(Late) SEC picks, week 11

Home teams underlined for sake of variety.

Alabama 27, MSU 17
Arkansas 28, Tennessee 20
Vandy 31, Kentucky 30
Georgia 29, Auburn 28
LSU 41, La Tech 10
Florida 35, South Carolina 10

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  1. Thanks Mac!

    Alabama blowing that game last week broke my prediction winning streak, but I look to start a new streak (probably a losing one) this week by taking Spurrior at home. He’s clearly been sandbagging the last few weeks with his musical QB routine and is ready to ambush his old school.

    At least that’s what I hope he’s been up to, otherwise it’s looks like he’s just nuts.

  2. Love the Vandy love, Mac, but I have serious doubts that we can score 31, even against that putrid defense.

  3. I don’t know that I’ve picked Kentucky right all year, except for their games against non-conference scrubs, so why start now? There’s a good chance they’ll get all spastic like they did against MSU and turn the ball over six or seven times.

  4. So now David Wright has won the Silver Slugger in addition to the Gold Glove despite having only 1 more HR and 5 more RBI than Chipper despite playing 26 more games while batting 12 points lower. Chipper also crushes him in OPS by 66 points. Does this officially make Wright the most overrated player in New York?

  5. Overall, Wright’s a helluva good player, but his winning these awards (esp. the GG) is a bit much.

    And I’m all about 3:30 tomorrow. Georgia-Auburn—my favorite game of the year.

  6. Rollins has a fairly dramatically edge with the glove and, as good as he was this year with the bat, Ramirez was better. And that’s saying something.

  7. Im tired of players winning because of it becoming a popularity contest. Put Hanley on either NY Team and he would be the greatest player we’ve ever seen. Stick him in Fla and no one knows about him

  8. Who else feels like Chipper is the most underappreciated player in the NL? Ever since that terrible switch to the OF, he’s dropped off the radar as the NL’s premier 3Bman. David Wright will have his time when he gets older but it bothers me that he so many things have kept the baseball world from really appreciating how great of a player Chipper is. Same with Smoltzy I think. National folks just can’t see the greatness.

  9. Yep, Chipper got robbed.

    Not really. It could’ve gone either way. Their numbers were pretty close and Wright played 26 more games. I don’t have a problem with it.

    Rollins over Hanley. . . now that’s a robbery.

  10. Sam,
    Unlike the Cy Young/MVP, the media has exactly nothing to do with these particular awards.

    When it comes to Silver Slugger & Gold Glove, these awards are a result of votes by MLB managers & coaches—and those guys can’t vote for their own players.

    Re: Georgia-Auburn
    Though he left out the ’82 game, which included Bo & Herschel—still the best/most-exciting football game I’ve ever attended—Mark Bradley pretty much channels my thoughts here:


  11. I’m beginning to believe that Alex Rodriguez is going to get less money than he opted out of next year.

    Anyone else or am I alone out here?

  12. I wanted to let you guys know that I looked at my Braves season ticket invoice online for the 2008 season and the tickets have gone up again. I have seats by the Braves bullpen and they went up from $10.00 to $12.00 a seat. Also the dug out seats went from $48.00 to $52.00. I do not mind paying the extra money as long as they raise the payroll. Which I think they’re going to do. But how much are they going to ?

  13. I think being injury prone doesn’t help Chipper’s case, despite having a very solid year.

  14. well this song sure has gotten popular these days. here’s the whole longhorns dancing to soulja boy, must make Mack Brown love his job even more

  15. #16 – I just dont see the players union allowing it. However, it would be awesome if Arod was made an example of. It would stop all of these players from opting out of their contracts thinking they can always get more money in FA

  16. even if he gets less on a per year basis for the next 3 years, it could still be seen as worth opting out for if he feels his value is at an extremely high point right now (2 straight MVPS?) and he thinks it may decline in 3 years time when the original contract expired. if he can guarantee himself an additional 7 years now, why would he not opt out? its the same as JD last year, if he only got 5 years, 50 million instead of 5/75 it is still a win because he was only guaranteed 33 over the last 3, so even with the decline in per year salary (11 to 10) he still wins out, especially if he knows he’ll never have a season like the one that got him the dodger contract to begin with again. arod is a different stroy becuz hes not injury prone, but nonetheless its still smart on his part and a career ending injury could happen at any time

  17. Ububba,

    I will be at the UGA sports bar here in Northern Virginia rooting on the Dawgs – unfortunately the sports bar is also home for the Auburn fans and according to my call this morning, they are planning to mix us together.

