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  1. Mac,
    Your a Southerner like me. In the regional tradition many of my friends went by their middle names. Seriously, is McCutcheon your first name?

  2. My middle name is Allen. Which in another annoying Southern tradition made me Johnny Allen (one word of course) to my entire extended family because my dad is Johnny senior.

    I’ve always pondered the power that we parents have from the day their child is born. One must carefully choose the moniker that will forever identify a human being. That being said McCutcheon is the most unique of the Mc or Mac names that I’ve heard.

    Terrence Moore warning. Don’t read his column over at ajc unless you are lacking your daily dose of assininous (not a word but how else to describe what Moore ‘writes’)

  3. I was “Bill Boy.” My father was “Big Bill.”

    I wonder what Reverend Roberts’ twin brother’s name was?

  4. I go by “Rob” but “Robert Bruce Broadhurst IV” has a better ring than “Rob Bruce Broadhurst IV.”

    Corky Abraham Phillip Miller sounds like a crime fighting quartet.

  5. Chad Warren Shorter

    (anybody near Rome, GA? Shorter College? There was a time way back when my family was important. heh heh)

    Not a particular family name — but I’ve got my paternal grandfather’s initials.

    My son is 6 months old — he too has his paternal grandfather’s initials.

  6. I actually haven’t been to Rome, GA. Very regrettable.

    But the place is calling my name … because I did live in Rome, Italy for a couple of months, they do have a Braves farm team, and Shorter College is there.

    And since I’m going into academics (Italian Literature) then I pretty much expect them to just hand over the reigns to me and hook me up with a sweet job. heh heh.

  7. Mac,
    When I was a kid, I had a friend who, being a good southerner, was named Thomas McCutcheon, for whatever that’s worth…

  8. ‘Mike’ Yup. In the lilting Carolina accent that I’m used to Mike and Mac are the same name but not mike as in short for microphone but…shoot no way to type it is there? Since I was a military brat I really don’t have too much of a Southern accent but my Southern colloquialisms cause consternation among Ohioans.

  9. For once I’m glad not to have a middle name. Voted for Hiram though, as it seems like it was supposed to be his first name, not a middle name, how can parents do that is beyond me.

  10. “Hiram Kyle Davies” reminds me of a great David Yazbek song called “Sandy Koufax.” Very quirky, very tuneful, the chorus is “Is it good for baseball, is it good for the Jews?”

    Worth a listen.

  11. I voted you, mac. sorry dear -_-;;;
    I missed whole games after July. How provoking, nami!!!!!!By the way, long time no see~~~~~

  12. I didn’t discover until I was in my late twenties that my father’s middle name was “Natividad.” I think “Jesus Maria” works for either a boy or a girl, but first things first.

  13. Name stuff:

    My last name is Bass. When my father was in elementary school in 1940s rural Virginia, a textbook mentioned a Gold Rush outlaw named Sam Bass. “Sam” became my father’s nickname, which he then bequeathed to me.

    His mother was Johnnie Bass, Johnnie being a fairly common woman’s name in the south back in the day. Her maiden name was Law, though, which makes me Sam Bass, grandson of Johnnie Law.

    “Sam Bass” is also the name of the official artist of NASCAR (think gaudy collector plates), which makes me double Google-proof….

  14. Tremayne, originally a French name (loose translation: three hands), then a Cornish name. My paternal grandfather was English.

    The Tremaynes were Huguenots, Calvinists who bailed from France for Cornwall in the west of England. (That religious persecution thing was so popular at the time, so it was a good idea to hang with people who weren’t compelled to burn you at the stake.) If you go to Cornwall today, there’s about as many Tremaynes as there are sheep.

    Ironically, my American grandmother converted to Catholicism. Thusly, I was compelled to attend parochial school & endure a different kind of daily persecution. But that’s another story.

  15. John David Stuart. Named after my grandfathers. Paternal ancestors include JEB, Mary Queen of Scots & James I (of England). Sort of a mixed history, eh?

    I’m “JD” to pretty much everyone—a select few childhood friends called me “Stu”—except for my parents, who call me John David. I’m Southern.

    This is fun.

