403 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 14, Giants at Braves”

  1. From the last thread….

    Joe Morgan: Well its the 27 less games.

    This is completely correct by the way. A month’s worth of games is nothing to sneeze at.

  2. notes from DOB today

    By David O’Brien

    August 13, 2007 11:12 PM | Link to this

    Not sure if Andruw even had an exam today; I’m betting he didn’t. If he did, Braves wouldn’t announce results until tomorrow anyway….

    He told me yesterday he was just going to try to not let it bother him, and he took a ton of early B.P., so it apparently wasn’t hurting him too much. Then again, he said when he doesn’t make contact it hurts most, and he went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts last night….

    DOB also states that the Braves might have a video presentation for Bonds tonight. Also states that Andruw has the worst home batting average in the majors .195.

    Here’s to hoping that we get the good Smoltz and the Mets see the good Snell tonight

  3. It almost sounds like players are in charge of deciding when they themselves are injured. (That worked out so great with Chris Reitsma among others.) You’d think Jeff Porter or somebody would have some say in matters of player health.

  4. Robert,

    I don’t disagree with you, but I don’t think the RBI total by itself determines who the MVP is. The fact that Chipper isn’t leading the team in RBIs hardly means that he isn’t the most valuable player on the team. And, guys have won the MVP after having missed significant numbers of games. I’m not saying Chipper should be league MVP, just that the thing about the RBIs is silly.

  5. IMHO, the Wire is handsdown the best HBO drama ever. Soprano’s really lost direction and stumbled to a finale. I never got deep into Deadwood, so I may be too quick to judge.

    As for comedies, I think Extra’s ranks above Curb. I love larry david and think Seinfeld was the best show ever created, but there are some realy slow episodes and usually its only good for a couple funnny situations. Whereas Extras is almost always solid front to start, dialogue and plots.

  6. I’m not saying Chipper should be league MVP, just that the thing about the RBIs is silly.

    Sure, and that’s why I didn’t quote that part. But hey, he did hit on one valid reason for Chipper not being in the MVP discussion. For Joe that’s pretty good.

  7. No one likes Entourage on HBO? I prefer that to the other HBO series. (Doubledog you are on point about the Sopranos.)

    Showtime, IMO, has a better current lineup of shows than HBO. (Dexter, Weeds, etc.)

  8. Off topic:


    The respect is nice. But it does make me nervous since some of these guys are never right. I know I wouldn’t mind another crack at Texas.

  9. Oh! A Joe Morgan and RBI discussion! Count me in…

    Morgan likes to denounce “statistics,” but often supports his own arguments with things like “RBI” and “Runs.” What’s happening is that he just likes, because he only knows, RBI and Runs. I believe Morgan most recently claimed that stats can’t tell you what kind of impact a player makes on his team, and then reverted to using RBI and runs scored – two categories definitively dependent upon other guys – as indicators of who really was a team player. Of course, OPS and WORP and a series of other sabermetrics are much better indicators of who is, and is not, a team player. Joe just doesn’t like them.

    And Morgan also said that starting pitching is the most important part of the rotation, which may be my all-time favorite.

    I love The Wire. It is, without question, my all-time favorite television show, and I have been a loyal viewer of many others, including the HBO shows (still can’t get into John from Cincinatti, though).

  10. I used to think Entourage was funny, but its become the male version of Sex in the City. Where you have a completely unrealistic depiction of a few young friends as they float from hot chick to riches.

    Where Sex taught impressionable girls they should obsess about shoes, men, and be slutty, Entourage has attacked the 18-30 year old male demographic just as bad, creating countless douchebags with each episode. The kind of guys that go to my girlfriends pool in Berbery bathing suits and play rap music loudly from their Ipod-speakers, making sure not to get their hair wet.

  11. doubledawg, I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with you on Entourage. It’s definitely the ‘Male Sex in the City’ show, but that’s really what it was from the beginning. That’s actually the description a friend of mine used when he first introduced it to me. And while I can’t argue against hating on those dudes at your girl’s pool, the characters on the show have become a lot more interesting – especially Turtle – over the past couple seasons.