    It may ugly.

    Re: Wright winning the gold glove.

    I call BULLSH–.


    You shouldn’t win gold gloves based on offensive numbers – Chipper’s 100% right.

  18. Alex R.–Reading your post (and others) makes me wish that I was back in the South and it sounds like a pretty cool way to spend the afternoon–Go DAWGS!

    I think (and hope) that Vandy can beat Kentucky. If they do, between the Gardiner-Webb fiasco and losing to Vanderbilt, it will be a weekend of infamy for UK sports. Of course, Vanderbilt is a real team, but if they beat the cats they will unfairly be lumped with Gardiner-Webb. Too bad Kentucky! GO VANDY!!

  19. From the link in #25:

    “I talked to Chipper Jones a few hours after the Gold Glove awards were announced on Tuesday, and he seemed at least as surprised as most of us were that Mets 3B David Wright got the NL award.

    Wright had the fifth-most errors (21) among NL third baseman, and his .954 fielding percentage was fifth-lowest among NL third baseman, far behind the top three of San Francisco’s Pedro Feliz (.973), Chicago’s Aramis Ramirez (.972) and Chipper (.971), who had nine errors in 126 games at third base.

    “I wouldn’t have been disappointed had someone like Feliz or Ramirez won it,” Jones said. “I’m a little confused by the final tally — that’s a head-scratcher for me.”

    The managers and coaches do the voting for Gold Gloves, and I told Chipper it wouldn’t be the first time their votes were swayed as much by a player’s hitting totals as his defense. Wright hit .325 with 30 homers and 107 RBIs in 160 games.

    “Then [Miguel] Cabrera should have won it, if that were the case,” Chipper said of the theory. And he had a point, though Cabrera’s defense is so shaky that it would be ridiculous to award him a Gold Glove.

    “When I find out [Wright won] I was speechless, for quite some time,” Chipper said. “Certainly the guys with the least amount of errors and best fielding percentage quite obviously didn’t win it.”

    Seems Chipper Jones thought he had a case this year based on fielding percentage and errors. And he thought Feliz and Ramirez were his main competition.

    How could they give David Wright that award? Especially with the Mets thinking about moving him to sign A-Rod or even if they don’t down the road somewhere.

  20. I think the NL is in a bit of a dead zone as far as Gold-Glove-worthy 3Bs. And with Rolen not playing a full schedule, there’s no default guy to give it to.

    And so some of the managers and coaches, not wanting to actually take the time to make a determination based solely on 2007 performance, instead asked themselves who they want to install as the new default guy for the next 8 years. They’re anxious to do it (well, as anxious as such a thing can make a person) so that they don’t have to think about it every year.

    So that boils it down to Wright or Zimmerman. Wright made two fewer errors and is much more famous, so they think he’s the guy. I actually think Zimmerman will force them to rethink this conclusion in future years.

  21. A little David Wright-induced snark is in order:

    He has a likeness in Madame Tussaud’s New York museum. I think it took batting practice during the last 2 weeks of the season.

    He was also on the cover of MLB 2007: The Show. Who knew it would be Playoffs 2007: The No Show.

    His nickname on the team is “Visine.” Really.

    He seems to be a “throwback” player, you know, to the Strawberry-Gooden-Cone Mets. I think he’d fit right in with that group, especially after dark.

    Despite his GG and SB, he couldn’t put the team on his shoulders and get it done. See Chipper Jones-1999. The next person to compare him to Geroge Brett desrves tickets to see David host Saturday Night Live. (Oh, you know it’s gonna happen.)

