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  1. Weird to see McBride getting knocked around by lefties. He’ll have things going by April though.

    Anyone know when the game today is?

  2. Did anyone see the White Sox on ECW last night? It was pretty funny. Joe Crede actually got on the mic when Steve Austin “asked him a question” and he sounded like a 13 year old with the biggest boner of his life.

  3. JC,

    Because you’re certain that Davies and McBride have spots waiting for them and that Prado doesn’t. ;)

  4. And because Davies is one of the few guys who really needs a decent spring to show he can get big-league hitters out. It’s not sounding too good so far.

  5. Its not that big of a deal for pitchers to struggle in their second appearance of spring. It’s probably more beneficial if they learn from it and build up to starting the season.

  6. No, Justin, we’re doomed. The season’s over. We need to sell Chipper, Andruw and Smoltz for prospects and re-build. There’s nothing left. The dynasty’s over.

  7. We don’t need to call Orosco. Supposedly we have a lefty in camp called Colyer..gah!

    That was a very bad outing for both pitchers, and no other way to colour it. But hey, only start of ST. With Davies, atleast they can say he had problems throwing from the stretch. McBride is a head scratcher. I think he is one of those guys who doesn’t workout in the offseason, and needs a good month plus to round into shape…
    I still think he might end up in AAA for a month or so.

  8. Oh, sorry Justin. I’ll work on my sarcasm. Do you know of any sarcasm classes in the northeast Florida area I could take?

  9. I wouldn’t yet make too much out of Davies struggles (it may be better that he go to Richmond anyway) and McBride has been erratic; however, I would feel better to see Soriano pitch. A sore shoulder is not a rotator cuff, but its not exactly a good way to begin the spring…

  10. Smoltz vs Bonderman

    Frenchy, Johnson and Renty all getting the day off. Lil Tony, Bohn and Orr are starting in their places.

    We went down in order.

    Oh and I probably won’t be updating that much in an hour or two…UCONN is playing today.

    The Tigers went down in order also.

    End of the 1st, 0-0.

  11. I think we need to see if we can get the Rocket to come pitch for us. It is our only hope

  12. Good news, Mike Hampton had another good side throwing session yesterday so he will be starting Saturday against Toronto.

  13. Thank you, thank you.

    Wasn’t Bohn the guy traded with LaRoche for Lillibridge and Gonzalez?

  14. End of the 2nd.

    Smoltz gave up a couple of singles, no damage though. He also struck out one.

    Braves lead 1-0.

  15. Does anyone know a braves spring training tv schedule? eSPN FSN, TURNERSOUTH ETC
    Someone posted it before but i didn’t save it

  16. Oooh, my mistake. Is Bohn a legitimate prospect, or is he just filler? I guess he’s an outfielder so he must be Spring Training filler since there’s no room for him on the ML roster.

  17. He’s no worse than Langerhans. Good defense on the outfield corners, not enough power to be useful despite decent averages and OBP. Righthanded, or he might have a career.

  18. Nah on L’il Tony. He’ll be optioned out. He has the right to declare free agency if so, but what’s the point? He is what we thought he is. Nobody’s going to take him seriously. Not unless Chuck LaMar finds another GM job, anyway.

  19. A comebacker right at Smoltz, it hit off of his shoulder and back into glove. Bobby, Chipper, Jeff Porter, McCann and everyone else in the Braves organization ran out to him. He’s Smoltz so of course he’s gonna stay in the game.

  20. CSG,

    Hahaha…well the Huskies have 1 chance and 1 chance only to make it to the dance…we gotta win the Big East Tourney. Although I doubt we will, you never know. I’m not really worried though, UCONN is going to be great either next year or the Year after. Like I mentioned earlier, we have no seniors and no juniors that play a significant role on the team.

  21. LOL, Pete is getting really pissed at this guy who keeps standing up right in front of the booth, talking on his cell phone, waiving his arms…hahaha

  22. Willy Aybar is making his first appearance of the Spring, he’s pinch running for Chipper who just singled.

  23. Jay10,

    UCONN is going down. I was born in Syracuse, but am rooting for the Orange because I took them -3.5.

  24. Hate King,

    Oh now this should be fun…If we can just avoid missing 20 of our free-throws (like we do just about every game), avoid shooting 35% from the field, avoid making costly turnovers and not get into foul trouble than we just may have a shot at pulling off the upset.

  25. Did Wily Aybar and Soriano hang out in the Domincian together while they worked on their visa issues?

  26. Smolz day is over, with Jonathan Johnson coming in.

    Smoltz wasn’t as dominate as his first game, but he was good nevertheless.

    3.0 IP, 3 Hits and 1K.

  27. Man, Smitty, we’re gonna need you in the rotation at this rate.

    I like Hate King’s chances. I like them better than my current alma mater’s; they’re an 11-point dog in their first game and probably deserve to be more.

  28. I was going to pitch today, but someone needs to hold that ice. What is more important anyways?

  29. We go three up and three down again….but Curtis Granderson robbed Lil Tony of at least a double…he ran from right center all the way to left center to make a running catch at the warning track.

  30. I get to see 4 shows I’m pretty excited about this month:

    Friday, I see the Shins at the Ryman in Nashville.
    March 21, I see Snow Patrol/OK GO in Atlanta.
    March 24, I see Pete Yorn (my absolute favorite musician right now) in Atlanta.
    March 31, I see Old Crow Medicine Show here in Athens.

    This is going to be a fun month.

  31. *I throw a 74 mph fastball
    *I curve that breaks 2 feet (it is more of a lob, like an over hand softball pitch. I call it my “Wholers”)
    *A change up that is really my fastball that I don’t throw as hard.

