Mets 4, Braves 3

ESPN – Braves vs. Mets Box Score, September 12 2007 – MLB

This team…. ugh. they trailed most of the night, 3-1 with two out and nobody on in the eighth. Renteria walked, Teixeira singled, and McCann walked. Francoeur singled, scoring two to tie it. Rally! Hooray! Only Manny Acosta immediately gave up a single to Beltran in the bottom of the inning, and Beltran scored the go-ahead run on a single, and Wagner got the save. Ugh.

At least it got John Smoltz off the hook for a loss he didn’t deserve. Smoltz went six, allowing six hits and striking out eight. He made one real mistake, leading to a Marlon Anderson homer in the fifth which gave the Mets a 2-1 lead. They made it 3-1 off of Mahay in the seventh.

The Braves’ only other run came on a bases-loaded walk by Andruw in the fourth. They only had five hits, two by Teixeira.

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  1. its funny how the only way we score with the bases loaded is a walk. With this team Im really surprised that we had 3 walks in one inning. Has that happened before? Anyways, our apologies go out to John. He has the most quality starts in baseball, he has given up 3 ER or less in 26 of 29 starts, unbelievable. He only has 13 wins to show for it

  2. its funny how the only way we score with the bases loaded is a walk. With this team Im really surprised that we had 3 walks in one inning. Has that happened before? Anyways, our apologies go out to John. He has the most quality starts in baseball, he has given up 3 ER or less in 26 of 29 starts, unbelievable. He only has 13 wins to show for it

  3. Lillibridge for Lowry?

    Lowry should’ve been traded at the deadline. I know McCovey Chronicles has been pushing for this for a while. Lowry had a 3.92 ERA this year despite a ton of baserunners. He’s doing an OK job trying to become a groundball/contact pitcher. He’s 27 and signed reasonably through 2010. The problem is that an elbow strain may cause other GMs to view him as damaged goods. That’s a shame, because he might’ve extracted one or two very good and much-needed position players given the terrible free agent market. Could Garrett Atkins, Brent Lillibridge, Edwin Encarnacion, Steven Pearce, Conor Jackson, or Jeff Clement be acquired? If Lowry can re-establish his health, that’s the route I attempt.

    Then maybe Renteria for Garland

    Smoltz Hudson Garland Lowry James/Hampton

  4. Lowry is having the 2005 Jorge Sosa season, allowing a bunch of base runners and getting out of it without any or little damage. I don’t think he is worth trading Lillibridge for, and he’d just give Schuerholz the excuse not to go after a really good and solid pitcher. James needs to become at least the fourth starter, and Lowry doesn’t do that.

    Smoltz, Hudson, James, Lowry and Hampton.

  5. not garland

    if we’re talking about trading lillibridge for ANYONE…go after homeboy in oakland, Joe Blanton. may take more than that, but get HIM NOW…

    then sign Colon. we’d be pretty righty-heavy…but so what?

    let druw leave…sign cameron for two years…waiting for jones/heyward/johnson to be ready…

    trade renteria and a pitcher (reyes?) for a bat in LF…

    gives us:


    and a rotation of:


    and if hampton comes back…whooopie…EXTRA starters!!! something we are lacking now…

    and our bullpen might, particularly in the second half, be lights out…

    built to win in ’08

  6. Wow.

    You give up three runs OR LESS in 26 games, and your team, with one of the best offenses in the League, only wins half of those games.

    This team really is infuriating.

    At least the Red Sox won in the bottom of the ninth.

  7. I guess using Moylan and Soriano in Tuesday’s blowout win didn’t work out too well for Bobby. Sure Acosta has been very good (in a small sample size) but you’d like to have your top two relievers pitching in a tie game in the 8th inning.

    I wasn’t sold on Escobar for a long time, but I’ve come to respect his game. Lillibridge has higher potential but he hasn’t faced major league pitching yet while Yunel has proven he can hit in the bigs. I’d prefer to keep both of them. Trade Edgar and use Escobar at short, Lillibridge in the 2nd base platoon, and Aybar taking Woodward’s spot as utility infielder/pinch hitter.

