18 thoughts on “I don’t suppose this choice will surprise many”

  1. we have to beat Arroyo tonight. He shut us down last time, we need to get him early and hope Cormier doesnt make any big mistakes

  2. The last line was cut off for length:

    “The only good Atlanta Braves teams since Hank Aaron’s tenure have been built or managed — or both — by Bobby Cox.”

  3. does anyone think that Renty will struggle at the plate when he returns tonight? Escobar has 7 hits in the last 3 games, but it looks as if he’ll be riding the pine tonight

  4. Not to worry, csg, I’m sure Yunel will get plenty of starts platooning with Kelly at 2B. Sigh.

    I can understand your choice of Bobby, Mac, but as the last few years have shown Bobby is only as good as the players he’s managing. That’s why I’d say either Smoltz or Shuerholz are better choices by a small margin.

  5. Lance Cormier has given up 10 homeruns in 20 innings pitched this year.

    That doesn’t make me feel great, esspecially pitching in this ballpark.

  6. I agree with Mac, and I think that ,though Bobby gets his share of credit, people don’t realize what a central force he has been to the Braves run. Nice job, Mac!

  7. “as the last few years have shown Bobby is only as good as the players he’s managing.”

    I think he makes the players he’s managing better. To nearly finish .500 last year and compete for the wild card this year is a great accomplishment.

  8. re #5–platooning KJ and Escobar is a wash–they have similar OPS against lefties

    Platooning KJ and Prado, on the other, hand is not helpful b/c KJ has a much higher (roughly double as of a week ago) OPS against lefties.

  9. Yeah, tagging second on the double play is the one that bugs me, and I also think it would be the easiest to enforce. The rest are more subjective. With the double play, you either tag second base with the ball in your glove/hand, or you don’t.

  10. just wondering but with the way Escobar has been playing, why wouldnt the Braves want Renty to test out his ankle in a AAA game or two before putting him in the lineup? any reason?

  11. I took a look at all of the “Face of the Franchise” picks for various teams, and 3 of the 4 front-office names (not counting owners) that actually got votes have Braves connections:

    John Schuerholz
    Dayton Moore
    Stan Kasten

    The other one was Billy Beane, of course.

  12. Good question CSG…why not make sure Renty is healthy? Escobar is starting to get more and more extra base hits.

    Maybe I wasn’t jiking about that 10 runs per game…Two bad at-bats by Diaz(not moving Escobar over) and Chipper(double play) really doomed the Braves.

    We knew from Atlanta that we didn’t have the pitching to get the Reds out after Smoltz and Hudson…so 10 runs might be necessary. The Reds fear no pitcher the Braves have. They walk up with supreme confidence.

    Cormier, Carlyle….sigh

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