203 thoughts on “Bored of this road trip already game thread: Braves at Rockies, April 9”

  1. Not queasy enough to miss out on making fun of Mets fans’ testicles.

    Check out #36 and 37 in the last thread…I love this blog.

  2. Met talk at an all-time low today. Two reasons:

    1) Pelfrey on the mound tonight, a most-feared situation by Shea types. An 0-10 streak vs. Pha is a genuine possibility. They don’t wanna discuss that.

    2) Devils-Rangers, the PATH playoff, kicks off tonight.

    Let’s go, Devils.

  3. Cliff at #91 from the last thread:

    The day the Braves waste money on a sports psychologist for a mediocre talent like Thorman, is the day pigs fly.

    Smoltz has Hall of Fame talent. He’s worth the head shrink fees.

  4. #3

    ububba…well thank goodness, they always have the Knicks! Oh wait, on 2nd thought…they at least have the Giants!

  5. Met fans are avoiding the very subject of their team today. Going 0-3 vs Atl & Pha, even this early, does a number on their heads.

    A couple more losses to the Phils & Willie Randolph will be officially less popular than Elliot Spitzer around here.

  6. I love that Torre’s benching him to help clear his head. Seemed like Bobby never gave him a day off, just kept penciling in his .200 batting average every single day, most times in the cleanup spot.

  7. ububba,

    Wait, are you saying that a Governor of NY who throws every guy who’s ever visited a Prostitute in jail, and then it turns out was doing that himself, is unpopular?

    I am shocked.

    Torre benching Andruw.

    My already high opinion of Joe Torre has further increased.

  8. Alex,
    Spitzer’s unpopular for a lot more than that.

    As for me, I liked Spitzer ever since he, as NY Attorney General, got me full refunds from the Yankees for post-season tickets.

    In ’02, the Yanks got bounced in the ALDS by the Angels & they had tried to pull a Ticketmaster-type ripoff by not refunding the “service charges” on 9 unplayed games. For me & my pals, it added up to about $175.

    On that issue, Spitzer stuck up for the fans & I thought it was supercool that he did.

  9. I hope they get this mug in. No way in hell we need to play a doubleheader on getaway day given our already overtaxed bullpen.

  10. Yo ububba,

    We gotta catch another game at Shea this summer, man. I graduate mid-May, so I’ll be definitely looking to see a few games out there.

  11. “Torre dismissed Jones’ weight as a factor in his struggles at the plate, which seem more a matter of him pulling off pitches with a power mentality instead of staying on pitches and going up the middle.”

    wow, pulling off pitches? why does that sound familiar?

  12. Rob,
    I’m down. I have tix for April 25 already.

    Here are the ATL @ NYM dates:
    April 25-27
    August 19-21
    Sept 12-14

    Lemme know what you’re into.

    FWIW, I also try to catch at least one game in Philly each year. It’s a pretty easy trip actually.

  13. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but what roster move did the Braves make to bring up Chuckie?

  14. By David O’Brien

    April 9, 2008 6:56 PM | Link to this

    JimD, they don’t have to activate Chuck until they exchange lineups, so they’re waiting to make the move to make sure we’re actually gonna play.

    Forecast a little better now for tonight, in that the bad stuff might not arrive until a little later. But we’ll see.

    Bobby just told me there were several options for the move.

    I guess we can rule out a trade, though, because they wouldn’t be having another team wait to see if we play tonight. At least I don’t think they would.

  15. No word yet. DOB says the Braves are waiting to make sure this game isn’t going to get postponed to maybe buy extra time.

  16. DOB says the Braves are waiting to make sure this game isn’t going to get postponed to maybe buy extra time.

    Because our roster is just so jam packed with talent you see…

  17. Damion Easley grounds out with the bases loaded and the Mets settle for one in the first. Man, it seems like Easley has been playing forever.

  18. Damion Easley was the answer to last night’s Aflac trivia question, which was “What active player holds the record for most games played without ever playing in the postseason?” 1,595 games.