    Recently, Guilliani thanked David for his inspiration after 9-11. No, David wasn’t much help, but Rudy had to work 9-11 into the conversation somehow.

    If somebody gave David a wheelbarrow, maybe, just maybe he could carry Chipper’ jock.

    David Wright. Just…yuk.

  22. Good stuff Kevin..

    One name being talked about with the Braves is Chone Figgans….I’d love to have him on our team….

  23. While the media doesn’t control the voting, the media attention shapes the parameters of the debate. I think the disconnect between Sam and ububba on that point can be bridged. It’s what political communications scholars call media effect and what cultural studies scholars call discourse: in the end, the point is that even while the managers vote, their decisions are not wholly independent of the attention given to certain players on certain teams. They may ‘know’ the game, but they’re not living in a vacuum.

    Personally, I think Chipper got robbed. I don’t think he should have won the Gold Glove, but he very quietly had a more productive year than Wright or Cabrera. Almost nobody outside Atlanta seems to know that, including other managers.

  24. I was looking at the last thread, where the inevitable, somewhat tired conversation erupted over how good the SEC is (I do think it’s definitely the best, and I’m a graduate student at a Big Ten school)… I’m wondering: is there a way to find out how many players from each conference are playing in the NFL? Or how many from each conference got drafted last year, and at what average position? These are the things I think about on Saturday mornings.

  25. Bulldogs, Bulldogs!!!!! 2 straight against Alabama. 3-0 vs the state of Alabama this year. Bowl Eligible. WHOOOOOOO!

    Sorry, but as a MSU fan we don’t get many chances to gloat!

  26. @35 – It bears noting, when looking at that list, that Lou Holtz made the outrageous claim today on national television that the Big 12 is the best Conference in the nation. His co-analyst – I believe it was Mark May – just stared at him in wonder. That man is so unvelievably bad at what he’s doing that I too am left without words.

    In other news, I’m guessing Michigan and Ohio State were just looking ahead a little too much. Things must be getting exciting in Baton Rouge – Illinois just took a 14-point lead in Columbus.

    And I hate the Roughing the Passer penalty.

  27. I must say that Auburn is doing an outstanding job taking advantage of the refs’ ridiculous calls. Two awful calls = 14 points. Gotta give ’em credit.

  28. Two things:

    Chipper is a clear choice for silver slugger over Wright. Their numbers were “close” in the sense that they had about the same number of doubles, etc. But Chipper did it in 24 fewer games, and his rate stats blow Wright away.

    And the NL isn’t a dead zone for brilliant 3B glove men. They’re just a dead zone for ones who can hit. Pedro Feliz was outstanding at 3B for the Giants.

  29. Let’s forget that the SEC East leader lost to Cal. And that Auburn lost to South Florida (at home). Those facts seem to get in the way. Oh yeah, can’t forget Bama’s loss to FSU. Aside from VaTech, it seems that the SEC has choked in all of its OOC games this season. But we’ll ignore those facts.

  30. How ’bout them Dawgs? (Now you can count me as a pretty big Vandy fan.)

    Time for a little celebration. Funny enough, I’m going out with a group that includes a fairly vocal Ohio State grad. I guess tonight he’ll do his best to forget.

  31. If I had a daughter, sir, I tell you what I’d do, I’d put her on the campus to cheer the Brave and Bold;
    But if I had a son, sir, I tell you what he’d do, he would yell ‘To hell with Georgia’ like his daddy used to do!

    All respect I had for Mark Richt is gone; he runs a thug program (See Vandy game, the Florida incident for more).. classless fans throwing crap at our band during half


  32. I actually like the Big 12 as I see it as a legitimate football conference (and usually the nation’s second best) I couldn’t believe Holtz either…Mark May kept pointing out that Kansas hasn’t played anybody and Holtz started blaring like a maniac on sometype of steroid: “they have 3 of the top 6″….”they have 3 of the top 6” and it seemed like he couldn’t figure out May’s point….

