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  1. Tiger, you had to have looked that up.

    On Josh Hamilton. I talked to a Reds fan friend of mine and he is ticked. I pointed out that Hamilton while a true 5 tooler only played 92 games last season. He said he was angry but admitted he didn’t know how good the pitchers the Reds were getting are.

    I dunno. I’d rather see us look for pitching rather than trade it away. I have a feeling that the Wren and the Braves see the team as 90% complete at this point.

  2. My guess would have been Lockhart:

    26 HR in 1423 AB for the Braves

    18 HR in 845 AB for everyone else

    Close but no cigar once again….

  3. Wow, I was thinking Keith Lockhart too but I thought he had more at-bats with Atlanta. It seemed like he was with Atlanta longer than that. And looking at his B-Ref page I’m surprised that he played with San Diego two different times. Poor Padres…

  4. Why did Josh Hamilton only play in 90 games last year. You would think his 131 OPS+ would have gotten him into more games. Was he injured?

    I still wanted him.

  5. The Reds only had a terrific spring to go by and played Ryan Freel in CF before Freel got hurt and Hamilton started playing well. Then he got hurt. The book on him was endless potential sure fire major leaguer that as we all know nearly came to an end with his cocaine problem. I think he is going to be at least a major contributor type of player but 90 games is a very short resume on which to trade good pitching prospects for. And we don’t have many of those to spare. Of course neither does Texas but on paper we’ve got enough hitting to carry a defense first cf. The Rangers don’t.

  6. I had Hamilton on my fantasy team. The guy couldn’t stop getting hurt with random nagging injuries. He missed a week with a stomache virus. Another chunk of time after breaking his wrist taking swings in the on deck circle.

  7. I want to echo everyone by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. I’m really thankful for the wisdom and entertainment Mac and the posters here provide. I think I’ve now been on here for almost 4 years, and it’s the one of the first links on my Bookmarks toolbar. Thanks a bunch guys.

  8. And those who haven’t joined the coolest group to join on Facebook, join the Braves Journal Facebook group here

    And, if your name isn’t Stu, you might like this one.

  9. Thank all of you, and thanks to everyone who’s posted kind words the last few days. Barring there’s breaking news — which is doubtful — I’ll see you on the 27th, or possibly late on the 26th. My Boxing Day is going to be given over to fun dental practices.

  10. Merry Christmas to all. Happy Hannukah to some. And Happy Kwanzaa to others.

    And may Clemson beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl (Chick Fil A is for sandwiches, not football).

  11. Here’s a thread topic for today: what’s your favorite Christmas movie?

    I gotta go with either Die Hard or Millions. (I’m not sure Nightmare Before Christmas counts, but if it does, then that’s probably my absolute favorite, even above Die Hard.)

  12. Every time I saw he was ‘injured’ I secretly prayed he hadn’t fallen off of the wagon. For some reason, I REALLY want Josh to succeed.

  13. For Christmas, my dad got me a dark blue Braves t-shirt with Hampton’s name and number on the back. I’m wearing that sucker to every game I attend in ’08.

  14. For the War Eagle above…academics has taken a toll on my Clemson Tigers. We’ve lost 2 starting LBs, amongst others. But, I still think the Peach Bowl is going to be a good, close game.

    Good luck, my friend.

  15. Same to you and your boys, i’m excited to see what Franklin will do with our offense (it can’t get any worse) Out of respect for mac i keep my War Eagling to a minimum, but I’m ready for the last week or so of college ball.
    die hard has been my fav for a while. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” will always hold a special place in my heart. I love Bill Murray in Scrooged, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a family tradition.

  16. I got the ’95 WS on DVD as a gift…it’s kinda sad that that October was seemingly the pinnacle of my childhood. “Buddy Holly” and “Just” by Radiohead in constant MTV rotation. Chrono Trigger had just come out for SNES. And Game 6.

    I have nothing important to say…just that I’d really like to see Bobby, Smoltz and Chipper make it to the promised land one more time.