    I just think the show it funny, a guilty pleasure. But I can also see why folks would tire of the formula.

  12. @12: That’s pretty funny. I feel the same way about Sex & The City. I’m pretty sure half of the girls I went to High School with decided that they had to go to NYC, aka purgatory, after they graduated college.

    I have to disagree a little about Entourage though. It is a male version of Sex & The City, but I don’t really like it makes guys want to go to LA. Not to mention that none of the guys on the show appear to be Burberry fans. Nowithstanding the “douche factor,” I still find it hilarious in an entirely unrealistic way.

  13. On another note: Anyone see on MLBTR about Contreras clearing waivers and the Braves possibly trading Hampton for him?

    It is a complete “what if,” as opposed to a “possibility,” but interesting none the less.

  14. If anyone cares, the Braves have a 71% chance of winning tonight according to the AccuScore thing on ESPN.com.

    I’ve never seen it that high.

  15. Why would the Braves want Contreras? Didn’t he give up 10 or 12 runs in his last start?

  16. “Why would the Braves want Contreras? Didn’t he give up 10 or 12 runs in his last start?”

    Insert joke about Braves 5th starters here.

  17. I’m not sure why they would want him. I was merely relaying the message. But he did not give up any runs his last two outings.

    ” SI.com’s Jon Heyman says Contreras’s last two scoreless outings may put him in a positive light in the eyes of some teams. Heyman specifically names the Dodgers as a team that might get involved.”

  18. No to Contreras. I’d rather bring Terry Mulholland or Shane Reynolds out of retirement than pay Contreras $20 over the next two years to stink worse than my sister at making sense when she talks.

  19. Chiming in about The Wire, that show is utterly fantastic. I came in late to the last season, then went out and bought all the box sets and ended up staying up all night watching them. Engrossing and fun for the fact that the character development is so good, you get drawn WAY into even the bad guys. How can you not love the idea of a thief who only steals from other thieves, sells them back the stuff he stole from them, not to mention he is gay? Wild.

  20. I think Entourage has become a parody of the rich young actors in Hollywood, which is not what they originally intended with the show. I gotta say though that I keep watching just to see what will happen next with Drama and Ari, those storylines are the most entertaining, yet they keep shoving all the other crap at us. Its not a great show, but 30 minutes of entertainment is all I am looking for out of it anyway.

  21. Entourage still entertains me. It’s certainly on a downward slide, though. More scenes of a scantily clad Mrs Ari would certainly help matters.

  22. doubledawg,
    the wire is great, and i while i echo your thoughts on what entourage has become, it still is a great “guy show”- turtle, johnny drama and ari are what make that show great. vince and eric are…ehh ok. The eye candy is challenged by no one.
    I just wrapped up the first season of Brotherhood (highly recomend), it’s the first serious salvo from Showtime, and should put HBO on notice.
    If i see one more show on AJ’s car fleet i’m gonna go a 7 state killing spree. It will really disapoint me if he starts riding this “elbow” thing.

  23. Damn who knew this:

    “Here’s why baseball is such a great, confounding game: At the age of 24 Mike Schmidt was a career .197 hitter after more than 400 at-bats. Eight home run titles later — and with 548 total dingers for his career — Schmidt makes the all-time team.”

    So maybe there is hope for Scott Thorman…lol

  24. The Wire is the best television show of all time, in my opinion. Never a bad episode.

    Our Bravos need to reel off about 5 or 6 in a row here. I can’t stand watching NL East lately. None of the teams are grabbing this division by the throat.

  25. The Wire is a very good show…last season was really good. What makes it is even better is when you drive up to Baltimore and realize …DAMN!! The show is real….

    C’mon Smoltz can we get that pre-injury @ Milwaukee Smoltz that was soooooo dominant tonite?? Pretty please with a cherry on top…

  26. In 1972 and especially ’73, Schmidt was given treatment by Philly fans very similar to how Pat Burrell is treated now. It was definitely something that weighed on him at the time and I don’t think he ever really completely forgave the city for it.

