Royce Ring

More than just a LOOGY, from his minor league statistics and brief major league work. The White Sox took Ring, a San Diego State reliever, in the first round of the 2002 draft, the 18th pick overall. (23rd: Francoeur. 24th: Joe Blanton. 25th: Matt Cain. Oops!) I’ll admit that I have no idea what the White Sox were doing, as they kept him in the pen but assigned him to high-A ball, where he pitched well. He was in AA Birmingham in 2003, and again pitched well, when he was traded to the Mets at the deadline as part of the package for Roberto Alomar. (Oops!)

He continued to pitch well in the minors, and earned a callup in 2005, but battled control problems and didn’t pitch well. He spent 2006 doing well in Norfolk and occasionally getting in a game with the big club, where he had a strong ERA but iffy peripherals. The Mets traded him to the Padres, along with Heath Bell, for another reliever, Jon Atkins, and backup outfielder Ben Johnson.

Ring tore up Portland and got into fifteen games for San Diego, putting up his usual strong numbers. Traded for Will Startup and Fredo Ledezma, he didn’t do well in Richmond but came up in September anyway, and didn’t allow a run in five innings, eleven appearances.

In 272 career minor league innings, Ring has struck out 262 and walked 105, and allowed 21 homers. These are pretty strong numbers. His ERA is 3.06. I don’t think he’s closer material, but he could fit into a rotation as a 7th/8th inning man. I’d rather have him than Ohman, that’s for sure. Out of options, and will definitely be picked up if the Braves tried to waive him.

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  1. I hope that means those eleven will be broadcast nationally…eleven games I can actually watch.

  2. Hmm. That makes Ring sound pretty impressive. I don’t remember hearing that much positivity about him when we got him last year. Since Bobby will likely actually use him as a LOOGY, what are his splits like?

  3. #2


    I am planning on ordering the MLB package, assuming Comcast is offering that again? Or do we need another John Kerry/Congressional “intervention” on the rat commissioner, Bud Selig?

    Ring vs. Ohman

    I liked Ring better when we got him, and the numbers Mac has stated have only increased my opinion that Ring will be the useful lefty and Ohman will be the lefthanded Tanyon Sturtze. Hopefully, Gonzo is back in June and then the useless Ohman is gone.

  4. Good Yahoo Sports article on the Superbowl, ‘winners & losers’:

    Best lines:

    WINNER: 1972 Dolphins

    They remain the only perfect team in the NFL’s Super Bowl era, their spot in history secure for, who knows, maybe another 35 years. If this Patriots team couldn’t navigate the salary cap era’s first 19-0 season, then who can?

    LOSER: The rest of us

    Who have to continue hearing Mercury Morris and his fellow grumpy old men crow about it.

    (I also loved the Terminator robot finally coming on along to kick the a– of that stupid Fox football robot – about damned time).

  5. Those of us in the DC area are better off than many not in the Atlanta area. We at least get all the games the Braves play against the Nationals plus the ESPN games and perhaps a couple of Fox games. So, I figure we will get maybe 30 games or so. Of course, most of those games will require us to listen to Bob Carpenter. Of course, if Alex gets the MLB package, he will get all the games AND not have to listen to Carpenter.

  6. Alex,

    I know you are here and that’s why I said you won’t have to listen to Carpenter. I assume but don’t know if Comcast will offer the MLB package. There is no way I could even think about getting that, at least if I want to stay married. :)

    By the way, it turns out that both Leyritz and his victim were drunk. So if he didn’t kill her, she might have killed someone else. Just how many idiots do we have driving the streets?

  7. Marc,

    To answer the first part of your post, sorry, my bad, I was confused by your post – as for ‘staying married’, well, my wife does hate Baseball but I can’t give up my Braves ;-)

    Regarding the 2nd part of your post, that’s really, really pathetic.

  8. Sweet. I totally get FSN here in Raleigh. ‘Course, I’ll probably be at minor league games most nights, so I’ll just have to listen to the games over MLB audio after they’re over. :-o

  9. Ron, Bobby pays attention to the matchups but generally hasn’t locked his relievers into roles that defined. He was perfectly willing to let Remlinger, Hammond, or Mahay pitch to righthanders. The true LOOGY will have a ratio of about two innings for every three appearances, maybe even approaching one to two. Bobby’s relievers are generally close to one to one, a few fewer innings than appearances.

