SEC Picks, Week 4

In case you hadn’t realized, I always pick Alabama to win and Tennessee to lose, no matter who they’re playing or what I actually think. Home team in CAPS.

ALABAMA 38 Georgia 29
LSU 45 South Carolina 13
ARKANSAS 31 Kentucky 30
AUBURN 22 New Mexico St. 20
Arkansas State 31 TENNESSEE 28
MISS STATE 20 Gardner-Webb 3
FLORIDA 41 Mississippi 12

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  1. Mac,

    How come you didn’t make a pick in the Vandy game?

    And while I get that my Dawgs are your 2nd favorite SEC team and I expect you to pick Bama, you could have put that score a bit closer.

    Plus, our defense is a lot better than you want to give it credit for!

  2. I guarantee that Georgia Tech is probably going to have a tough time because they haven’t won in Virginia for some reason in 17 years. I can’t make a prediction, because I’m ignorant of Choice’s injury situation and whether it’s going to keep him out of this game or not.

    That said, I’ve thought over the years that the AP Poll has a tendency to drop Georgia Tech like a sack of a potatoes every time they lose when they’re ranked “too high”. I’m sure it happens to other schools that don’t have the rep and are not “supposed” to be in the Top 25, but it’s still pretty annoying.

  3. ahhhh – I didn’t look at the schedule (Woody paige would have been so disappointed) and didn’t realize Vandy was on BYE.

    And sorry, Sam, but GO CAVS!

  4. Here is a column from cnnsi where a Vegas oddsmaker was asked to rate hypothetical games between the Top 5 and bottom 5 SEC and Pac-10 teams:

    Pac-10 wins 5-4-1. I think they are reasonable picks except I would rate UGA over Ariz. St.

  5. I hate to break the news to the Vegas guy, but there are no ties in college football anymore.

    My score, based on nothing in particular:

    UGA 23, Bama 20

    We rush Moreno a few more times to good effect, our receivers actually catch the big passes & JPW gets picked off in the end.

    I agreed to attend my girlfriend’s mother’s birthday dinner on Satuday, on one condition: That we eat early & we’re finished by 7:45 pm.

  6. “I hate to break the news to the Vegas guy, but there are no ties in college football anymore.”

    Well, what he meant was that the line on the game would be ‘pick ’em’

  7. I’d love to see SEC teams tee it up with anybody, but betting lines are based on public perception and getting an equal amount of money bet on both teams. It has very little to do with real matchups and actual football.

  8. SEC Picks (Home Team in CAPS):
    ALABAMA 30 Georgia 20
    LSU 34 South Carolina 17
    ARKANSAS 34 Kentucky 33
    AUBURN 33 New Mexico St. 7
    TENNESSEE 41, Arkansas St 3
    MISS STATE 28, Gardner-Webb 3
    FLORIDA 37, Mississippi 17

    And, as a *BONUS* – Alabama Independent School Association 3A games tonight (Home Team in CAPS):

    CLARKE PREP 63, Taylor Road 0
    Cottage Hill 52, HOOPER 7
    FAITH 21, Morgan 10
    MONROE 23, Fort Dale 22
    BESSEMER 42, Lee-Scott 0
    Edgewood 14, PICKENS 10
    GLENWOOD 30, Tuscaloosa 0
    MACON-EAST 30, Pike 14

    Note: I’m 26-11 straight up this year in high school picks, and getting better week by week (new places, new faces, hard to get a read until a few weeks in) but will do better now.

  9. This guy says that the SEC winner (LSU-Florida) will play USC for the “crystal football.” Umm, what if LSU and Florida split their matchups, which is very possible? He’s saying a one-loss SEC team is going to get in if Oklahoma is undefeated? Right…

  10. Rob,
    It’s a moot point. Brad Lester will be back next week, and Auburn, behind a QB option with Burns & Lester, upsets Florida in the Swamp.

    My seat is in row 80 of the upper deck. Sigh. Anyway, I’ll do the Gator Chomp postgame from Ben Hill Griffin.

  11. Your inside sources aren’t so good, then, are they, Wryn? You announced a while back that the program was done with Lester.

  12. Well, it’s not official that he’s back. Tuberville is expecting a final word in the next 48 hours. So maybe Tuberville really doesn’t know either..

  13. “Auburn, behind a QB option with Burns & Lester, upsets Florida in the Swamp.”