  16. Stu,
    My middle name is Stuart.

    My mom thought it sounded royal, but my only famous relations are three-time presidential loser/Monkey Trial lawyer William Jennings Bryan & B-movie actor Les Tremayne (starred in “The Conquerer Worm,” played Mentor in “Shazam,” a Saturday morning kids show from the ’70s).

  17. My full name is Lance William Easley, but they call me Tucker, another redneck tradition I suppose….or some of my friends call me Lurch (I’m 6’4 220)

  18. With Andruw gone and Cameron facing suspension for his second substance related offense, going for Griffey doesn’t sound like a terrible idea.

    It won’t happen, but its fun to speculate.

  19. I believe thad middle names can make a great difference in one’s life–at least it did in mine.

    My middle name Lee–one which is quite common in the South–actually changed my life for the better….My last name is Keck (which is German). I am told that there is a Chinese dialect or group of words which translates into English as `kek’ or even ‘quek’.

    In 1998 I moved to Singapore and soon discovered that the National University of Singapore had hired me thinking that I was an ‘ABC’–American Born Chinese. They thought that with my name meant that I had to be Chinese…

    A great first day on the job! However, with eight wonderful years in Singapore and a Singaporean wife I have to say that I was very lucky….

  20. How about short names… my father’s name is Bodo (I am not kidding, just Bodo!) and I am Timo. Simple as that.

  21. ububba… My family are original huguenots, too… Regier. We bailed from then Northern France, now Belgium, for West-Preussia.

    Stephen, “Keck” is something like cute in German.

  22. Gavin John Cooper
    I feel so lame compared to all of your middle names.

    If we can trade a bag of used balls for Griffey I would do it, is little Johnny still in the org? maybe we can trade him for Griffey.

  23. William Raymond Kitson. My Northern-born parents unknowingly bestowed me with the classic southern name of “Billy Ray.” It made growing up in the “Achy Breaky Heart” era quite irritating.

  24. Kevin Earl Lee, which sounds Southern but is in fact Hoosier. Contrary without the charm. Think David Letterman.
    I’m third generation Anmerican with my grandfather having crossed the Ohio from Kentucky with his 6 bothers and mule. (Seriously)
    My mother’s people were Kennedys, but not the rich kind.

    Old Timer: My grandson is Gavin Lee Lambert. Hope that brings him luck.

  25. Mac, I told you not to read Moore’s article.

    @33 So… you’re a white guy that your employer in Singapore thought was a Chinese guy because you are Stephen Lee Keck? Funny.

    @30 Tucker…. Yup pretty common in the South. I had a brother in law named James Conner First and middle that went by Pete his entire life.

    @33 again. I’m an SOB Southern Oriental Boy. My parents adapted me when my dad was stationed in Japan with the Air Force. Folks in Ohio still can’t figure out the Southern mannerisms and hint of an accent coming out of an Asian.

  26. I have to say this is the most erudite and articulate sports blog I have seen, especially compared to those featuring Red Sox and Yankee fans, who all sound like they grew up with the Sopranos. Cool stuff with the names but I don’t have anything interesting to add. AAR, a lot of Jews have “non-Jewish” names because the people at Ellis Island couldn’t pronounce their real names and wrote down Anglicized versions. Is that what happened to your family?

    As for Terrence Moore,yuuck! Unfortunately, every time he writes a column, it brings out all the racists that “read” the AJC. But he is awful.

  27. So, Andruw is only a Type B free agent? Did this come up in the last thread? So this just means we get a crappier draft pick, right?

  28. And sorry to change the subject. I did enjoy reading about all your names, but as mine is pretty vanilla (Eric Michael Moore) I didn’t have much to say.

  29. Terrence Moore may be the worst writer ever. He forgets one incredibly important detail in getting Griffey to play CF for the Braves. GRIFFEY CAN NO LONGER PLAY CF!! The Reds thought that Giffey’s defense was so terrible that they put Josh Hamilton in CF. Josh Hamilton has extremely limited range for a centerfielder. The Braves have an excess of outfielders coming through the system, and there is no way they are going to trade for a one year veteran rental.

  30. @42,

    And when I questioned Andruw’s type A status about 3 weeks ago, I was roundly dismissed.

    I think that ends the “will the Braves offer arb to Andruw?” issue, doesn’t it?