  10. Alex,

    The Fox robot getting dominated was the second best part of the game. The best was when Eli Manning kicked Tom Brady’s bitch ass!

    When was the last time Brady beat a Manning in a big game? What a choker.

  11. Marc @ #9,

    In regards to the last question in your post. I work in a prosecutor’s office, and the answer is… you don’t realy want to know. The number of people driving under the influence, or just without a license or insurance is staggering.

  12. bmac 44,


    It was pretty much a rhetorical question. I realize the number of nitwits is frightening. I don’t envy you having to deal with all that tragedy. Several years ago, our next door neighbor’s 20 year-old daughter was killed by a drunk driver.


    Re Brady vs. Manning,

    I assume this is more SEC homerism (or you are kidding). If the Giant receiver doesn’t make an unbelievable catch, we are talking about another classic fourth quarter comeback by Brady. The Pats’ defense is what choked, letting a basically mediocre quarterback drive 83 years in under two minutes. And the Pats barely missed a couple of interceptions on the drive. Eli played well in the fourth quarter, but give me a break.

  13. I think Brady’s turning into Pete Sampras. Once you start dating the beautiful chicks of the world, I’d imagine it would be hard to get yourself quite as pumped for the big game.

    “Oh, man, it looks like I finally lost a Super Bowl. I guess I’ll have to go home with Gisele.”

  14. I’d like to add to my post that the trade of Bell and Ring to the Padres probably cost the Mets the division last year. Bell threw 93 2/3 innings with a 2.02 ERA in 2007.

  15. Marc,

    No I am serious. When was the last time Brady beat a Manning in a big game?

    “If the Giant receiver doesn’t make an unbelievable catch, we are talking about another classic fourth quarter comeback by Brady. The Pats’ defense is what choked, letting a basically mediocre quarterback drive 83 years in under two minutes. And the Pats barely missed a couple of interceptions on the drive.”

    IF Tom Brady wasn’t a chocker, he would have let all the presure get to him and he would have avoided a few of those sacks.

    The mediocore quarterback drove his team down the field, avoid several sacks, made big time throws, won the game.

    IF Manning’s wide recivers hadn’t dropped a few of those passes, the Giants might have blown them out!

  16. Smitty,

    Yes – totally on board with that Fox robot getting whooped by the Terminator.

    Maybe for future Fox Football games this Fall, every game could just have a NEW WAY the Termintor “kills’ the Fox robot, like on the level of Kenny being killed on “South Park”?

    re: Brady

    Forget Brady, the people who shoul;d be most embarrassed by yesterday’s game?

    Tiki Barber & Jeremy Shockey!

    The two biggest mouths & biggest egos on the NY Giants (one former and one current, of course) have to be hiding in a hole somewhere – the two biggest open critics of Eli Manning & Tom Couglin, just watched both those guys lead the G-men to a Superbowl. Wow.

    I am not a huge Eli or Coughlin fan, per say, but as someone who just loathes big mouth, big ego type athletes, this win for the Giants was really a win for the underdogs and low key people out there.

    Big mouth Shockey saw the Giants were better without his ego running the locker room, and even more so for Tiki Barber. I have to say, Brandon Jacobs and Bradshaw looked pretty darn good without Tiki.



    Will do my friend – as soon as I find out about Comcast and MLB, I will post here to you, Marc and any other DC natives.

  17. bmac,
    That “mediocre QB” was pretty freakin’ great the last 5 games he’s played. And he’s got a ring now. He’ll never have to apologize for that.

    Stand Back, SEC Homer Alert:
    That’s 9 Super Bowl MVPs from the SEC now—yes, that’s more than any other conference—including the last 3.

    Bama 3: Bart Starr (2), Joe Namath
    UGA 3: Jake Scott, Terrell Davis, Hines Ward
    Fla 1: Emmitt Smith
    Tenn 1: Peyton
    Miss 1: Eli

  18. Forget Ellie Manning beating Brady, that game was all about the Giants defense shutting down the Pats offense.

  19. Forget Ellie Manning beating Brady, that game was all about the Giants defense shutting down the Pats offense.

  20. Marc, are you serious? Brady was terrible last night. Go back and see how many awful throws he made when he wasn’t even under pressure. He was rattled. Eli was amazingly not rattled. Eli outplayed Brady by a wide margin last night.

