Arbitrariness taken to new heights

Breaking the countdown… I originally had Denny Neagle slotted for 35th. However, this is because my memory was faulty and I had for some reason decided that he had pitched three years and part of a fourth with the Braves. In fact, he pitched two years and part of a third, and my rule is … Continue reading “Arbitrariness taken to new heights”

#44: Chris Chambliss

See the 44 Greatest Atlanta Braves here. Lefthanded Hitting, Righthanded Throwing First Baseman Seasons With Braves: 1980-1986 Stats With Braves: .272/.345/.422, 80 HR, 366 RBI, 319 RS You’ve got to have some Chris Chamblisses if you want to win. Not that he was great, because he wasn’t, but he was solid. Every year teams miss … Continue reading “#44: Chris Chambliss”

Special Bonus Entry: Pete Smith

Robert taking this one… Righthanded Starting Pitcher Seasons With Braves: 1987-1993 Deal With The Devil: 1992 Stats With Braves: 30-48, 4.26 ERA, 663.7 IP, 269 BB, 431 K One of the ‘bridge’ players that spanned the era of desperation and futility to the era of prosperity and rejoicing, Peter John Smith was one of the … Continue reading “Special Bonus Entry: Pete Smith”

No. 37: Ron Reed

Righthanded Pitcher Seasons With Braves: 1966-1975 Stats With Braves: 80-88, 3.74 ERA So, would you rather have a serviceable starter or a dominant reliever? That may not be precisely fair, because there’s no evidence that the Braves ever even considered Reed for relief. Reed was one of the last pre-draft players, signed out of Notre … Continue reading “No. 37: Ron Reed”