  31. John David Long here. I go by my middle name, and a right pain in the butt that is. Anyway…

    No famous relatives for me, but my kids have a great-great-great uncle who was famous. Think 19th century actor/assassins.

    @30 6’4″ 220? Shoot, son, yer a lightweight. 6’4″ 300 here.

  32. Further thought on Andruw, does Boras get 5 years 20 million for a Type B player? That really points out just how ineffective he was last year even when averaged with the previous o.k. year.

  33. Aaron Rowand will be the hot center fielder on the market this go round. Then Torii Hunter. Andruw will probably have to settle for playing for the Nats. If any one of them gets Vernon Wells length of contract or dollars I’ll be surprised.

  34. Re: Terrence Moore

    Moore is a godawful sportswriter who tries to figure out new ways (on a daily basis) to annoy or offend people. The one time I met him in person at a Georgia/Kentucky basketball game back during one of the two seasons we had Tubby at UGA, I found Moore to be an arrogant a–. (I was a stringer for the A.P. covering UGA sports back in the mid 1990’s).

    That being said, I actually don’t mind this column and wish Terrence was actually right. Yes, Junior’s defense has gone down, but his bat is srtill one of the best in Baseball. I think signing him is comparable to the discussion we had the other day about Schilling – except with Griff, I am more convinced that he could still play at a high level and help us.

    And sure, JR will inevitablty get hurt again, but even if we got a Chipper-style 120-125 games, that’s a lot of offense and a lot more offense than we would have gotten from Andruw. Girff can still take a lot of walks and hit for average.

    I doubt he will come here and the price tag will be too high (and Terrence in his column neglects to point out all the raises we also have to hand out, including Teixeira and Smoltz) but yes, I would love to have Griffey here.

  35. I’m not much of a Terrance Moore fan either, but there are very, very few columnists who have anything to say after about 5 years on the job. After all, columnists aren’t college professors with a Ph.D., Supreme Court justices, or popes. Somehow, they get lifetime appointments anyway.

    I think there ought to be a system to weed out columnists who have simply run out of things to say, because they take up valuable space in the newspaper that might be better served otherwise. (Or, you know, if anyone wanted to hand me a column job I’d be happy to do it till I ran out of ideas too.)

  36. Well, if we could get Griffey as cheaply as Moore seems to think we could, I’d be all for it. But Moore is never in the know, so I give no weight to his idle speculation. And DOB, who generally is, relatively speaking, in the know, basically dismissed the notion as not worth discussing.

  37. McCutcheon is pretty rough but Mac is cool.

    For what it’s worth-Dick Trickle. (Not BB but he is southern….I think)

  38. The problem I have with Griffey is he seems to continually get hurt at the end of the year when we would need his bat most. I’d rather start with Lillibridge/Shaefer in CF backed up or platooned with some veteran (Crisp?). If it isn’t working by July we can then trade for Griffey or somebody else.

  39. Johnny,

    At some point, reality will set in for Boras and Andruw and he won’t get close to the $ he’s seeking.

    I agree about the Nats – the new stadium and despite what Kasten told me a month ago when I met him at an event here in DC, once Lucifer/Boras lowers the Andruw price tag, the Nats, Rangers or Cubs will probably sign in. I also still think the Yankees will be interested because they have a need – the Mets and Red Sox don’t really have a need.

  40. Ron,

    For a price tag of $12 mill. per year, I would gladly take that risk on Griffey. I’m with Stu and it’s the same conversation we had about Schilling – if the price is reasonable, it can be worth taking a gamble.

    And I think Griff is a lot more “worth it” than Schill.

  41. Robert McHenry Warren, middle name same as father and grandfather, after Ft. McHenry where Francis Scott key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Doesn’t matter though because my grandfather got his brother, who was married to my dad’s mom, thrown into jail, then proceeded to get brother’s wife pregnant, which is how my dad came into the world. Worst part is, they weren’t from the south. You’d expect that in KY, but not Minnesota. Yes, all of the branches on my family tree have been fused or broken off.

    I would love to see Griffey here for several reasons: he can play a decent Left Field, could play Center if needed, would put more people in the seats, and might get his 3,000 hit in ATL if he stuck around for 3 seasons. Would love to see him finish his career in Atlanta, but I don’t think he would leave Cincy at this late point in his career.

