Manny Acosta

The most-normal closer in Richmond, called up as part of the Braves’ attempt to confuse us. (It’s working!) Acosta was signed out of Panama by the Yankees as a putative 17-year-old in 1998, though his first stateside performance was in 2000. He pitched okay in the very low levels but got beat up in high-A. In the middle of the 2003 season, he was released, and the Braves signed him.

All I have is the stats, and the stats say “arm injury”. He pitched 23 1/3 innings in 2004, 28 1/3 the next year. In 2006 he pitched well. Sort of. His ERAs in Mississippi and Richmond (his first exposure to the high minors) were quite good, but he walked more than seven men every nine innings. This year, he’s improved that somewhat — to 5.28, still unacceptably high.

On the other hand, he’s managed, through this “I have no idea where the ball is going” method, to put up a good strikeout rate and excellent hit rate, and in 59 2/3 innings hasn’t allowed a homer. (His home run rates are usually very low.) I don’t think that you want him in pressure situations, but there has to be some use for a guy who never allows homers.

Manuel Acosta Baseball Statistics


I’m going to issue one of my periodic warnings here. People, I want this to be a civilized forum. I’ve only ever banned one person, and I want to keep it that way. So here’s the deal:

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  1. Go back and read the game thread. If post #411 doesn’t make Lando the second guy banned then I don’t know what it would take. Disgusting.

    Acosta is an, um, interesting choice. At this point I guess anybody who can still lift their arm is welcome.

  2. I agree. He had a good pitch to hit from Alfonseca in the eighth and just couldn’t get there. Give him some time and maybe he can help down the stretch.

  3. I agree. If it’s that bad that, he has no business in the lineup. Disable him and let’s see what Brandon Jones can do vs major league pitching.

  4. ugh, i didn’t know andruw was hurting this bad… they have to dl him as everyone already wrote, he is not hurting himself but the team as well at the plate. then again, what are the options? who’s gonna play cf, willie or francoeur?

  5. the question is: Is half an Andruw better than Harris in CF and Diaz in LF?

    After watching him try to hit the last 2 games.


  6. Mac, I appreciate the addendum. I had gotten to the point where I was rarely reading the comments and just reading your articles because I didn’t feel like scrolling through the bad posts and trying to filter the good ones. Hopefully this blog can return to what it once was, a great place to talk about and find out about goings on in the Braves nation.

  7. So, there’s this cafe’…
    It’s open 24/7 and it’s Called “Braves Journal.”
    Around noon, the place gets lively. Working stiffs, professional guys, and students. All passionately discussing the Braves. Some poke their heads in just to see who’s hanging. ome just want to stick out their tongue, grin, and leave. It’s hard to go back to work some days…

    After the games, it rocks-win or lose. ubbuba is the DJ. In late hours you can hear uhlrix thumping the bass. Guiness on draft. No two people ever see exactly the same game, but I get a great idea of what happened if I didn’t see it.

    Now the owner has a sign up:
    If you wouldn’t say it to his face; don’t submit.
    If you wouldn’t let your mother hear it; don’t submit. The sign doesn’t really belong here. I hope Mac can take it down soon.

    Please don’t ban lando. Everybody has a bad day. He’s too sharp to lose. We need everybody. I read these posts where two Braves Journal fans meet up at a ballpark and I realize that this is a very special thing.

    The place is quiet now, but not for long. I usually try to sit where I can hear Alex R., but I find myself moving closer to Tony’s table lately. Lots of laughter and action near there.

    Go Braves!

  8. I also appreciate the addendum Mac. I’ve been tempted to call a few people out for language lately, but I didn’t want to increase the banter back and forth. I enjoy everyone’s insight and views on here (even if I disagree), but can definitely do without the name calling and bickering.

    I don’t know, but it seems Andruw would be an obvious DL. I hurt my elbow swinging a golf club and can’t imagine going back out and swinging again until I rest it for a few weeks. Of course when you play golf at the level I do, it really doesn’t matter much whether you rest or not – my game stays bad no matter what.

  9. guys – forget about what was said yesterday. The Braves lost again by 1 run and things got a little tempered. Today is a new day my friends, lets find a way to get Druw on the DL and get both Harris and Diaz playing everyday.

    Mac, do you always have direct access to DOB? If so, ask them why Bobby hasnt seen the pain that Andruw is in and ask him why he’s still letting him play that way.

    Come on Cormier, you need to step up today. My preditcion

    4IP 7H 4ER 3BB 1K

    prove me wrong

  10. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think Cormier will do okay today. He is not a worldbeater, but he can definitely pitch better than what he’s shown this year (he had some good outings (and some bad) in long relief last year). My thought is 6 innings, 2 to 3 runs. I hope I’m right, and I’m sure csg agrees.

