“Top 40 under 40?”

Atlanta Braves Player Brian O. Jordan Named One of Georgia’s Top Rising Stars in Business by Georgia Trend Magazine

1. Wait, Brian Jordan isn’t 40 yet?
2. That doesn’t mean he’s on the 40-man roster, does it?
3. While I’m sure that the “O” doesn’t stand for “Offense”, does it perhaps stand for “0-for-4”?

How about “Open Thread”?

141 thoughts on ““Top 40 under 40?””

  1. Excuse me while I write a short rant.

    Today is the last day before “Turner South” becomes “Sports South” after it was sold back in February to Fox, which is why Skip and the rest were replaced on that channel by Rathbun and Torborg in May.

    Since then, they’ve gotten rid of shows like Rick and Bubba and will get rid of other shows, some I like some I don’t; Bushwacked, Junkin’ and Blue Ribbon to name a few. It’s going to be an all-sports channel, and while I like that, so far it’s nothing more than Womens’ volleyball, old FSN South reruns and more horseracing then I have ever seen on any one given channel. The Braves, Thrashers and (possibly, I don’t know if they’ll play the games like FSN, maybe more reruns) Hawks. What a sad state of affairs.

  2. The worst thing to possibly happen to Florida did when Arkansas beat Auburn.

    Now, Southern Cal’s weak schedule rating is helped enormously if Arkansas can steamroll the SEC. Even if Florida kills Auburn this week, they’ll be second behind Southern Cal in the computer voting.

  3. I haven’t played Scarface, but it looks like a cheap rip-off of any Grand Theft Auto videogame in the commercials.

  4. No man…..Its like Grand Theft Auto x10…first of all you can swim, the graphics are better, the gameplay is much better, more weapons, more cars, the map is bigger, etc….just my opinion of course. :)

  5. “No man…..Its like Grand Theft Auto x10…first of all you can swim, the graphics are better, the gameplay is much better, more weapons, more cars,”

    More ho’s too? How about Welfare offices?

  6. I don’t know bout the ho’s and welfare offices….yet , but honestly I think its a great game, you can have conversations with anyone on the street and they are all differant, there is differant gangs all over the place and you have to take over their turf in order to build up your reputation. You can buy all sorts of businesses, start businesses(such as Montana Fitness and Montana Productions),sell yayo, launder diry cash, fast talk cops, intimidate people and gang members that talk sh**. All sorts of things.

  7. I believe the ‘O’ stands for oft-injured.

    The worst thing to possibly happen to Florida did when Arkansas beat Auburn.

    Agree with that. They aren’t a real good matchup for the Gators anyway. Auburn has trouble with the run, but Florida doesn’t run that well (Tebow excluded). Should be a good game.

    Now, Southern Cal’s weak schedule rating is helped enormously if Arkansas can steamroll the SEC.

    Obviously baiting me here, but with Arkansas (4-1), Nebraska (5-1), and Notre Dame (5-1) as the non conference teams, I don’t think USC needs to worry about their schedule rating. It will be top 5 at least.

    No need to worry about that yet anyway. If Florida runs the table, I think the human voters will make sure the Gators are in the title game. And rightly so. The humans have more pull these days, after USC got screwed a few years back.

  8. “No man…..Its like Grand Theft Auto x10…first of all you can swim…”

    “, there is differant gangs all over the place and you have to take over their turf in order to build up your reputation”

    Still sounds like Grand Theft Auto, which allows swimming in their most recent title. I don’t even really like Grand Theft Auto however.

    I’m currently playing Hitman.

  9. Does anyone here also have MLB 07 for XBOX 360. I have been playing my season and the other day I called up Joey Devine. Only problem is that he’s very effective and also left handed

  10. Boston College, Boston College. Great tacklers these VTech Defenders are, They ahve a guy basically stopepd in the backfield for a loss and they reahc out and yank a facemask….

  11. The Royals claimed Ken Ray off waivers? Oh well, at least someone wanted him. No one would even take Kevin Barry.

  12. Thank you, Mac. Between ESPN, Bob “how about that left-side of the Mets’ infield” Rathbun, Jeff Torborg and the Fox announcers tonight praise of Jose Reyes; I was really starting to feel surrounded in my thinking of him.

  13. Those ads for the baseball postseason with the guy in the tuxedo seem made for the Braves. But they’ve on done the Red Sox, Indians and Cubs.

