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Maybe things will start happening tomorrow. JS really is playing this right — there is no reason to go nuts just because everyone else has. (If the Cubs jumped off a bridge, would you do that too?) Better to wait, then try to use your trade pieces with the teams left out of the frenzy.

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  1. Amen, Mac. Inactivity is activity to me right now. Let everyone else exhaust their resources and then fleece someone on a trade for mediocre spare parts like Langerhans, Ramirez, Aybar, etc.

    Maybe make a run at Glavine, but everything else; pass, pass, pass. Go Braves!

    And Gators…

  2. Eh, Go Jackets in the ACC Championship, I suppose. Yeah, Go Jackets. Though everyone knows the key to beating them at this point. ;)

  3. Danys Baez went to the Orioles for a three year deal to be a set-up man for closer Chris Ray. I thought Baez said he was only going to go to a team that would let him be a closer.

  4. Still lotsa Glavine talk up here (and Zito), but I still don’t know how the Braves fit Glavine into the salary structure. I’m half-way rooting for it, but I don’t wanna wreck the team’s ability to field a good team now or in the future.

    PS — It would seem that the biggest key to beating these Jackets is putting on a red & black uniform.

  5. Glavine wont come back and Giles wont be traded. We’ll put the same team out there next year and hope for no injuries. Sorry boys, but I dont see JS do anything this year either…hope I’m wrong

  6. David O’Brien says there is no chance that Giles is still a Brave after the winter meetings.

    Are New Yorkers going to feel insulted if Glavine goes back to the Braves?

  7. Dan,

    From the Met fans I talk to (and work with), they seem to expect it. Zito is more on their minds.

    Like Jets fans, Met fans are sort of programed and pre-conditioned to disaster & ultimate defeat, so I don’t think they’d be too insulted if Glavine went back to ATL.

  8. well hopefully Glavine will make a decision tomorrow or Tuesday and so will Alabama. There are several rumors that Spurrier will accept the job tomorrow and the announcement will be made (I still dont believe it), however, ABC 33/40 said that UA had a coaches meeting and Shula was given all of his recruiting information today. Who knows about either one? My guess is Glavine goes back and Shula stays. What a terrible week it may be…

  9. “Like Jets fans, Met fans are sort of programed and pre-conditioned to disaster & ultimate defeat…”

    Going to these Mets blogs doesn’t make it look that way. One good year and they think their team is God’s gift to baseball. You read comments like “come back to New York Glavine, if you want to go out a winner” all the time. The Mets have only finished one year with a better record than the Braves since the Braves moved to the NL East, and the Mets have a only had a couple of good years (1999, 2000), but they seem to think it’s a given they’ll win the division again next year and most have already declared the Mets in the 2007 world series.

    Mets’ fans have all the arrogance of Yankee fans. But unlike Yankee fans, they have no real justification for that arrogance.

  10. Dan,

    It’s false bravado. In a town that has the Yankees, they’ll always be No. 2, and deep in their hearts the fans know it.

    I’m telling you. I’ve lived here since 1990 & my office is 15 minutes from Shea & it’s loaded with Mets fans. Like the Springsteen song says, they’re the dogs that’ve been beat too much. So, when they yelp it’s loud.

  11. Mets’ fans have all the arrogance of Yankee fans. But unlike Yankee fans, they have no real justification for that arrogance.

    Yankee fans really don’t have any justification for arrogance either. Like the rest of us, they just sit on their asses and watch baseball games.

  12. Here’s what I don’t understand: Baez said he wouldn’t play for the Braves because he wanted to be a closer. So he promptly signed to be a closer on a way, way out-of-contention team with the worst pitching staff in the majors. Sounds like a good fit, moron. I’m not going to miss you, but I sure miss Wilson Betemit.

  13. I also sense that Baez may know that Ray be dealt at some point this offseason. Why sign otherwise? We’ll see I guess.