  11. If Cormier goes 5-6 innings with 4 runs or less, I’d take it.

    #11, Bobby is a “player’s manager.” The player (Andruw) wants to play through the pain, so Bobby will let him until either Andruw or Jeff Porter comes and says it’s time to rest.

  12. #12 – oh yeah, I hope Cormier can give us something like what Carlyle has been giving us. I know for a fact that Cormier has potential, its time for him to prove himself tonight. Anything productive at this poin would be an upgrade. Our offense needs to show up tonight, both teams faced the best starter available for this series last night. No reason to think that our offense cant score off the next two guys. With Utley, Victorino, and Bourn out – their offense isnt that deadly. We have the better team

    #13 – unfortunately you’re right, but there comes a time when the manager has to put personal feelings towards someone aside and realize that this is what’s best for the team. Andruw playing right now isnt good for him or the team. Any time Chipper gets a little scratch or Smoltz gets a little tweak or something Bobby sits them for a couple of days. Why not Andruw?

  13. @9

    But it’s the owner’s establishment, the owner’s property if you will, and he can do with it as he wishes. If he finds online namecalling juvenile and doesn’t want it around, good for him. I don’t think it’s acceptable or adds anything of pertinence.

    For what it’s worth, I post routinely on two sites, this one, and another Braves forum. Undoubtedly, this is the best and I’m seriously considering dropping myself from the other for how many jerks are around the place.

    There’s a running attitude around a lot of these sites (not necessarily this one) that Bobby and JS are idiots. (Insert poster here) could do a much more wonderful job than either of these two as armchair manager and GM’s. If only they would have done what (insert idea for trade for Ortiz in 2002 or something that armchair GM derived), life would be swell and the Braves would be 162-0 every year. This whole idea really bugs me and I’m glad Braves Journal is a relative safe haven from that.

  14. Perhaps going on the DL won’t actually help. Andruw may have a serious, or possibly chronic, problem. I’m not a doctor. But the Braves may have deemed the problem to be one that won’t simply heal by rest alone.

    All of this is unfortunate, and not just because of the loss (of potential) it would entail. The time to bring up rookies and acclimate them to MLB pitching or hitting is earlier in the summer. This is not to say I’m against it, but it’s unusual, and many baseball men are clearly uneasy with the unusual.

    This all illustrates what will be this offseason’s biggest issue: filling the CF hole. If and when the Braves lose Andruw, not replacing him may make keeping Renteria all the more important.

  15. Wryn, I agree…most of the posters here are regulars and usually have somewhat of an idea of how baseball is played, however, the manager and GM will always be a subject for criticism. Thats just the way it is….

    If you compare this site with other baseball forums, you’ll notice this one is the best. Thanks, Mac…we owe you

  16. Losing Andruw, right now, wont hurt us that much because he’s just not performing. Willie Harris is a superior player to Andruw right now. I’m hoping Andruw can get his act together, but we’ve been saying he’ll turn it around all year. As for losing Renteria, Im not for it. Lets face it though, Escobar is about $7-8 mil cheaper than Renteria and is a more than adequate replacement. If trading Renteria helps the Braves next year, Im for it. Someone suggested that Renteria moves to the OF, just cant see that happening and cant see it being beneficial for either party

  17. The Braves, who have lost four straight against the Phillies, also threatened in the eighth with Francoeur’s two-out double off Antonio Alfonseca. But the former Atlanta reliever had no trouble ending the inning with a weak dribbler off the bat of Andruw Jones, who has just two hits in his past 20 at-bats.

    Wait, What? When did Andruw start hitting weak grounders?

  18. by the way…update on Brandon Jones

    last 10 games

    .488 avg 41AB 20H 5-2B 1-3B 2HR 7RBI 3SB

    on the season in AAA .333 avg

  19. The frustrating thing for me is that according to the numbers at least, we would be a significantly better team with Willy and Diaz out in CF and LF. Why not try a lineup with a CF who’s 100 points better? 100 points!! by the way, they are also significanly outpacing Andruw in OPS and Slugging, Can’t we try this for a week?

  20. yeah I would hate for all three of our OF’s to be hitting over .300, but nope we get the guy who hit 51 hrs two years ago. If he was on any other team, he would be benched

  21. There were 7 1-run games last night. Is that normal? It must have been exciting to be a baseball fan last night.

  22. I think with Renteria’s advancing age and declining range, he will eventually be moved from SS. The most common position after short would be 3B, but Chipper has that (and his power is sub-par for 3rd). After that, I would think it would be 2B, but I think KJ is doing more than adequately. I really think he could handle CF for a few years (although he could also be a bust – I admittedly don’t know enough about his skills), but I don’t think it’s likely that he would be moved there. Since 2008 is the last year of his contract, I think he will most likely be traded during the offseason while his value is high. I just don’t think we can get a top-tier pitcher for him.