  17. Spending Christamas here in the ATL with my in-laws has me already looking forward to Spring Training. Merry Christmas to everyone, may God bless you and your families.

  18. #32, where did you get that from? I’ve been looking for it on DVD and haven’t found any place that sells it.

  19. no doubt: Christmas Vacation.

    Eddie: “you surprised to see me clark?”

    clark: “Eddie, i wouldnt have been more surprised if i woke up with my head sewn to the carpet.”

  20. Chrono Trigger… you know, I’ve never played that. Then again, I haven’t been that interested in it. The only one that I have been interested in a real lot is Final Fantasy VI (III for SNES).

  21. #38 –

    I’ll laugh at your innocent swipe at Clemson. But, I’ll have you know that our athletic program was #2 in graduated athletes in the country as recently as 2006. For whatever the hell that’s worth.

  22. That is a percentage…I believe Notre Dame was #1 and Clemson was #2 in the last report that I saw, which covered 2006. I’m going to try to find the link.

  23. Here are 2005 statistics…


    All Student Athletes (via the NCAA’s GSR statistic): Clemson ranked #3 in the country

    Male Athletes: Clemson ranked #3

    Female Athletes: Clemson tied for #5

    Football student athletes: Clemson ranked #4

    Again…not pretending Clemson is an Ivy League school. But academics are improving. The current administration is striving for Top 20 Public University status…and they are making progress.

  24. Found it:

    “Prior receives a one-year major league deal with a $1 million base salary. The contract, which doesn’t include an option, contains incentive clauses that could take the total value of the deal to over $3 million.”

  25. It is a great deal, unless of course he does not pitch at all again, for the third year in a row. Oh, maybe not such a great deal. I don’t think we will ever see Prior pitching again at a competent level. I also heard he would still not be ready at the beginning of the season.

  26. we get Sturtze who had no chance of ever pitching for us at $750,000, but not even in the running for Prior at $1 mil?? amazing…

    he may be injured all of next year also, but its worth that risk

  27. I agree that the it’s still the Peach Bowl, but the real Tigers are taking it home*

    *-Heisman took the nickname with him when he left Auburn for Clemson

  28. btw, the Prior deal is $1M guaranteed and he can earn up to another $4.5 in incentives…I like these types of contracts. Give someone a small base and if they perform they get more money.

  29. He is DEFINATELY worth the risk at 1 mil. At worst, he doesn’t pitch for you. At best, he is a true ace. Even somewhere in the middle would probably be better than our #3.

  30. I’m a little sad we didn’t make a run for Prior. However, as pitching depleted as major league baseball is, if Mark Prior only got $1M, there has to be more to this than we know. You would think some desperate team would give more than a “small” commitment of $1m for a pitching with the upside of Prior. On the surface, I would have loved to take a chance, but the Braves have money to spend, they need starting pitching, and they balked at Prior. There has to be something more to this…

  31. Rob, I completely agree with you. There’s something funny about this.

    By the way, I’m watching Home Alone right now. I made it through Christmas without watching it, but just felt like there was something I hadn’t done… something I’d left…

    Then I slapped my hands to my face and remembered.

  32. I am assuming the problem is that he isn’t going to start the season on time. I am also assuming that he was taking a home-town discount. I am sure that other teams offered him more money (9 or so teams were said to be in the mix). And don’t forget, he could still get of 3 mil if he pitches well (and he probably is expecting himself to so that he can sign a lucrative deal next offseason).

  33. Prior deal:

    Low risk situation for the Padres and if he’s healthy & effective, they easily have the best starting pitching staff in the National League.

    Nothing to not like about it for the Padres.

  34. It’s a great deal for the Padres.

    I just went in for three fillings and a tooth extraction, and it turned into two fillings, a tooth extraction, and root canal. On the positive side: hydrocodone!

  35. Ouch, Mac. Hope you feel better.

    I think it would have been worth it to take a flyer on Prior, although I suspect it would have cost more for anyone but San Diego. You never know if the public statements match what the team really thinks, but I think the the Braves are kidding themselves if they think this staff is so good that it doesn’t need another arm, especially a potential (albeit highly speculative) ace.

