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I almost titled this “Carlyle & Saltalamacchia 3, Marlins 1”, because the battery didn’t get a whole lot of help there, but there were a few other contributors. Buddy Carlyle was great, seven innings of one-hit baseball; unfortunately, that one hit was a solo homer from Bret Boone’s almost-as-evil brother in the third. The Braves had several scoring opportunities but couldn’t get it done, typified by Saltalamacchia getting stranded on a leadoff single.

So Jarrod decides that he’s going to win this sucker on his own. With one out and one on in the seventh he took a pitch over the left field wall to give the Braves a 2-1 lead. After an improbable pinch homer from Chris Woodward — who at least isn’t Pete Orr, the man he replaced — made it 3-1, Soriano did his thing in the eighth and Wickman (after allowing a one-out single) struck out the last two to save it.

Carlyle did walk three, but struck out five in seven innings of work, and 53 of his 92 pitches were strikes. Two of the walks were erased on Saltalamacchia caught stealings, and the other on a double play. He also hit Boone with a pitch, but then Boone always deserves it… Francoeur was 3-4 with a run scored, though he did foolishly get himself thrown out at third trying to stretch a double with two out in the eighth. I have decided to blame Brian Snitker… Speaking of third base coaches and odd decisions, Fredi took out Sergio Mitre with a 1-0 lead and with only 58 pitches thrown. Apparently Mitre had a sore hamstring, but it gives the Braves somewhat of an advantage that the Marlins needed four innings from their bullpen in the afternoon game.

As usual, this serves as the game thread for the nightcap.

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  1. Hey, Mac, it’s true that you have good cause to hate the Boone family, and the Red Sox Nation probably does too, but I think we’re actually both relatively lucky. At least we don’t have Bob Boone managing our team.

  2. Carlyle out and Blaine Boyer called up. That’s a real show of gratitude.

    Still 13 pitchers and no Pena.

  3. WTF, did they just say on the postgame show that they sent Buddy down and called up Boyer?

  4. As far as Snitker goes, it’s like he doesn’t even take the situation into account. There’ve been games this year we sent everybody, no matter who was throwing and whatnot…and there’ve been games where he sent nobody, again regardless of situation.

  5. question…isn’t Escobar’s name supposed to be pronounced “You-knee,” at least I thought thats what I recalled the PA announcer in Rome calling him the other year when he was playing there?

  6. That’s gotta be discouraging.

    “Thanks for pitching a great game! Enjoy your trip back to AAA”

  7. #5

    There’s not a lot of room for interpretation in Spanish pronunciation. It’s “yoo-nell”, always and forever.

  8. Yeah, I think the PA guy at Rome was probably just an idiot. Yoo-nell is definitely the correct pronunciation of that name.

  9. Guys, relax. We’re loaded with starting pitching. Even if Carlyle has to clear waivers and doesn’t, we’ll easily be able to replace the production he gave us today.

  10. Oh yeah…right. Does Cormier have any options left? If so, that makes this move mind-numbingly boneheaded.

    And I don’t have anything against Boyer really, but what made him being up here an absolute necessity? We don’t have enough right-handed middle relievers up here already?

  11. That’s dumb. Cormier pitched like garbage and stayed with the team because of a fluke ST performance, and Carlyle pitches a great game and goes down?

  12. AJC:

    “Thanks for playing: Buddy Carlyle sent to AAA, Blaine Boyer called up.”

    Why Carlyle? Why not Lance f-ing Cormier? Carlyle at least showed promise. Smoltz, Hudson, James and Davies aren’t going anywhere, so it has to be Cormier. How many chances do the Braves give Cormier!?

  13. It’s an especially odd move since the pen wasn’t heavily used yesterday or in the first game.

    I’d be surprised if Carlyle has no options left since he’s bounced around for nearly a decade.

  14. “Even if Carlyle has to clear waivers”

    Does he? That would make this move even worse.

