Name Mark Bowman!

I’ve been calling him “Peanut” but there are so many other options. Choose his official nickname after the jump:

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  1. The AJC is reporting that FSN has had a “conversation” to bring back Perma-Don Sutton to the booth next year. Sounds good to me. It would be miles better than what they had last season. The comments on the “blog” are hilariously scathing of that crew.

  2. from Mets Blog…

    Today, December 12, is the last day for a team to tender contracts to players with more than three, but fewer than six, years service time.

    If the player is tendered a contract, he remains property of that team. He can either agree to a new deal with the team, or file for arbitration. However, the contract must be worth no less than 20 percent of what the player was paid in the previous season. In other words, if a player was paid $3 million last season, like Mets RHP Victor Zambrano, the player must be offered a contract worth at least $2.4 million.

    If the team does not tender the player a contract, he becomes a non-tender free agent.

    In the case of Zambrano, he is not eligible for free-agency until after 2008, meaning the Mets can control him for two more seasons. Meaning, the Mets could tender Zambrano a contract worth at least $2.4 million, and be in the same situation with him next off-season, or they could non-tender him, thus making him an outright free agent as early as tonight.

    The following players have been reportedly considered as non-tender candidates by their current teams…


    Marcus Giles (2B, Braves)
    David Newhan (2B, Orioles)
    Omar Infante (2B-SS, Royals)
    Humberto Cota (C, Pirates)
    Yorvit Torrealba (C, Rockies)
    Ben Broussard (1B-OF, Indians)
    Toby Hall (C, Dodgers)
    Antonio Perez (3B-SS, A’s)


    Brad Wilkerson (OF, Rangers)
    Jason Michaels (OF, Indians)
    Jason Lane (OF, Astros)
    Jayson Werth (OF, Dodgers)


    Todd Williams (RHP, Orioles)
    Brendan Donnelly (RHP, Angels)

    Starting Pitchers…

    Shawn Chacon (RHP, Pirates)
    Rodrigo Lopez (RHP, Orioles)
    Joel Piniero (RHP, Mariners)
    Josh Fogg (RHP, Rockies)
    Mark Hendrickson (LHP, Devil Rays)

    …i would be stunned to see wilkerson get non-tendered, though the Yankees would certainly love it if he did…

    also the Mets fans post show they know nothing about Giles. One guy doesnt want him because he cant hit lefties. Last year was bad, but look at overall career stats..

  3. Fogg’s record isnt that bad considering where he’s played. I think he would be a better reliever than starter, but he could be useful either way

  4. Hendrickson is with the Dodgers.

    Giles had a bad year, but he has no business being on that list. I wouldn’t mind trying to fix Brendan Donnelly.

  5. Can we have a “Braves Journal Event” and invite Rathburn to be behind the mic, and then tell him how we all think he sucks. Then give him the “Tim McCarver Award” for terrible broadcast skills. Oh wait, McCarver won that award already.

  6. Not sure you can without the ‘roids, Robert.

    Hey whatever it takes, we are staring down the barrel of a Tyler Yates/Tanyon Sturtze seventh inning over here.

  7. this was probably discussed earlier and i missed it, but what is the rule about the Braves re-signing Giles after they nontender him. Can he sign a smaller contract to keep playing 2B?

  8. Unless the rule changed, you can resign the guy but he’s not eligible to play for you until May 1(?). I call it the Josias Manzanillo rule. I think it is still around.

  9. from Buster Olney…

    The Braves could non-tender Marcus Giles today, David O’Brien writes, and if they do, Orioles owner Peter Angelos is going to feel pretty smart. He killed a Giles/Adam LaRoche for Brian Roberts/Hayden Penn deal last week, and now the Orioles could conceivably get Giles for nothing and trade Roberts for LaRoche and more.

    Did I miss something, I thought we were trading Giles to free up money? Why would we decline arb. on him and and then try to aquire the same player and price tag in Roberts? Olney must be missing the point, or am I

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