  27. “I don’t think he ever really completely forgave the city for it.”

    Well hell, he stayed there his entire career. And even had fun by wearing a wig in the 1980s. I think Michael Jack Schmidt is ok with Philly fan. By the way Harry Kalas’s call of Schmidt 500th HR is one of my all-time favorites.

  28. “Philadelphia is the only city, where you can experience the thrill of victory and the agony of reading about it the next day.” – Mike Schmidt

    “If you’re associated with the Philadelphia media or town, you look for negatives. I don’t know if there’s something about their upbringing or they have too many hoagies, or too much cream cheese.” – Mike Schmidt

    I may have overstated his negative feelings, after all he did manage in their farm system, but I think in the back of his mind he never forgot how unfairly he was treated at times.

  29. Does Correia have a mullet? I can’t tell what’s going on in his mug shot on the Braves site. He and Khalil Green must get their hair styled together.

  30. I actually just moved to Baltimore and yes, there is some reality to The Wire. In fact, the show uses quite a few home-grown products. The show’s creators and much of its cast hail from the city. I don’t know which is better, the 3rd or 4th season, but in my opinion neither can be topped by any other season from any other show.

    That video is definitely funny…

  31. This heat is killing me. Well, not killing, but it’s not at all pleasant. Anyway, I am not totally all here mentally right now — when am I, you ask — and once again, morning recap.

    I’ll be fine in the morning, probably. It’ll only be about 85 then.

  32. Lineups are posted:

    C. Jones
    A. Jones

    Wynnie the Pooh
    Klesko (Skinny Version)

  33. I cannot imagine any reason that Andruw Jones would not want to give a hometown discount to continue playing in front of these fine fans!

  34. whats the story on this Correia guy? He hasnt started a game all season I dont think. Does this mean we wont see Lincecum, Cain, Zito, or Lowry?

  35. yes it is….I thought they may send out Atchison tomorrow and Ortiz on Thuursday. That would be great

  36. I am going by Yahoo. Plus, with the Giants having nothing to play for but pride at this pt., I would be surprised if it changed.

  37. Funny, Smoltz was afraid to throw a strike to Bonds because maybe he’d hit a solo homer. And he ends up scoring anyway because of the leadoff walk.

  38. if Barry flips his bat like that again after walking, Smoltz should knock him down with his next pitch. Try showing some respect for the game Barry

  39. csg, Barry doesn’t even respect his own family; I hope he tears both his ACL’s, the bastard.

  40. why do umpires feel like they are part of the show? McCann asked about a pitch and the ump took a step towards him like he was ready for a quick ejection, can a player not ask a question anymore

    I have a bad feeling about our offense tonight

  41. You’d think if your elbow hurt, you’d only swing at pitches close to the strike zone. That third strike was up around his face.

  42. Has the elbow injury been a year long ailment? I really don’t see a difference in healthy Andruw vs. hurt Andruw, aside from his 10 day flash of power in July.

  43. Hernandez got out of a big jam, but he’s at 74 pitches, I think, after only three innings. Snell, by comparison, is at 46.

  44. WE look like the team that just played a doubleheader and flew cross-country.
    Good job, Smoltz. Glad we could count on you tonight.

  45. This is humiliating.

    If our ace is pitching like this against the lowly Giants, we have NO chance.

  46. we are NOT a playoff team, I’m not posting again until we get a lead, today, tomoorow, whenever

  47. Might not see you for a while, csg. This team just doesn’t have the killer instinct to go out and take the division in a year when the Mets and Phillies are trying to give it away.

  48. agreed. I am sick of counting on this Braves team to ever play like they are supposed to.

  49. With the Diamondbacks coming up, I’m worried. But with four games against the Reds (remember the sweep?), the Braves have a chance to really string some wins together. Smoltz is winless in his last 3 and this isn’t looking good either. I’m tired of the Braves making bad teams look respectable.