    UBubba, while catching up I saw you recently went to see one of my favorite bands, Centromatic. Will Johnson can flat-out write. Have you heard Okkervil River?

  14. urlhix,

    Nope, can’t say that I have. What are they like?

    Centro-Matic was amazing last week. Will Johnson writes terrific songs & the band is so versatile. They can play the quietest, prettiest stuff, then they can kick up a storm in a blink.

    FYI—Will Johnson is a huge Cardinals fans. The 2 times I saw them, he talked quite a bit about baseball.

  15. AAR,

    Your mention of The WB made me think: In this crazy market we’re in now, it looks as though Betamit could have fetched a lot more than he did in July.

  16. Um, I can’t really describe them except to say that they are a great rock band. Another great writer and versatile band.

    Here’s a link to their song “For Real”. Easily my favorite song of whatever year it came out in ;o)

    [audio src="" /]

    I’ve actually hung out with Will a few times and never knew that he was such a baseball fan. Musicians can be so shy about sports sometimes. Ruins the cred, ya know, lol.

  17. url,

    Well, how ’bout that. This weekend driving around the mountains of Eastern Pa., I was re-listening to “Southern Rock Opera.” Well-done, my man, still stands the test of time (5-6 years, anyway).

    We’ve met actually, after a Brownie’s gig. I was with Chuck Reese & a couple other Georgia Mafia types at the Lakeside Lounge in NYC. Must’ve been 2000 or 2001.

    And from that MP3, sounds like that singer’s probably a real performer. Where are those guys from?

  18. ububba,

    Why thankya, I still feel pretty good about that one, in spite of it all. I was wondering when someone would figure out my not-so-cryptic handle, lol.

    I’m not surprised we’ve met, but I’m sure you know how those late night things go, heh. How is Chuck doing these days? My how the time flies. We’ll have to meet up again at Turner Field one of these days when you are back down south.

    Not sure where those guys are from, I think they are another TX band, via New Hampshire. But I highly recommend “Black Sheep Boy”. I haven’t seen them yet but I figure they will pass through Athens again one of these days. If you google their name they have a bunch of mp3’s on their web site. The song “Black” is also really good.

  19. I’ll check ’em out, for sure.

    Chuck’s A-OK. He’s doing corporate PR for folks like AFLAC, living in ATL with his wife.

    Re: Your handle. It actually did cross my mind, given my habit for DBT blather; then I out-thought myself with the url part. But your mention of Centro-Matic kinda gave it away.

    And yes, next time I’m in town, I’ll give you a heads up. I’m always up for a ballgame.

    BTW, I always thought it was cool that you wore that Braves jersey on the Conan O’Brien show. Caught my attention.

  20. Thanks for reminding me that Marcus is almost 100% guaranteed to be traded. I need to tell my parents to get me a McCann t-shirt for Christmas. I predict Marcus is gone on the 2nd day of the winter meetings.

    And as far as the NFL goes, I nominate Brian Urlacher getting juked by Tom Brady for an 11-yard gain for “Hilarious Play of the Week.” Brady has about the same mobility as Johnny Estrada. Just too funny.

  21. Wow – I’ve crossed paths with you too url. I was the guitarist for Kingsized for many years, prior to my taking this travelling engineer gig. I used to do side projects w/ Cole Skinner from time to time as well. Can’t remember the dates, but I know we’ve played on the same bill at some point in the mists of time.

    ps. go braves

  22. Yup, I agree with JS’ approach as usual, we all wanted action but he was ahead of the curve and realized that other teams were getting silly with there spending. There is not much out there anyway. We will just live with what we get for Giles, find some scraps and hope for development of our younger players(Frenchie, Aybar, Prade, Stockman…)

  23. How about that, I was wrong, but glad. Shula has been fired from the Univ of AL, but there is no timetable for an announcement of the new hire. Still all rumors are saying Spurrier (still dont believe that either). Mal Moore said they waited too long to fire him and should have done so before Thanksgiving…..there in lies the bigger problem. Mal Moore is in control, he’s got to go also

  24. “Here’s what I don’t understand: Baez said he wouldn’t play for the Braves because he wanted to be a closer. So he promptly signed to be a closer on a way, way out-of-contention team with the worst pitching staff in the majors.”