  19. The Phillies give the Mets the gift of 6 walks in the first two innings and they can’t get a hit.

  20. Brad,
    That ball came nowhere NEAR Escobar – really bad call by Angel Hernandez (to no suprise – he hates the Braves)

  21. Thanks, everyone. I’m here in Chico, California, listening to the Rockies broadcast.

  22. The Colorado announcers on the FSN broadcast treat the Braves with a lot of respect. It’s one thing to be a “homer,” but these guys do a great job of treating the opposing team fairly. And they are knowledgeable. Being from Ohio, I am at times subjected to Jeff Brantley on FSN Ohio and he is giant toolbox.

  23. I have this medical condition where I can’t physically watch Chuck James pitch.

  24. I wasn’t really watching, but on the replay, you’re right. Terrible call. I was more questioning why you’d bunt in the first inning with no one on base against Mark Redman.

  25. #42 – probably Acosta, because he was the closer in Richmond. My choice would be Moylan.

  26. Doesn’t Chuck James make you want to be “that guy” who is always like…”I could hit that.”

  27. why doesnt Chuck look good?? he’s gotten ahead of every hitter. That was 90mph there

  28. Willy Taveras hit one to the warning track, the hit Tulowitzki, and Helton got his customary hit against us. Not great. Looked good against Holliday, though.

  29. Taveras at any other field is a routine fly ball, not a warning track shot. Dont care about one pitch to Tulo., Helton is a great hitter and it hit Tex’s glove. Should’ve caught it. Chuck has problems when he gets behind, okay so far

  30. Here we go. Nice hit Brian.

    With Redman it may even be more than the customary early 1-0 lead.

  31. #59 – that still goes through my head every time he strikes someone out. LOL.

  32. Remember that movie “Rookie of the Year”? Now that he got hit, I bet he turns into Smoltz

  33. That call on the bunt is just terrible. It’s not often you see an umpire just make something up.

  34. Why would you squeeze against one of the worst pitchers in baseball with a statue at third base?

  35. What have they done to the *real* Mark Redman? This guy is obviously an alien posing as MR.

  36. Why in the world was the infield playing in there? You don’t think you can score 3 against Redman in this park?

  37. #90 – my thoughts exactly. If Yunel is playing back he catches that hit and the runner doesnt score

  38. …I like how Bobby is just leaving Chuck out there. No need to polish the brass on the Titanic.

  39. Interesting article about Shafer on ajc.com. They say they can’t comment, but are inferring something’s rotten in MS. His dad claimed he was willing to submit blood test, hair samples, anything they wanted to prove his innocence. Sounds like they found something that tied him to HGH. His high-powered agent is working on it.

  40. Good news! The Braves will roll over now and they’ll lose (to Mark Redman!) by a margin bigger than one run.

  41. and so like I asked him like do you even know where Colorado St. is like? I mean seriously.

  42. well Chuck sucks tonight, but why not walk Torrealba and get Redman up there to hit. It seems like our positioning and our game management sucks also

  43. Pretty sad how we’re playing against Mark Redman and a 6-1 deficit in the 4th seems insurmountable.

  44. Well you’d think a major league pitcher could get Yorvit Torreabla out. But you’d be wrong.

  45. 6 runs on 3 hits.

    I agree that our in game management all around seems to be lacking early in the season. I realize they are the professionals and all, but too many things just don’t make a lot of sense.

  46. @102, I read on espn.com that Schafer didn’t test positive for HGH, but was suspended based on anecdotal evidence.

  47. Stu unfortunately we’ll make it close now and then once again end up losing by 1 run….

  48. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3336898

    Schafer’s father told ESPN.com’s Mike Fish that his son did not fail a drug test and did not purchase HGH from an online pharmacy or supplier.

    “At this point he would love to comment, but under counsel’s advice he can’t,” David Schafer told ESPN.com. “He says he loves the Braves. He wants to play his entire career with the Braves. He loves the city and the fans of Atlanta. It hurts him that he can’t make a comment, but under advice he just can’t make a comment right now.”

  49. Welcome, Jeff Bennett. You suck too. Tex must feel like he’s back in Texas with these pitchers.

  50. Can the Braves never beat a struggling team?

    The 0-7 Tigers need a series against the Braves.