  23. I hate it how the media will never criticize other media outlets, unless it’s through an editorial. The AJC prints an article in defense of the New York Post blasting Chipper, seemingly deliberately taking his comments out of context, and trying to manufacture a feud between a Brave and a Yankee. And to “reconcile” things, all they have is a quote from Torre saying that the quote was nothing like the headline. Bullcrap.

  24. I completely agree that the Braves would be better served putting Andruw on the shelf for awhile and giving Diaz and Harris a chance to play every day. But I’m also sure that other teams would go down with the ship too – potentially all the teams in the AL Central, the division many see as the best in baseball. Have you seen the back end of the Tigers and White Sox linueps lately?

  25. Free Phil Stockman. 1 more inning last night for Missippi. 2 hits, 1 strikeout, no walks, no runs.

    Last 10 appearances: 10.33 innings, 13 strikeouts 3 walks. Free Phil Stockman.

    We won two games last Saturday and Sunday without Andruw at the plate. Since then, we are 2 wins and 2 losses. I don’t want him delenda ested, but he cannot be sent out there like this.

    Free Phil Stockman.

  26. I’m visiting friends in occasionally sunny Florida and will miss the next few games. I look forward to reading the game log later tonight though.

    Andruw’s comments in the AJC say it all for me. He CAN’T swing. Not “I have trouble swinging.” He CAN’T. That’s like a track star saying he can’t sprint. His CF defense is still valuable, but after the fine plays by Mr. Harris in NY, why isn’t Bobby giving Andruw as much rest as he needs? It breaks my heart to see anyone but Druw out there but its obvious that its what’s best for the team right now.

  27. This baffles me, We went out to get Ring, why not recall him? Also, Asciano did a good job when he was up why not recall him?

    The thing with Andruw is, I have lost patience, if he is hurt, then DL him, otherwise i have no sympathy for him. Im a high school football coach, if my kid isnt getting it done because he is injured, i put someone else in, I dont care if its my best player, if he isnt getting it done he has to come out.

    This season he has been atrocious, 215!?! Everytime we need a hit he fails. The sad part is, if he failed most of the time, and every once in a blue moon he came through i would still put up with it, because he is Andruw and is a staple here, but sadly, i was hoping they would hit for him vs Alfonseca, I wouldtn care if they brought thorman up, he at least gets it out of the infield.

    Andruw needs to go to the DL.

  28. I’d like to apologize for my behavior. I should have ignored the things that were directed my way but I let him get the best of me. Won’t happen again.

  29. What’s hilarious is that everyone BUT Bobby Cox can see Andruw’s hurt. He bat him AHEAD of Brian McCann last night, which was hilarious in the 7th inning, b/c Francoeur led off with a double, and the Phillies actually had a meeting on the mound about how to get Andruw out and not get to McCann. Bobby’s making it pretty easy on opposing teams by batting him ahead of McCann (and even Johnson, really).
    Yes, he’s hurt, but he’s a gamer and wants to play and isn’t going to ask out of the game. It’s up to our MANAGER to see this and do what’s best for him and the team and DL him. What’s he waiting on?

  30. Kevin Lee–I enjoy your insights about this list. I am again grateful that your postings remind us of the broader human story which surrounds this list–a daily ritual for most of us.

    After about 22 hours of travel (most in a plane) I returned back to the UAE tired and waiting for the jetlag to set in and so I had not thought of posting, but your comment drew me in.

    Otherwise, my thought is that possibly Acosta is being showcased; a wilder guess might be that the Braves want to deal Devine, but don’t want whatever weaknesses they feel he has to be exposed before a trade.

    Acosta has pitched well for Richmond so he has earned his shot, but I join the many here who are rather baffled about the ways in which the organization has managed its bullpen–especially in relation to the farm system.

  31. Last night game

    Andruw spot in the order is killing us.

    Why did KJ swing at the 2-0 pitch? It was definitely a ball. He swung at 2 balls, sort of killed the rally.

    Tex you have to come off the bag on the ball, hate to say it, but LaRoche has that with ease.

    2-1 one pitch to Escobar, definitely was Eric Greg like

    WES HELMS…what was that Chuck James??

    Bobby gets a D for how he managed this game…



    Come on Cormier, you need to step up today. My preditcion

    4IP 7H 4ER 3BB 1K


  33. 40–gee thanks, I’m such a moron I don’t know what a caps lock key is

    I used caps only to differentiate my writing from part of csg’s post I repeated. Geez.

  34. Be nice guys.

    Frank, you can italicize the person’s comments you’re responding to by putting without the spaces, and then closing the tags by putting without the spaces. So, this is what happens is this is what happens.

  35. FREAK BEANS! Apparently even with spaces, it still picks up the HTML. Oh well, you’re on your own.

  36. Rob–I could have used itals; I also could have used quote marks. I just chose–no special reason–to use caps. I’ll make sure I don’t run afoul of the caps police again.

    The summer heat and a bunch of frustrating losses are making everyone testy. Sigh.

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