  15. I was just confirming that is all. I also don’t see why we don’t recall Pena, too, so Salty can actually play more.

  16. What I don’t get is why we have 4 backup infielders on the roster, Escobar(starting while Chipper’s out,thankfully), Prado, Orr, and Woodward, while we’ve got a firstbaseman who’s struggling, and are trying to find playing time for Salty. Bobby is apparently reluctant to use Salty and McCann in the same lineup because he doesn’t have a third catcher in case of problems. Why not release Orr or Woodward, or send down Prado, and call up Pena to use as a backup catcher and let Salty platoon with Thorman at first, and catch a few games as well?

  17. First of all, we already sent Prado down.

    But I’m guessing we’ll lose Orr (since we actually went out and signed Woodward, and he can play more positions than Orr can) when Chipper comes back, but we kind of need both Orr and Woodward while Chipper is gone.

  18. Carlyle shouldn’t have options. He was a MiLB FA wasn’t he?
    while Cormier and Orr both have options. The roster construction for the past month is driving me mad

  19. @ 23

    “when Chipper comes back”–more like IF Chipper comes back. . .

  20. I’m not sure there’s any reason to think he won’t. The doctor said it takes six weeks and it’s already been three. I know he’s been reinjuring it since then, but even if it’s another six, he’ll still be back. He’s even talking about coming back next week.

  21. ^
    new ajc article makes it sound like chipper will be out for about 2-3 more weeks after a few more cortisone shots and splints.

  22. Carroll Rogers at AJC reporting this, “Cox said with the doubleheader and with Smoltz starting the second game on an iffy shoulder, he wanted to have an extra pitcher in for Game 2 if necessary. So they called up Blane Boyer from Richmond. boyer found out at 12:30 today and flew here from Richmond. He says his oblique is fine and he’s ready to go.”

  23. Chipper’s injury sounds very painful.

    I was really hoping that he could get trough this season without anything major….but guess not.

  24. Thanks for the clarification about Prado, Nick. I’d missed that. I’d still like to see Pena called up and Salty getting more playing time though.

  25. I’d say he’s the most likely candidate for the change he’s brought to the Brave’s biggest problem area from last year.

  26. My vote would be Edgar.

    But no, I wouldn’t say it would be crazy, necessarily. He’s certainly the MVP of the bullpen thus far.

  27. Edgar has been our most consistant bat…Soriano has been filthy from the pen…and Smoltz has been the one starter we can count on.

  28. Edgar’s certainly been the most consistent offensive player on the team all season, and therefore the most likely candidate for an MVP, but Soriano’s been lights out, the party’s over, everytime he’s been called on.

    I’m glad to have them both playing for the Braves.

  29. 2 questions…

    1. What kind of speed does Escobar possess? Are we talking a possible 20-30 steal guy when he gets enough playing time? He looks awfully fast running to first.

    2. What is everyone expecting from McBride the rest of the way? Can Mikey G’s replacement keep the ERA under 4? He looked damn good striking out the side a couple games ago.

  30. I don’t predict McBride anymore…

    Oh, and what happened to Carlyle is a “Marcus”, after the time Giles was demoted to Richmond immediately after hitting a grand slam to win the game.

  31. Game 2 Lineup:
    Johnson 2B
    Escobar 3B
    Renteria SS
    McCann C
    Andruw CF
    Francouer RF
    Thorman 1B
    Diaz LF
    Smoltz P

    At least Bobby didn’t bat Diaz ninth…

  32. I feel good about tonight’s game. Smoltz vs. Vanden Hurk should be nice.

    But yeah, that’s what we thought when it was Smoltz vs. Jason Bergmann also

  33. Anyone else here ready to let McCann try 1b and have Salty do the bulk of catching. I know its sacreligious and I’ll probably be ridiculed, but I really think Salty is head and shoulders above in defense behind the plate. 1b would also be less demanding on McCann, and he and Salty could alternate, which I know as discussed before. Maybe Salty should catch Huddy, thats 2 games in a row McCann had pb’s that really hurt the club……I will know duck

  34. we can suggest it ’til we’re blue in the face, but if anything ever happens in that regard, it will be salty at first. as much sense as it makes the other way around, it’s not happening. but if salty can hold first down, mccann would get 4 starts at catcher, salty would get one, and thor would be narrowed down to a once a week starter and bench guy. that sounds nice.

