144 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 18, D-Backs at Braves”

  1. I’m glad I missed the game last nigh, I didn’t miss much.

    On a different note:

    People down here are starting to stress about that hurricane Dean. Which is funny because 2 years ago despite what happened with Katrina, a good amount of people stayed for Rita. But this one is not even in the Gulf yet and the stores are almost completely out of bottled water and gascans and generators and such (I work at the Sam’s Club here). I made a point to ask people if it was gonna hit us if they were gonna stay or leave, and so far nobody’s staying. So much for the gung ho hurricane party people. Evacuating, at least for me, is sort of a vacation, even though the last “vacation” I took we had to sleep in cots in a rec center with about 400 other people for two weeks, it was really nice.

    oh yeah, GO BRAVES!! Bowie delenda est!

  2. Dustin,

    He was, waaaaaaay back in 1999. The Braves traded him in a package for Terry Mulholland and Jose Hernandez.

  3. Oh,I knew it.

    All I remember was Terry was a spot start/mop up guy for us and had a killer move to first base, and Jose struck out a whole lot, almost to record breaking proportions.

  4. Actually, Terry wasn’t that bad for us, after he came to us in ’99 he kept an ERA under 3 and won four games (starting 8). In 2000, he was a servicable 5th starter, with an ERA a shade over 5. Jose Hernandez provided us with the upside of “not being Ozzie Guillen” after Walt Weiss got hurt.

    That was the year that Ozzie Guillen was called a “fat toad” and Randall Simon was called something or the other as well by our illustrious closer.

  5. Some other interesting stuff that I just picked up from B-R:

    Remember how awful the Albie Lopez experiment was? JS signed him after he shut us down in interleague, and performed abysmally for us? Yeah, looking back he had a 4.37 ERA, which is good for a 94 ERA+. Out of our fifth starter. Man, were we spoiled.

    Also, remember Kevin McGlinchy? I saw his name and I remembered him being effective. Surprise, surprise…


    He was incredibly effective, but after two stellar years for us, he went back to the minors and never came back up. Weird.

  6. Didn’t McGlinchy give up Robin Ventura’s bases loaded single over the wall in game 5 the ’99 NLCS?

  7. What’s with the random Corky Miller start?

    Out of curiosity I looked up Andruw’s August stats:


    I wish he would go on the DL already.

  8. Well, guys, I’m out.

    Heading out with the wife for some sushi, then to the pub for darts, live Irish music and, most importantly, Guinness.

    I’m counting on y’all to pull the Braves through tonight!

  9. The rain may be a blessing in disguise. I just tuned in, did it look like it was raining hard?

  10. Well…we knew we’d have to outslug these kinds of teams down the stretch. I’d love to see us get going.

  11. Oh, and I really wish I hadn’t heckled Micah Owings at a Georgia Tech baseball game that one time..

  12. Nah, the one against the Orioles where we got beat 22-2 (I think) that was much wrse than this beating.

  13. So I’m busy with the in-laws until a few minutes ago. I go to AJC’s game tracker and see a score of 12-1 in favor of the bad guys. Then I scroll down the game log and see the opposing pitcher has 4 hits and 2 homers. I think I must have gotten too much sun on the lake this afternoon.

  14. Bullpen Management 101–Cox should have double switched when bringing in Acosta (also bringing in Prado for KJ) so he could get another inning out of him. Now he’ll burn another pitcher unnecessarily.

    BTW, if bringing in Prado for KJ would seem like giving up then why pinch hit Thorman for Tex?

  15. Just got up and tuned into the game….what a disaster. I believe that our record since the big trade will be 8-8….

  16. Roachy’s 3-4 paces the Pirates in a win over the Phils. Now we need some serious late inning magic from the Nats and for Oswalt to mow down San Diego.

  17. re 37–not too surprising that the Braves are still struggling since the trade–even if it was a good trade (a debate I don’t want revisit)–it didn’t address the inconsistent starting pitching

    To be fair, however, there just wasn’t much starting pitching to be had.

  18. Frank–the main problem with the trade is not that Salty and Andrus may become All Stars but with its opportunity cost. We traded arguably our best two prospects and it hardly mattered.

    Maybe starting pitching was not available, but we paid a huge amount to barely improve the team…

    If we could have overpaid for Snell instead, for example, it almost certainly would have helped us more….

    Lets hope that Teixeria can have a monster year in 2008….