  8. Well, with the troubles of Van Pope and Eric Campbell in the minors, we may need Escobar at third and Lillibridge at short.

    Our strongest position in the minors may have become our weakest.

  9. Last I heard, Detroit wants to trade Garland for two solid relievers and I don’t see that happening with Atlanta.

    Mike Hampton has done more to single-handedly hurt this team than anyone else. Without his bloated contract, who knows who we could have acquired.

    I go back on forth on the possibility, but I think there will at least be a discussion between Glavine and JS this offseason.

  10. If anyone moves to 3rd, it’d probably going to be Lillibridge.

    Also, no way the Braves trade both Renty and Lillibridge. Doing that would necessitate signing another Woodward for next year, and no one wants that.

  11. I think we should bring Glavine back. We didn’t have the payroll flexibility we have now, so there’s no reason not to get something done. Plus, it keeps him away from a rival. He’s a great option and we wouldn’t have to give up Renteria for him. Plus, having him and John ride into the sunset together would be apropos.

  12. Money shouldn’t be an obstacle to bringing Glavine back this time. The only thing stopping it from happening is if Tommy really prefers to play with the Mets because he thinks they have a better shot at winning a championship (probably correct).

  13. we have to move Renteria and Wickman’s salaries to clear Tex. So if Liberty will increase us $10m that could be enough to get Glavine

  14. From the ever-reliable Fantasy baseball update-thing on Yahoo: Glavine is interested in playing another season and may return to the Mets in 2008, the NY Post reports. “I’m having as much fun as I’ve had in a long time, and that’s a big factor for me,” Glavine told The Post on Sunday night. “It’s a fun team to come to the ballpark with every day. All the factors are there [to coming back].”

    It’s likely Glavine will decline his option with the Mets and sign a new contract with the club for 2008 in the $12 million range. There’s always the chance the Braves could go after Glavine again, but Atlanta has not come up with the money in the past, and that is not expected to change. Glavine’s offseason home is in Georgia, but he has found a new home in New York, and next year would be his sixth season with the Mets. His wife and kids are pushing him to play another season and Glavine appreciates the way the Mets have treated him with class and have tried to improve the team every season.

  15. Renteria is pretty cheap. I’m not sure why we’d want to get rid of him. Then again, I didn’t want to bring him in in the first place.
    I just hope that Schuerholz has learned by now not to give Cox any crappy veteran role players. All bench players need to be rookies so that Cox will use the bench a little more appropriately.

  16. Mac, if you’ve answered this previously I’m sorry, but what ever happened with the David O’Brien interview?

  17. David a few days ago Mac said that DOB didn’t get back to him yet. So Mac said he was going to email him to see when he would.

  18. Actually, Mac said he was too depressed about the Braves to bother DOB. I’m still pretty depressed (you know you’re depressed about the team when you think, “Yay, it’s an off-day, I don’t have to do a game thread”) but I have sent a query. I’m very uncomfortable about badgering him, though.

  19. Serves the Patriots right:

    New England coach Bill Belichick was fined the NFL maximum of $500,000 Thursday and the Patriots were ordered to pay $250,000 for spying on an opponent’s defensive signals. Commissioner Roger Goodell also ordered the team to give up next year’s first-round draft choice if it reaches the playoffs and second- and third-round picks if it doesn’t.

  20. Well, here are my thoughts on the postseason:

    NL West: Arizona
    NL Central: Chicago or Milwaukee (?)
    NL East: NY
    Wild Card: San Diego…maybe LA

    I think that a West Coast team is a lock for the NLCS & probably for the World Series. I could see a NY vs. Arizona NLCS. NY has gotta be a favorite by many to go to the WS, but they could choke like last year, so who knows.

    AL West: LA
    AL Central: Cleveland
    AL East: Boston
    Wild Card: NY

    This is a little more clear, since the playoffs are all but set. I could see a LA vs. Boston ALCS, but no matter what, I think that Boston is a favorite for the WS. They’re probably the favorite to win it all too.

    So, I think it’ll be a Boston vs. NY Mets World Series…..or a Boston vs. Arizona WS. What about you guys?

