No. 41: Claudell Washington

Lefthanded Hitting, Lefthanded Throwing Outfielder Seasons With Braves: 1981-1986 Stats With Braves: .278/.339/.435, 67 HR, 279 RBI, 347 R. So, I guess Robert wins… I originally didn’t consider Claudell a candidate, but looking at it, he was the only player who had (a) an above-average offensive career with the Braves, and (b) a career of … Continue reading “No. 41: Claudell Washington”

No. 42: Charlie Leibrandt

Lefthanded Pitcher Seasons With Braves: 1990-92 Stats With Braves: 39-31, 3.35 ERA I’ve written about Charlie at length before, but at the risk of repeating myself… Leibrandt was a rare hometown (or at least homestate) boy who got away from the Reds; after drafting him out of Miami University, they traded him to the Royals, … Continue reading “No. 42: Charlie Leibrandt”

No. 43: Cecil Upshaw

Righthanded Pitcher Seasons with Braves: 1966-69; 1971-73 Stats with Braves: 30-26, 78 Svs, 3.01 ERA Cecil Upshaw presents evidence that the Braves’ closer role has always been cursed, and that I am wrong in blaming Gene Garber for hexing the bullpen. I don’t even know that the “closer” term was being used at the time. … Continue reading “No. 43: Cecil Upshaw”

No. 44: Steve Bedrosian

Righthanded Pitcher Seasons With Braves: 1981-85; 1993-95 Stats With Braves: 40-45, 41 Svs, 3.26 ERA I don’t know… Maybe Bedrock is too low, maybe he shouldn’t be on here at all. The question here, as I see it, is whether I’m worried about how well he played for the Braves (very well, until the end) … Continue reading “No. 44: Steve Bedrosian”