  19. Stephen–I wasn’t in favor of the trade, but like I said I don’t want to revisit the trade debate–what’s done is done. I’m still a Braves fan and I hope in a few years we’ll be able to look back and say it made the club better.

  20. Update from Mac:

    The storms have swept through Alabama and Mac’s internet/cable service are completely out.

    I personally think the Braves horrible play did it.

  21. I was for the trade–in part b/c I thought it would give the team a lift–but I have to say it hasn’t helped one bit. This was a mediocre team before and is still a mediocre team. They seem to be so tense, playing not to lose rather than playing to win. Maybe the Bobby Cox even-keeled clubhouse demeanor has lost some of its effectiveness because this team seems really uptight.

    I’m not surprised about Carlisle. He gave us some nice outings but he is Buddy Carlisle and he didn’t spend 8 years in the minors because he’s a good pitcher.

    Here’s a question. The Braves are 5.5 behind the Mets–6 in the loss column which means they have to win 6 more games to tie. The Mets are playing San Diego soon. Do we start rooting for the Mets? I really see little chance of catching the Mets. Ok, we have played well against them, but if you are six game behind, you would have to win at least 5 of the six to make much difference. At the risk of being considered a defeatist and a nabob of negativity, I think it’s slipping away quickly. They have made up no ground on either the Mets or the Wild Card. Talk about sweeping Cincy or winning 5 of the next 6 seems pretty presumptious considering that the Braves have trouble even having a winning homestand.

    I really wonder what the future holds for this team.

  22. BTW, a game like this shows why raw statistics like average runs is so misleading. They scored five runs after falling behind 12-1, basically meaningless runs. It helps their runs per game average but has no effect on the outcome.

  23. Been watching the replay, a few thoughts…

    -Buddy has lost his game face. Even in the first his demeanor displayed his lack of confidence.

    -Why isn’t AJ wearing a brace or bandage around his elbow? The tat ain’t cool. And I’ll just leave it at that.

    -Diaz has to play waaaay more than he does in order for us to win the division.

  24. So…went to the game tonight. Not much to say…Owings’ HRs were blasts. Very depressing; makes me not want to drive 3.5 hrs to see them lose every time I go. At least there were some Braves HRs late to provide some kind of excitement.

    I’ll be there tomorrow too. Smoltzie better shut ’em down and lead the Bravos to victory. Or I might kill somebody.

    (Not really)

  25. Urlhix, the only way to play Diaz more is for Cox to make Harris the full-time CF and tell Andruw Jones and Scott Boras to kiss his ass.

    I don’t have a problem with any of that, but how likely do you think that is?

  26. It kills me to see a guy hitting over .300 on the bench. We keep hearing about Bobby needing to find ways to get Yunel in the game when Renteria and KJ are healthy, but the announcers never seem to mention or care that Diaz is riding the pine while Andruw’s good arm is striking out in clutch situations.

    I have tons of respect for Bobby, but I can’t think of any reason for this other than stubbornness. Willie is more than capable of playing CF.

  27. I was at the game tonight, the guys just looked bored out there. Something isnt right, i mean we only had 3 hits in a 16 inning span. Other than Chipper nothing was hit hard until they got up so much that they just gave us some pitches to hit. Im disappointed in our offense right now. Tex aint doing nothing, might as well just draw names out of a hat. Agree, Diaz needs to play more

  28. I was at tonights game. I sat in the Lexus Level then eventually left at the 7th inning after we were down 10 to 1. What was up with the mini tornado in the stadium tonight? All of a sudden there was a slew of trash on the field.

  29. Big D, good luck at the game tomorrow, take a fan. It was brutally hot today at 7:05, still at 100+, until the little rain came.

    Couple of things, its got to be hard on our pitchers knowing that they have to shut down every team for us to have a chance to win. Our offense frustrates me more than the pitching does. Lets see we had only 3 hits in 16+ innings….we probably wouldnt have had those hr’s if we werent down 12-1. Carlyle was terrible, yes, but our offense just looks flat. No McCann tonight, No Renteria, Andruw sucking all year, Teix doing nothing, Diaz riding the pine, and KJ slumping….they are putting to much on the pitchers. Better hope Smoltz shuts them down completely tomorrow, feels like a easy sweep for a team that doesnt look that good on paper.