  36. I’ll be fine. I have to be careful with the extraction (a wisdom tooth) but these pills are really good. I’m not surprised they’re under such restrictions.

  37. Just had the root canal and crown. Not so bad and better than the shooting pain every time I ate. Better living through modern pharmaceuticals.

    Padres get a hometown discount of sorts. Not sure but I think Prior is from SoCal. Good signing for them. No risk high reward.

  38. Honestly, I think a $1 million gamble on Prior would’ve been too much for Atlanta, given the other 2 major pitching injuries we’ve endured (Hampton/Gonzo). I’d rather spend the money on a reliever that I know will pitch 50+ innings, instead of hoping that Prior will earn his incentives.

    Take it light, Mac.

    Had 4 wisdom teeth pulled all at once many years ago—that’s Army dentistry for you—and that was no fun once the shots & laughing gas wore off.

    After the surgery, I slurped up some bean soup before I crashed out, mouth all numb. When I woke up a few hours later with some feeling returning to my face, I realized I had a bottom lip full of pinto beans.

    So…careful with the food.

  39. I’ve got a mental image of ububba. I can’t quite articulate it into words, but it’s a mix between Bruce Springsteen, Michael Scott from the Office, and Otto the bus driver from the Simpsons. Not quite sure if that’s offensive, but hey, this is what I’ve developed over these years. Don’t worry; when you put them together, it’s cool.

  40. Is it really fair to be putting Gonzo in the same injury-prone camp as Hampton?

    Maybe Hampton is in a “League of His Own” but I personally am prepared to wait a little while before I start mentioning Gonzo and Hampton as examples of brittle players in the same breath.

    Actually … Hampton IS in a “League of His Own” as it relates to susceptability to injury (where is that Word spell checker when you need it!).

    Concur on the Sturze comments: That was a head scratcher from the beginning.

    Would Prior have taken a $1M with backloaded incentives from Braves? Who knows. He IS from SD ….

    Charlie Morton did NOT make Baseball America Top 10 Prospect List … are they wrong or are the Braves wrong?

  41. I know it’s not likely to happen, but I hactually had a dream last night that we traded Brandon Jones, Brayan Pena, Jo Jo Reyes and Joey Devine to Baltimore for Erik Bedard.

    (I assume everyone in here would do that deal?)

    I realize that it was only a dream (and because it was a dream trade, we manage to avoid trading Jordan Schaefer or Lillibridge!) but in regards to the post at #80 by Clarke (making me dream of the glory years pitching), a rotation of Smoltz-Glavine-Hudson-Bedard-James would then pass the Padres as the best in the NL.

    I think even if we don’t add a legit everyday centerfield like Cameron, our everyday lineup, 1-7 of Escobar-KJ-Chipper-Tex-Frenchy-McCann-Diaz is very solid and while not the best lineup in the NL (or even as good as say division rivals Philly & NY), I do think if we added Bedard and gave ourselves a starting rotation far better than our division rivals, the slightly weaker lineup would be less consequential and offset.

    However, I still feel good about Smoltz-Glavine-Hudson-James as a top 4-5 NL rotation, but adding Bedard arguably makes us #1 again or at least tied w/ San Diego. (and ahead of Arizona).

  42. Pats-Giants game to now be broadcast nationally:


    This is an intriguing story on many fronts.

    First, the fact that the NFL caved on anything is a miracle. Who knew our do nothing Congress could actually do something?

    Second, the fact that Congress actually made this an issue. It’s a football game. Now I HAVE the NFL Network in my Comcast Digital package (because I pay the extra $5 a month for the Comcast sports extra package) so it mattered less to me – and to those that don’t have the network, they get to see it, but still, the fact that Congress stepped in is silly.

    How about the ecomony and healthcare? Can Congress, if they aren’t too busy today, do something about these rising mortgage costs?

