LEFT BEHIND NO. 13 Mike Stanton

Bledsoe: Lefthanded Relief Pitcher Seasons with Braves: 1989-95 Career Stats with Braves: 18-21, ERA 4.01, 289.7 IP, 55 SV, 223 SO Mike Stanton was a hardthrowing lefthanded minor league centerfielder whom the Braves took a look at and said “Pitcher.” Good call, as Mike’s 17-year career attest. Guy’s still pitching, at age 51, I think. … Continue reading “LEFT BEHIND NO. 13 Mike Stanton”

#31: Marcus Giles

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. Righthanded Hitting, Righthanded Throwing Second Baseman Seasons With Braves: 2001-06 Stats With Braves: .285 .361 .448, 72 HR, 294 RBI, 416 RS My favorite player had a bad year, but to put it in perspective, it would have been a decent year for Hubbard or Millan and a … Continue reading “#31: Marcus Giles”