  21. #27

    Totally agree. But I was emailing this morning with the Exec. VP of my company, who’s based at our Boston office and a pretty knowledgeable Boston sports fan, and his first comment (which made a difference for the QB’s) was that the Giants OL far outplayed the Pats OL.

    Brady was harrassed all night and it was pretty blatant how much time Eli generally had for most of his offensive plays.

  22. Very true, Alex, but there were a few throws for which Brady had time and space and just pulled a Reggie Ball.

  23. Can’t really blame the ChiSox for not drafting Francoeur. If I remember right, he said he was going to college unless the Braves drafted him.

  24. @27 – Eli Manning did not have an excellent game last night, but it was good enough. He threw several passes that SHOULD have been intercepted and a few that he was fortunate enough that his recievers made a good play on. How many throws did he miss to wide open recievers? Just not good – Brady was just worse. The MVP should have gone to the Giants defense – the entire DEFENSE. It was a great game and I was happy to see Brady lose.

  25. #29

    ooooohhhh…you compared Tom Brady to Reggie Ball? Oh snap. That maybe the meanest thing ever said about Brady.

    I even felt ‘guilty’ comparing Brandon Cox to Ball the last few years the Dawgs played Auburn.

    By the way, next time you stop at that Full Service station, Stu, don’t tell Reggie you said that ;-) He might only fill your car up, half way.

  26. How many throws did he miss to wide open recievers?

    Are we talking about Manning or Brady here? If it’s the latter, a lot. If it’s the former, I don’t know. Not many. On the one broken play, Burress pulled up short or he’d have gone for big yardage. There were certainly some drops by Giant WRs.

  27. I just don’t think either played excellent. Alot of those drops were also b/c the recievers had to turn around and drop low b/c Manning missed the target. He just isn’t very precise with his throws. That being said, he won the SuperBowl, so it doesn’t much matter. But please just don’t go around saying that Manning was spectacular, b/c he wasn’t. That’s how all these QBs get overhyped.

  28. alex r,
    as an auburn fan, reggie ball is far more complimentary than most things i said about brandon cox…nice guy, but i’m glad he’s out the door.

    it was great to see the giants show some back bone and get the ball into the hands of their offense with 2 and half minutes to go.

    i hope ring really flourishes with the braves, maybe he can live up to the expectations put on divine.

  29. The Giants didn’t “get the ball back in the hands of their offense”. The Patriots put the ball in the hands of the Giants’ offense by scoring a touchdown.

  30. Bedard deal almost done…

    Erik Bedard Trade Almost Done
    MONDAY, 10:51am: The Sun has an update: this deal is nearing completion, pending physicals. Jones is officially in Baltimore for his physical. The deal may be announced later today.

    Sorry Stu

  31. I think the worst move all game was when the Patriots didnt attempt a 48 yard FG to give them a 7 point lead. Instead, they decided to go for it on 4th and 13th and Brady threw the ball out of bounds.

  32. But please just don’t go around saying that Manning was spectacular, b/c he wasn’t.

    I don’t think anyone’s using that term, but if you don’t think he was good—and clearly better than Brady—you weren’t paying attention.

  33. Both Brady & Eli were pretty clutch in the end. (I’m not going to go crazy about the last 35 secs.) Both those drives were pressure-packed & they both answered.

    Eli came up biggest when the game/season was on the line. (In 2 of his last 3 possessions, he threw TD passes.) That’s what you want from your QB, no matter what league you’re talking about or what uniform you’re wearing.

    The Giants rush was awesome and certainly the difference in the game, but they don’t win without Eli either.

  34. it just goes to show you that a QB is really only as good as his offensive line and receivers. The Giants D line just abused the Patriots all game. Brady is just an average QB when he’s on his back the whole game. I would say that Eli was clearly better than Brady last night

  35. A great football game last night. G men particularly David Tyree, Steve Smith and yes Eli Manning played outstanding football. Yup great catch by Tyree but if y’all remember correctly Manning pulled himself out of a sure fire sack to make the throw. Clutch play by both men.

    What gets me are comments about how so and so played horribly etc. Brady looked bad because the Giants defense was superb. Play at the line of scrimmage more ofteh than not determines the winner of a football game.