    The other part of this I find rather interesting is that it’s being simulcast on two major networks – CBS and NBC. That’s highly unusual unless you’re talking about the President’s “state of the union” address or a presidential debate coming up in 2008.

    I don’t actually care which network I watch it on, as long as it’s offered in High Definition on one of those channels (the NFL Network is not High Def. so I won’t bother with channel 275).

  43. Mantuan, I hate to claim credit for something that wasn’t mine — that was actually the original Alex R. who said it.

    Speaking of whom, happy Hanukkah and Merry New Year to you, buddy!

  44. AAR-

    Hey – the same to you my good man! Hope you have some fun plans.

    Merry (belated) Christmas as well to the rest of the board.

    My New year’s plans consist of my wife and I taking our now 6 week old “Jake R.” over to a neighbors’ house for dinner where there will be a bunch of other 30-something couples with little ones.

    Oh, how times have changed ;-)

  45. Oh, I of course clarify to say that’s our New Year’s eve plans…my New Year’s night plans will likely be the same as ububba and a few other folks on here – watching Georgia (hopefully) kick some Hawaii butt.

  46. Alex R:

    My most humble apologies …. it was genius. Pure and simple.


    You are a man of character and integrity …

  47. Seperate question for the Braves Journal Bloggers:

    Since almost all fantasy football leagues run through week 16, how did everyone who does leagues do this year? I won 1 of my 2 leagues, and won a consolation game in the other league – all in all, a pretty good year.

    I owe my cash winnings thank yous this year to Ben Roethlisburger, Joseph Addai & Aaron Stecker of all people. Oh, and the Tampa Bay Defense.

  48. Mantuan – no worries and thanks.

    And trust me, AAR, not me, is usually the one with the brilliant comments. If I hit one out of the park, once in a while, I feel good.

  49. Wow, people would rather actually talk Hawks Basketball than Fantasy football? A sign of the apocalypse.

    But I wholeheartedly agree, Hate King, about Paul. I am a Spurs fan and I can safely say what a better team we continue to be because we have a superstar PG in Tony Parker.

  50. Alex,

    If not Congress, who will step in to address anti-trust and anticompetitive business practice concerns?

  51. Oh man to have Chris Paul- Marvelous Marvin is playing well, but we have like 5 of the same guys.

    Getting Horford in the draft was huge- almost 10 boards a night. I love that they’re coming back around finally. I didn’t watch much NBA because they were so bad.

  52. Marvin is better than Josh Smith and Childress.

    I would use both of them as trade bait to get a REAL PG or a C.


    Andre Miller for Josh Smith????

    then your 1-4 is:

    1- A. Miller
    2- J. Johnson
    3- Marvin
    4- Holford
    5- ??

    But the biggest issue with the Hawks is the fact that Johnson ALWAYS needs the ball in his hands; thus taking shots away from Marvin and Childress.

  53. Dix,

    On issues like anti-trist and anticompetitive business practices as a whole, sure, Congress should be involved.

    But they pushed this legislation because they wanted to watch a football game.

    I maintain there are more pressing national issues such as Healthcare, the Economy, counter terrorism, etc. etc. that should be ahead of “can we get the Pats game on Saturday?”

  54. If the Hawks were to trade Josh Smith for Andre Miller, I would probably go on a multi-state killing spree. That would be one of the worst trades in NBA history. Smith is mercurial, sure, but he’s also a world-class talent who produces. Miller is on the downside of his less-than-stellar-outside-of-one-or-two-seasons career.

    I wish the Hawks had moved down in the first round last year and taken Jordan Farmar.

  55. Dix:

    The NFL is a monopoly. Congress just figured that out this week?

    Baseball for 1920s Supreme Court ruling is “exempt” from anti-trust but somehow the idea that we have some kind of “when in the course of human events” right to a football game for free is to me a real stretch of our view of “entitlement”.

    Seems to me that we are mixing up the two words: need and want. They are NOT the same.

    Seems to me ….

    An anti-trust issue to me is about needs, not wants.