    #44–The SEC teams have not won as many games as they probably should have–but it has to be said that last year we listened to lots of blather about the Big Ten–some even thinking that Ohio State-Michigan could or should be a national title game….later some even wondered whether Florida could stay in the game with Ohio State….Obviously, they could, did and wiped the floor with the Big Ten champion….At the beginning of this season the marvelous men at ESPN wondered if anybody could play with USC…the SEC may be a bit overhyped this season–but if it is it because over the years it has been dominant in bowl games and it has consistently produced more NFL players than any other conference….

  33. Wryn, love the fact that your cheering for Tech. But, just pointing out, its If I had a daughter, I’d dress her in white and gold. Hopefully we get to sing that song alot against UGA.

  34. I love it how people take about 3 games from the SEC’s onslaught of quality wins, and use them as the foundation of their argument to trash their out-of-conference results (which, by the way, are still pretty strong), and, in the process, actively forget the supremacy of the conference in the polls while still playing each other throughout the season. A team plays a fraction of their schedule against teams outside of their conferences, and that’s all anti-SECers have as ammunition. And it’s still pretty weak ammunition…

  35. @ #46

    The Florida game I can understand people being irked at. Richt was tired of losing to them, and wanted to make a statement, but it went to far.The Vanderbilt game, he was visibly pissed off at his players for stomping on the star. But you’re going to blame Richt for students throwing shit on the field? I was at that game (And I held onto my football, thank you very much), and while I think it was a classless act by a lot of fans in frustration to an absolutely useless referee (and I told a number of friends of mine that heckling the band is a classless act), I don’t see how you can penalize Mark Richt for a subsection of fans being tasteless, because can you honestly tell me there all Auburn fans are saints, and it’s all because of Tuberville’s influence?

    I fail to see how this team is all the sudden a thug program (and you’re not the only person who has said it), because the team is allowed to loosen up a little. They don’t brawl, and aside from the Florida incident, the TEAM has generally been under control. Unless you’re inferring the fact that Soulja Boy has become somewhat of a theme for the team thanks to Moreno, and if that’s the case, well that’s just ridiculous.

    That being said, the game today was the most fun I have had at any sporting event ever, and I don’t think Sanford will ever be that loud again.

  36. I agree with Bill. It’s unreasonable to hold a team accountable for the behavior of a small group of its fans. And as a Florida fan, their touchdown celebration was too much (and I’m more against end zone celebration period than your average fan), but I don’t see this team being up to University of Miami level of thugness.

    Oh, and can a Pac-10 fan, or anyone for that matter, give me a valid reason why Dennis Dixon is head-and-shoulders above Tim Tebow as the Heisman finalist, according to analysts? Perhaps I’m having some blinding confirmation bias affecting me, but I am just not seeing how statistically Dennis Dixon is a superior player to Tim Tebow.

    I know Oregon has had greater success as a team, but is that the only reason? And even when that is considered, is SOS taken into consideration as well? Tebow has the highest passing rating in the nation, and 3 more touchdowns, 300~ more passing yards, 200~ more rushing yards, and 11 more rushing TDs than Dixon. He’s had similar attempts in both passing and rushing, and he even leads the nation in yards per passing attempt. I mean this quite honestly: what am I missing?

  37. As things stand now, I think Dennis Dixon would win the Heisman…a pretty amazing fall for someone the Braves gambled a 5th round pick on….

  38. A lot of UGA fans are some of the worst in the nation. They threw beer all over some of my friends in the USC band (and other schools’ bands too probably) in years past and have had random drunk fans attack band members during and after the game. This didn’t happen anywhere else.

    All schools have jerk fans as well as classy ones.

  39. Wryn’s just upset because Richt’s team mopped the floor with his. Notice that he wasn’t complaining about the lack of class before the butt-whoopin’.

    He’ll calm down and realize that, apart from condoning that Florida game endzone celebration, Richt remains one of the better people who coach major college football.

    I mean, it’s not like any of his players haven intentionally tried to injure the best player in the conference.

