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ADDENDUM: If anyone has a particular WordPress theme they like, I’ll look into installing it. Widget-ready themes are preferred, because I don’t want to take time to customize too much. In particular, the other themes (besides Connections) don’t have ads, and I don’t want to have to install them. I don’t make much from those, but I can get my costs back.

28 thoughts on “If you don’t like the new look…”

  1. Braves vs. rich, ex Braves today. Fun.

    Andruw did say he was disappointed that he couldn’t start eating just yet at In N Out Burger until the Dodgers get back to L.A. Furcal said he’d bring the beer.

  2. Looks like Andruw showed for camp fat again, evidently Joe Torre was surprised. Don’t worry he’ll lose it as the season progresses he claims. Has anyone actually witnessed this phenomena?

  3. I got my Baseball Prospectus 2008 All in all, BP isn’t all that impressed by what Wren did this winter. It thinks the Braves rotation is still not strong and that Glavine is on his last legs, but thinks the Braves have a shot if everything goes right. Interestingly, it talks about the Millwood and Drew trades as short-term moves in which JS squandered opportunities to restock the system with pitching talent. BP argues that the Braves’ main problem in recent years has been their inability to produce pitchers. Can’t really argue with that. Also, BP is not very high on Yunel Escobar. Positives: (1) says the only question about Chipper’s HOF candidacy is whether it will be first ballot; (2) wonders why anyone is even questioning whether Smoltz is an HOFer; (3) very high on Francoeur, thinks he could have a break out year; (4) likes Kelly Johnson; (5) likes several of the young pitchers in the minors.

  4. @10, Cary, I think the thing that concerns most statistically-oriented analysts is Glavine’s declining strikeout rate. I think the Braves are a bit better than BP thinks but I still wish the Braves had been able to go after one of the top pitchers. This so-called depth could be illusory if Hampton is not available, as most expect, and the young pitchers struggle. Certainly, the back-end guys look better than last year, but you never know. It’s a pretty good team but that rotation depends on a lot of things going right. ON the other hand, I don’t see the Mets or Phillies as the juggernauts that others seem to think they are.

    By the way, whatever happened to that payroll increase we were supposed to see and those “millions of dollars” available to spend on players?

  5. Well, millions were spent. Plural millions were spent on Infante, Ohman, and Kotsay.

    Not exactly what we were expecting, huh?

  6. We got all of them in trades. Doesn’t “spend millions of dollars” imply that the Braves would be able to import free agents?

  7. I like the older look as well. I wanted to see all of them, but as Mac warned, when you go to one, that’s it. However, if you go through your cookies (I’m using FireFox 3 Beta 3 and it’s pretty simple), you just need to find the cookie that says “theme” in its syntax, and then delete it. When you reload Braves Journal, it will go to the default (current) theme. The other ones looked too generic, so I kept with the older one.

  8. Sounds about right from what I’ve read at BP’s website, Marc.

    I think their lack of faith in Escobar is mis-placed. So far he’s had one bad year in pro ball and one good year. Note that the bad year was with a coach he didn’t get along with and was his first full year in the US and I think it’s at least plausible that 06 was the outlier rather than 07. Given that and how unapologetically high the Braves are on him and I think there’s at least an even shot he turns in an above-average campaign.

    I tend to agree that Glavine isn’t close to a sure thing for 200 IP of average ball and that moving Drew was a “win now” move. The Braves made the playoffs that year and would almost certainly not have without Drew. Wainwright was the cost and useful as he’d have been, there are plenty of examples where we got a star and lose nothing. Long story short, I still like that deal.

    I figure the Braves have a 30% shot at the playoffs this year, with most of that being in the division. And hey, watching young guys (Escobar, Johnson, McCann, Frenchy, and the pitchers) can be quite exciting. The year is full of hope. :-)

  9. mraver@18,

    I agree with you about Drew. It’s easy to look back and condemn trades after the fact, eg. Smoltz for Alexander, without considering the alternatives. You could argue, I think, that JS became somewhat obsessed about keeping the division streak going and made some short-sighted deals; on the other hand, you can’t win the World Series if you don’t get to the playoffs. And if the Braves had won the World Series in 2004 (or, more likely, gotten there and lost), everyone would have been happy with the trade. Wainwright would certainly be useful now, but it’s not as if the Braves traded the next Tom Seaver (notice I didn’t say Roger Clemens).

  10. Mac,

    I would love to see the old look back, but if picking a “new” theme, the old Braves 70’s baby blue would be a good background choice.

  11. #15………….horner looks so natural with a beer in his hand, i’m surprised he didnt get tons of commercials.

  12. Just subscribed to MLB.tv for the year. My first time subscribing to it, though I was quite tempted to last year.

    Braves just lost in bottom of the 9th.

  13. Anyway, anyone here ever subscribe to MLB.tv before?

    Feedback? How is it?

    Seems like it’s a pretty cool service for a baseball fanatic. I’m lookin forward to checkin it out this year. I got the premium package, so we’ll see how it goes. Apparently they’re debuting the new software on 3/31?

    Feedback, please.

  14. I had the premium package for September last year and was very pleased with it – I have signed up for the year this go-round. There is a fair difference in the clarity of the two packages,making the premium package well worth the additional $30.

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