SEC Picks, Week 13

I had a lot of trouble with the Kentucky-Tennessee game, torn between my “Always pick against Tennessee” policy and how I haven’t gotten Kentucky right all year.

Home teams in CAPS

Alabama 27, AUBURN 26
LSU 38, Arkansas 20
KENTUCKY 107, Tennessee 105 (11 OT)
Georgia 40, Tech 11
Clemson 31, SOUTH CAROLINA 21
VANDERBILT 27, Wake Forest 23

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  1. It has to be virtually impossible for Kentucky to win by a safety in overtime. Maybe 107-104? (Yes, I know you’re joking, but still…. :p )

  2. Ron,

    After a certain number of overtimes (3?) you can’t go for a single extra point after touchdowns. I didn’t add all of Mac’s numbers up, but if you go to round 11 and Kentucky scores 8 and Tennessee 6 (in either order) then you have a 2 point victory. What you can’t have after that many overtimes is a one point victory.

  3. Cliff,
    You can have a 1-point victory in 11 OT’s. Team A plays offense first and kicks a field goal. Team B goes on offense, turns it over, and Team A (on defense) laterals it out of the back of the endzone on a wacky play. Team A wins by 1.

    Everyone else,
    I meant to put it on youtube, but forgot. Drove around campus yesterday and saw bunches and bunches of RV’s about 3 PM. Amazing – it’s Thanksgiving, yet all the RV lots are as packed in Auburn as you’ll ever see. Town completely empty, RV lots packed.
    Drove by the intramural fields and see RV’s parked everywhere, including some Bama folks parked. I roll down my window (all on youtube when I get around to it) and greet them with “Roll ULM!!” The drunken “Row Tahd” that follows is priceless. Seconds later, we see a random middle-aged woman wearing orange lassoing around a plush elephant toy, throwing it in and out of the road.

    War Eagle!

    Oh, and for a few of my youtube videos from the 2007 Auburn season,

  4. Hey, come on, Mac. I know that Georgia Tech’s offense is REALLY bad, but the defense hasn’t been completely shredded by anyone, not even Virginia Tech.

    Call me a homer if you want, but I don’t think that three or four touchdowns is “shredded”.

    Hell, Georgia hasn’t exactly shredded Georgia Tech in 4 years or so. Why now?

  5. When I say “three to four touchdowns”, I’m referring to what has happend to Tech this year. No one has scored more than four touchdowns in a game against. That’s not too good with the maximum, I know, but it’s pretty consistent. Why is that consistency going to break now? Because Georgia is so good?

  6. Tuscaloosa Police reported that an individual attempted to “egg” Coach
    Nick Saban’s home last night.
    The report stated:

    An empty egg carton was recovered at the scene. Two eggs hit Coach
    Saban’s house, 3 eggs went over his house and hit his neighbor’s back
    door, 2 eggs hit the houses of each of his next door neighbors, and the
    remaining 3 eggs were found broken on the ground near the carton from
    where the individual threw them.

    Looking at what was hit, police officials say they are considering John Parker Wilson as the primary

  7. That’s horrible. He had a wife and a one year old. I couldn’t even imagine. They haven’t said the cause yet.

  8. I just heard the report on Jox Sports here in Birmingham. They just said that Buster was reporting the news. havent seen anything else on this

  9. Sam,
    Margin of victory doesn’t concern me, as long as we leave some broken hearts. Still, 40 points for The Red & Black wouldn’t break mine.

    And go Big Blue Cats.

  10. meanwhile, its sad but almost all Bama fans are pulling for the Rebels and Clemson this weekend to help out with our bowl chances.

  11. I still don’t see how it’s a gaurantee that Georgia’s even going to score 30 on Tech. For the past four seasons, Georgia has clearly been the superior team, yet they weren’t even able to crack 20 points on Tech the past three seasons, and Georgia was clearly the better team twice in those years.

  12. Sam,

    Richt’s problem since he came to Athens is that usually the team only played two quarters up to its ability. About once a year, they would play all 4 quarters and it was a show to behold (Arkansas in SEC title game, LSU in 2005? in Athens, Auburn the last two years, Florida this year).

    However, turning offense over to Bobo and the emotional lift from Knowshon mean they are now playing close to 4 quarters every time out. That wil allow Georgia to score near 30 on Tech (Tenuta won’t give up 40 plus unless we go over the top a few times).