    There’s a lot of baseball left though. Six innings is plenty to string some hits together. I think Andruw Jones is dead weight pulling the team down.

  50. “This team just doesn’t have the killer instinct to go out and take the division in a year when the Mets and Phillies are trying to give it away.”

    Couldn’t you say the same thing about the Mets and Phillies? That neither one of them has the “killer instinct” to take hold of the division while the Braves and Mets/Phillies tread water?

  51. Yeah. That’s why I’m still watching the games, b/c the division is still up for grabs. But it wasn’t that long ago that we’d run off and leave teams after the all-star break. This team doesn’t seem built that way.
    And even if it comes down to the last weekend and we somehow make the playoffs, what makes anyone think we’re going to suddenly get ‘hot’ like the Cardinals did last year? The Braves haven’t been ‘hot’ since 2005.

  52. The Mets dug their own hole in June and July and the Phillies had a terrible start to their year (including being swept by the Braves in the season’s opening series). The Braves’ troubles have been season long. The team’s inconsistency and inability to play to their true potential is what is frustrating. That and their inability to ever put together a solid “streak,” or to make up nay ground while the Mets played terrible in the early summer months.

  53. Good job, Chipper. Glad we can count on our veterans to go out and GRAB THIS DIVISION!
    No, our veterans look bored and old.

  54. Way to rally there, Braves. This team looks like it has no heart.

    You’d think Monday would have gotten the sting of the Phillies losses out of their system. No heart right now.

  55. Ok. And a hot July 2006 cut the Mets lead last year to what, 11 games? Getting hot after winning 6 games the month before doesn’t count.
    A hot April this year got them what? Not buried by the Mets? What does that count for now? They’ve been ahead of us all year.

  56. The difference is the hot April means they’re out only 3.5 now, instead of maybe seven or eight games, in which the Braves really would be out of it.

  57. Fair enough. They can get hot for 2 weeks. Call me disgruntled, but this team just feels and looks different than our championship teams of the past. There’s no spark, no fire, nothing. I thought getting Tex would energize the whole franchise, and it did–for 2 days. Since then, they’re back to .500.

  58. Six pitches, six swings and misses for Francoeur tonight.

    Andruw Jones up. Another wasted double.

  59. Just got up and joined the game: I guess our `sweep’of the Giants will begin late in the game. And now Barry….

  60. Bochy!!! What’s up brother? How can you not give the guy a chance to pick up a meaningless stat?!!

  61. I’m posting now, just glad Correia is out of the game. Seriously though, Smoltz gets absolutely no run support, its amazing.

    Hey Willie, good job

    Are we the only team who will allow a reliever to start the game and go almost 5 IP. Good thing the Giants only wanted 2IP from him

  62. My Gameday has officially walked the plank. Anyone care to update me with what happened after the bunt?

  63. Come on Chipper. I know this game is overwhelmingly weighted towards the pitching/defense but you should just be able to get a hit whenever you want!

  64. Oh my God, the Braves just keep on failing with the runner on third, less than two outs thing. That feels like the tenth time it’s happened in the past two weeks.

  65. willie got a single and advanced to second on the throw, both KJ and Chipper struck out

    thats ball game, this team is so freakin pathetic

    Please tell me where that pitch was on gameday?

  66. Uh, KJ and Chipper struck out. Chipper then threw his helmet and yelled some colorful expletives, awakening memories of Scott Thorman.

  67. Kyle…Willie got a hit, we got our hopes up and eventually got a swift kick in the testicles.

    Same script as every other day…

  68. Meanwhile, the Nats took a lead on Philadelphia and the Mets have decided to see how many pitches it takes to require surgery for the ageless Hernandez. The NL East is fannnnnntastic!

  69. He struck out but look at that desire!! It helps being mad when you’re trying to play baseball.

  70. The relief pitcher in for the Giants now is the guy who was originally suppose to start for them tonight.

  71. Yunel’s at bat against Florida that sent the game to extra innings is still the best at bat by any Brave so far this year…

  72. See if Andruw just doesn’t swing the bat…good things can happen. It’s just when he swings…

  73. come on… get a lead and give smoltz a chance for the W (which means… score about 12 more).

