LEFT BEHIND NO. 12: Kerry Ligtenberg

Bledsoe: Righthanded Reliever Seasons with Braves: 1997-2002 Career Stats with Braves: 12-12, ERA 3.04, 266.7 IP, 44 SV, 256 SO Kerry Ligtenberg had the best sideburns of any reliever since the 70s’ Oakland Athletics. He also had an outstanding ERA for the Braves, and in 1998, 30 saves and 75 appearances. He looked like the … Continue reading “LEFT BEHIND NO. 12: Kerry Ligtenberg”

#16: Rafael Furcal

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. Switch-Hitting, Righthanded Throwing Shortstop Seasons With Braves: 2000-2005 Stats With Braves: .284/.348/.409, 57 HR, 292 RBI, 554 RS I was always disappointed in Furcal. I liked the Rookie of the Year Furcal, who got on base at a .394 clip. Whatever happened to that guy? One theory is … Continue reading “#16: Rafael Furcal”