    Mac, hope you are right and Royce Ring turns out to be good. I am not counting on Mike Gonzalez returning to dominant form this season.

  36. Add to that the the Giants defensive backfield did a good job also. They didn’t let Welker kill them with those short passes and yac like other teams have.

    QBs get an inordinant amount of criticism and credit. I sure hope that nobody writes that Brady sucked last night because I thought in the face of relentless pressure he did a good job. Manning just did it one more time than Brady did.

  37. Brady didn’t suck, his O-line did. But he was pretty mediocre, and not all that accurate even considering the pressure. Clearly his ankle was a factor, but clearly it wasn’t the only factor. The Giants’ defense drank some tough juice, and the Patriots’ protection took a 55-minute nap.

  38. I agree that Manning outplayed Brady (at least in the fourth quarter, he wasn’t doing much until then). Brady missed some throws. But, the fact is, he did drive the team down when he needed to. You can’t really say he choked. As for losing to the Mannings, he put up 34 points on Indy last year on the road. And Peyton Manning lost to Phillip Rivers this year, a non-SEC quarterback. So, Peyton clearly sucks. :)

  39. Regarding comments earlier. I guess as a former TBS slave I’ll have to look into the MLB package. If the Johnny gets something somewhat frivolous rule is still in place then I’ll have to get my wife something 10 times more expensive. :)

    Johann Santana be damned. I can’t wait for the season to start.

  40. Johnny,
    Welker did tie the SB record for receptions (11) and he gained over 100 yards receiving. If the Pats hang on and win, Welker’s probably the SB MVP.

  41. Ububba, I guess I stand corrected on Welker. My impression was built on observing Brady to Welker kill teams that brought pressure in the past. Not so at a couple of crucial junctures in last nights game. So maybe I should have stated that they contained Welker when the Pats needed him the most.

    What the heck it was a great football game. Not having an allegiance I was pulling for the underdog Giants. They were simply awesome last night. I think it is safe to say that they won the game rather than saying that the Pats played lousy and lost the game.

    So when do pitchers and catchers report?

  42. I’m just relieved to finally have a reason to hate Eli along with the rest of the Mannings. Archie and Peyton have long been enshrined due to their status as QBs of personal arch-rivals. Now Eli has gone and beaten my favorite non-hometown team (for whom my fandom dates to Sam “Bam” Cunningham, so charges of bandwagon-ing don’t stick). So, while I am saddened by the outcome, I find peace, for the circle is complete.

  43. Johnny,
    You should see what it’s like around here—some deliriously happy people, even one day later.

    I have caught a little jealous vibe from Jet fans, but who cares, right?

  44. Jet fans? There are Jet fans still?

    I think Brady would have been the MVP. It would be unusual to give the MVP to a receiver who didn’t have a touchdown catch.

    You could make an argument for Tyree for MVP — a touchdown, the catch on That Play, big play on special teams. If he’d caught the tipped ball he almost got later on the winning drive he might have gotten it.

  45. There are a gazillion Jets fans here—from the East End of Long Island to Central Jersey.

    They tend to be louder, drunker & much more bitter. My office is full of them. Met/Jet fan seems to be a common species.

  46. The Manning to Tyree play will stick in my memory for some time. Just tremendous effort by those young men. Inspiring effort. I hate to continue waxing poetic here but the odds of that play succeeding are infintesimally (sp) small.

  47. Well, since it’s currently the greatest play in the history of professional football, I’d say it will be hard to top. Also, it wasn’t a wounded duck.

  48. The officials were so shocked to see Manning run free, they forgot to notice the chokehold one of his OL was administering. That play was remarkable, but not a highlight for Eli. He looked like a kid in the backyard when he heaved the ball into 3-4 defenders. Several of his throws towards the end were floaters that easily could have been picked.

  49. check this out…

    this kid just committed to Cal because of his relationship with Jeff Tedford. He says he feels real close to the coach and is excited to get ready to play.

    the problem is that no one from Cal has ever talked to the kid, including Tedford, and they have never offered him any kind of scholarship. Seems someone is playing a pretty bad joke on the kid

  50. Stu,
    I saw that Franco Harris play live as a little kid. That play was way more shocking. When it was shown live on TV, you never see Harris catch the ball (like you do in the NFL Films highlights); you just see him going down the sideline for a TD & you’re saying, “What just happened?”