  74. It is if the team gets fired up and plays well. Otherwise, who cares–he’s still calling the game though he’ll be doing so from the clubhouse instead of the dugout.

  75. The Cubs got fired up earlier this year when Lou was ejected and suspended, so who knows?

  76. Yeah, Cox being gone has to be a good thing. Wonder if we’ll see Soriano in the 8th with a one-run lead.

  77. Andruw may have gotten a walk (thank God he finally did SOMETHING) but it should be Diaz in left and Willie in center, until something either clicks with ‘Druw or he gets DL’d.

  78. count me on the side of “getting fired up” because of a manager blowing up or an intra-team squabble as being overrated… because i don’t see how that helps you hit a 98 mph fastball any better.

    putting some good innings together and maybe a comeback win… that’ll do a lot more for confidence than an ejection.

    but it’s still sweet that bobby got the heave ho…

    and thanks tbs for not broadcasting this one. love you.

  79. And to think Dotel was the big pitching acquisition…

    Let’s hope Mahay’s success isn’t a fluke.

  80. Chipper, Francouer and KJ….anytime you are ready to play tonite…we will be waiting. AJ you are excused…

  81. We have absolutely no chance of doing anything this season if we lose confidence in Wickman, especially at home. Our bullpen is just not deep enough. Acosta has pitched one inning and it was not in a pressure situation. Mahay/Moylan in 8th and Big Bob in the 9th.

  82. He’s our ‘8th inning guy’, regardless of how much he sucks and gives up game-tying homers that suck the life out of this team.
    Got to go by the book. Heaven forbid we do something unconventional, like, say, use our best players in a pennant race.

  83. Why is Klesko arguing a pitch right down the center of the plate. What a tool he still is.

  84. How? I wanted to tell Gameday that that’s not possible, but apparently it did actually happen.

  85. LMAO!!! oh ye of little faith. what is it like to be so negative all the time?

  86. Basically, Escobar slid, caught it, couldn’t stand up, and couldn’t get the ball out of his glove. When he finally got it out of his glove he threw a grounder to first and Molina beat it by maybe half a step.

  87. Wow, Andruw walked and Soriano didn’t give up a home run in a 1 run game.

    It’s Bizarro Braves Baseball!

  88. Soriano’s best inning in…weeks…lets hope that it is habit forming.

    Lets get some more runs….

  89. Escobar is the man.

    I was listening to the game on the way home and Skip was talking about Bobby wanting to rest McCann as much as he can. While he was saying that, I was thinking about getting the back-up in there more because we had a capable back-up, but then it finally dawned on me truly that Salty is gone and we don’t have a two-headed catching monster anymore. I don’t know why it took me two weeks to fully come to grips with that.

  90. If we need a guy to run hard down the line and shout obscenities at his feet, Bobby will give Thorman an at bat.

  91. 259 — hilarious

    i can’t stand thorman’s bunyan swings and his whole approach at the plate in general. like his hustle though. wish that would rub off a little…

  92. Is Thorman really cussing when he runs down the line? I just thought he was grunting like an idiot. Anyone with seats close to the field that can tell us?

  93. I will never complain about Thorman on the team ever again for he is not Julio Franco.

  94. 3-1 fastball down the middle. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel for most major leaguers. Hoepfully Bob gets out of this.

    And wow…what a play by Yunel

  95. If Wickman can’t close down a game against the Giants (without Bonds) at home, what chance do we have down the road?

  96. Going back, I just said I wish I’d have seen the Molina infield single because he’s SOOO slow, and after Escobar taking forever to throw it and then making a bad throw, Molina still barely beats it–just sounded funny. Only ‘cuz it didn’t hurt us.

    …as I type–OMG, come on you fattie

  97. I take that back–if Soriano is still our 8th inning guy, Wickman’s going to be the guy the rest of the year no matter what.
    Blind loyalty. Cost us the division last year–what will it do this year?

