215 thoughts on “Desperately important game thread: Mets at Braves, April 5”

  1. Looks like it might start late, but they should get it in at some point. Which sucks for me — I’ve got two tickets, but evening plans I can’t break. So two of those 25000 empty seats will be me….

  2. You guys should ALL be jealous of me because I got my reward in the mail today for winning BP’s Hacking Mass thingie… a framed, signed picture of Bud Selig.

    It’s on my wall right now.

  3. From the <a href=”http://www.ajc.com/sports/content/sports/braves/stories/2008/04/04/hampton_0405.html”AJC, regarding Hampton.

    The Braves say they still recoup a percentage of his salary from insurance while he’s on the DL. They refuse to divulge that percentage.

    This reminds me of the classic Simpson’s line, “Zero is a percent.”

  4. That’s great, josh! Congratulations. I thought the Selig picture was a joke. I shall look forward to having my own copy, as I signed up last night for the first time:

    Jason Kendall
    Richie Sexson
    Luis Castillo
    Jorge Cantu
    Cristian Guzman
    Shannon Stewart
    Mark Kotsay (had to do it)
    Brad Wilkerson
    Jason Jennings
    Vicente Padilla

    Who’s your ’08 roster?

  5. Haha, I’m filling out my ’08 roster right now. So far all I have is :

    Jose Lopez
    Little Tony Pena

    I’ve been debating Amezaga vs. Jose Castillo for way too long though.

  6. Ok so I’ve at least temporarily decided upon a lineup of

    Jose Lopez
    Tony Pena
    Dave Roberts
    Kotsay (sigh)
    Norris Hopper
    Jason Jennings
    Steve Trachsel

    But odds are I’m gonna spaz out and change at least 2 of these guys before the deadline.

  7. supposedly the outfield has an underground watering system which can run the pumps backwards to provide accelerated draining. I doubt if they will have much delay at all (at least that’s my hope). Two of the seats occupied will be me and my wife ;-)

  8. So is KJ hurt and I missed it or something? Or is Prado taking on the role of “unnecessary platoon man Version 2008”?

  9. KJ’s hurt. Knee.

    Also, there is an article on Hanson’s performance from last night over at MiLB’s web site.

  10. This is my first listen with Gameday Audio, and I was just curious if Skip ever gets a chance to talk.

    Pete is a machine. He’s a great announcer, but at the same time he’s his own broadcast partner.

    I heard Skip on the pregame but that’s about it so far…

  11. Joe Buck informs us (twice) that the Braves signed Kotsay to a one-year contract this past offseason. According to Tim McCarver, this was done to replace Andre Jones.

  12. Thanks, Mac. When he does speak, you can really hear it in his voice. I just wasn’t sure what the radio broadcasts were usually like. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be anywhere else in the world though.

  13. what is up with that lady’s teeth behind home plate? it looks like she’s about to take a bite out of the batter. very disturbing.

  14. AAR—

    I think that my team proves that Sabean has been mixing up his HACKINGMASS and Giants lineups for the past few years.

  15. Looks like Chipper should have had Delgado out at third there, but was on the wrong side of the bag.

  16. Well that was unfortunate.

    What’s that, one run on 3 ground balls? Still, it looks like Tim’s got it tonight, so I’m optimistic about our chances.

  17. I’m actually glad Chipper didn’t reach across teh runner to snag that throw from Kotsay. I’ll give up that run to keep Chipper from getting run over by a moose like Delgado.

  18. So Pete just said that Smoltz will pitch tomorrow. So is Glavine pitching on Monday then, I’m assuming ?

  19. Prado earned his delenda stripes less than a week into the season. Does this beat the record previously held by Langerhans?

  20. Even though he hasn’t done a lot yet, am I the only one thinking that Kotsay won’t be god awful? Just merely “sort of average”?

  21. “Sort of average” … quite the relief, because I always see Raul Mondesi potential with veteran injury reclamation projects in the outfield.

  22. I said we needed KJ back, and three seconds later Prado didn’t turn the double play. KJ—get better!

  23. It’s a safe assumption … as safe as assuming Resop will let runners on base in every appearance.

  24. I just realized Xavier Nady has gotten more points for my fantasy team the Teixeira. hmmmmmm

    Isn’t he a free agent after this year?

  25. JB, take a look at Nady’s splits over the last couple years. He always seems to start hot, but he turns back into Xavier Nady by the end of May or so.

  26. The announcers never fail me: whenever Hudson is pitching, once he’s at the plate someone mentions what a good college hitter he was. Good times.

  27. You know what would be great?

    If Deion Sanders walked and doused Tim McCarver and then announces his return to baseball…again.

  28. This is weird. I’m used to few, big hits from the Braves; this year, we’ve been hitting a lot of singles.

  29. Heh. Not complaining about the two-hits-and-a-walk-per-inning pace, but it’d be nice to see a double at some point. :-)

    So far, Maine’s got a really weird line:

    4 IP 4 ER 8 H 3BB 5K

    Hudson’s looked good, but I doubt he’ll go more than 6, and if next inning is a long one, he may not even do that.