    Back then, they couldn’t tell who touched that ball first & it’s still hard to tell now from the replay. And believe me, that was the big discussion at that moment.

    Back then, the rules said that an offensive player couldn’t catch a ball touched by another offensive player unless a defensive guy touched it as well. (Rules have since been changed.)

    So, if Pittsburgh’s Fuqua touches the ball, then Oakland’s Tatum touches the ball, and the pass is completed to Pittsburgh’s Harris, it’s “legal.”

    But, of course, it happened so fast you couldn’t tell the sequence exactly. They just thought that Tatum touched it last because of the direction the ball flew. (No replay rule back then.)

    A similar thing happened a couple years earlier in Super Bowl V. Unitas throws a pass that grazes off the fingertips of his WR Eddie Hinton, then it’s tipped again by Dallas CB Cornel Green, then it’s caught by John Mackey who goes for a long TD. Legal play in 1971 because the Dallas CB tipped it, too.

    Stupid rule, nonetheless.

  51. Stupid rule, no doubt, but it sure looks to me like the only two players making contact with that ball are Steelers.

    If you allow “greatness” to include flukes, the Immaculate Reception is up there. When I say “greatest of all time”, though, I’m talking about just athletes making plays. There was more of that in Manning-to-Tyree, I think.

  52. There were reports a couple of years ago that Fuqua had admitted that Tatum never touched the ball. I don’t know what came of that.

    It was a stupid rule.

  53. I was preparing a post comparing Eli’s play with the immaculate reception, but I took too long to fire it off.

    Anyway, my point was going to be that neither of these plays make it for me as “greatest play ever” because the element of luck played too great a part. Both are amazing plays that were game changers in big games, but to qualify there has to be more of an element of skill in it. It was lucky that none of the defenders got more leverage on Eli (face it, he’s not that elusive), and although it wasn’t a lame duck, it was definitely a desperation heave, and 99 times out of a 100 Tyree does not come down with that ball.

    I think I would go for the Montana/Clark “catch”. Just fits the bill better for me.

  54. And I agree with Stu — of course, since I pronounced it the greatest play of all time when it happened. Last night’s play was a great individual effort followed by another great individual effort, while the IR was a big fluke.

  55. Ahh, you negative nancies. Sounds like your parents told you there was no Santa Claus when you were 3 and you’ve been bitter ever since.

    It was a great damn play.

  56. Manning played fine (although he did throw two balls on that last drive that should have been picked, and that fumble in quarter 1 should have gone to the Pats). Tyree’s catch was ABSURD, and I’m not sure how you can call a ball that went 50+ years through the air in a spiral a “wounded duck”. When he threw that, I was like, “Oh, he’s just throwing it away”. But nope. He hit his man spot on.

    Brady’s performance was spotty. Every time he went to throw one deep he was pressured and sacked. And when he wasn’t, he figured he was going to be and made very poor throws. His bombs as the game was ending were his best deep balls of the night; he was like 6 inches away from hitting Moss on one of those.

    But like most football games, this was decided on the offensive line. Considering how well the Giants defense played, they should have won it handily. They were dominant.

    Overall, I really enjoyed it. Definitely glad I didn’t miss this one like I did the Rams/Titans classic in 2003 or whenever it was.

  57. Both the IR and Eli’s thing were, of course, No F-ing Way Game plays, the sort of play that happens late in a video game and causes you to hit the reset button. “Come on, there’s no way Eli Manning, of all people, breaks the tackle of two defenders and gets off a long pass for a completion on third down!”

  58. 1999…and if you want to talk greatest plays…the music city miracle trumps either of the plays mentioned above

  59. Only 3 NFL plays ever made me jump out of my chair:
    1) Immaculate Reception
    2) Eli to Tyree last night
    3) Bettis’ fumble/Roethlesberger’s tackle

  60. my all-time favorite super-bowl play was the redskins 155 lb. safety, pat fisher, trying to taclle larry csonka in the open field…………lynn swanns diving catch is a close second.

  61. Ahh, you negative nancies. Sounds like your parents told you there was no Santa Claus when you were 3 and you’ve been bitter ever since.

    It was a great damn play.

    You weren’t even alive when the play was made, AAR, so it’s hard for me to imagine you getting too worked up over it.