  42. James Jones

    #1 most common first name in US, combined with #4 most common last name in US.

    go ahead, try and google me. I’m the only man to ever play in the NBA and NFL at the same time, and I’ve had TWO careers in the NFL (DT for Browns and Lions, now WR for Packers)

  43. Moore, while probably just making the whole thing up to fill a column, is at least right that Griff would want to play for a few reasons, including the fact that his dad played in Atlanta, plus we are close to Griff’s home in Florida and we certainly have the pieces to be a contender in the NL.

    Ultimately, it’s not realistic because I don’t see Griffey and the Braves getting together on the right price.

  44. Mac,

    You realize with a name like ‘McCutcheon’, you should walk around looking more like Mel Gibson in “Braveheart” or say, Billy Connonelly?

  45. Again, everyone is forgetting the fact that Griffey cannot play CF. Giffey also has a $4 million buyout next year, or another $16+ million for that year. Would we rather spend $28+ million on a CF or starting pitching? This is a definite reality in our limited salary cap era.

  46. re: 54

    Not only is Dick Trickle Southern, he’s from Cumming, GA if I’m not mistaken.

    Even if he isn’t, it’s funnier that way.

  47. I went with Corky, but Orr has the worst name. I couldn’t vote for him seeing as one of his many names is my middle name.

    In my family, the first born son’s middle name is his father’s first name. This way you have to find a first name that you like and sounds good with the middle and last name. Very annoying, but I like it.

  48. Seat Painter,

    Famous relatives? Hehe, I’ve got a good tidbit about that.

    My Mom traced the geneaology of our family and one unconfirmed thing she found (as in it’s probably not true) was that we’re VERY distant relatives of President Bush.

    As for Griffey, that’s just stupid. :P

  49. Alex,

    I am a big Ken Griffey Jr. fan but no we do not need a 37 year old, fragile, morphed into a 3 outcomes RIGHT fielder for 12 million dollars.

    According to Wiki Dick Trickle, and I thought y’all were bull sh**** me, is from Wisconson.

    Mr. and Mrs. Trickle had a hell of a sense of humor.

  50. Actually according to Wiki Trickle is from Wisconsin of all places.
    Griffey can’t play center anymore can he?? Moore being Moore, maybe slightly less obnoxious this article.

  51. Since we’re playing Alex Haley today, our folks fled the law from South Carolina either to Wiregrass Georgia (the chicken thieves) or the Everglades (the horse thieves). I’m fairly certain I come from a long line of malingerers and ne’er-do-wells. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    If we can’t have Andruw, let’s go for good cheap defense in centerfield. Braves bucks would be better spent on pitching.

  52. @59,

    Not to mention authoring one of the great novels of the 20th century, “From Here to Eternity.” Boy, have you been busy!

  53. @ 65, @69,

    Once you ever tie into a well established line, there is proof that puts you way back into royalty. Bush is related to royalty (not sure how) and one of his distant cousins is his former Secretary of State, Colin Powell. (there is an Alex Haley moment).

    I know this because one of my great aunt’s got us back to the Barons De Clare (on Magna Charta) and once you get there it is smooth sailing back through Charlemagne to Helena, Empress of Rome. Since Charlemagne was Merovingian does that mean that the protectors need to protect me.

    I once estimated that I am 250,000th in line to the throne of England. Who knows, maybe I will get a shot someday.

  54. McCutcheon,
    I know that you are a librarian but do you really know that stuff off the top of your head?

  55. From the last thread:

    Tom Says:
    October 31st, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    What you’re saying is you didn’t hate Lofton, Kolbb or Albie Lopez?

    No, I actually liked Lofton, my memory of him with the Braves is him hitting line drives down the thirdbase line, and wondering why he wasn’t stealing any bases. And sure, I hated Albie Lopez and Dan Kolb, but they weren’t making potentially $30 mil a year either.

  56. @74
    I felt pretty proud I knew who Charlemagne was, until I read this post.

    Um…could he hit in AA ball? (Nervous shuffle)

  57. That I knew off the top of my head, though I had to look up Charlemagne’s father (Pepin the Short) to confirm if he deposed the Merovingian king or just took over after he died. It helps to know a little bit about a lot of stuff, but I majored in history, specializing in European.