  35. I love McCann, but I also love having a cannon behind the plate. As “problems” go, this one ain’t so bad.

  36. My sinuses are killing me. Don’t expect a recap tonight, unless the game is really quick. Should I put up another postgame thread?

  37. Mac, sorry about your sinuses. Hope you feel better. I have no opinion on the postgame thread.

  38. Mac, what kind of sinus problems are you having? I might be able to suggest some remedies….

  39. OK, just watched the Wellman video again. What an absolute idiot. A few thoughts:

    1) How many kids were in the stands? What kind of message does that send to our youth? “Don’t like the way things are turning out? Act like a child!”

    2) Why the heck were thousands of people cheering? Is that what they paid their money for, or was it just a bonus?

    3) My mom, after watching the whole rosin-bag-grenade-throw, said “That’s disrespect to our military. We should send him to Iraq.” I agree. He might lose some weight.

  40. rob, i agree with your first point, that it was very childish, but come on, disrespect to the military? that’s a little hypersensitive. also, i know it’s nuts, but if i was at the game, i would have been cheering as well. in the moment, it’s going to happen. what are you supposed to do?

  41. It’s one of those perfect storm things — allergies, a minor infection, and some unrelated medical treatment (nothing serious) combining to knock me on my ass. So I will probably take some NyQuil and go to bed early.

  42. Surely it’s not going to be one of those games where the Braves get owned by a crappy pitcher….

  43. rob,
    there were only a few thousand people there after the rain delay. i left after villa was ejected some time in the 5th. Wellman’s bit was crazy to see, most of us were trying to figure out what he was doing at the end.

  44. I don’t know, Vanden Hurk is looking pretty good thus far.

    Beedee — Joey Harrington, of course!

  45. Right now at MLB Scoreboard, the three top performers are all Braves: Carlyle, Salty, & Francoeur. I’ver never seen all three from the same team before, not to mention they’re all Braves.

  46. Jay,

    get out of my brain.

    I thought Shockley was behind Harrington. Give the Shocker a chance!

  47. Rob,

    Of all people, military folks would get the biggest kick out of Wellman’s act. I thought he was doing a Bill Murray/Caddyshack thing myself.

  48. Perfect Game! Perfect Game!

    That kiss of death brought to you by krugerindustrialsmoothing

  49. Why in Zeus’ name is Salty not playing 1B in this game? He has a hot bat and needs the playing time, and yet here’s Thor again.

  50. This is pathetic. You just know the next team to face Vanden Hurk is going to massacre him.

  51. He’s got like 20 men in the bullpen; he needs a reason to use them. Plus, we are as likely to lose with Smoltz as without him when we are hitting worse than Mendoza…

  52. I’d guess that Moylan is like most side-armers. The more work they get, the better they are. Since he didn’t pitch in the first game–it’s Moylan time.

  53. I’m a little late here, but maybe Moylan ought to plunk Willingham. He seems to be responsible for one of the Marlins runs. And while it is not a sensible baseball move, sometimes it just feels good.

  54. See, it would have been better to plunk him. Blast my fingers for typing so slowly.

  55. Skip : “It’s news when Cleveland only scores 1 run”

    Pete : “It’s news when Kansas City only gives up 1…”


  56. Bobby Cox has thrown in “the towel” (aka Oscar Villarreal).

    Cox just had to get him work.

  57. Perhaps he wants to make sure that he has to use several relief pitchers in this inning. Maybe he can work Yates in after a run or two score, then finish the inning with Boyer or McBride. Then and only then, trailing by five or six, we’ll score a couple.