  40. Woke up around 6AM in Athens for the early drive back to Atlanta. Had to step over the bodies of not one, but two people passed out (in front of different doors) in my friend’s apartment building. Ah, college life.

    Great win for the Bulldogs — I wish we were playing South Carolina now. I can’t believe it’s been this long, but this is the first time since 1982 we’ve beaten Florida and Auburn in the same season.

    No excuse for the boorish behavior being described. Unfortunately, it’s not inconsistent with the history of UGA football fan behavior. I don’t believe we’re the worst, but we’re far from the best.

    Otherwise, I agree with Bill. The team has been pretty exuberant lately, but no dirty plays or incitement to brawls. That’s what I think of as thuggery, not jumping and dancing around a bit. They’re handing it to some bitter rivals and having fun doing so.

    By the way, the worst fan behavior I’ve ever seen is at Washington State. The Palouse is basically a bunch of drunks out in the middle of nowhere who act like nobody is looking…

  41. “And the worst, or at least the stupidest, is John Parker Wilson.”

    new name Sarah Jessica Parker and Auburn has Courtney Cox

  42. csg,
    in auburn we prefer Brandon “i like it from behing” Cox.
    But yes they are both dredful. As bad as Cox is, Auburn has no one else to turn to….how sad is that?

    Ubbba, sorry my boys didn’t give you much of a game…not that ur too upset. Now on to the iron bowl.

  43. And winner of the Pontiac Game Losing Performance of the Week for the second consecutive week… John Wilson of Alabama!.. for his game turning, 100-yard, 10-point turnaround interception to close the 1st half against Mississippi State, who went on to defeat the Crimson Tide by 5 points 17-12..

    Wilson received the “award” last week for his gift wrapped, TD-granting fumble inside Alabama’s 10-yard line to provide the winning margin for the #1 LSU Tigers.

    In fact, John Wilson is a 3-time recipient of the Pontiac Game Losing Performance this year, having also gifted a victory to Florida State by fumbling inside Alabama’s 10-yard line to provide the winning margin for the Seminoles in a 21-14 loss.

    Nice work, John.

  44. Wilson is an idiot, but so is Major Applewhite for coming out on 3rd and goal at the 2 with no time outs left at the end of the half in a power formation with no wide receivers and running a bootleg. Terrible call, terrible execution.

  45. that whole series is why we are losing ball games. When we had time outs they knew we would run the football, so why not bring in Johns or Upchurch as your power back from the 1? When we were out of timeouts they knew Wilson wouldnt stand in the pocket so the brought a blitz from the outside. Too predictable, once again, and terrible game management.

    Wilson said he was trying to throw the ball in the stands but didnt get enough on it, not acceptable. Arenas gave us a good return for one drive which put AL around the 50 or so. Sarah Jessica Parker proceeded to throw 3 straight passes out of bounds. I dont know if I’ve ever seen that before. His two picks = 14 turnover points

  46. I’m not going to get caught up in stupid fan behavior. I’ve been on the other side of it plenty. (There was a time when I’d say that Clemson people were the worst.)

    Pretty much every big SEC school has its group of soggy subhumans. It’s just a matter of how much pride they take in their behavior and how much it’s condoned by the “reasonable” people.

    BTW, here’s a reminder for those Auburn/Georgia people with short memories: Firehoses, remember the firehoses?

  47. csg,
    i would agree that the titans’ offense is horrible their d is for real, they are desperately missing haynesworth and laboy on the d-line.

  48. UGA fans are consistently ranked dead last in U.S. News & World Report’s annual Worst College Fanbase rankings. I’ll have to find my copy for you.

    Hands down, there are none worse that I’ve seen.

  49. Look, I’m no Georgia fan–grew up intensely disliking all things UGA, in fact–but that’s absolutely ludicrous. In the SEC alone, there are at least four (and arguably more) fan bases which are demonstrably worse as collective groups: Florida, LSU, Kentucky & Mississippi State (in order).

  50. Florida. agreed.

    LSU. heard horrible stories, never been.