    Seems to me ….

  56. chris,

    I am not sure you let Smith go- he’s got the explosiveness and willingness to take the ball and shoot. I agree about Johnson- but he does get the ball to the other guys a whole lot (11 assists last night).

    Anthony Johnson has played very well lately too

  57. I didn’t read through the last half of the posts, but my understanding of the Prior deal was that he wanted to go home and pitch in Southern California and with a club where he might be able to re-establish his worth. I think the Braves would not have been able to lure him away from Cali unless they offered well above what he is getting from the Pads. He is looking at his next contract (assuming he comes back anywhere near to his old form) and I think it will certainly help him to pitch in that cavern they call a ballpark.

  58. My trade ideas:

    Orioles’ needs: Shortstop and bullpen mostly.

    Brent Lillibridge, Manny Acosta, Jordan Schafer and Jair Jurrjens for Erik Bedard.


    Chuck James, Brent Lillibridge and Gorky Hernandez for Ian Snell and Xavier Nady.

  59. Mantuan,
    Counting ’08, Gonzo will have missed extended portions of 3 consecutive seasons. Due to his elbow, the Bucs shut him down the last month of ’06, he went down early in ’07 & he’s not projected back until mid-’08.

    We can call him injury-prone or we can call him Irving, but as long as Gonzo’s on the DL, he and Hampton are of equal use to us on the field. IMO, bringing in Prior wouldn’t seem to be a chance this organization would be too keen on taking.

  60. Dan, I think it’s possible the Braves could have bullied Dave Littlefield into taking a deal like the one you’re mentioning. I doubt Huntington will, since he sounds like less of a complete incompetent.

    Frankly, though, there’s no reason for them to trade Snell and change for James and change: Snell’s basically the same pitcher as James, but better.

  61. The NFL is a monopoly that enjoys exemption from some antitrust laws. The NFL Network creates an issue that didn’t used to exist. When the NFL, already a monopoly, begins to limit distribution of its product to its own channels then it’s status as monopoly actually starts to hurt the consumers.

    Congress just uses the exemption as leverage to see if it can easily effect a change. All Congress has to say is “do what we want or we’ll take away your exemption.” It really isn’t getting that involved.

    This particular football game just brought the issue to a head, the issue existed as soon as the NFL network was created.

  62. Well, I think the Pirates would really like to have Brent Lillibridge back. They want to be done with Jack Wilson and his salary. They also know who Lillibridge is.

    You’re giving the Pirates a pretty similar pitcher in Chuck James, and giving them six years of Brent Lillibridge to cover the difference between James’ and Snell’s pitching.

  63. After reviewing the lists of people that have to make the 25 man roster or else be released, it looks like The Braves need to be making some moves. Like “who needs middle infielders, young relievers, and young starters with potential as 4’s and 5’s” and move somebody.

    I see Colorado for Fuentes maybe making sense. Send Prado and a pitcher. It ought to make sense both ways.

    Seems like we missed the boat on Josh Hamilton.

  64. I just am ready to see how the Braves will use Hampton’s salary once its off the books…some will go towards a Tex extension I’m guessing, but if we cant keep him then that’ll free up about $25 million from the two of those guys

  65. Miguel Olivo signs with the Royals, I dont understand this move. John Buck showed he’s capable last year. Arent both RH also?

  66. Cliff, I was surprised we didnt make a move for Hamilton or Alexi Ramirez. Both seem to be upgrades over our potential players and both came very cheap

  67. Dix:

    I am a month away from being 60.

    My life did not, does not, and will not turn on my “right” to free football.

    This isn’t food, health-care, war, etc.

    In the pantheon of things the US Congess has to deal with — an institution of 535 Valedictorians who believe they are the smartest person in the room — this seems like chump change.

    Is the NFL even .1% of the GDP?

    My observation had to do with priority within their collective responsibility. I guess we agree to disagree …. What’s next — an investigation of Arthur Blank for being gulliable?

