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  1. Gotta go with Smoltzie, Mac…I mean, he’s been the go to guy since 1991, who can forget that epic battle with Jim Morris, all the way up to his performance yesterday with his shoulder about to fall off…..

  2. Bobby states that Renteria will not return until at least Wednesday, but more likely this weekend if there is no more setbacks. I hope Huddy continues his dominate stretch tonight, lets string some together

  3. tonight’s game on paper looks like an easy win, almost like the Webb vs Cormier matchup looked like one for the DBacks

  4. If the Braves aren’t fired up against the Reds after the Reds came into Atlanta and swept them…then I don’t know what it will take.

    However, after Hudson…I don’t know how we get Griffey and Dunn out. James pitching in Cincy is already giving me nightmares. Hopefully the homers he will give up will be solo shots.

    Offensively, we probably need 10 runs on after tonite’s game.

  5. I know I’ve very late, but I just want to say that John Smoltz is friggin’ great.

    I think he’s probably the best pitcher in baseball. Peavy, Santana, Bedard, etc. might have better stats, but when they do what John did last night at the age of 40, then, I will probably have to change my tune.

    I think it’s funny, we had Glavine and Maddux for all those years and Smoltz, the “number 3” turns out to be the “franchise” guy. When the others left, it all fell on John and he’s not disappointing, despite his age and a not completely healthy arm.

    With Glavine and Maddux AND Smoltz in the rotation, we were definatly spoiled, and while Glainve and Maddux are great in thier own right, Smoltzie is head and shoulders above them in my book.

    Like I said, he’s just friggin’ great. And he gets extra points cos he’s a lifetime Brave. Just had to show my respect for a future Hall of Famer.

  6. I picked Smoltz although I can certainly understand why people would pick Shuerholz or Cox. Why Smoltz? Because the foundation of the Braves’ division dynasty was (Hall of Fame) starting pitching.

  7. That’s pretty dang cool, Mac :D

    My vote has to be for Bobby Cox too. The fact is that no matter how good the players are, it’s the manager that gets all credit and blame. So by default, they have to be the face. *shrugs*

  8. I voted for Smoltzie. (Of course, leave it to ESPN’s Jayson Stark to break the rules of the poll that ESPN made and choose two separate guys — which we weren’t allowed to do. Argh. Now I sound like Alex R.)

    Great story about the McCann boys, though. They’re just really decent people, sounds like.

  9. Davies had another decent outing yesterday, but still go the loss

    5IP 6H 2ER 3BB 4KK – 99 pitches in 5 innings, sounds like another typical Davies outing pitch wise

  10. I’m not kidding. I didn’t say it was a good or a bad thing, but that is my honest answer. Go to a Braves game;look at all the jerseys and listen to the crowd. He’s on every Braves advertisement. He’s a good-looking local kid and product of the farm system. Francoeur owns Atlanta. I think he could fire the GM if he wanted.

  11. I bet Reyes finishes the season in AAA and he’s our #5 next year.

    4-0 1.00ERA 36IP 25H 12BB 39K’s

    just needs to get his pitches a little better and he can be successful

  12. csg–I agree: Reyes needed some fine tuning at Richmond before he was called at mid-season. He is an impressive prospect and I like the fact that he has been able to bounce back from two different injuries. I think that he has a ceiling well above a #5 starter….

  13. mac, that espn deal is sweet.

    i’d probably go with smoltz. but i can see a vote for him, cox, js, or chipper. not really for andruw.

    here’s to hoping for a sweep in cincy.

  14. Smitty, I agree

    we were told at the 1st of the year that he had learned a slider and curve, however, all we ever see are a fastball and change-up. He at least needs to show a hitter or two that he has something else.

  15. Gotta go with Smoltzie, Mac…I mean, he’s been the go to guy since 1991, who can forget that epic battle with Jim Morris…

    Apparently some can forget. :-)

    Jim Morris is the left handed high school coach who came back late in life to play for Tampa Bay and Disney made a movie about. Jack Morris is the winningest pitcher of the 80s who outdueled Smoltz in Game 7 in 1991.