  13. It’s still not a gaurantee. Yes, I agree that Georgia will probably score near 30, but at least let me think it won’t be a blowout.

    Come on, throw me a bone.

  14. Damn Wryn, do you need an AU message board? No one cares about your retarded Auburn shit.
    Sorry, Mac. Just had enough.

  15. I didnt see the video, but I’m sure I can guess what its about. Did Wryn forget about how Auburn played against Miss. St? Same result as the tide – Loss

  16. I don’t know, but he obviously forgot about the debacle 2 weeks ago against UGA, when his beloved Weagles failed to show up–again–against a rival.
    And they love their coach b/c of this?

  17. I guess I’ll wait and see it when I get home. Just figured it was JPW throwing his 102 yd interception.

  18. Ken Rosenthal reports that the Reds have come to an agreement with Francisco Cordero. The terms: four years and $46 million, with a $11 million club option for 2012. It’s still pending a physical. Rosenthal points out that this is the largest four-year deal ever given to a closer.

  19. this was someone’s post on mlb rumors regarding Joe Kennedy and his passing today…

    “do the A’s get a draft pick??”

    what a piece of trash!!

  20. cmon Houston Nutt – make them regret not keeping you around after the season

    BTW, McFadden is the best player in College Football

  21. Game is in overtime; watching on Gamecast – others give better updates

    28-28 as LSU tied it up in regulation in the final minute; McFadden has 179, 2 TD’s

  22. Dick 8 of 17 for 70yrds – 4.1 avg

    McFadden 3 of 5 for 34yrds 1 TD – 6.8 avg

    McFadden 27 carries for 179 yrds 2 TD’s

  23. The first false start was real — I think the center screwed up. McFadden at QB. Stopped for two yards on a run — Highsmith, having a terrific game, with the stop. 3rd and 8.

  24. No way Les Miles (the idiot) stays after this. He better pack his stuff and get out of town in the dead of night. I feel sorry for Michigan fans.

  25. West Virginia is too well coached to lose that game. If Les Miles was the signal caller it would be a sure fire loss.

  26. i continue to be amazed at how much teams will spend for closers. that’s waaaaay too much money for cordero.

    i know that in the NL Central these days that any team is only a year or two away from *really* competing, but is that really the best way the Reds could have spent their money? oh well.

    I wonder what the brew crew will do having lost cordero and linebrink. dare they have turnbow close again?

  27. Rob–I agree: I wanted the national title to remain in the SEC….I cannot say that I am surprised: I don’t think that Miles’ talented team has grown the way they should have over the season….no tears if he goes back to Wolverine land…

  28. Wow, another overtime game. :-o

    FL/FSU is on for me, so I’m not able to watch. Anyone wanna post some updates? :-D

  29. I think this is the first time I’m wanting something good to happen to UGA. I’m rooting for Kentucky to beat Tennessee, so Georgia can go to the SEC championship and perhaps have a shot at the national championship. Do they have a shot, now that West Virginia won?

  30. Oh, and let it be known that I cannot stand Gino Hayes. The most he’s managed after talking all that trash this week is a cheap slap on Tebow’s helmet and getting juked out of his shoes four or five times. Let’s see what he says after the game.

  31. Mac, heard any rumors about Tide Players being suspended for tonights game? Heard Caddell and Hall didnt make the trip, any truth to this? Something about Hall and JPW almost getting in a fist fight this week

  32. Man, that’s just pathetic. How do you lose that game if you’re Kentucky? Tennessee did just about everything they could to blow it, but Kentucky just refused to let them. :-/

  33. Here’s how you lose that game: you inexclicably play conservatively in the 2nd overtime after you are basically handed the game by the defense; then, in the 3rd and 4th overtimes, you drop 8 back, rush 3, and allow Ainge 45 minutes to find receivers who still haven’t been touched. Just an awful coaching performance overall by the Kentucky staff in overtime. Overtime seems to bring out the best and worst these days (see: Les Miles… ugh).

  34. CBS announcer (concerning Harvin’s migraines): “Well I guess since he’s been giving defensive coordinators headaches, I guess it’s only fair.”

    Terrible joke. Booooo!

