why Spiezio was unprepared to play. Spiezio’s agent Barry Meister declined to comment on specifics on Saturday as well.

    “We appreciate the Braves being so sensitive,” Meister said. “[Scott] is going to go home and spend time with his kids and continue to work on his aftercare.” …

    “Dave Brundage, our AAA manager, was really saddened when I talked to him,” Wren said. “He thought Scott was making good progress on all fronts. He just needs more time.

    “He needs to be in an environment where he can get the care he needs. It’s more important for him to be in a stable environment rather than traveling.”

    Sounds like a relapse to me.

  20. Thanks…I’m trying to plan my day around the Braves game, and the later the start time, the less time I’ll have to spend with the in-laws after the game…

  21. Sansho1, I agree with your neutral comment on Spezio’s purpose in the organization. What makes me feel better about the organization was that they said just that, ‘he wasn’t ready to play.’

  22. That is the way that I envisioned the top of the order working this year!

  23. FRENCHY!

    Looks like this Lannan guy isn’t ready to play, either. At least not with the big boys.

  24. I’ve tried to post several times lately and they haven’t shown up, do I need to do something different?

  25. Re the earlier comments about Chipper being out of the lineup–after Smoltz called him out last year, you don’t think Chipper would miss a Smoltz start do you?

  26. Zimmerman hit a dribbler down 3B line. Smoltz threw the ball into RF when he had no chance to get the runner.

  27. Mets and Santana losing to the Brewers 5-2 going into the bottom of the seventh inning.

    Santana: 6.2IP, 5R, 4ER, 2BB, 7K

  28. Even better: the Mets’ fans heavily BOOED Santana when he was pulled in the sixth inning for Schoeneweis after giving up a 2-run homer to Gabe Kapler.

  29. Wow – booing their savior who makes them a shoe-in to win the division for the next 6 years.

    Gotta love Met fans.

  30. Simpson on McCann: “…watch him turn it on …”

    McCann’s a fine player but he’s not speedy.

  31. Kudos to Sciambi for naming every relevant Phillie in the 90s and forgetting about Abreu

  32. I swear I could write a novel on how MLB makes it difficult to be a fan most of the time. If somebody from MLB or Fox could explain to me, how I, living in New Mexico get the Yankees-Red Sox game instead of the Rockies-DBacks game, I really would like to hear it.

  33. Up 5 runs and manufacturing a run.

    Diaz may be the most pleasant surprise of the last few years.

    He leads by example and may be a good veteran to keep on a young team.

  34. I saw the Marlins hang a 7 spot on Bergmann Wednesday. Glad to see that Bergmann is pitching today instead of the Braves killer of the past couple of years.

  35. On the subject of suprIse, (which can’t possibly equal the fellow who was just surprised by Francouer’s bat flying through the air as he was between sips of beer!)
    Wow, as I e-speak he hits a rope to left field stands- and now McCann to right!)
    My surprises of the season can wait until later!

  36. OK, there’s our 10 runs.

    I’m guessing that MLB or Fox has some ratings info that says Yanks/Sawx draw better than games with the relative “locals.”

    But I agree, that’s goofy, especially when you consider that MLB should want to promote the area clubs. These 2 were the NL finalists in ’07, so you’re not going to get any better than that.

  37. they speculated day game after night game rest because of the big lead, but no official word

  38. Great game, Smoltz. Wow… Huddy and Smoltz are really up there with the best 1-2 punches in MLB.

  39. Nicee job by Bennett–nothing dazzling but just right for a 9 run lead and the bases loaded.

  40. ububba, I guess just really hate MLB’s stupid broadcast rules sometimes, I purchased the Extra Innings package and you would think I would be able to watch my favorite team (since the game is not even on Fox), or at least one of the two teams that are nearest to me, but call me crazy.

  41. jj3bag,
    I bought MLB EI, too, and, thus, I’m listening to WGST on mlb.com today.

    I hear you. He’s not a great defensive 3B.

  42. avery, i think bobby’s style of bullpen management is that rather than completely use up one reliever to finish a game like this (Campillo, anyone?) he would rather use a bunch of guys for one inning so he still has everyone available tomorrow. unfortunately that means a few of them have to pitch multiple days in a row unnecessarily. lets just say i dont agree, either.

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