  68. csg,

    I think that the asking price for Hamilton was too high at first, and by the time it lowered, the Braves had already acquired Josh Anderson. That, or the one pitcher they were asking for is someone the Braves didn’t want to trade. Those are the only reason I can think of for them doing this.

  69. I hope the Braves can get Brian Fuentes, but it’s going to take a lot more than Martin Prado.

    I would like the Braves to trade Prado. Just so Cox isn’t tempted to deny even more playing time to Kelly Johnson. You know if Prado is on the team and the Braves are playing the Mets and Oliver Perez is the starter it ain’t going to be Johnson out playing second.

  70. If getting Josh Anderson had ANYTHING to do with us not bothering to go after Hamilton, that would be downright asinine.

    I aalso agree w/ Dan that we will have to add something else to Prado to nab Fuentes.

  71. Alex R.,

    Well, Gorkys Hernandez as well. I just didn’t mention him the first time because he’s not in their immediate plans. There is the matter of Gregor Blanco and Jordan Schafer. I think they’re leaving open a fast track for Schafer, to be honest.

    I said that I thought that Hamilton’s price was too high at first. When it lowered, the Braves already have four center fielders AND the price might have been one they weren’t willing to do. It seems as if the Reds wanted pitching. With pitching as thin as it is… well, you get the picture.

  72. Also, Hamilton’s clearly injury-prone, and an accident waiting to happen in many more ways than one. He’s the feel-good story of 2007, but that doesn’t mean he’ll continue to be a feel-good story going into the future. I think the Reds made exactly the right decision to sell high.

  73. Agreed AAR. Hamilton only played 90 games last year. The Reds clearly wanted major league or near major league pitching in return. We don’t have that in abundance. Ok neither do the Rangers but they need another bat and a CF while we can carry a weak hitting CF with the lineup as it stands now.

    To get Bedard we’d have to give quantity and quality. I know its the Orioles but they have the upper hand in any trade involving Bedard. I am guessing the price is one mlb ready player, one high ceiling advanced prospect and a couple of pitching prospects. To me it would be worth it because a trade like that would instantly tilt the balance of power to the Braves. But good counter arguements could be made as well.

  74. AAR,

    I normally agree w/ you but couldn’t disagree more regarding Hamilton. It’s the exact same kind of argument we were all having about Prior.

    Low risk (in terms of cost) but potential high reward – and in fact – I ould argue that with Hamilton’s 2007 season, he’s a safer bet even than Prior, who’s still likely to get hurt again.

    I think the Rangers nabbed him at a very low cost, and I would much rather roll the dice on Hamilton than go with unproven Josh Anderson. Especially if it’s not a big contract like he has.

    That’s why I applaud Texas and I applauded San Diego yesterday – even if Prior’s arm falls off tomorrow, it’s still a low cost they go him at and they still have a rotation led by Peavy, Young & Maddux.

    If both Hamilton & Prior have even semi productive 2008 seasons, it’s a big upside for the Rangers and Padres, respectively.

  75. Johnny, I do agree that Bedard is definitely a better “get” than either Hamilton or Prior because even if he costs more, he’s far less likely to get hurt and is a proven #1 type of starter.

    The Braves shouild definitely be willing to put together almost any type of “young” package to get a “young ace” like Bedard.

  76. Alex, I don’t really disagree with you — if the Braves had got him, I would have been really hyped about it, and since they didn’t, I’m trying to convince myself in the other direction. However, I’d much rather pay $1 million for Prior than pay a pitching prospect for Hamilton, unless we could trade a guy like Lerew (or even Devine), whose luster isn’t what it once was.

  77. Mantuan,

    I see your point on the priorities. We are venturing too far into political talk for this blog even though it’s sports related so we may as well just drop the topic.

  78. I may be wrong & Mac can correct me if I am, but I’m guessing that politics as they relate to sports (congressional steroid hearings & anti-trust stuff, specifically) should be fine.

    I’m pretty sure we can all agree that, compared to the rest of the world & its myriad of weighty issues, “sports” is still the toy department.

