#21: Kevin Millwood

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. Righthanded Pitcher Seasons With Braves: 1997-2002 Stats With Braves: 75-46, 3.73 ERA The selection of Kevin Millwood as the fifth-best pitcher in Atlanta history seems odd at first glance. However, I chose him after careful consideration using my usual standards: 1. Runs Saved Above Average: Millwood’s RSAA is … Continue reading “#21: Kevin Millwood”


Lefthanded Hitting, Lefthanded Throwing Outfielder/1B Seasons with Braves: 1967-75, 1979-81 Career Stats with Braves: 250/.321/.371, 74 HR, 365 RBI, 355 RS Michael Ken-Wai Lum simply HAS to be on the 44, if only as a nod to his longevity. I must mention that Mike is from Honolulu, Hawaii, since that fact has been mentioned in … Continue reading “LEFT BEHIND NO. 8: Mike Lum”

#15: Fred McGriff

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. Lefthanded Hitting, Lefthanded Throwing First Baseman Seasons With Braves: 1993-1997 Stats With Braves: .293/.369/.516, 130 HR, 446 RBI, 383 RS His career with the team was short — one partial season and four full ones, two of which were strike-shortened — but very high impact. The Crime Dog … Continue reading “#15: Fred McGriff”

LEFT BEHIND No. 7: Pascual “Perimeter” Perez

Bledsoe: Righthanded Starting Pitcher Braves Seasons: 1982-85 Braves Career Stats: 34-33, 601.6 IP, 3.91 ERA At No. 6, the Left Behinders select Otis Nixon. See Sam’s fine writeup, below. Otis was absolutely a key cog in those early years of the Dynastic Years. I honestly don’t think they get to the WS without him in … Continue reading “LEFT BEHIND No. 7: Pascual “Perimeter” Perez”

#24: Ralph Garr

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. Lefthanded Hitting, Righthanded Throwing Outfielder Seasons With Braves: 1968-1975 Stats With Braves: .317/.350/.429, 49 HR, 247 RBI, 470 RS Ralph Garr was, in a way, similar to the young Lonnie Smith, though hardly the same disaster in the outfield. He was very fast and hit for a high … Continue reading “#24: Ralph Garr”

Left Behind No. 5: Greg McMichael

Bledsoe: Righthanded Reliever Seasons with Braves:1993-96, 2000 Career Stats with Braves:18-14, 44 SV, 334 IP, 2.96 ERA, 1.21 WHIP Greg’s omission from the Immortals is, I think, due to the short shrift middle relievers get whenever stats are thrown around. But Greg was probably the best setup man in the league during his first stint … Continue reading “Left Behind No. 5: Greg McMichael”

#25: Ron Gant

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. Righthanded Hitting, Righthanded Throwing Outfielder/”Second Baseman” Seasons With Braves: 1987-1993 Stats With Braves: .262/.326/.466, 147 HR, 480 RBI, 515 RS Apparently, it’s bad left fielder day. Maybe I should link to Lonnie Smith here. Anyway, I originally had Ron much higher — twelfth, maybe. I decided that I … Continue reading “#25: Ron Gant”

Left Behind 4: Brian Jordan

Bledsoe again… Righthanded hitting, Righthanded Throwing Outfielder Seasons with Braves 1999-2001, 2005-6 Career Stats with Braves: .274/.331/.442, 71 HR, 323 RBI, 289 RS Mac says that Jordan was one of his last cuts. That was a mistake. Jordan clearly is one of the best 44 Atlanta Braves, just on pure statistics. Decent BA, very good … Continue reading “Left Behind 4: Brian Jordan”

#27: Ryan Klesko

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. Lefthanded Hitting, Lefthanded Throwing Outfielder/First Baseman Seasons With Braves: 1992-1999 Stats With Braves: .281/.361/.525, 139 HR, 450 RBI, 374 RS Another hard case. Klesko’s offensive statistics are very good. By my admittedly loose and interpretive standards, they’re better than several players who haven’t been ranked yet. This is … Continue reading “#27: Ryan Klesko”

Left Behind 3: Ken Johnson

Bledsoe again… Righthanded Pitcher Seasons with Braves: 1965-69 Career Stats with Braves: 45-34, 769 IP, 3.22 ERA, .570 WP, 1.17 WHIP A journeyman pitcher with excellent control, Ken Johnson was one of the Braves’ stalwarts in the first years in Atlanta. He went 14-8, 3.30 in the inaugural season, followed by 15-9, 2.74. Those ERAs … Continue reading “Left Behind 3: Ken Johnson”