    Kentucky. well, yeah. Incest can make folks pretty pissy.

    Miss State. don’t know.

    On UGA…did you see the AJC article a couple of years ago about Bulldog fans literally pissing over the top deck onto fellow Bulldog fans in line to get into Sanford Stadium? lol…that is the epitome of “Bulldog Nation”.

  51. I’m not sure which school you represent, Tiger224, but I can guess.

    A little unsolicited advice: Maybe bring up this otherwise pointless subject when it doesn’t reek of sour grapes or something even more biodegradable.

    When my team gets whipped, I tend to shut up—not moan about the least of my opponents’ fans.

  52. Pretty good troll there, Tiger. I give you 4 out of 10. It needs more cowbell, though. I’m sure you have one laying around.

  53. ububba, my good friend, I am no Auburn Tiger.

    But, let me say, you kicked the crap outta Auburn yesterday. Very impressive.

  54. anyone here think we sign Glavine this week? I think Tuesday is the first day that we can begin negotiations, am I wrong?

  55. Doh, no Clemson love from this crowd – I’m a Clemson fan too.
    Though, I gotta say, when I saw his user ID/title/whatever, I was honestly hoping he was not a Clemson fan. Oh well…

  56. And, I know that there have been some real rivalries between Clemson & SEC schools (obviously, USC, Georgia also), but I was too young to be really aware of everything during the real bitter rivalry years.

  57. And, sorry for the triple post, but I gotta call Rob Cope out – Al Queda? I know it’s hyperbole, and this is the internet and all, but still (and it’s not like UF & Clemson have any real history, do they?)

  58. The Al Qaeda comment made me laugh. I thought it was perfect use of sports fan hyperbole: if you like the other guys, you must be evil. :-)

  59. I was just kidding. I actually don’t not like Clemson. I nothing Clemson. And exactly like mraver said, if you like the other guys, you must be evil.

  60. I went to a Georgia-Clemson NIT-tournament basketball game once. (For Clemson, it was the Horace Grant Era.) I scored seats from a big UGA alum and somehow I ended up sitting very close to former Tiger football coach Danny Ford.

    I was really surprised how big the guy was—I think he played for Alabama in the 1960s, so I shouldn’t have been—but the thing that really struck me was that, along with his suit and tie, Ford was wearing an Orange Clemson ball cap.

    Not like I was going to make fun of him or anything, but c’mon…

  61. Yeah, well…

    As a Tar Heel, all I can say on the subject of college football is:

    Is it basketball season yet?

  62. Is it basketball season yet?

    Yes, and AJ Ogilvy is the best freshman player Vanderbilt’s ever had. Probably already the best big man in the SEC.

  63. #80, until Tommy signs with us, there’s still part of me that expects him to go to some other team (Cardinals? Nats?) for a few extra million.

  64. Don’t the Braves need to wait to see if the Mets offer arb on Glavine? I wasn’t sure where he ranked.

  65. Jonathan- why didn’t you want me to be a Clemson fan?

    Horace Grant was one of the best in a great tradition of big men at Clemson. Tree Rollins, Elden Campbell, Dale Davis, Sharone Wright (fizzled a bit in the pros), and now James Mays.

    Here’s hoping Coach Purnell can improve on last year’s results.

    But, we still have a little bit of work to do on the football field first.

  66. “For ‘07 Opening Day NFL Rosters:
    SEC: 263 players
    ACC: 238
    Big 10: 234
    Pac 10: 183
    Big 12: 176
    Big East: 84

    ACC: 234 (FSU and Miami), 4 (rest of the conference). I’ve never really accepted the Florida teams as part of the ACC.

    I’m disappointed with Carolina. I have to conclude that either Spurrier can no longer coach or that Carolina will never be more than a 7 win team.

  67. When the SEC was discussing expansion, I was really hoping that FSU & Miami would join the conference. Nothing against Arkansas & South Carolina, but at the time those schools were attracting all kinds of talent.