    P.S. Do any of you guys like Roxy Music? “Flesh + Blood”…..highly recommend it.

  21. As long as the Mets fail to make it to the World Series, the 2007 campaign will be at least a semi-success.

  22. Phillip,

    Have you heard that the playoff format is being changed to accomodate Fox. There will supposedly more off-days this year. I think that will favor the shorter pitching staffs with the great one-two punches. The Pads could really win it all.

  23. Speaking of playoffs:

    The Richmond Braves really are training to be in Atlanta soon. I think the whole squad may be ready. Look at what they did tonight in game 3 of the IL championship series:

    1. They had a starting pitcher go six without giving up a hit and they still could not get him a win.
    2. They left the bases loaded without scoring.
    3. They outhit their opponent 7-4.
    4. They still lost by one run.

  24. If it’s Boston with the best record, LAA second best, Cleveland, and NYY, what’s the first round match-ups?

  25. I didn’t know that they were changing to accomodate Fox. Stupid corporations run everything in this damn country.

  26. @33 – Does Richmond have any veteran bench players who pinch hit and botched a bunt attempt or made a crucial fielding error?

  27. Want to know how to make this team even worse next year? Trade Renteria for Garland. We should keep Rent unless a really good deal comes along, something I don’t think will happen.

    What this team desperately needs is a good lead off hitter. That would really help this so called vaunted offense. Maybe then we could score 5-6 runs a game on a consistent basis instead of scoring 15 one game and 1-3 for the next 4.

    Starting pitching is going to be rough, the market is just way to high. It sucks too because all we need is a sold #3. I really think Reyes will get better next year and be a very good #5. Hell he may even be our #4 with James being our #5. I do not count Mike Hampton as doing anything next year except for being a bum.

  28. Re: Playoff Schedule

    The AL is somewhat unclear at this point, as we could see Cleveland or Anaheim (they’re only 1 game apart) playing Boston in the first round.

    What’s weird about this year’s playoff sked: After the AL matchups are decided, MLB will give the AL team with the best record one hour to decide which dates it wishes to play. (But not for the NL team—those dates are in stone.)

    They can either chose to begin their ALDS series on 10/3, then 10/5, 10/7, 10/8 and 10/10.

    Or they can begin on 10/4, then 10/5, 10/7, 10/8 and 10/10.

    From what I understand, MLB will no longer have a DS Game 5 played the day after a Game 4.

    Full Playoff Schedule

  29. I’m definitely not sold on Garland, but if it comes down to getting a leadoff hitter and/or CF or a 3rd starter for Renteria or Escobar and others, we have to go for a 3rd starter. I think that between Frenchy, Brandon Jones, and Lillibridge, someone can man CF and we don’t have to “sell the farm”.

    I’m probably underestimating the defensive importance of a centerfielder, but I still don’t see many awesome centerfeilders out there that are available. My preference would be to let Andruw walk, pick up a pitcher on the FA market, and keep Renteria, or trade him for some very good pitching prospects. I think KJ is fine as a leadoff hitter. If we’re going to spend money, let’s spend it on a FA pitcher and not someone like Mike Cameron!

  30. Want to know how to make this team even worse next year? Trade Renteria for Garland. We should keep Rent unless a really good deal comes along, something I don’t think will happen.

    I agree. Why is everyone so dead-set on trading Renteria AND Lillibridge? I don’t want to put all our eggs in the Escobar basket. Renteria is a better player, and should not be traded unless it can net the Braves a solid starting pitcher.

    What this team desperately needs is a good lead off hitter.

    Speedy leadoff hitters are so overrated. Pitching should be this offseason’s focus.

  31. I agree with much of what’s been written here – pitching should be the #1 priority, Garland kind of sucks, and there is no logical reason to unload Renteria and/or Lillibridge – except for better pitchers than they could command. (I’m also thinking, wouldn’t Escobar have more value? he may never have more value than he does right now, actually) Anyway, all of this makes my head hurt. I’m going to sleep.