    That is why this is suspect. Baez said he would only sign with a team that would let him close, but the Baltimore Sun says Baez knows he will be a set-up man for Chris Ray. Did the nineteen million change his mind? Or will Ray be traded, perhaps for Hudson?

  25. #35 – Ray wont be traded…..I wish we could get him, but its not going to happen. Baez doesnt deserve $19 million over 5 years much less 3, they can have him….

  26. Questions:

    Is JS smart to think he can acquire FA talent at 1995 prices in 2006?

    Have the O’s told Baez that Ray will be traded?

    Did we offer Baez arbitration, and, if so, what is our compensation?

  27. this just came out…

    There are at least six possibilities for the Alabama job, none of which have a direct link to the school. Perhaps the hottest name is Rutgers coach Greg Schiano, who figures to be a top candidate for Miami, where he used to be an assistant coach. When asked about Miami after the Scarlet Knights’ victory over Syracuse, Schiano was quoted as saying that’s happy at Rutgers, but he’s also never said that he’s staying in New Jersey. Other names being mentioned in Miami include former Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez and Tulsa coach Steve Kragthorpe. Jim Grobe has Wake Forest playing for its first ACC title since 1970, and will face Georgia Tech on Saturday. At 10-2, Wake Forest became the first team in ACC history to go 6-0 on the road after its recent victory against Maryland. Cal coach Jeff Tedford might have the strongest interest in Alabama, especially since he’s in the shadow of Southern California in the Pac-10. The last time the Golden Bears celebrated New Year’s at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena was nearly 50 years ago. Navy coach Paul Johnson is preparing for his biggest game of the season this weekend, Army. Navy is 8-3 this season and has already accepted a bid to play in the Meineke Car Care Bowl.

  28. Jeff Tedford would be in a much larger shaddow in Alabama, the one cast by Bear Bryant, who is the real front runner for the job, even though he is dead

  29. sorry, I just actually copied mine from Ben Maller on Fox Sports. I didnt want to send a link becuase there were so many other things around it. I’ve also read rumors about Houston Nutt as a possibility. Thanks Mac…

    Smitty, lets leave the Bear out of these conversations please. That actually annoys the crap out of me and I’m a huge fan.

  30. I’m not a Bama guy (a respectful observer nonetheless), but I’d go for Spurrier in a big way. If it can be done, I don’t think they can do any better than that. And I don’t think you Bama people would have to worry about your play calling anymore.

  31. I think we should hand Spurrier a blank check and tell him to name a price. I dont know much about Tedford, Kragthorpe, or Paul Johnson so I wont comment. As for Tedford, saying he wants to leave because of Pete Carroll’s shadow is interesting, but lets keep in mind that Carroll could be leaving and following his NFL dreams very quickly…

  32. Don’t forget that Carroll had his NFL dreams dashed after one year in JetLand.

    Also, I have no idea why someone like Carroll (or Spurrier at UF, for that matter) would go to the NFL. I know the grass is always greener & the challenge is much larger, but when when you’re tapped into a school that attracts that kind of talent, you’re pretty much set up for a long, long time.

  33. $$$ can make you do stupid things, however I think USC could and would probably match any (within reason) price…

  34. I guess they get bored in a way.

    After so many Pac-10/Sec titles and BCS bowl games and a couple of National Championship games, their ain’t much more to achieve.
    The challenge that the NFL offers starts looking quite appealing then I suppose…

  35. Do we get draft picks from the O’s for them signing Baez? That’s the only thing I care about from Baez would be getting a first/second rounder or a sandwich pick. Anyone know?