    1999…and if you want to talk greatest plays…the music city miracle trumps either of the plays mentioned above

    Context matters. That was awesome, no doubt—I’m a Titans’ fan, BTW—but the Wild Card game isn’t the Superbowl.

  62. i agree completely that context matters…but at the same time I would argue that since the playoffs in the NFL are of the one-and-done variety, the difference is marginal. also, if we consider context i think environment should also be considered. the superbowl (while no doubt the biggest stage) also presents a corporate atmosphere that isn’t exactly what i would call “hostile”…whereas in previous playoff games the factor of being truly on the road comes into play..i truly tend to enjoy and value the conference title games more because the teams are generally more familiar with one another, have less time to prepare, and the “better” team (at least according to the regular year has an actual advantage.

  63. (1) That wasn’t a conference title game. Like I said, it was a Wild Card game. Also, what does the crowd have to do with the play?

    (2) The difference between a play that directly leads to a victory in the Super Bowl and a play that directly leads to an appearance in a conference championship game, which then leads to a Super Bowl loss…I don’t consider that difference to be marginal.

  64. I don’t think there was any chance Brady even considers playing in the Pro Bowl no matter what happens last night. If anyone had been there to hear me last night, they would have heard me respond to Fox’s incessant Pro Bowl promos with, “Tom Brady won’t be there!”

  65. Maybe you’re right, but it wouldn’t have surprised me if he made a token appearance, sprained ankle or no. I think there would have been pressure from the league to appear.

  66. Sid Bream making it home from second on a single to shallow left has to rank pretty highly on the miracle list.

  67. 1) I’m aware it wasn’t a conference title game…that was an aside about the enjoyment of conference title games….and the point being that Eli’s play may never happen if crowd noise makes the play a false start to begin with…

    2) any “play” in the game could be said to “directly” lead to a win..the indirect and direct effects of any play could be like the butterfly effect…and to me at least losing in the super bowl is a more successful conclusion to the season than losing in the wild card round..basically what im saying is that winning early in the playoffs is just as important as late, because you cant play late if you dont win early….thus every game is packed with pressure in hte one and done approach and the difference in context is marginal

  68. One of my biggest fears going forward will be that some knothead sports caster will come up with a name for Manning to Tyree.

    I think the only time I ever jumped out of my chair was Justice hits a homer against Cleveland in the 1995 World Series.

  69. If I’m really interested in a sporting event, I’m probably walking around in front of the TV in a key juncture, so jump-out-of-the-chair moments are rare for me. I think last night I fell down onto my bed when Eli broke those tackles.

  70. Top 5 easy. The Pats were still in the game with 50 seconds left. Simply great plays made by both teams on both sides of the ball.

  71. Top 5 for sure. It’s probably my favorite & I’ve seen all but the first 3.

    Just in terms of entertainment value, to me it’s: this one; Giants/Bills; Titans/Rams; Pats/Panthers; & Pats/Rams.

    IMO, The Broncs/Pack & 2nd 49ers/Bengals just miss the cut.

    It’s already happened. On WFAN here, people are already calling it “The Escape.”

    There have only been a couple NFL games that had me pacing in front of the TV. Why? Because I’m a Falcons fan. Only a handful of memorable moments, really.

    Dawgs games? Different story. It would be impossible for me to care as much about a Falcons Super Bowl as I do a big Georgia game.

  72. blake,
    My point has obviously been lost. Bottom line:

    The Giants went on to win the Super Bowl after The Escape and the Steelers went on to win the Super Bowl after the Immaculate Reception. The Titans did not go on to win the Super Bowl after the Music City Miracle; therefore, it doesn’t belong in the greatest-of-all-time discussion with the first two, in my opinion.

  73. #90 if you consider which “gold glove” leftfielder was throwing the ball, bream making it home isnt such a miracle

  74. Stu,
    Steelers actually lost their next game, the AFC title game vs the ’72 Dolphins.

    Strangely, the game was played in Pittsburgh.

  75. ububba,
    Heh. There’s an inside look at my knowledge of NFL history. (Like AAR, I was not alive in 1972.) Further reason for me to continue to hold last night’s play at the top of my list, though.

    Yeah, I know Bonds can’t throw. Still, there’s no way the slowest guy—perhaps in the history of the world—shoulda beaten the play at the plate.

