Left Behind 3: Ken Johnson

Bledsoe again…

Ken Johnson.jpgRighthanded Pitcher
Seasons with Braves: 1965-69
Career Stats with Braves: 45-34, 769 IP, 3.22 ERA, .570 WP, 1.17 WHIP

A journeyman pitcher with excellent control, Ken Johnson was one of the Braves’ stalwarts … Finish Reading

#28: Gene Garber

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Righthanded Pitcher
Seasons With Braves: 1978-1987
Stats With Braves: 53-73, 3.89 ERA, 141 Svs

In the past, I’ve written that Mike Remlinger was the best reliever in … Finish Reading

I am actually not that good at math

For example, counting. I miscounted my rankings and accidently wound up with 45 players. Therefore:

Everyone listed so far goes down one;
Pat Jarvis is kicked off.

I apologize to Pat’s legions of fans.

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Special Bonus Entry: Left Behind 2: Gerald Perry

Bledsoe again…

Gerald Perry.jpgLefthanded Hitting, Righthanded Throwing First Baseman
Braves Seasons: 1983-89
.270/.337/.376 , 37 HRs, 246 RBI, 247 RS, 105 SBs

Gerald Perry was a line-drive hitting, basestealing, defensively challenged first baseman for some truly … Finish Reading