  58. Why rain? Don’t they just suspend games now? That means this horrible game will have to be finished up tomorrow. No thanks.

  59. I have some residual memories of liking the way Boyer looked in 2005. I see why I liked him for now…

  60. Alright, just got back from the gym, and I’m glad I missed this one so far.

    As for Wellman:

    I may be hypersensitive, but I just don’t see why someone making an absolute mockery of the managerial position of one of the teams of my favorite organization is amusing. And regardless of whether there were thousands cheering or dozens, it’s still ridiculous. Now, some did boo, and so the sane people did make their voices heard.

    How did his actions help his team win a baseball game? His own players were looking at him like he’s a lunatic. Oh wait, he is!

  61. i didnt say he wasnt a lunatic, but you totally walked past my point. what he did is not “disrespectful” to the military. and everyone was looking at him like he was a lunatic, but even lunatics can be funny (watch the 2nd baseman as wellman walks past him). so, 90 percent of the people at that game are insane and also lunatics because they laughed? right. if you actually take life this seriuosly to where you cant find humor in wellman’s charades, then all power to you. he made a dumbass out of himself, but imo, it was very amusing. am i insane? i guess so.

  62. Hard to believe that our two aces have been beaten on back-to-back nights by Wes Obermueller and Rick Vanden Hurk.

  63. OK, I’ll confront your point instead of walking past it. It was disrespectful to the military because he was bringing a military maneuver down to his retarded hissy-fit. Now, is that the main point of my observation? No, it’s just a part.

    I take life very serious because life is pretty serious. I also find humor in a lot of things in life; a guy bringing my sport down to a 5 year old who just got his Tonka toy taken away by the sandbox bully is one thing I don’t find funny. Will Ferrell’s funny. People getting hit in the nuts are funny. Brian Regan? VERY funny. A grown man throwing a hissy because the umpire’s strike zone was too big? Not funny. Lunacy? Absolutely.

  64. I may be in the minority, but I think Wellman should be fired or sent to rehab for the remainder of the year at least. He appears to be very unstable.

    As for the Braves, not much to say, except when someone looks really good in the 5th starter spot for a change, he immediately gets sent down. I thought the MLB site said he was out of options. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cormier sent down after Friday’s start and Carlyle brought back up.

  65. Rob,

    I’ve been tight with the military for the majority of my life. So trust me when I tell you: What Wellman did has zero negative impact on anyone in the service.

    It was a joke, like a bad movie. The military has pretty thick skin. Bottom Line: They have much more to worry about than the goofball antics of a minor-league baseball manager. It’s not on their radar.

  66. I thought it was hilarious. But, then again, I tend to be very silly.

    Really, the only thing disrespected in that tirade was 1st base. He should have taken all three.

  67. I’m watching the recast since I missed the first game and I’m just loving Joe and Jon.

    “The Aflac duck question, it’s personal.”

    They are so much better than Chip and Joe.

  68. To change the subject, Thomas Hanson pitched a gem last night and lost as Jeremy Hellickson and the Columbus Catfish beat Rome 1-0. Rome’s bats make Orr and Company look like sluggers–but that is another story. Hanson pitched 7 innings struck out 12 and gave up 1 hit. The league is now hitting .179 against him. Isn’t it nice to have a power arm in the system….

    Who said the Braves are not going to miss Draft and Follow?

  69. Regarding Wellman: I understand if the Braves want to get rid of him as he doesn’t seem to fit the professional model they strive for, but I’m okay with it.

    As for Wellman acting like a child, well, baseball is a game. Remember that.

  70. I went to the night game, unfortunately.

    I didn’t listen to any radio and just found out by reading the thread that Buddy was the sacrifice made to bring in Boyer. I was wondering what he was doing pitching, damnit.

    Now I’m even more pissed off than I was watching us get no-hit through six innings by frickin Vanden Hurk.


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