  58. A side note about names:

    Right before I was born, my folks lived in a very very small place in Louisiana called Jaunita. It’s one of those places that if you miss the sign on the road, you don’t know you’re there. Anyways, my mom was friends with a few of the ladies at the local pentecostal church. One, named Cotton, was pregnant when my mom was pregnant with me.

    When my mom had me, I was named Dustin Greg, when Cotton had her son a few months later, he was named Justin Craig. Knowing the fact that I had no name until a few days after I was born (I wasn’t “planned”), and the fact that due to her pentecostal beliefs of whatnot, Cotton was already married and already had a good name picked out, I canonly assume that my mom totally ripped off that other kids name and changed it a little and gave it to me.

    Wouldn’t suprise me a bit.

  59. I’ve read that when you get down to brass tacks, everyone on Earth is no more than a 14th cousin to everyone else. And because of something called ancestor collapse (I think that’s right name), not everyone has 5096 different Great(x10) Grandparents. At some point, some of your ancestors will share ancestors, so your family tree starts to narrow again. And, this same article postulated that if you were of Western European origin, you ARE a direct descendant of Charlemagne.

    Anyway, I thought it was interesting.

  60. Griffey can’t play center and just isn’t that great of a hitter anymore, especially considering his home park. Matt Diaz was better last year.

    For CF, I’d lean toward trying to get Crisp from Boston. Last time we traded for an underperforming Red Sock it worked out well for us.

    Oh,I’m Andrew Mitchell. Mitchell is a family name, supposedly the same family as Margaret Mitchell, who wrote Gone With the Wind. Andrew is from my great-great grandfather, Andrew Jefferson, a confederate vet. My brother is named Jefferson.

  61. Not only can Griffey not “play center” any more, he was abysmal as a CF five years ago. You’d be better served playing Matt Diaz or Mark Tiexiera in CF than Griffey. Terrence Moore is an idiot.

  62. If we do get Griffey, would T. Moore have to retire? He would have nothing else to write about. My full name is Christopher James Steinhaus. My great-great grandfather Edward Steinhaus came to Chicago from the Pommern area of Germany for his honeymoon in the mid 1880’s. He got so seasick on the trip over, he refused to return to Germany thus establishing our clan in the new world.

  63. Sam, I don’t have the complicated stats in front of me, but on Griffey’s B-R page it looks like he was slightly below league average in Range Factor per 9 innings in CF in 2006, where he played 100 games. (In 2002, 5 years ago, it looks a lot worse, but he only played 54 games in center that year.)

    So I wouldn’t play him there unless I had to, because of the injury risk, but I don’t think he embarrasses himself.

  64. The Disgruntled German is a staple at the hot corner for the Mud Hens. Alex should buy a smaller glove…

  65. 82 — my family tree definitely narrowed. my parents found out they were 3rd cousins. There’s always a good chance of that in Roanoke Co. (Virginia). heh heh.

    As long as we’re naming off our famous relatives — John Gill Shorter was the governor of Alabama during the Civil War. He’s a direct great great.

    Mac — didn’t know you were a librarian. The library here at the University of Wisconsin is pretty sweet. I’ve actually got to run now to get to class — we’re taking a look at some of the Italian special collections from the 17th century — early editions of Galileo and Marino. Good stuff.

  66. My maternal grandfather’s family name was Fewlass. Someone in our family did some research, and (though I have not seen the information personally) apparently the whole variation of names (Few, Fewlass, Fewless) can all be traced back to 3 orphans who came to America in the early 1700s or so.
    And my wife’s maiden name was Adams, and her family are direct descendants of Samuel or John Adams (I forget which).
    I, on the other hand, share a name with this (somewhat) famous gent:

  67. A side note about names:

    Since we are sharing…

    For along time if you put my name in Google the first (and only correct) hit was a paper I wrote about a Radio Astronomy station in college 10 years ago. I have a unique last name. I enjoyed this silly little fact.

    However recently I’ve been knocked down to number two by some guy in Tonawanda, NY (different middle initial) receiving a community service award. What did he do to earn it? Well, close as I can tell he died. I assume it was an award for a lifetime of good community service and not an award signifying that the community is better served with him dead.

    Obviously I need to get back on top here – hopefully without playing the death card. If I do manage to get back to number one at least I don’t have to worry about the guy from New York answering back.

