33 thoughts on “Technically not an exhibition game thread”

  1. Two things that I’m glad happened this season:

    1. The Red Sox won their division. That means the Braves 14 striaght will not be jeaporized for a long, long time. The Yanks go back to zero.

    2. Bonds didn’t hit 756 off of a Braves pitcher. He had several chances to do it, too.

    Guess those are the hightlights 0f 07.

  2. Padres still up a game, I think they’ll take care of business and lock up the wildcard tomorrow.

    All that momentum and the Phillies lose to the Nationals. Imagine how cursed they’d seem if they lose tomorrow and the Mets win.

    Come on, Phillies. Don’t blow this.

  3. Crazy upsets… I’m glad football season is in full swing. 6 of top-13 teams go down, and three haven’t even played yet.

    Auburn, though, may need more than a prayer.

  4. So, will Andruw play another game in a Braves uniform? He hasn’t been in there for the past two days…

  5. Allowing a homer to the opposing pitcher isn’t exactly a great way to go out on a really good stretch by Bennett.

  6. The Padres are up 1 game on the Mets, Phils, and (if they win today) the Rockies. So if the Mets and Phils both win tomorrow, and the Rockies win today and tomorrow, and SD loses tomorrow, there would be a 4-way tie for the wildcard, with two of the teams also tied for the NL East lead. Or SD could just win tomorrow and end all the suspense. But there could still be a tie for the East. Which I guess would result in a one-game playoff. (I’m trying to make this exciting somehow. It’s not really working.)

    Go Chipper and go Phillies

  7. For Chipper to even have a sniff at Holliday at this point, Holliday has to slump BIG time. Even a 2-5 night leaves him at .33971

  8. I’m so upset with the Phillies. How could you give the Mets hope again? Let them slither back in this?

    The Padres are fine I am sure. But still, now if the Mets win tomorrow, they are assured a playoff game with the Phillies at the least.

  9. Colorado is winning big. That means, if tomorrow the Rockies, Phillies, and Mets all win, and the Padres lose, there will be a 4-way tie for the WC. What happens then?

  10. First the Mets and Phillies have to play for the NL East title. Then the loser drops into a 3-way playoff for the wild card. They draw straws to see who gets to play one game on the road, two at home, or two on the road.

  11. Mac–you’re not the only one without anything. The Braves offense didn’t have much either. Not that it matters a lick–other than Chipper.

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