  79. AAR –

    I still think Devine has plenty of luster. His Minor league stats were exceptional this year if I’m not mistaken. And the few times Cox put him in a game, he looked really sharp. I say give Devine a chance – he could be dominant.

  80. IMHO Josh Hamilton will be a good player. I am pulling for the kid. A few folks have decried the fact that we didn’t try for him. Just to clarify my position. I am guessing that the Braves saw Hamilton as a luxury not worth any pitching of note. The Reds wanted pitching and sold high. Good for them and the Rangers. Some have said low risk for the Rangers but I disagree. With their pitching giving up anything that has potential is a high risk proposition especially for a kid (albeit a high ceiling kid) with all of 90 games on his resume.

    Sure I would have liked to have been in the Prior sweepstakes but that kid made a very good decision. Go home to a very pitcher friendly park in a great place to live and rebuild my professional reputation for the big payday later. And BTW Greg Maddux whom I suspect had a lot of influence on the resurection of some careers in Atlanta will be my teammate. I don’t think that Atlanta could have competed with that package.

  81. Well even if antitrust as it relates to sports is not barred by the no politics rule on the board, the discussion wasn’t that interesting anyways.

    I think the particular issue is interesting as far as what the NFL has done/is doing, but arguing over whether it should be a congressional priority is not interesting.

  82. Dix:

    When I was in kindegarten I used to get Unsatisfctory for “Plays well with others”.

    55 years later, it can still be true at times.

    I’ll go and sit in the corner for a few minutes.

  83. JS would have brought in Prior and Hamilton, and if not Prior, then Haren.

    We finally have a GM scapegoat to blame for all our problems. For years that role has been dominated by corporate ownership and I for one welcome the change (not really, it gives me nightmares).

  84. Mantuan,

    I enjoy a good argument as much as anyone. I just have a personal rule that pretty much goes as follows: Never argue/debate religion or politics with anyone ever because. Discussion of said topics, or listening/learning other perspectives is kosher, but to argue in that arena is to bash your face into a brick wall.

  85. I disagree. Schafer is not far away, and it never hurts to add young, talented starting pitching to your organization. Jurrjens is just that.

  86. I was just joking, playing up the disdain on the board for mentioning players in trade that are not or no longer available.

  87. Dix was joking.

    Back to the Hawks…Ironically, Al Horford could be the reason the Hawks don’t make it to the next level. If he hadn’t injured TJ Ford, trading Childress for Calderon might have been a possibility. (And Calderon is just what the Hawks need.)

  88. I gotta imagine being over .500 for the year is the next level for the Hawks; luckily in the NBA over .500 gets you in the playoffs. I don’t think they have the talent to move far in the playoffs- but they certainly have the depth, having about 50 first round picks on the team

  89. As a Hawks fan from the Lou Hudson Era, I’ll be happy with +.500 & the playoffs at this point. That would be “next level” for me.

    Honestly, having the Hawks suck ass since 1999, it’s really killed my interest in the NBA. I watch some playoffs & appreciate certain players and teams—I dig Tim Duncan—but unless I have a team to really root for, it’s tough.

    When I moved to the NYC area, I tried to be a Nets fan & went to a fair amount of games, but I never got hell-bent about them. And I haven’t rooted for the Knicks since Walt Frazier played.

    I’m afraid my winter sport is NHL.

  90. Since the Hawks don’t own their first-round pick this year, there’s no reason not to want to make the playoffs, and even a one-and-out would be a huge boost for this franchise. Of course, they could easily collapse after the season if they can’t re-sign Smith and Childress, and the stupid ownership feud could lead to that.

  91. Yeah, a one-and-out would be big, but not as big as a deep playoff run, which I believe adding Calderon could provide. And I don’t think the Hawks will re-sign Childress, which is why trading him for a useful PG would be nice.

  92. As a sonics fan, I enjoy catching the highlights of Beasley, Rose, and Gordon. I get to stay up late and see them get shredded by the Celtics tonight.

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