  36. Johnny,

    I think Baez earns us a draft choice if we offer him arbitration and he signs elsewhere. I do not know whether or not he is an A, B, or C level free agent which determines the compensation.

    Do any of you ‘Bama football fans know?

  37. Very cool, Spike. I used to love that band. I also ran sound for you guys several times at the High Hat in Athens back in the day. Good times.

    Spurrier at Bama would just be insane. I’m just giddy with anticipation over it.

  38. #57 – dont know if we offered Arb, but my guess is that he’s an A type player. Also, I’ll apologize on behalf of all the Alabama/football fans on this board. There is just so much excitement over all of the Braves recent moves that we just cant talk about it.

  39. Baez had a clause in his contract stating that the team could not offer arbitration. However, if he signs before the arbitration deadline, I assume that becomes moot. He would probably be a Type A free agent.

  40. #60 – LOL – I know, I’m grasping.

    Mac, seems odd that he could not be offered arbitration. Couldn’t he just refuse it anyway?

  41. We should offer arb considering that Baez did crap for us and the least we should get should be a decent draft pick. Even with his contract statement I agree with Mac in that it should become mute when he signs before the deadline.

  42. Danys Baez is indeed a Type A free agent, but I do not know whether the Braves will be able to get a draft pick for him, due to the clause in his contract.

  43. This is from someone on the baseball primer message board re: baez:

    #15 I don’t think the arbiration[sic] offer requirement applies if the free agent signs before December 1, which makes sense because the losing team still had time to offer arbitration. It makes no sense for a team to offer arbitration after a player has already signed with another team. From Cot’s:

    “A club may receive draft-pick compensation if it loses a free agent if:

    * the player signs with another club before December 1, or
    * the club offered arbitration to the free agent but failed to re-sign him.”

    FWIW Baez’s deal let him opt for free agency prior to accumulating 6 years of servcie[sic] time, but AFAIK it did not precude[sic] the Braves from offering arbitration (which Baez could have declined)

  44. Also, this is what says about Baez’s contract:

    2006 Option worth 4M was EXERCISED on 10/31/05- + as part of the contract, if the Team Option is exercised then Baez has the right to declare free agency following the 2006 season (if contract is not extended by Nov. 15, 2006) even if he has not reached the neccessary 6 years of service time to qualify for free agency- + even after trade to ATL on 7/28/06, remainder of 2006 salary is paid by LAD

  45. Jay, I think Boras forgets that he doesnt have the upper hand in this negotiation. If I was the RedSox I would offer a 4 year deal for 20-25 mill. and if he doesnt accept then he can go home.

  46. “Mets’ fans have all the arrogance of Yankee fans. But unlike Yankee fans, they have no real justification for that arrogance. ”


  47. Ripken- 1st ballot
    Tony-Maybe next year
    Big Mac-No Hurry

    Pam Anderson is back on the market! What does everybody else want for Christmas?

  48. Just skimming through some of the baseball news around the web, seems like the trade talks for Manny have heated up. I dont understand why J.S. doesnt do more to market Andruw. Lets face it, we are not going to get a hometown discount, and as much as I love Andruw, I like the idea of getting some cornerstones for the future as well. Maybe we should revisit the whole Red Sox deal, or some other team that could load us up……thoughts?

  49. Adam Eaton = John Thomson

    If Thomson still wants to come back for less money then we need to try and get him back, say 2 yr/ 5.5 – 6 million. Who knows he could be a good setup man. He throws strikes and doesnt walk that many people. I would rather have Thomson at 2yr/6mil than Baez at 3yr/19mil

  50. Ripken & Gwynn are in—but that’s all from this bunch this year.

    I think Big Mac will be made an example of, at least in the short term.

    I don’t see Manny ever in a Braves uniform. I also don’t understand why the Red Sox would ever trade him.

  51. I read #88 before #89 was published, and had the same thought as CSG: “Three years for Adam Eaton? That’s nuts, John Thomson got two and an option.” Wolf for a year is interesting, though.