  35. Can’t believe this isn’t the defacto Aub – Ala gsme chat – I am in the airport waiting on my flight to Israel and hoped to catch an update or two.

  36. Auburn’s up on Alabama 10-7. Alabama got picked off in the end zone near the end of the half on a ball bobbled by a receiver. It was actually a really good play by the Auburn defender.

    Wilson still sucks, though…

  37. JPW is not a great qb, but I can’t blame it all on him. Hall was either hurt or in a time warp all game and didn’t get open much until the end. Brown wasn’t much better. Caddell and Stover both did as well as they could. Bama just lost their passing game at the end of the year. JPW, the O-line, the receivers, and the coaching (or lack thereof) all played a part.

    Wilson’s backup is Greg McElroy. I don’t think he is well suited for this offense, is not well liked by the players, and will probably be gone next year. Look for JPW to have a better year next year with Fanuzzi or a freshman stud getting some significant PT.

  38. Saban flat-out said, when asked, that McElroy wasn’t good enough to play. I don’t know why he didn’t try Fanuzzi then, since he blew a year of Fanuzzi’s eligibility to play one series against Western Carolina. Star Jackson is this year’s big QB recruit (and they’re going to try to sign one more) and may play right away.

    It’s probably going to be a bit of a bloodbath this offseason with players transferring out. In addition to McElroy, Jimmy Johns pretty much has to go, after getting nailed to the bench much of the year and then fumbling to lose the ULM game last week. Justin Woodall will probably go back to baseball full-time. And so forth.

  39. I just disappointed at the mistakes Ala. made during this game. Throwing the ball instead of just taking the points before the half, running into the kicker and flipping the field position, and roughing the passer to give them 1st and goal instead of 3rd and long. Terrible Terrible decision making. Also, how do you go 56 minutes before finding DJ hall for his 1st completion. Didnt like the offensive game plan for this game. I wonder if they developed their plan for the potential bad weather that was coming.

    Also the Nick Satan 6-6-6 signs are completely classless. I dont care if you like him or not, thats just pathetic.

  40. This game was less about execution than about discipline. Bama had a few penalties that killed them, but it was hardly a slaughter.
    I heard that when saban called out his players after last weeks lost that he kinda lost the team instead of the motivating them. While last weeks loss was a shock, it still thought it was poor for the coach to put the blame on his team instead of the coaching staff not having the team ready to play, especially after dropping the last several games.
    The wilson kid isn’t that bad, he played well enough not to lose the game, definitely better than cox (not that that is a huge complement), but it ‘s the team’s first year running the offense and you can never really tell how that is gonna go.
    the great thing about sports is there’s always next year, but as a child that didn’t witness an auburn victory over bama until i was 10 years old…i hope we can return the favor.
    War Eagle!
    go braves

  41. so we got 10 SEC teams eligible for bowl games. All teams that are 7-5 have to go before USC or Bama can be invited somewhere. SEC has 8 bowl tie ins. Does Bama or USC, or both, or neither get invites? Do the Bama fans want to see another game this year?

  42. I’m pretty sure that Fanuzzi did not lose a year of elgibility. I think because Fanuzzi played at the beginning of the year and it was only a few plays in the first game, he will keep his redshirt year. This has been reported on the radio, but I’m not sure that it’s true.

  43. Gosh, how long will it be before Wryn comes along with some stupid AU cartoon or video? I can’t wait to get his take on things.
    JPW isn’t terrible, he’s just programmed to take the snap and immediately begin looking for the O-line breakdown and start running for his life. He almost looks surprised when he has time to throw, and usually panics.
    As for the rest of the team, this is the worst senior class in my lifetime, and aside from Wallace Gilberry, I won’t miss one single player.
    Time to clean house and move forward with the young guys who want to win.

  44. You can play guys until the 3rd game of the season. If they play after that point then they are not allowed to redshirt unless its a injury and can be approved as a medical redshirt. I dont believe Fanuzzi played after the 3rd game, I might be wrong

  45. JPW, is only as bad as our terrible O line. He gets no protection and thats why we cant establish a running game either

  46. My Bowl Projections are like this:

    Sugar: LSU
    Orange: UGA
    Capital One: Florida
    Cotton: Auburn
    Outback: Tennessee
    Chic-Fil-A: Arkansas
    Music City: Mississippi State
    Liberty: Kentucky
    Independence: Alabama
    Home for Christmas: South Carolina

    The Independence Bowl will pick Bama over USC because the whole Saban/Louisiana thing. Plus Bama’s closer to Shreveport.