  98. You’d think Wickman would be holding the man at first to keep the double play in order….

  99. Escobar was in on the grass at ss, and after the lunge he was basically in front of second. It was pretty nice.

  100. “Why didn’t they try to hold Roberts at first?”

    No kidding. It’s only the go ahead run for crissake.

  101. Why not, Tom? Our closer is in. That should make you feel secure. Game’s supposed to be over, right? I mean, he’s our closer. He must be good.

  102. Wickman is nibbling because he knows he doesn’t have much tonight. This could get very ugly if Winn jerks one down teh line.

  103. Moylan’s not our closer. Wickman is our closer. Just like Soriano is our 8th inning guy, and Andruw is our CF. Can’t mess with what’s obviously worked all year.

  104. So…when we load the bases against the Mets, we get 0 runs.

    Yet, when the Giants load the bases on us, we can’t get out of it.


  105. Step down off the ledge. We’re at home which means we get the last at bat! No Baseball Fan Left Behind!

  106. Did Escobar make a mistake by taking the bait and throwing home to hold the runner at third? I don’t think he could have gotten the runner at first? What do you guys think?

  107. I can’t belive this team and screwed around and may lose, at home, with Smoltz starting, to a last place team that started a mop up guy.

  108. Hold on, Rehab. I’m not dumping on the guy. I think he did the right thing in holding the runner. I was looking for another opinion, that’s all. The play Escobar made reminded me of the one Walt Weiss made against the Astros in 1998 (?).

  109. As bad as that inning was for the Braves, how terrible of an at-bat was that for Klesko? How do you not swing with the bases loaded and two strikes at a pitcher who couldn’t blow a pitch past Neifi Perez?

  110. Oh my god. I hate it when bad managerial decisions work out. It encourages that kind of idiocy.

  111. Man, I wish Chipper wasn’t up here. Anybody but him or Teixera and I’d say bunt. This is why I’m glad I’m not a manager.

  112. That was the really clutchy clutch which is why Chipper hit there and not earlier in the game. He wanted to give the other guys a chance to contribute which is what a really veterany vetran would do.

  113. haha…

    Remy, you might as well have said “epale! una cerveza para celebrar cabrones!”

  114. Baseball is a funny game. Wickman is the guy that least deserves the win tonight.

    Klesko deserves the win more than him. Hell, Chip Caray deserves the win more tonight than Wick.

  115. really. Something needs to be done about rewarding a closer who blows a save and picks up a win.

  116. great, I mean, great Ab’s by the guys in the 9th. Wickman was bad, but the ump behind the plate was worse. He gave him nothing. I really thought we would win the game in the ninth after Wickman didnt give up the go ahead run. 1st game that Wickman gave up a run at home and of course it cost Smoltz a win

    Biggest play of the game is Barry hurting himself running to 1st. Their lineup is real weak without him and his spot came up in big situations late in this game. Maybe this can get them going

  117. one thing that you have to respect Bobby about is that he might get pissed at the umps during a game and he might even get tossed, but he never has bad things to say about them in the media after the game. Its over and I think he gets respect for that

  118. If the win goes to the last competent pitcher, then if Wickman got the save, Soriano would have gotten the win.

    For all the new ideas about how to award wins, I think the current rules for it are right. With that said, when the rules award Wickman the win is why the win stat sucks.

  119. When your starter leaves with the lead, and also gives you a quality start, then if the team wins he should get the win no matter what

  120. Just before we forget, I think Barrett, the home plate umpire, actually deserves commendation. It takes genuine effort to have a game that bad as an umpire.

    It wasn’t just the Chipper thing. Wickman’s ninth was almost entirely caused by his crappy umpiring and Ryan Klesko is probably back in the Giants clubhouse burning him in effigy right now.

    I can’t remember a time I saw a game that poorly umpired by someone other than CB Bucknor.

    Kudos, Mr. Barrett!

  121. The umpire blew that save. He really had it out for Wickman, pitches that were strikes all night were all of a sudden balls for Wick.

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