  76. #103

    I was actually running out into the road to yell, “World Series, m*****f*****!!” to other people who’d run out into the road. Nothing ever topped that moment, not even when we won it all, and nothing ever will.

  77. 77 — Mac, I wouldn’t have pegged you as a Bill Simmons reader. Unless you happened to have come up with the same sort of video game analogy on your own.

    After Eli to Tyree, I dropped the inevitable comment about how Harrison would have been strong enough to get it out of his hands if he had still been on HGH. Then the party host came up with a better one — that his fingers would have been long enough to knock it down. heh heh.

  78. My FAVORITE plays:

    1. Sid Bream scores

    2. David Greene fake to Verron Haynes for Georgia over Tennessee in 2001

    3. David Greene to Michael Johnson on 4th & 19 with 1:25 to go in 2002 UGA win over Auburn

    4. Mark Wohlers final pitch in the ’95 W.S.

    But the greatest play I have ever seen was that Tyrone Prothro catch.



    That maybe the creepiest story I have ever heard. Really disturbing.

  79. ‘The Escape’??? Come on. They can do better than that.

    Ububba you are a Falcons fan? Yeah I would say that jump out of your seat highlights are few and far between. I used to be a Falcon’s fan. My favorite player was William Andrews. As a South Carolinian I tried to adapt the Panthers but just lost interest in the pro game all together until really this year. I’ve got too many kids playing sports over the winter I guess.

  80. I’ll have to confess, I’m a Simmons fan too. Yeah, he’s repetitive, and if I didn’t like him I’m sure I’d find him deeply annoying. But I find him funny, I like the podcasts, I read the columns. I’m a fan. What can you say?

  81. I like BS’s stuff too. Well, I usually do. He’s been quite insufferable lately. He would have been all over any other team in the league if they had been caught in spygate — praising the Pats for doing it the right way. But since they get caught he plays the “everyone does it” card. Oh well. You can’t expect him to be objective. He’s a homer… just like we are. So, I haven’t been enjoying his stuff as much lately — but I still check it out because I’ve come to expect it to be a fun read.

  82. got a question….i am in orlando for the next 5 days. i know that spring training doesnt start until next week, but is there any pre-spring training events that i could catch at the wide world of sports? i guess that they do “camp roger” in atlanta, right? any info would be appreciated.

  83. Thanks for the link to the Jason Stark post. It was a nice read. :-) I think my favorite part was when some guy said something like, “I dunno, I think I’d take Smoltz next year”, and Jason was like, “You know, I think I agree with you!” It sounded like they were both having a revelation and somehow missed the fact that he’s been one of the top 5 or 10 NL starters the past two years.

    As much as I like Glavine, I’ll be surprised if he posts an ERA under 4.00 next year. I figure the defensive difference will be about a wash but the park effects will hurt him. Still, maybe he gets some of his mojo back and Ks a few more guys this year.

    As for Maddux, well, I hope he keeps pitching forever. This whole steroid thing with Clemens (whether true or not) has essentially crowned Maddog the “best pitcher of our generation” in people’s eyes, which frankly is awesome (if perhaps a bit unfair to Clemens). Man. I can honestly tell you that at 11 years old, I had know idea how good I had it as a Braves fan back in the mid-90s.

  84. @ 69

    Ha, ha, I played against that kid last year in the State semifinal… he’s in my conference. Good kid, but questions about him at the division- I level.

  85. You know what just occured to me that we’ll be getting back this year? An honest-to-god good bunter in Tom Glavine. I don’t know how much his hitting has diminished since his silver slugger days (I’ll never forget the triple in the first inning of that 1996 NLCS game), but I don’t think of bunting as a skill that erodes with age, and Tommy was always one of the better ones.

    Granted, the usefulness of the bunt is overrated, but I saw Woodward out there trying to pinch-sacrifice a few two many times, so if Bobby’s going to try it anyways…

  86. Top 5 superbowl, I don’t know man, it was fairly boring for three quarters. Hell, Tom Brady even looked disinterested until 5 minutes to go in the fourth. Neither team looked great and I don’t know how you leave out SB XIII between the Cowboys and Steelers. I had no interest in either team, so that might have had an effect, but the 4th quarter was what we were waiting for the whole game.

  87. I honestly dreamed last night Glavine pitching the season openener against the Nats, getting pulled after 6.1 innings, giving up 5 runs, Braves down 5-2…

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