  47. I was amazed to see that Auburn started 3 true freshmen on the O-line. This is kind of scary and is why they will be a force in the next few years (and also why they struggled so much at times this year).

    The importance of the O-line can’t be overemphasized. Two years ago we had what was called the 2nd best O-line class in the nation (behind ND), but only Andre Smith has really lived up to expectations so far.

  48. Don’t be so sure AU will be a “force” of anything the next few years. They lose a 5th-yr QB and their best player on defense, plus the aforementioned “scary”-good o-line couldn’t stop the worst Alabama team in years from STILL getting pressure all night on Cox. They were also manhandled against Georgia.
    I think AU goes 8-4, again, next year. Tuberville’s 10th on the Plains, and he’ll have 1 SEC title to show for it.

  49. I heard that there’s a possibility that one of the Pac 10’s invites will get unfilled due to a lack of qualifying teams, and that the SEC could benefit. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Cotton and Outback get switched, since the Outback has to be getting pretty tired of Tennessee, and the Cotton had terrible problems selling tickets with Auburn last year.

  50. Purdue and Ball State each have 7 wins, though. UCLA won today making them bowl-eligible, leaving only 1 Pac-10 spot left. I think there’s 1 Big 12 spot unfilled, too, but I’m not sure.

  51. I seriously doubt that any of those teams has the fan base to beat out any SEC team, even South Carolina. Well, maybe TCU, if the game’s in Texas. Most of the bowl games are in the South, which helps the SEC, as does the conference’s general pull.

  52. That’s true, but the rule is that bowls have to pick teams with 7 wins over a 6 win team, even if they’re a non-BCS conference team.

  53. If he wanted to avoid those, maybe he shouldn’t have finished 6-6.

    That’s six more wins then the previous team he stole a bunch of money from has this year.

    When Oklahoma beats Missouri we are looking at a good possibility of a USC-Georgia Rose Bowl – which would obviously be awesome. As much as I would hate to see Ohio St in the title game again, I’m rooting for this. Since SEC ADs no longer return the Trojans phone calls, it would be a rare opportunity to give SEC fan a reality check.

  54. #128

    I’ve got Tennessee in the Sugar. The outcome of their games were obviously similar, but the Vols impressed me more than LSU. LSU also has more injury problems, an unsettled coaching situation, and they just blew their chance at the national title. If they were listless coming out against Arkansas, I don’t see them being ready for Tennessee.

  55. Internet out. Ah well.

    Fun game. I never really had a doubt Auburn would win the game. Officiating was terrible, but this has been a game (the Iron Bowl) in the last three years that has been defined to some degree with Alabama being unable to contain the Auburn pass rush, especially from just the front four.

    If any of you have the game Tivo’ed (like I do), check out a fourth quarter “hurry” on JPW by Quentin Groves. Wilson actually fumbles on the play, but Groves hits him with such ferocity that the ball goes backwards out of Wilson’s hand, hits a diving Groves’ helmet, and flings forward 15-20 yards. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it was ruled an incompletion on the field.

    2006: The Thumb
    2007: The Finger
    2012: The Zipper?

  56. Oddly enough, I discovered Alabama fans, while looking at AU murals on the side of Jordan-Hare Stadium, really don’t appreciate someone walking up and saying, “Hey, look! Heisman trophy winners!”

  57. I would love to see Georgia play USC. I’m a Georgia fan but also find the SEC homers to be a bit much, even if it is, overall and all around, the best conference. At the top, I think the PAC-10 is a really really good too, and USC is playing as well as anyone in the country right now (including Georgia, whose youth on offense still lead to bouts of mediocrity).

    Also, count me as someone who is intrigued by an Ohio State-West Virginia game. I don’t think either is the best team in the nation, but so long as there’s no playoff I can’t really care about a national championship. And I do think that the Buckeyes’ defense versus White and Slaton could be interesting. Now, if Missouri gets in, I probably won’t even watch.

  58. Wryn,

    I guess that would be someone telling an Auburn fan “hey look national championships.” Of course, by Heisman trophy winners you mean, 2. Doesn’t look as big when you print it.