    And then Tommy Tuberville will announce a cure for cancer, and Jesus and Santa will appear onto them and give everyone candy and ice cream.

  14. Hey Mac, no religion. :)

    Wryn, is this your first time going to the Swamp? You’re pretty high up there, but I had to sit up there once, and it isn’t that bad.

  15. My first trip to the Swamp.

    I think Mac should have included Saban reconciling himself to LSU fans in there too.

    ..and I refuse to worry about New Mexico State. Gosh, I hope I can.

  16. Rain from TD Ten, it’s pouring here. Not sure if this thing goes east enough to impact Atlanta, but my bet is there’s rain before it wraps up tonight..

  17. I haven’t heard or seen it anywhere else, but in Yahoo’s mlbrumors section it says, “There are rumors that Liberty Media, which now owns the Atlanta Braves, will mandate a deep cut in this year’s $89 million payroll.”

  18. Liberty Media cannot slash payroll. In the agreement when they bought the Braves MLB told them they must maintain at least the current payroll. From what Dave O’brien has said on the AJC he expects them to up the payroll by 10 to 20 million next year. I sure hope DOB is correct.


    Braves to either increase, decrease, or maintain current payroll in offseason!!!

  20. Not that I would put anything past any baseball owner, but a cut in payroll this soon would be a direct violation of the promises they made to MLB when they took over the team.

  21. Cox shows his bias again by starting Escobar over Kelly Johnson against a right-hander.

    Would he let Johnson start over Escobar in his precious platoon if it was a left-hander?

    Sometime around June, Johnson did something that made Cox angry or something. I think it was a failed bunt. Regardless, this is absurd.

  22. 3-3 now. Mets’ third inning summary:

    – P. Martinez struck out looking
    – J. Reyes singled to left
    – L. Castillo grounded into fielder’s choice, J. Reyes out at second
    – D. Wright safe at first on first baseman M. Jacobs’ fielding error, L. Castillo to third
    – L. Castillo scored, D. Wright to second on passed ball
    – C. Beltran safe at first on third baseman M. Cabrera’s fielding error, D. Wright scored, C. Beltran to second
    – M. Alou singled to center, C. Beltran scored

  23. “Fishies loaded the bases with one out, but Ross and Olivo struck out. Still 3-3 after 3.”

    Damn the Marlins suck. At least Pedro Martinez is getting hit hard.

  24. As long as we keep the margin to 6 games or fewer at the end of the season we can spend all off season bitching about how MLB screwed the Braves by making them play the hardest interleague schedule!

  25. 1-0 through seven. Villanueva is out of the game for pinch-hitter Laynce Nix and he grounded out. We’ll see if that helps the Braves.

  26. Even Cox has the good sense not to use Woodward or Orr to pinch hit for Hudson.

    Back-to-back complete game shutouts?

  27. When it’s all on the line you want your best players out there. Would that be Hudson or Moylan at this point?

  28. I dont understand why Hudson wasn’t pulled for Fielder. Obviously, Hudson isn’t going to tell Cox that he’s worn down and needs to be lifted.

    Seriously, Bobby has lost some skills this year.

  29. Whelp, Yates does his usual bad thing and Francoeur does his sometimes good thing. But the lead is enough, surely the Braves won’t be able to tie it. Good night, folks, drive safely; I think I’ll go play some fake baseball instead (The BiGS on Wii, I rented it for the weekend).

  30. Hudson pitched 120 pitches. It’s the end of the year. RP pitcher has pitched great since acquired. Do you need anymore reasons? Shit happens.

  31. I wrote this last August 31, and I think it’s still relevant for those of you who still had hope (I did not):

    You all probably are passingly familiar with the story of Pandora. Supposedly, she opened a box (or, actually, a jar of the sort that large amounts of wine or oil are kept in) and released a plague of demons to afflict men. (Meaning: “Everything is women’s fault”.) The story as usually told goes that she closed the lid on the box on top of the last demon. She felt sorry for the demon and nursed it back to health, whereupon it escaped. This demon, called Hope, made life worth living even with all the new afflictions.

    The other version, which isn’t usually told, is that she actually kept Hope trapped in the box, and that this is a good thing, because if people had hope, they’d really be screwed.

    The relationship to the Braves should be obvious; every time you start to have hope, they slam you back down.

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