Astros 3, Braves 2

ESPN – Braves vs. Astros Box Score, September 29 2007 – MLB

Huh. To be honest, I didn’t watch this game, or pay any attention to it whatsoever. Chipper went 1-3 and is still at .339. Jeff Bennett gave up a two-run homer to Berkman in the first and a solo shot to the pitcher, Backe, in the fifth. Since the Braves could only score two runs, his quality start turned into a loss. On the other hand, it didn’t really matter a lot.

The Braves’ only runs came on outs, a groundout by Brayan Pena in the second and a sac fly by Harris in the seventh. Typical. Once again, the 2007 Braves outhit their opponents in a loss. Then again, it can only happen one more time at most… Holliday is at .340, 2-4 so far in the game, will hit one more time at least.

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    I know I haven’t been around a lot in the last month and it’s entirely possible this has been regularly discussed on this board, but tomorrow is the last ever broadcast of a Braves game on TBS (barring a future playoff game, that will be through MLB – not the same of course).

    I just wanted to give the few Journal posters left at this point a heads up.

    It’s a shame that it’s Skip with his annoying son, rather than Skip and Pete, as it should be.

    I feel like I am finally saying goodbye to an important piece of my childhood with the Braves leaving TBS. It makes me sad.

  2. Like many that did not grow up in the ATL area, I wouldn’t be a Braves fan if not for TBS. It truly is the end of an era.

    Although I am grateful that I won’t be subjected to Chip Caray any longer.

  3. Chip Caray is the worst. I will not miss TBS as long as it has him whoring up it’s games.

    And I don’t like Cox pulling Chipper Jones in the middle of these past two games when he is trying to win a batting title.

  4. Mac,
    Thanks (again) for another season of BravesJournal. I don’t post as much as a lot of people here, but I read things pretty regularly (even wading through most of the multi-hundred comment entries).
    Missed you lately, but I think things have quieted down a lot once hope was officially extinguised anyway.
    All the other regulars (Stu, ububba, csg, Rob Cope, Sam, a zillion others too), thanks for keeping things lively.
    I’m posting this now because I probably won’t be on much this weekend, so just wanted to say thanks to all for helping me get through another season (I guess we all helped each other, to varying degrees :-)
    Re: TBS – I’ll miss the games on TBS too. I have an great-aunt in Colorado who is almost 80, and whenever I go visit her we always talk about the Braves. She said she became a Braves fan because when I was little I’d always talk about the Braves & want to watch the Braves with her & my uncle. So she started watching them on TBS, even when I wasn’t around, and became a fan. I know, like Jeremy, there are plenty of other fans around the country who became Braves fans in similar types of situations. Oh well…

  5. The current standing:

    Matt Holliday – .33971
    Chipper Jones – .33921

    Basically, whoever gets the most hits tomorrow gets the title.

  6. …no way the Phillies make the playoffs.

    What have the Mets shown lately that makes you believe they could defeat the Phillies in a one game playoff?

    I highly doubt the Mets, Phillies or Padres lose tomorrow.

  7. Wasting some time, I calculated what Chipper needs to do tomorrow to win the batting title for each possible scenario that Holliday could accomplish. (If Holliday does ‘X’, then Chipper needs to do at least ‘Y’.) I know the Braves game starts an hour before the Rockies game, but whatever.

    Here it is, first column is what Holliday does, 2nd column is the minimum that Chipper needs.


  8. If Chipper got to hit in Colorado for a season, I am sure that he would have already won the batting title….Similarly, if Holliday played for the Braves I don’t think he would be competitive….

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