    Have no idea if it’s true, but I’d always heard that FSU declined an SEC invitation because they could dominate the ACC in football (which they did for a long time) & the ACC gave them a better basketball conference and they could recruit accordingly.

  68. “ACC gave them a better basketball conference and they could recruit accordingly.”

    Of course that’s debatable now.

  69. @95,


    It was more the effect on money than on recruiting. ACC gave FSU almost complete exemption on dividing football revenue for an extended period (like 10 years) but gave an immediate share back to them on basketball. FSU did not want to share football money with the SEC schools.

    In other words, they got to have their football cake and eat a basketball cake as well.

  70. Tiger224,

    I haven’t been to as many games in the last ten years or so, plus I am biased, so I can’t comment to Georgia fan behavior.

    However, I have never seen the athletic department do things with relation to visiting fans that were not basically right.

    Before about 1979, Georgia and many of its opponents got 12,000 tickets for road games. IPTAY (I know tiger knows, but that meant “I Pay Twenty a Year”) people at Clemson were rabid for more season tickets. Georgia renewed in 1979 for the 1980 and 1981 seasons at 6,000 tickets instead. The Clemson fans in 1980 got o.k. seats at northwest corner (no east or west concrete stands then) and in the west end zone bleachers.

    In 1981 about half of Georgia’s 3,000 tickets were in Section GG. On day of game the Georgia fans found out that meant “Green Grass” on one side of the hill next to where Howard’s rock sits.

    Therefore, I particularly don’t like Clemson.

  71. Also, in 1982 first night game in Sanford Stadium since the 50’s, I worked for a law firm part time while in law school. I am pretty sure the game was on Labor Day. On the next business day (which therefore would have been a Tuesday)our law firm had gotten a call about helping out some guys from Clemson. Not the school, the town.

    They had followed the team to Athens and hung out in the parking lots and werer apparently spied by University police with binoculars on top of buildings while they broke into cars in parking lots.

  72. In 1981 about half of Georgia’s 3,000 tickets were in Section GG. On day of game the Georgia fans found out that meant “Green Grass” on one side of the hill next to where Howard’s rock sits.

    That’s actually pretty funny.

  73. “I’m disappointed with Carolina. I have to conclude that either Spurrier can no longer coach or that Carolina will never be more than a 7 win team.”

    Patience my friend. Spurrier had this team to a #6 ranking this year with a freshman QB. There still isnt a whole lot of talent and he’s getting the most out of them. Give him about 2-3 more years and they’ll be stacked with talent. He’s still got plenty left in him

  74. I can’t believe that the two teams behind LSU are Oregon and Kansas. Actually, Oregon maybe a little, but Kansas…? I know I know, they’re undefeated, and if they beat Missouri and Oklahoma to finish off the year, they definitely have a case, but ‘deserving’ and being able to beat 5 of the next ten teams ranked below them are two different things. Any thoughts on who’s better – Kansas or Oregon?

  75. “Give him about 2-3 more years and they’ll be stacked with talent. He’s still got plenty left in him”

    That’s the part I’m concerned about. Is he going to get guys to pick Carolina over UGA or Florida (or Clemson)? I don’t know how much recruiting they do north of the border – they should do a lot, since none of the NC schools take football seriously.

  76. get guys to pick Carolina

    Spurrier does NOT work at UNC

    UNC = Carolina

    USC = South Carolina

    sorry. that’s just the way it is.

  77. Just a little friendly give-and-take, Jonathan. That’s all. I thought it would’ve appeared obvious with the US News & World Report mention. ;-)

    Besides, I married into a UGA/Alabama/Nebraska family. Strange, ain’t it?

    Cliff- thanks for sharing. UGA and Clemson had quite a series going for a while. Clemson definitely has been on the shorter end of that one over time. I’m looking forward to the renewal of the series in 2011 or 2012 or whenever it is.

  78. Cliff,
    I was a freshman at UGA when they played that infamous 1981 game at Clemson. People were pissed. It didn’t help that Buck Belue had his worst game as a Dawg & Georgia lost 13-3.

