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The Braves’ third-round draft pick in 2000 and one of approximately 3,000 Atlanta-area high school pitchers the team has taken over the last decade, Boyer slowly rose through the system as a starter, not doing anything particularly spectacular but never embarrassing himself, until he was in Mississippi in 2005. When the bullpen was desperate for reinforcements in June, Boyer was called up and worked himself into a key setup role. He was outstanding, especially in August when he threw 13 1/3 scoreless innings with a batting average against of .098. Many people were thinking he would be the franchise closer the team had been looking for.

Unfortunately, Boyer’s shoulder went bad, leading to among other things Joey Devine getting put on the playoff roster. Boyer tried to come back in 2006 but was utterly ineffective in two brief appearances, and eventually the team and pitcher bit the bullet and he had shoulder surgery. Boyer hasn’t been great in Richmond this year; in particular, he’s had control issues, walking ten in fifteen innings. He hasn’t had that problem yet in Atlanta. I can’t imagine he’ll be as effective after surgery as he was in 2005 but I’m willing to be surprised.

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  1. I was really surprised when he was called up. His Richmond numbers are not good, though they might reflect a rough early start with good pitching recently. He’s looked ok so far, but it’s only two games. If was Paronto, I’d be worried.

  2. Boyer was so good two years ago…in a bullpen that was garbage.

    The thing that makes Chipper injury so bad…is that Andruw sucking ass, and McCann is hurt ( ). With those two struggling, KJ and Diaz are streaky and we are getting nothing from 1st base…man we have got to get this straighten before we play Minn, Det and Cle. or this month could resemble last year.

    The Mets are struggling b/c Carlos B, Shawn G, Moses A,and Jose V have all been out with injuries. The Mets had to know Alou would get hurt during the season, like the Braves knew with Chipper. Old players just get hurt.






    we need some players, fellas…

    i say we get the OF from Ga at 14 (Hayward)

    then, since Parcello, the AWESOME kid from NJ is pricing himself out of the first round, instead, wanting to go to UNC (my alma mater…wooo hooo), i say, gulp, we snag him at 33 and sign him…boras client though, but the kid’s gonna be special.

    and at 68 we get another power arm (or better still, another bat…but pitching wins champs…so im there)…

    any thoughts?

    oh, and boyer used to be the bees knees…yet shoulder snagging is a thing that can kill a career…i think he can still be an effective set-up/occasional closer next year when wickman’s gone and soriano’s the closer.

  4. Boyer was really impressive 2 years ago until his injury problems. I’m hoping he sticks around and puts Paranto, Moylan, or Villareal out of a job.

  5. I think Boyer will become a decent contributing member of the bullpen.

    Here’s to Thorman doing his best impersonation of Justin Morneau!

  6. Mac, a couple things:

    You left out the part in the re-cap about Boyer and Stu being in the same kindergarten class and Stu going to Boyer’s 5-year-old birthday party.

    Also, Blaine was almost exclusively a right fielder in high school (Walton), but scouts saw his arm and had him throw off the mound; he became a more valuable prospect as a pitcher.

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