  52. I think my point was missed. What I meant was, if the market is so good for Manny, what could we get for Andruw? I hadnt even thought of Manny in a Braves uniform…..

  53. Eaton, injury prone, 54-45 4.40 era. Had a winning season almost every year.

    Thomson, injury prone, 62-84 4.69 era. Had some bad luck w/ overall W-L record. Still better option than Baez for the $$$

  54. yeah, i wouldn’t mind have big (sweaty) red again if he’d take a paycut…spot starter if needed and he could work out of the bullpen(which he said he would do)

  55. I love Andruw, my second favorite player…but we have to trade him. I say we deal with the Angels…they missed out on Soriano and Lee…nows the time to start talks. We could probably get Santana and Adenhart(was that his name?)

  56. any rumors on Giles to anyone? I see where Boston is trying to trade Manny to the Giants or the Padres, and trying to build a package around Linebrink….

  57. I haven’t heard anything since the whole “Peavy thing”. I’m starting to get the feeling that we have fallen 100% out of the race for Linebrink. Linebrink is probably going the the Red Sox. That leaves us with trading Giles to the Reds or maybe the Cards. If they don’t resign Belliard then they have a huge whole to fill, I don’t really know what we would get for him though. I wouldn’t mind Brad Thompson.

  58. I’d rather not overpay for Linebrink myself. Wickman is a steal for next year almost regardless of how he produces in this market, and I’m confident that either Devine or Stockman can be a servicable setup man turned closer once Wicky retires. I still have my pipe dream of getting Ryan Freel somehow, because he does just about everything we love Marcus for, is more versatile and (could potentially) hit leadoff effectively.

    On a totally unrelated tangent from the HOF ballot: Orel Hershiser vs. Bret Saberhagen: Who is more deserving? Who will get in.

    I always assumed Orel was a better pitcher from his innings streak and his reputation as a big-game player, but Sabes has better numbers. After an argument with another poster, I’m pretty sure that Orel has a better shot at the hall, because of his shiny record, his glamorous teams, and his reputation as the anti-Albert Belle.

  59. Hands down, I think Orel was the better pitcher. I havent looked up the numbers, but I seem to remember Orel pitching in alot more playoff games, or pennant race games.

  60. From

    Florida getting shafted would be the best thing to happen to college football: Before you jump all over me, Gators fans, I’m not saying it’s right, but a 12-1 Florida team that gets left out of the national championship game for USC or Michigan may be the BCS victim that finally causes change to the system.

  61. I say neither hershiser nor sabes get in. not enough career for either of them, especially considering the slew of much better pitchers (rocket, maddux, randy, glavine, pedro, smoltz, mussina, kevin brown, etc) that are coming down the pike.

  62. Hershiser was better, but neither get in, I say.

    Also, I can’t imagine ’06 Florida having a better argument than the ’04 Auburn team, but anything that gets us a playoff is OK by me.

  63. I think that what really would have changed the BCS system was if Michigan was ranked #2 after the beating USC gave Notre Dame and they had to play again Ohio State.

  64. I’d take Thomson back. I’d even offer him 2 years. When he was good for us he was good….. of course when he was bad……..

    Gwynn and Ripken HOF …. the writers will keep Mac out. Ithink that Mac is a HOFer myself. But thats just me.

    Jay10 can’t trade with the Angels. They found their center fielder……yuk, yuk.

  65. I just think its unfair that a 12-1 SEC team doesnt get a shot. Its bullshnike if you ask me. But, I understand that a Florida-Whoever matchup probably isnt as sexy to the rest of the country.

  66. Michael Vick is a piece of crap….guess what Mike those fans that you flicked off yesterday and those fans that you said F-You too are paying part of your salary. Shut your mouth and do your job….

  67. Also, Spurrier and Saban have come out today and aren’t interested in the Bama job (shocker!) Saban also wasnt very happy, his comments…”Alabama hasnt contacted me nor do I want them too, Shula got a raw deal. I have a job here in Miami to do.”