  32. Adam, I am also thinking the same thing. I would prefer trading Yunel because he probably has more value than Edgar. However, I believe the Braves may prefer trading Edgar to get the immediate $6M relief.

  33. Stephen, have you been keeping track of Francisley Bueno? I didn’t realize he is a Cuban defector. Being a 26 years old lefty with very good stats, I am surprised I haven’t heard more about him.

  34. I’m still hoping for some blockbuster deal for Johan Santana in the off season, and I will hope against hope for it until there is no doubt he won’t be a Brave in 2008. And I don’t care who they trade to get him.

  35. Anyone know the status of the Braves 2008 schedule? Browsing the web, they released the preliminary 2007 schedule on Sep 10, but they didn’t release the 2006 schedule until Oct 24. I read that the draft 2008 schedule was sent to the players’ union on Sunday or Monday. Anyone know the turnaround time on that? How long after the submission of the draft to players’ union do we, as fans, know anything?

  36. KC–Yeah Bueno has battled injuries over the last two seasons, but last night he pitched 6 hitless innings for Richmond. I think that his age has kept him under the stat head radar, but his numbers in 2006 were not all that bad. As I recall it, he came to the Braves’ attention from his performance on the Cuban national team.

    I certainly hope that we see Bueno in Atlanta in the next couple of weeks. My guess is that he may be just as capable as #5 starter as anyone else that we have at this point–which is not saying as much as we might like….

  37. KC – Bueno is the guy who threw a no-no through six against Durham last night. He threw a lot of pitches though and had to be lifted for Buddy Hernandez, who immediately gave up 3 runs and the game.

  38. (I’m also thinking, wouldn’t Escobar have more value? he may never have more value than he does right now, actually)

    The thing about this is that I seem to express a similar sentiment every week or so, and Escobar’s value just keeps getting higher, it seems. Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t be open to trading him.

  39. Any of you guys have advice on taking in a game at RFK? I will be flying in to Reagan International on Sunday at 1:30 (exactly when the game starts, so I’m sure I would be at least an hour late for the game). I’ve been advised to take the Metro to and from the Airport and pick up a rental car after the game (I could pick it up before, but I’ve heard parking can be expensive and difficult). I’m heading to Pax River, but don’t need to be there until Sunday night for teaching a Monday morning class. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  40. Has the season came to this?
    There’s an article on the Brave’s official site about Mike Hampton. If you recognize the word “slant”, then you might see why I think it could’ve been much kinder to Hampton.

    Seems a bit cold. Do you agree?

  41. Okay, I’ve been talking to DOB and just suffice it to say that the problem is MY FAULT and not his, and I essentially put him in a bad situation. We should have something for you soon.

  42. One more darkhorse from AA–Charles Morton. While Morton’s numbers are not that attractive he pitched better in the second half of the season. More important, perhaps, Morton has been nothing but impressive in the playoffs. The Braves drafted him in 2002 (along with McCann, Frenchy and Chuck James) and his development as been both slow and uneven. Apparently he has a great curve and decent fastball, but he has had trouble at the beginning of a start. Given the way he finished, he may have made some improvements and begun to be the pitcher the Braves have always thought he could be.

    One more sign that the Braves take Morton seriously is that he has been selected to play in the Arizona Fall League. Lets hope that he continues to develop:

  43. Kevin Lee,

    I skimmed that article myself. I just feel sorry for Hampton, and I’m willing to excuse the fact that he has such a huge contract and I refuse to blame him for any problems. It’s not his fault he keeps getting injured and it’s not his fault the Braves can’t improve themselves because of his contract. You can’t blame Schuerholz for that either, because he didn’t know that Hampton wuldn’t be able to pitch in a major league game for almost three years, when the Braves would shoulder the majority of his salary. It’s just an unfortunate situation on both sides that doesn’t deserve to have any blame doled out.

    I’ll applaud Hampton when (if?) he comes back. He at least deserves that much.

  44. i think escobar is a good guy to have around, but as a starting shortstop he just looks like a poor mans raphael furcal to me.

  45. I thought you might have been suggesting a substance abuse problem or something. *clicks “Submit Comment”*

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