  30. Um … it’s a horrendous call, but memo to the umpires … baseball doesn’t have instant replay!

  31. Reversing this call is ridiculous I say. Calls are fucked all the time, we can’t start this pseudo-instand replay bull shit.

  32. If Andruw were still here, he would have gotten that, and there would be no issues. Just saying.

  33. There’s only two fair solutions:

    1) Don’t count the play.
    2) Count the hit, but the Mets have two outs and the bases loaded.

    Anything else is a sham.

  34. If the umps blow one to the disadvantage of the braves later this game and don’t reverse it, Cox will go ape sh!t.

  35. Well…. I guess the score and situation is now what it should be had the call been made correctly and assuming the same Castillo and Wright outcomes?

    /glass half full

  36. They should have called no play. There’s no rule that says that they can do that, but that situation was screwed up from the beginning. And Pagan definitely would have passed him no matter what.

  37. the initial call was wrong but the reversal screws huddy and the braves b/c the delay and warming back up add to his pitch count

  38. Sorry if that comment seemed a little out of place, I was pausing and rewinding the TIVO there. I think they should have reversed the call but called Pagan out. Bases loaded, 2 outs, no runs across. Braves got jobbed there no doubt.

  39. And at least one of those “earned” runs happened because Prado couldn’t turn a double play.

  40. Good point, Mac. I’m a little disappointed in Prado this week. I miss KJ. I would be glad to see switchin Gotay in there even if he’s as bad against lefties as they say.

  41. well, it’s not like Kotsay was followed by a guy that KILLS the mets there, what? oh never mind.

  42. Nice one, Kotsay!

    That said, I’ve never really liked that play where the runner gets thrown out trying to advance on a throw to the plate. It seems like a lot of the time, you’re sacrificing an out unnecessarily. I mean, if it’s going to be close, then maybe wait until the throw gets back to the catcher. On a close play, you’ve got to figure that the catcher won’t be able to turn around and gun it to 2B after either surviving a collision or diving after a runner to make the tag.

    It seems like you’re saying, “He guys! Don’t get the runner at the plate, I’m a MUCH easier out. Cut off the throw and get me!” But why do that if your guy’s already got a good shot? Maybe in a tie game or if you’re down by 1 or something. But if it’s not game-deciding, screw it! Keep the inning going a little longer….

  43. mraver,
    I didn’t like that play either (or the one Prado just had).

    He just assumed a play at the play but inning killers like those don’t do it for me.

  44. Santana pitches for a New York team now, so he’s automatically the best pitcher in the history of baseball.

  45. By the way, did y’all hear that Leo Mazzone has been hired as an analyst for Fox? Weird.

  46. Diaz and any Brave should know not to come out swinging at Jorge Sosa’s masterwork, because he carries his own shovel for self-burial.

  47. Mazzone is supposed to be a rather personable guy, so I’m not really surprised that someone wanted to give him a shot as a talking head.

  48. Oh, and is anyone surprised that Fox found a way to talk about the Yankees for an entire inning during a Braves/Mets boradcast?

  49. Can you see the major flaw in Pythagorean? Three one run losses and two blowout wins.

  50. Seems like this would have been a good time to let Jo-Jo allow our pen some rest. If you’re not gonna use him, why call him up? Shades of Devine last year when our pen deperately needed some rest.

    Or was Soriano already warmed up?

  51. If we has already warmed up, he shouldn’t have been…we started last inning up by 4.

  52. “It’s flawed over 5 games, but over 162 it works well enough.”

    Tell that to the Diamondbacks just last season. They gave up more runs than they scored, and Pythagorean says they should have been 79-83, but they were actually 90-72.

  53. “Seriously, whoever loses this game should just start trading away everything and hope for a good draft to maybe compete in 2012.”

    Prado, Pena and a Frank Wren autograph for Santana?

  54. Oh, I love to beat the Mets.

    You play the games to win right now. We’re 1-3 coming into this one. Not gonna send out Jo-Jo into a 4-run game. Not me, sorry.

  55. Still had Acosta, Ohman, and (gulp) Resop…wasn’t a terrible move, just didn’t like it.

  56. With a four-run lead I would have probably brought Soriano in, too.

    I am not so sure about this “he was already warmed up, so we had to use him” philosophy. We know that Soriano threw at least 17 more live game pitches than he would have if he sat down after Francoeur’s double. That is meaningful, isn’t it?

    I mean, we would be more likely to bring a reliever back the next day if he only threw 17 pitches in the previous game as opposed to 34, no matter what he did in warming up. The rest of not coming into the game is worth something, right?

  57. and keep in mind that we made a 6-run game halfway through that inning–he could have shut it down then, and he might have only thrown a few warmup pitches.

  58. Can we win a game without ruminating over ways we could’ve somehow lost it?

    A Reminder: We just stomped the Mets’ guts out. Soriano went 1-2-3. It’s over. Enjoy it.

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