  32. Jordan Tata is struggling…back-to-back walks to Orr and Bohn on 4 pitches.

    First two pitches to Aybar are balls and 1 was in the dirt, Orr and Bohn both advance.

  33. Johnson is still in there. Why? I have no idea and his first pitch is hit about 415 ft, but the fence is 420 and Gregor Blanco made a nice running catch.

  34. In ST you pitch a certain number of innings. Bobby doesn’t care to win this game at all

  35. Three groundouts for Thorman. I’d like to see him get the ball in the air his next AB. :-)

  36. Smitty,
    I think all the boy’s want to win the GL to see if Wickman will by those tv’s.

  37. Were they seriously considering McBride as a starter? Seems like you’d want to keep him focused on being a reliever.

  38. Maybe they were considering it about as much as the Phillies were considering moving Brett Myers to the Closer roll.

  39. Are they really wearing that crap? I thought it was a joke at first. I wish I was near a TV.

  40. Those can’t be real…Are they really thinking that the mass public will be buying up these style jerseys?

  41. Yeah, hopefully the NCAA change their minds when they see the first extremely overweight fan dancing for camera time in one of those things…that should put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

  42. I just read another article about these jerseys that says Florida has one with alligator scales on it. This is beyond ridiculous. Maybe Tennessee can start wearing spandex skullcaps that look like Daniel Boone’s coonskin cap.

  43. It makes me glad that Florida is the #1 seed in the SEC, because Joaquin Noah in a blue version of that might be the greatest imaginable insult to aesthetics.

  44. UCONN- 38
    CUSE- 36

    Those refs are bitches…they need to call a foul(who cares if we suck at FT’s…thats not the point) and Eric Devendorf is a douche…other than that…i’m happy with our performance :)

    Sardinha hit a fly ball to Blanco…he caught threw home, but it was late then Franco threw a guy out at third…Tigers lead 4-3 going into the 9th.

  45. Craig Wilson almost had another homerun…but it bounced off the glove of Timo Perez,hit the wall and fell back into play….Wilson ends up with a lead-off triple.

  46. What ya talking about? Joakim Noah is in peak athletic condition. HA!

    Really though, I think they could do worse with the jerseys. They’re definitely better than how some players wear their uniforms.

  47. Wait… Is it possible that I missed Tyler Kali Yates pitching to Mike Hessman? That’s a once-in-a-lifetime event… Unless you live in a AAA city.

  48. Jay,

    Are you in school? You’re 17, right? How are you able to sit and watch sports in the middle of a Wednesday?

  49. Well considering it’s almost 4, perhaps he’s out of school. Or he just skipped. I used to take the afternoon off if there was something sports-related I wanted to catch…

  50. Stu,

    I’m 18 now…and was home-schooled last year(long story, let’s just say i’ve done my fair share of getting suspended and fighting…stupid stuff like that)…now i’m looking at colleges.

  51. Since Jay is looking at colleges, I have about 10 Vanderbilt jokes running through my head right now just for Stu. But I’ll keep them to myself…

  52. I don’t really like to talk about it that much…it was a time I went through in my life(brought on by myself of course) that I’m not proud of and trying to overcome it.

  53. Hodges…1-2-3 inning. It looks like we’re going to play one more inning, I think Pete said Hodges is our last pitcher.

  54. Rob,

    If you paid attention, you’d know that (1) Jay lives in the midwest, which is an hour behind Eastern Time; and (2) he’s been posting updates for quite a while today.


    Thanks for humoring me in my curiosity. I didn’t intend for you to have to talk about anything with which you’re uncomfortable.

  55. Stu,

    If you paid attention, you’d know that I said he could be skipping, which means it doesn’t matter what time it is or where you’re at: school’s for fools.

  56. Aybar is with Lil Tony on the “out of options” boat…if they don’t make the club then they will have to clear waivers.

    and Lil Tony gets his 3rd hit of the day…with a single.

  57. I’m sure everybody in America can come up with a bunch of Tennessee jokes. But go ahead with the Florida jokes. I don’t go there.

  58. If we cut Aybar, then we know that the Betemit trade was for Baez and thinking we could keep him as the closer for this year. I’m now thinking thats what it was for anyways. As long as Aybar can remember to touch the bases, he’ll make the roster

  59. Pena advances to third on an error by Seay’s flip to Hessman…Orr is credited with an infield single.

    But then Bohn hits into a double play…ends the top half of the inning…still 4-4.

  60. This will be the last inning regardless what the score is…both teams are out of players…

    And Syracuse is 9 and 1/2 minutes away from thrashing my dreams for the 3rd consecutive year.

  61. No problem…we got the Yankees tomorrow..and the game will actually be on Mlb.tv instead of being just audio…

    ATL- Hudson
    NYY- Mussina

  62. OK, I’ve got to vent about something:

    I’m really hating Windows Vista. I dunno if anyone gets blue screens in XP, but I never do. I’ve had Vista for about a week now, and I’ve gotten atleast a dozen blue screens, and 6 or 7 programs just won’t work with Vista. I just tried to put a movie on my iPod and Vista crashed twice. I tried to rip a DVD earlier, and the program crashed. I’m hating this!

  63. Jay,

    I don’t necessarily cheer for the orange, i just bet on them for that game. I am a Davidson fan. Look for a huge upset in the tournament. Steph Curry is amazing.

  64. I told you in earlier threads that Hampton wouldnt pitch ..
    looks like McBride better get ready ..or look for a trade of
    one of our young shortstops for starter ….

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