Chuck James will never make it as a LOOGY

As has been well documented, Chuck throws mostly fastballs and some changeups, while his slider is no good. Most LOOGYs throw breaking balls, lots of them. Here are pitch breakdowns for some of the more successful LOOGYs of 2007. (Pitch breakdowns from Bill James Online. Other stats from Baseball Reference.) Jamie Walker, Baltimore: Tied for … Continue reading “Chuck James will never make it as a LOOGY”

Annual absurd predictions

Normally I would have an “all predictions guaranteed” joke here, but I don’t have one this year. Sorry. NL EAST Atlanta Philadelphia (WC) NY Mets Washington Florida NL CENTRAL Chi Cubs St. Louis Milwaukee Pittsburgh Cincinnati Houston NL WEST Arizona Colorado San Diego LA Dodgers San Francisco NLCS Braves over DBacks MVP Mark Teixeira Cy … Continue reading “Annual absurd predictions”