    Someone please explain how Mal Moore hasnt been shoping around for coaches before firing Mike Shula. He’s a terrible PR person, he needs to go!

  68. 1) I think CSG doesn’t agree with me.
    2) I think that Florida isn’t a great candidate to play for the National Championship against Ohio St. Thay have two superior teams ahead of them.

    3) Pam Anderson is a free agent again??

  69. Without playing the games on the field, who the hell really knows which college team is superior to whom?

    The college football title is toro ca-ca.

  70. Pedro, I just dont like people acting like unprofessionals. He’s is getting paid $10million and he’s a role model whether he likes it or not. He can act professional, its not that hard!

    Here is Saban’s comments….

    DAVIE, Fla. (AP) – Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban says he has no interest in the Alabama job, which became vacant today when Mike Shula was fired. There had been speculation about the Crimson Tide pursuing Saban. He says he hasn’t been contacted by the school, and doesn’t want to be. Saban says he is — quote — “not interested in any other circumstances or situations anyplace else.” Saban is in his second season with the Dolphins, who are 5-and-6 after winning their past four games. Shula was fired after going 6-and-6 this season. Saban says Shula did a good job at Alabama and that he should have been given an opportunity to stay.

  71. @114
    1) Gut feeling.
    2) I’m a huge Miami fan.
    3) I believe it’s ca-ca de toro.
    4) I like to use numbers to make my argument.
    5) Anything else I forgot?

  72. Saberhagen’s career is a lot shorter than Hershiser’s but his ERA is a lot better compared to the league. He had three big years to Hershiser’s two. Their black ink scores are identical; Hershiser leads in grey ink 129-124. Neither is really close to the somewhat nebulous Hall of Fame standard though Hershiser is marginally closer.

  73. The parallels don’t stop there. They both won Cy Youngs early in their careers on a World Championship team (Saberhagen went on to win another, of course), and broke down too soon because of early overuse.

  74. From DOB’s blog on

    If I had to make a guess based on phone calls and the like today, I have a strong suspicion the Braves and Glavine’s agent are talking contract and seeing if this thing will work. I keep going back and forth on this, but the longer we go without any word from Glavine’s camp, the more it makes me realize how badly he wants to come back to Atlanta….

    All I ask of J.S. is to be reasonable here….if he can be brought back without breaking the bank, do it.

  75. I wouldn’t have a problem with Manny in a Braves uniform. Move Langerhans or Frenchy to center. Anyway JS could move Andruw to the Red Sox for Manny? The Braves would definitely have to throw in more than Andruw to get Manny.

  76. The Braves aren’t going to pick up Manny’s salary even if they could work out the deal. But I would take him. Manny being Manny didn’t keep the Red Sox from winning the World Series. I’d stick him in left field, find a decent centerfielder. Manny’s offense would more than replace Andruw. But it’s not going to happen. The Braves will probably make one significant trade this offeseason; probably Giles for a middle of the rotation starter and a relief pitcher, and maybe a couple of minor moves. I’d like to see the Braves continue to strengthen the offense because they aren’t going to be able to win with pitching like they used to. If Francoeur is going to continue to be an out machine, they need another bat in left.

  77. Re: several comments about Baez – I don’t know for sure, but wanted to bring it up…didn’t the new CBA make some changes in the way free agent compensation occurred? I can’t remember specifics, but thought I saw some items along those lines

  78. Compensation changes:

    Draft-pick compensation for losing Type C free agents is eliminated. Compensation for Type B free agents is changed from direct (losing draft picks) to indirect (sandwich picks). Starting in 2007, Type A free agent redefined to top 20 percent at position (from top 30 percent) and Type B to 21-40 percent (from top 31-50 percent).

    I don’t think that changes anything.

  79. Thanks for the clarfication. I think the ‘type c’ thing was what I heard of, but didn’t realize it was only for the type c’s

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