    Face of the franchise: Bobby Cox. As the GM, he was the driving force that created the great teams he went on to Manage. He was there before Maddux or Chipper and after Justice and Glavine. He has been the solid rock around which others have come and gone.

  16. Ken Rosenthal has a new column up; here are some rumor-related points of interest.

    As you know, it doesn’t make sense for the Yankees to keep both Bobby Abreu and Johnny Damon around for 2008. It’s just not an efficent way to spend $29MM. Rosenthal says Damon would be open to waiving his no-trade clause, if the Yankees struck a deal with a team that fell under his 12-team protection. Damon is apparently open to regular playing time on teams not located on the West Coast. The White Sox, Phillies, Braves, or Astros might make sense, in my opinion. The Yanks’ ability to pull an exercise-and-trade with Abreu’s 2008 option is hindered by his full no-trade protection.

    Damon? Ummmm, NO!!

  17. I’ve heard that Damon rumor before…and I will be furious if he ends up here. I can’t understand how Rosenthal would think we need him.

  18. Willie Harris – 14.8 VORP in left
    Johnny Damon – 12.2 VORP in center

    Andruw Jones…

    … anyone want to take a guess at what his VORP is?

  19. I do too. He should. If Pacman Jones gets a year suspension for what he did, Vick probably gets as long as his jail sentence, which is essentially the rest of his career.

  20. Hey guys. I’m from Ohio and the state (after a drought most of the summer) is experiencing some severe storms and bad flooding. Most of this is in the northern part of the state, but Cincy is going to get hit hard too. I wouldn’t count on a game tonight, and maybe even tomorrow. If anyone was making plans to get home for the game – don’t rush. Weather.com lists tonight’s rain at 90 percent, with the same severe weather warnings throughout the state.

  21. There are saying it will be between 18- 36 months. He deserves it. Not only for doing what he did, but then trying to blame it on his “boyz”. They showed him by spilling all the beans. His career is basically over.

  22. “I’m more upset that Shockey …”

    I more upset by anything, including Shockey’s injury, than by Vick pleading guilty because I am not one iota upset that Vick is pleading guilty. It seems to me–though there could be something I’m not aware of–that he’s getting exactly what he’s earned by his barbaric behavior.

  23. I was very bummed about Shockley, too. I know the Falcons are in deep trouble; I just wanted to see what he could do. He’s an exciting player & I’m sure he’ll be a little less exciting post knee surgery.

  24. Does it have to be someone current? Or could you pick Murph or Aaron. I would have said Ted Turner until his ill advised sale of America’s Team.

  25. The sad thing about this whole steroids issue is that a story like Jim Morris’ is now tainted by doubt about how he made it to the Show. I mean, a 35+ year old guy suddenly recovering from a decade of arm trouble to start throwing mid-90’s heat again? I hope he did it legitimately, but one has to wonder now, based on the Slug and his late career ‘accomplishments.’

    Just another in the long list of things to hate the Slug for.

  26. It’s gotta be Bobby. I mean, if you were to ask the players, i bet that to a man they’d say Bobby is the franchise.

    Were I to pick a player, I dunno. Honestly, my first player instinct was Chipper, not Smoltz, but I can’t figure out why. my rational brain says Smoltz, but I don’t know why.

  27. Dude, if Smoltz isn’t your pick, well…

    You might need to talk to someone.

    ACE starter. Gets injured? ACE reliever. Team needs change? ACE starter, AGAIN.

    Smoltzie personifies everything the players give, even when ownership doesn’t give a crap.

  28. Bobby defines the tone of this team. He defines its attitude. Free agents come here to play for him. Players have taken less to stay here under him. Dude was able to pull Andruw from a game and help develop him in such a way that Andruw refers to him now as a father figure. Bobby Cox is the guy who got a great, complaint-free season out of gary sheffield, and i don’t think that was an accident.

    As to Smoltz, he’d certainly be a fine pick were it not for Bobby; although, Smoltz was the third starter for many years, and lost a lot of time to injury just as he hit his peak. I think that’s my hesitation on him. He’s the lead guy now, but it’s not like he was that guy throughout his time. He sort of fell into it as other players departed. Still, that postseason record is nice.

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