    Who the hell knows until/unless those 2 schools play each other. Playoff, please…

  79. Let me weigh in as a Gerogia fan on the various fan bases:

    I have never met a worse group of human beings on the planet than GEORGIA TECH.

    For as much as I come in to this site & talk about my hatred of Tennessee and Florida, and yes, I have met plenty of losers from their fan bases (and yeah, we have some losers/jerks too in the UGA crowd – all schools have them), but no fan base acts with less class than Ga. Tech.

    Even among rivals like Auburn, Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida, I have met some really cool people from each of those schools.

    The one fan base in the south where I have not met one person I have liked is Georgia Tech. They are the most jealous fans I have ever seen – jealous of UGA, jealous of the SEC, and they spew vitriol more than anyone.

    The most classless fans nationwide? Ohio State. I have met tons of their fans and still looking for just ONE with a modicum of class.

    But amongst our most bitter rivals in the SEC, I have met great, great people who are Gators or Auburn or South Carolina so that’s more proof that all SEC schools have a mix of good & bad fans.

    But what separates the SEC from everyone else, is we have the best football conference year in and year out and we know that no matter how much we hate one another on Saturdays, our football is better than yours (Big 10, I am looking at YOU).

  80. Clemson fan-

    Yeah, UGA has owned the rivalry of late but it’s been a great series in the past. I don’t hate Clemson the way I hate teams we play every year.

    Plus, there’s obviously a strong relationship anyway between Mark Richt & Tommy Bowden considering Richt’s time at FSU and the fact that Mark’s son Jon is a QB at Clemson now.

  81. By the way, regarding that moron Lou Holtz’s claim that the Big 12 is the best conference this year, I point to exhibit A and call “Bullsh–!”

    Here’s Kansas non conference schedule:

    Date Opponent Time/Result Audio/Video
    Sat, Sep 1 Central Michigan W 52-7 —
    Sat, Sep 8 Southeastern Louisiana W 62-0 —
    Sat, Sep 15 Toledo W 45-13 —
    Sat, Sep 22 Florida International W 55-3

    If Kansas, unbeaten or with 1 loss, gets in the national championship game with THAT non conference schedule, when LSU has played and killed Virginia Tech, and Oregon went to Ann Arbor and kicked Michigan’s teeth in, then the entire BCS is the friggin’ joke I thought it was.

    The SEC and the Pac 10 do not have any unbeatens BECAUSE they are the best conferences in America, in that order.

    When Kansas is unbeaten, that speaks to the lack of non conf. opponents and worse, the crapfest the Big 12 really is.

    If they beat Mizzou and Oklahoma, they have a much better argument, but they should be DISQUALIFIED for not playing one real opponent in their non conference schedule.

    Not when my Dawgs have played Oklahoma State, Troy and will play Ga. Tech as 3 of our 4 non conference opponents.

  82. #106: Sorry Chris, you are mistaken. The proper shorthand for the University of South Carolina is “Carolina” or “USC”

    Those other schools can be referred to as North Carolina or Southern Cal.

  83. Oh, good. A Clemson fan is making incest jokes about Kentucky. How original.

    Well, let me tell you something, sonny:

    Hillbillies (that’s us) are superior to rednecks (that’s you).

    Our appliances may be on the porch, but at least they’re clean.

  84. Actually, Andy…the only time you EVER see “Carolina” associate with USC is the baseball jersey.

    every other one says “SOUTH CAROLINA”

    for UNC it’s the same: CAROLINA…

    ask anyone OUTSIDE of South Carolina, what is “Carolina”? and they say…North Carolina…

    sorry…again, Andy. don’t be a SC homer and don’t lie and try to make it seem that USC is anything more that USC and not “Carolina”

  85. “ask anyone OUTSIDE of South Carolina, what is “Carolina”? and they say…North Carolina…”

    Well, yes, that is the problem I am trying to correct. :)

  86. The “Carolina” debate was a cheer that USC brought in this year. “We are Carolina.” It was mainly done to generate enthusiasm for the USC-UNC game this year, which USC won.

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