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  1. Andruw Likely Gone
    Update: Keith Law just predicted Torii Hunter will make 16MM/year in Texas. That gels with what Andruw’s seeking.

  2. Even the Philly fans were embarrassed by the article. And the guy says he was just trying to stir up a rivalry. Geez, what does it take to get a column on Fox Sports, a degree from moron school?

  3. Mac,

    Do’t forget Tennessee has IDLE this week. I think the “IDE’s” have a good toughness and will work like heck to give the Vols a game.

    UT 33 ID 28

  4. Apparently, Mark Redman is starting for the Rockies on Saturday. How ironic (and disgusting) would it be if he somehow helped get the Rockies to the playoffs?

  5. From the previous thread on Jordan Schaffer. He was Baseball America’s top Low A position player prospect (and also Hanson was the top pitcher). He is playing in the Arizon Fall League as the Braves one permitted Class A (He finished strongly at hitter unfriendly Myrtle Beach) prospect.

    All of the prospect bloggers think he is the real deal. Probably 09 capable to MLB start in center and be a plus fielder, plus base runner, and slight VORP as a hitter even in his first year.

  6. What about a different proposal for centerfield. Fukudome (and that is not a vulgar domed stadium).

    He is a full unrestricted free agent after this year (no posting BS or fee). 29 or 30 years old. I haven’t seen anything on him this year. However, before this year, the scouts said he is within a hair of as good of a defender as Ichiro, almost as good of a contact hitter, plenty fast on the bases, and with way more power than Ichiro (more like Iwamura at Tampa Bay, a little less than Hideki Matsui when he came over). Something like an MLB projection of .300 BA / .350 OBP / .500 SLG.

    My take on a Japanese player is a savvy player like Liberty might be able to estimate the Asian revenue stream created off such a player and take that into account. Let’s just say that would be $3 million (estimates on Matsuzaka were on the range of 8 to 10 million per year by several sources). Then, if you sign him 4 years for 10 million a year, it’s like 7 a year. Then, he becomes a better solution than anybody on the free agent market and cheaper as well.

  7. By the way, bombshell in San Francisco Weekly today. A jail bird that was in Greg Anderson’s cell is spilling his guts. If any of the independently verifiable tidbits can be established, then Bonds will go to jail for perjury.

    They can question Anderson, he can “non answer”, and then the jailbird can “sing’.

    Interesting tidbit. 2002 World Series Game 6. Bonds misplay of a ball (didn’t lean over) was caused by an HGH injection directly to the scrotum which caused a hospitalization the night before.

    Somebody smarter than I needs to link it.

  8. Plus, I think the rumor is that he wants a contract with a $12-$15 million a year range. If it’s lower than that, I’ll be surprised.

  9. Schafer sort of burst on the scene. He is only 21 and a couple of years away. 2010 at the earliest.
    Had a great year at Myrtle Beach but then so did Andy Marte.
    Bottom line is that we are gonna need a CF. If Andruw is really letting Boras run the show then he is a definite goner. If I am the Braves I sure don’t do 5 years 75. Thats a lot of money for a guy that I think may be at the start of a steep decline.

  10. I think Fukudome’s gonna be way overpriced, judging by the Matsuzaka contract. After Ichiro ended up being a bargain, because of the posting system marquee Japanese players are gonna be overvalued. Even busts like Kei Igawa, Kaz Ishii, Kaz Matsui (till this year), and to some extent Dice-K won’t be enough to depress the market. GMs get the idea that they’ll get the next Vladimir Guerrero, and it just ain’t that easy.

  11. Actually, I think just as many Japanese players have failed to live up to expectations than have met or exceeded them.

    Tsuyoshi Shinjo
    Satoru Komiyama
    So Taguchi
    Kaz Matsui
    Mac Suzuki
    Hideki Irabu
    Kei Igawa
    Kaz Ishii
    (and a bunch of guys I just saw on Wikipedia, like Shingo Takatsu, Keiichi Yabu, Tadahito Nomura, Takashi Kashiwada, Masao Kida, Kazuhito Tadano, and Norihiro Nakamura)

    Successes and sort-of successes:
    Kaz Sasaki
    Takashi Saito
    Tomo Ohka
    Masato Yoshii
    Hideki Matsui
    Ichiro Suzuki
    Hideo Nomo
    Tadahito Iguchi
    Akinori Otsuka
    Shigetori Hasegawa
    Kenji Johjima
    Aki Iwamura

    Jury’s out on Daisuke, though I don’t think he’s anything close to the pitcher they hoped he would. They paid for a #1 starter, and he’s a #2/#3.

    Anyway, like I say, I’d stay the hell away on Fukudome.

  12. Lineups:

    Our guys:
    Harris cf
    Escobar ss
    CJones 3b
    Teixeira 1b
    Francoeur rf
    BJones lf
    Prado 2b
    Miller c
    Reyes p

    Their guys:
    Anderson cf
    Biggio 2b
    Berkman 1b
    Lee lf
    Pence rf
    Loretta ss
    Wigginton 3b
    Towles c
    Albers p

  13. Stu,

    Taguchi wasn’t particularly good when he played with the Orix BlueWave. He didn’t bat more than .280 in a full season. Career high in homers with them was ten. Quite frankly, I’m not sure why the Cardinals signed him, unless he was supposed to be a backup the whole time.

  14. I don’t know. That’s a tough one.

    Woodward has replaced Chipper in the 5th inning. Why, I can’t say. I hope it’s nothing.

  15. The Cubs are not a good team. If they reach the World Series, the system is officially a joke.

    I think they’re worse than the 2006 Cardinals.

  16. Lindstorm strikes out the side in the seventh. Mets still trailing 7-4 going into the eighth. Go Marlins!

  17. The Mets–millions and millions pissed away for one of the all time great collapses. Go Phllies.

    Nice game so far for Reyes. Hoping we don’t have to count on him in the rotation at the beginning of next year, but he’d be nice insurance waiting at Richmond.

  18. How so kc? I thought the Red Sox magic number was two coming into tonight. And they won and I thought the Yankees won too?

  19. Oh, sorry, I thought the magic number was one entering tonight. You are right, Dan!

    Holliday just hit a double and tied with Chipper at .339 now…

  20. It was 9-6 Yankees, but Rivera blew it and it’s now 9-9 in the bottom of the ninth. Runner of third for the Orioles and two outs.

  21. “The most clutch relief pitcher ever” strikes again!

    The same guy who did the exact opposite of clutch by blowing a one run lead in the bottom of the ninth in game seven of the 2001 World Series.

    Or how about how when Rivera blew two straight games in the 2004 ALCS leading to the greatest collapse in MLB postseason history? That was classic.

  22. The Braves would love to have Rivera.

    You mean now, like in 2008? No.

    I’m pretty sure the Braves would prefer to pay Rafael Soriano 2-4 million to close for them in 2008 than give Rivera 10+ million to close for them next season.

  23. What’s happening with the Mets right now is nothing short of bizarre.

    And I’m lovin’ it! No Mets fan can ever say a THING to me when I tell them I’m a Braves fan.

  24. Heh heh heh heh heh. At least the Braves never blew a lead that big this late in the year.

    Chipper is actually ahead by percentage points:

    Jones – .33925
    Holliday – .33868

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