  51. Maybe it is a blessing for Chucky to give up so many runs. Time to stop blaming the relievers for all the one-run loses. It’s time for the offense to wake up. If the offense has scored more runs (like more than four runs in two games at Coors), there would not be any of those one-run loses. It’s time for the offense to wake up or shut up.

  52. I think we may have a new curse besides the closer curse…it’s the Boras client contract year curse…wait, that didn’t apply to Drew…nevermind…

  53. “The Tigers would sweep the crap out of this team. We’re pitiful.”

    The way it usually goes is the Braves lose two of three to struggling/crappy team.

    Afterwards, Bobby Cox is quoted as saying: “they’re a really good team who have just been unlucky. It’s a shame they got hot against us.”

    (Then said struggling/bad team procedes to get swept by next opponent.)

  54. Can we ask all of our opponents to start wearing Mets’ uniform? Maybe that will help…

  55. From the ajc:

    Keep this in mind…these are the starters in the games that the Braves have lost (this is a loss tonight) – Odalis Perez, Ian Snell, Zach Duke, Aaron Cook, Ubaldo Jiminez, and Mark Redman.

  56. Brad, I think Redman’s performance tonight speaks more about the current status of our offense more than Chucky’s talent. Chucky starting at Coors has never been a great idea to begin with…

  57. That’s not bad news, Trent. Only matters if we have a lead in the 9th, which we have forgotten how to do.

  58. is this the same mark redman we had last year? why does he suddenly decide to not give up 7-8 runs in the first inning…

  59. We lead the league in runs because the team scored 32 runs in three games while scoring 12 runs for the other five games…actually, this sort of explains the team’s 3-5 record…

  60. I have been wondering why Bobby wouldn’t consider starting Bennett at Coors while letting Chucky to spend just a little bit more time in the minor to recover…as Chucky is a flyball pitcher while Bennett is a groundball pitcher…I just think it’s common sense…

  61. “I just think it’s common sense…”

    Well there’s your answer. Bobby doesn’t use common sense.

  62. The Rocks figured they would rub it in our faces that Mark Redman owned us by trotting out another Braves cast off to kill the rally. It is still a forgone conclusion we have to put 3 more on the board though, right? I really think if Tex can get it going we’re going to be all right. Chipper batting over .400 with Tex not being able to pick him up but a handful of times is not how the rest of the season should play out.

  63. I tried to tell you guys this was an average team at best. We will be around .500 when all is said and done. No where near challenging for the division and probably not the wild card.

    As I’ve said, way too many holes. Stats don’t win games. This board is infatuated with the sabermetrics of the Braves, but this team is just average when taken altogether.

  64. and we don’t see Helton and Holliday again until September, and hopefully by then Chris Resop will not be on the team.

  65. I guess the team is trying to avoid another one-run lose. If they don’t come back to tie this game, then there will be no chance for another one-run game.

  66. Mark Redman, Micah Bowie…Is Marvin Freeman closing? probably wouldnt even matter at this point

  67. Resop is our new Yates…the real Yates, as we have expected, is actually becoming a decent reliever…

  68. Resop is proof why you should never make real roster decisions based on spring training. The Braves dumped Yates and kept Resop based on spring training. How’s that working out now?

    Don’t the Braves have anyone in the minors who can pitch better than Resop? It’s about time he goes.

  69. I have been reading lots of “lined out” on Frenchy’s at-bats…are they really being hit hard?

  70. Yes. I vote to change it to “Resop delenda est” until Resop is inevitably designated for assignment.

  71. See, it would have been another one-run lost if not because of Resop. We have to thank him for that.

  72. I’m jealous. Wish we could win a game. Maybe Clint Hurdle will call off the dogs and play the backups tomorrow.

  73. “Somebody’s gotta light a fire under these guys. There’s no excuses for playing this bad.”
    -Ron Gant

  74. “Well, we played maybe our best game of the year, actually.”
    -Bobby Cox (no kidding)

  75. Losing to Redman…I think I am going to be sick.

    And the Jordan Schafer thing is really weird.

  76. Hey. Are the Braves snowed out tomorrow? I heard they would likely be.

    It might not be a bad thing.

  77. Chuck James must return to Richmond immediately. Chris Resop should be on the same plane with him.

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