  68. The great thing about my name is that I can’t Google myself due to the common-ness of my name.

    The bad thing about my name is that i can’t Google myseld due to the common-ness of my name.

  69. The Orioles have declined to pick up Kris Benson’s option. Could we maybe get him and bring Anna back home to do the dances she used to do on top of the dugout? Now, that would sell some tickets.

    Besides, if Benson’s arm isn’t totally shot, he is that mysterious league average pitcher.

  70. Prayers have been answered…

    ATLANTA — Chris Woodward began his search for a new employer when he filed for free agency on Tuesday. The veteran utility infielder spent the past season with the Braves, who aren’t expected to bring him back for the 2008 season.

  71. Some run by Mac’s place and make sure he hasn’t fallen over and hit his head in a paroxsysm of joy.

  72. Getting in late, I know, but my doppelganger Brian Jenkins is a British Member of Parliament. Okay, I find it amusing…

    I was a bit surprised that Elias ranks John Smoltz so highly (#2, half a point behind Brandon Webb). I was even more surprised that Chuck James is a Class A. And how is Hampton getting a ranking since he didn’t throw a pitch in 2006 or 2007?

  73. I don’t want to spoil Mr. Thomason’s mood but if not Woodward it will be some other totally useless piece of crap veteran filling a postion on the roster that Martin Prado can do.

    Charlemagne was an outfielder for the Indians back in the 80’s I believe. Had one good season and became a legend after that.

  74. There is going to be some crappy infielder on the team. It may not be Woodward, but the Braves could sign someone else. Or it may be Prado. Or Orr.

  75. anyone see where Zumaya hurt himself moving personal items during the California Wildfire? Anyways, he hurt his shoulder and wont be able to pitch until after the All Star break. Thats a big loss

  76. “moving personal items” = “trying to master Reptilia and Raining Blood for four days straight”

  77. For a few who don’t get 104, Joe Charbonneau was a centerfielder for the Indians in about 81 and won Rookie ofthe year. Roughly .310 20 homers, 30 stolen bases, wild diving catches all over the place. He had a new wave / punk song about him that predominantly went “Joe, Joe, Charbonneau”. Imagine Grady Sizemore but then dropping off the planet. The crash ws that fast.

  78. Here’s a scary idea:

    I’m sitting here watching a local morning show, and who should come on for an interview but Brian Jordan. And the first thing he talked about? A comeback. Seriously. He talked about taking a year off and feeling healthy, how the Braves need outfield help and he’s asking Bobby Cox for “a chance” in spring training.

  79. I can just see it–Opening Day 2008:

    Batting 6th and playing left field–Brian Jordan

    Say it isn’t so.

  80. Yesssssssss. Brian Jordan for Center Field! Joe Charbonneau
    1980 stat line
    .289 .358 .488 with 23 homers. A cult hero in Cleveland because he got stabbed, opened beers with his eye socket and other weird stuff. Heck he could be a distant relative to the Emperor Charlamagne.

  81. Hey, BJord can be the right hand half of a LF platoon with Matt Di….

    Ummm. Can Brian play center?

  82. The only remotely positive thing about Brian Jordan playing again would be the fact that we would no longer be subjected to his pointless rambling on “Braves Live” or whatever that show is called.

  83. Braves Journal Fans;
    Please tell me why nobody, and I mean nobody, thinks my Colts can be the awesome but human Patriots.

    Surely somebody outside of the 317 & 765 area codes must give respect to the Champs!

  84. In my weekly NFL pool, I’ve been presented with preposterous lines each week for the Pats & they’ve covered every time. (Last week, it was -16.5.)

    Think about this: We have the defending Super Bowl champs, undefeated, at home, and they’re 5.5-point underdogs. I’ll bet that’s never happened before.

    Hate to say it, but I’m taking the Pats again. I don’t like ’em, but they haven’t let me down yet.

  85. Kevin I live in California and I hate the Patriots. I am a big Raiders fan and as all of you remember it was the Raiders who got screwed in the 2001 playoffs against the Patriots. Yes I am still bitter. It was a FUMBLE !!!

  86. #128 Willy Aybar is playing 3B for Licey of the Dominican Winter League and is batting .600 after only three games.

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