63 thoughts on “Absolutely vital game thread: Mets at Braves, April 4”

  1. That only applies if the Mets win, Mac, although oddly a lot of the usual suspects in sports infotainment have picked the Braves to win this year.

  2. hopefully we’ll get the game in

    Maybe Detroit should start a fire sale. White Sox up 8-5 in the bottom of 9th

  3. Weather.com doesn’t make it seem like Atlanta will be a good place for baseball this evening.

    I’ve been wronged by weather.com before, but they are saying hail, tornadoes, etc…

  4. Mark Redman is starting today for your NL Champion Rockies. And from the 1st inning results, he hasnt lost the touch.

  5. What do the Pirates’ players know that the Braves apparently don’t?

    In the 10th, Morgan led off with a walk against Chris Resop (0-1) and was sacrificed to second. Jason Bay walked, and Morgan alertly went to third when ball four got away from Miller.

    “I was anticipating anything in the dirt,” Morgan said. “Resop was throwing a bunch of curveballs and spiking them. I figured Corky Miller isn’t that great of a defensive catcher back there, and I took advantage of it.”


  6. I wonder if the Rockies fans have already started booing him. They really should start practicing:

    1IP 2H 3ER 2BB 1K

    I guess it is an improvement for him though since they didn’t have to come out and get him before the end of the 1st inning.

  7. @2–you hope the braves get the game in, but the 8 guys in the pen are probably hoping for a rainout

    and since rain delays can knock out a starter early, this might be one that the team is better off having rained out

  8. Is the weather forecast some sort of message from Mother Nature about the Mets?

  9. Wait, if Miller isn’t that good of a defensive catcher, and he’s not that great of a hitter….

    Am I missing something?

  10. Logic? Stay with me on this one…
    Let’s put Resop in to pitch, then put him in leftfield, then….let me finish…we’ll bring him back to pitch to Xavier Nady…

  11. I think we should root for Redman today–it makes it more likely the Braves will face him in Colorado next week. It’ll be just our luck that he sucks today, gets DFA’d, and the Rockies bring up some no-name from rookie ball who proceeds to one-hit the Braves at Coors.

  12. I still like the fact Bobby actually did something unpredictable. You can read this board during a game and see just how predictable he is. I’m pretty sure I heard ESPN say that is the first time a team had pulled that in 15 years. I don’t know if it mattered who was in there the way “Burn in Hell” Nady is starting off the season.

    Great point Frank. It would be some sweet payback time to tee off on him.

  13. So can anyone confirm if Chuck is coming up to make Hampton’s next start or is Jo-Jo going to make it since they brought him up? Seems like we have one too many guys to pull that off, especially with Smoltz coming off the DL to start Sunday.

  14. The way that Jo-Jo pitched this spring, if he gets in there instead of Chuck, someone should make sure Chuck doesn’t try jumping off the roof again.

  15. I’d almost rather Joseph get the start, on the principle that either one would probably get killed in Coors and I’d rather it was him.

  16. It’s James. It seems the Braves are bringing Reyes up to stick in the bullpen between now and Sunday, then send him back to AAA when Smoltz comes off the DL. Somebody (Resop!) has to go though.

    Last night was predictable, in that everyone except Cox knew Resop was going to give up a walk or hit to Nady. Lefty-Righty matchup be damned, I honestly wanted and would have let Ring face Nady.

  17. Chuck made an early season start in Colorado last year:

    4/27 5.1IP (Could never have guessed that!) 6H 4ER 1HR 4K

    Braves won 9-7. Either way, the offense would have to be clicking.

  18. I don’t know if it mattered who was in there the way “Burn in Hell” Nady is starting off the season.

    It was just a slider down and away that he rolled through the middle. It was a good pitch, the tactic really should have worked. It’s not like he put one in the seats again.

  19. The problem is that he didn’t have to put it in the seats to beat us. Like I said before, I actually liked the move.

  20. Miller only has 8%? Our defensive, no-bat backup catcher allows two passed balls and only 8%?

  21. As bad as he is, Corky did have an RBI single to tie the game last night. I’m not sure he can be the #1 responsible guy for the loss. I gotta go w/ Resop – he did nothing productive and spoiled some creative managing.

  22. Oh, and if there’s no recap tonight, that means my internet is still out and I’ll get to it eventually. I already have a game thread ready to go tomorrow, and quite likely what you’d get would be a dual recap at some point.

  23. I’m not going to the game I guess due to everyone’s warnings about the weather. It will suck when I try to go tomorrow and it will rain out and tonight will be just fine.

  24. I know it’s old news already but I really think it’s kinda amazing that Hampton is out because of chest injury. I mean, seriously. This is unbelievable. Though one should have expected something like it, I cannot believe it. Hampton must be the unhappiest person in the world right now.
    I really do feel for him. I really do.

  25. “No rain! No rain!”

    But, yeah, that part’s great too. That and the warning about the bad acid going around.

  26. if they get what we had in Birmingham, then they should get the game in. Probably have an hour or two of a rain delay, but it seems that the system moved through pretty quickly and there’s about a 2-3 gap in between the next front. Since Im not a weather person expect no rain or rain all night

  27. Hey all, Mac called me to post to everyone that “his cable’s out, Comcast is the devil and he may not be able to watch the game or post on it until tomorrow”.

    As for me, I’m in a taxi in Chicago so thank goodness for a Blackberry – GO Braves – we need a win, badly.

  28. Yes, but I don’t have the option of standing on my wallet when I need something out of my reach.

  29. Skip was going to do tonight’s game on TV — instead, he announced the rainout for a grand total of about 30 seconds of airtime. Not really worth leaving the house for….

  30. Sorry if posted:

    Rickroll the Mets

    A campaign to make “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley the Mets’ 8th inning sing along. Hard to say exactly why it would be funny, but I’m about certain it would.

    Sorry about that, seemed apropos. Here’s the real link.

  31. Man, never been to a game that gets canceled. Pretty lame if you ask me. Ate at the Chop House while it was raining, though. That was pretty good stuff.

  32. Hanson was great at Rome in 2007 but his numbers at the Beach were unimpressive–but I have always believed that it was a case of fatigue, as it was his first full minor league season.

    Last night’s numbers give hints at what might be ahead.

    I can certainly see him in Mississippi in June…

  33. So what does this do to the match-ups? I have to assume the Santana and Smoltz match-up isn’t going to change, but I thought I read Maine was going to go today. Do we still send Glavine out or is Huddy going out there? I didn’t hear anything about how much warming up was done for the game (weather was pretty bad for quite a while, wasn’t sure if they got warm-ups in at all).

  34. Guess I should’ve read around more this morning before posting. metsblog says The Mutts are just pulling Pelfrey from their rotation this round and we’re just pushing our starters back. So Maine vs Hudson then Santana vs Glavine.

  35. “The Braves plan to activate James from the DL to start Wednesday at Colorado in what would have been Hampton’s next rotation turn.”

    Uh-oh, the last place I wanna see James pitch.

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