  30. The Braves have been consistently a .500 team since May. We keep hoping for them to give us an extended stretch of better play and that just isn’t going to happen. They’ll finish something like 85 wins and won’t make the playoffs.

  31. Agree with Ron. I hate to question a team’s character, but this team has played with little passion all year. No spectacular wins; they seem to just be hanging on to hope something happens.

  32. Marc;
    I can never agrue with your points. I’d like to try it from a different viewpoint.

    I believe two weeks of good starting pitching can set this team up for a strong playoff chase.
    I hope we can get that, because the offense does have the abilty to put crooked numbers on the board in any inning.

    I like to point to my local NFL team, the Colts. Pundits and family members all told me they couldn’t get far because of a porous run defense. It was true; in Demcenber they couldn’t stop a stiff wind.
    Somehow, whether it was SS Bob Sanders’ return or the the fabled “script” was written, they ended up Champs.

    My hope is the freshness of platoon players and Renty’s return allows an offensive boon (or boom)that gets into opposing pitchers’ heads.

    But my gut willl twist if I tune into TBS and see Woodward’s name in the line-up. No excuse for using anything but the best hitters today!

  33. I meant to write “argue”. As written above, “agrue” could be a mispelling of either “agree” or “argue”!

  34. Marc,

    It’s “Carlyle”. He spells it weirdly.

    And I think you’re right about it being time to start pulling for the Mets against the WC contenders. This team isn’t winning a division.

  35. A winning streak is coming. I can smell it. It’s either that or the dishes that have been piling up in the sink, but I’m pretty sure its a streak.

  36. If we won the wild card, it looks like we’d be playing the Diamondbacks pretty much no matter what, right? The way they’ve owned us for the past few years, is it even worth getting into the playoffs through the side door like that?

  37. They’re a hot team right now and they have a winning mentality. To counter it, the Braves had to put the foot down. Instead they gave them Carlyle like a sacrificial calf.

    Maybe that offering will help us squeak out a win tomorrow. Our best shot at getting a streak going will be the games that Smoltz and Huddy pitch back to back.

  38. check out these numbers and you can see why we are a .500 team at best

    James last 3 0-1 8.59ERA
    Carlyle last 3 1-2 6.91ERA
    Cormier last 2 0-1 5.56ERA

    basically, we have to get Smoltz and Huddy to win their games to have any shot at going 3-2 in a 5 game stretch

  39. #45 – We pull for the Mets to beat up on the Phillies and the Padres right now and we pull for them to lose against everyone else

  40. csg,
    smoltz’s arm is holding on by a thread…i’m just thankful he’s on the mound. any word on when & if wells is coming to town?

  41. I know, but if he’s going to throw a fastball, try hitting a corner or something. McCann was set up right down the middle and that’s where it was thrown

  42. wryn posted a link a few days ago, and i think the ajc might have a link from a story they posted yesterday. but you should be able to type in his name a find it.

  43. ububba,
    i’m so disappointed, i thought you had countless interns briefing you around the clock on all things cool or current. :)

  44. why does ATL have so much trouble with leadoff hitters?

    Pierre, Reyes, Rollins, Roberts, and Young all kill us

  45. It was a high fast ball with a slow runner, a good throwing pitch. KJ didn’t give it a chance and cut it off. With two strikes it might not have been a great decision but i’ve seen worse…

  46. you dont worry about that runner when John has an 1-2 count on a batter that cant touch any pitch that he’s throwing, unbelievable

  47. It was obvious after looking at the replay that the call came from Cox as McCann TOLD the infield what he was going to do. KJ SHOULD have stayed on the bag. So it’s actually another mistake by KJ. However, people jump the gun here so often this doesn’t suprise me. Look at that replay, he would have been out!

  48. 6 stolen bases, not exactly a great baserunner. He had him out if KJ would have stayed on the bag csg.

  49. Jake, McCann’s throw was 3 feet left of the 2b bag, no way they get Hudson there. If Bobby calls for that then McCann should throw the ball directly to John so he can intercept it and get the lead runner

  50. Well according to Joe Simpson and my eyes it was on target. If bobby calls for the throw to go to 2b then thats where it should be thrown to. I’m confused at what your trying to say. If he wanted the throw to be at smoltz he would have called it.

  51. Jake, i’m not arguing with you. You may be correct, he might have been safe. I just dont really see why you would even care if he takes 2nd there. Let him go and let Smoltz shut down their offense. Either way, the play sucked and it cost us a run

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