  59. Heisman Trophy winners? Who in the world cares about that? AU has the same number as Yale.

  60. I’d be thrilled to see a UGA/USC game, as it could be a preview of an early 2009 matchup with even higher stakes….

  61. Got anything other than that?
    Seriously, Auburn fans are the only ones who act like this after beating their rival. You never hear of Michigan or Ohio State or Georgia fans making cute shirts that their HEAD COACH wears. I guess when you’ve won one championship of any kind in the last 19 years, you gotta have something. Just amazes me. Someone once said to act like you’ve won before–Auburn fans act like they can’t believe they won, like they’re going to wake up tomorrow and the dream is going away.


    Oh wait, we’re supposed to be throwing Wryn under the bus for being happy his team won a big rivalry game. Disgruntledfan, last time I checked Auburn beat the national champions last year, should have won another national championship if the system was legit, and has produced a ton of NFL players here recently. Auburn has something to brag about. Who is your team?

  63. Alabama. Auburn has nothing to brag about, other than beating the worst Bama teams in recent memory 6 times in a row. Outside Lee County, AL, no one cares. They’re not in any BCS discussions, and are fighting Arkansas for a middle-tier bowl game. They’ve had a 9-year head start to gain ground on us while we’ve gone through 4 head coaching changes and probation, and while their streak is nice, they could just as easily lost to a terrible Bama team. Tuberville, for all his smugness, has accomplished, on a national scale, the same results as Mike Dubose: 1 SEC title.

  64. It’s true: I’ve never lived in Alabama and I couldn’t care less about who wins. On the other hand, I was impressed with Charles Barkley’s knowledge of the BCS picture, demonstrated during the ASU-USC game on Thanksgiving night, and hey, he has Alabama roots. So that was pretty cool. My advice is that once the clock strikes midnight we move on to other subjects, like why the Braves still lack a CF but have like 43 #4 or #5 starters, or how Missouri – Missouri! – could be playing for a national championship. In football. In real life.

  65. Count me in on wanting UGA to go to Pasadena.

    I’ll be in LA this week, so I’ll be sure to take the temperature of that gridiron hotbed.

    And how ’bout them Dawgs?

  66. Seriously, if Tebow doesn’t win the Heisman, the system is broken. 51 TDs?! Are you kidding me?? His passing numbers alone are better than most of the competition!

  67. Obviously I agree with mraver. I don’t know what else Tim has to do to win the Heisman. His passing numbers are fantastic, and when you add the rushing yards, it’s ridiculous. His leadership ability for a sophomore is phenomenal, and he hasn’t had a bad game yet. He’s played through injuries, having to get cortisone shots in his shoulder for the last four games, and played through almost the entire second half of the FSU game with a broken hand. Plus, he just adds a dimensional to Florida’s offense that McFadden, Daniels, White, and the other guys can’t offer. He’s just unstoppable. No one else deserves the Heisman.

  68. #155, 156

    You guys sound like someone else is poised to take it away from Tebow.

    Why, it puts me in mind of one fine day, I believe it was back in ’97, when the plaintive wails of “They stole Peyton’s Heisman!!” wafted down from the mountaintops. The townfolk below laughed and laughed, then went about their day while the angry hill-dwellers kicked at the dirt and hurled spluttering curses to all those North and West.

  69. Well, people seem to think McFadden, Daniels, and White are good candidates for various reasons. It’s what the voters think that ultimately matters, but Mac, for one, is very high on McFadden.

    When your team is sitting on 3 losses and looking at the Capital One Bowl, you gotta root for something. :)

  70. Daniel’s has a reasonable chance of winning, but that’s just because he’s the best player on one of the best teams in the NCAA.

  71. I love reading you guy’s SEC babble. As somebody who watches the SEC from afar (Colorado fan), I find the SEC fascinating and I wish that the Big 12 was more like that.

    The Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson name just keeps on cracking me up. Maybe they should get Ross Wilson in there off the baseball team. Just kidding, anyway, my question to Wyrn is who’s going to coach Auburn when Tuberville leaves for A&M ???

  72. I’m with Mac. Tebow’s great, no doubt, but I think Arkansas would suffer more without McFadden than Florida would without Tebow.

    If someone other than one of those guys wins, though, I’ll agree that the system is whack.

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