  14. John Foster is gone, Ken Ray is gone, Luis Hernandez is gone, Kevin Barry is off the 40-man, Josh Burrus is off the 40-man… good week to be a Braves fan.

  15. By the way, I used to think Jose Reyes was trash, but then he beat the hell out of my Jimmy Rollins-led fantasy team. ESPN’s right. Jose Reyes is the best NL shortstop since Arky Vaughn.

  16. Well i’m about ready to call it a night and sit on my twin sized hello kitty bed,in my tightie-whities, while eating apple jacks and play some scarface. Why i’m single…it’s beyond me.

  17. BTW, I met Lasorda a few years ago. Got his autograph and picture taken with him. Everyone in the building was surrounding him, but he seemed really nice and didn’t blow anybody off, even though it wasn’t a publicity event or anything; he was just going about his business.

  18. “Who do you think will win the SEC 4-Seam?”

    Florida, or UT, or Auburn

    I want Alabama to win, of course I also want to one day bass fish on Neptune…

  19. “Soriano rejected a 5 year 70 mill offer from the Nats…I guess he really doesn’t wanna play in Washington.”

    SEE I KNEW IT. He just wanted to finish out the season so he wouldn’t get stuck with some other team. He was comfortable and doing well he didn’t want to mess up the gravy train by throwing himself into the Playoffs, were money could be made or lost.

    Yankees or Cubs will get him.

  20. Jay, don’t feel so bad, Apple Jacks are good for zits, and tighty whitey’s help the ole’ sperm count…for some people.

    Your right I have no idea why you are single…although it might be excessive body hair and lack of a quality win on VTech’s resume that rives the ladies away in droves…

    But hey, here’s to being somewhat fertile and having a good complextion!

  21. Mac, I was one that thought Luis Hernandez had a better future than the Braves do now–but it is sill not clear to me why they would prefer to cast of Hernandez and keep Tony Pena Jr….

  22. Yeah since when did Glav become a “brilliant” post season pitcher? I can only remember that one game in 1995. There must have been more but they escape me.

  23. There were several very good outings for Glavine in the post-season besides 1995. How about Game 1 of the 1992 World Series where he beat Jack Morris 4-1 (I believe it was a complete game)? He also pitched well his second start in the 1991 NLCS but lost 1-0. People are remembering his struggles in recent playoffs and forgetting that he pitched a lot of good games, some of which he didn’t win due to bad fielding or no run support. For example, in Game 6 of the ’98 LCS, Glavine had the Pads scorelss through five, but the Braves couldn’t hit STERLING HITCHCOCK and then the defense fell apart in the sixth. Maddus pitched lousy in Game 6 of the 1993 NLCS against the Phillies but I don’t hear anyone condemning him for choking. Let’s face it, with as many post-season games as Glavine and Maddux pitched for the Braves, it’s inevitable that they were going to have some stinkers–and a lot of Glavine’s worst games came in recent years. The fact, for the most part, the Braves didn’t lose because of the starting pitching (until they started having to use Jaret Wright and guys like that).

  24. #62

    Luis (.192 BA) Hernandez can’t even hit his weight. At least TP Jr. has demonstrated he can hit a major league fastball and has just as good of a glove than Hernandez. It seems they are about equal, but TP Jr. has the slight advantage in speed (from what I remember reading in BBA Hernandez doesn’t steal) and “offensive production.” If you can ever use the term “offensive production” with TP Jr…ha

  25. so much for our farm talent…we are down to the bottom of the barrell and nothing looks to be worth while until 08 or 09. Who are our players for the future that are still in the minors? Escobar, Campbell? Who are we projecting to be great

  26. You know it’s kind of surprising to me that Smoltz, Maddux, and Glavine don’t have a lot more postseason wins. If you look at all those years in the playoffs often going 2+ rounds, you’d think they’d have a lot more wins than they do. I guess it says something about the Braves bullpens and offense all those years.

  27. “He (Reyes) seems… lucky. Sure, he can run, but he can barely get on base. ”

    I understand sour grapes, but I don’t get stupidity. Why don’t you look up his numbers and then say “he’s lucky.”
    He scored 122 runs and batted in 81. Pretty lucky, huh? Actually, it’s amazing considering he barely gets on base!

  28. There is a $450,000 life insurance policy on baseball players and a $1.5 million policy for accidental death. Lidle’s family might not get anything if they find out he was flying the plane. If he was doing anything more than just being a passenger, then the family isnt entitled to the money.

  29. You know it’s kind of surprising to me that Smoltz, Maddux, and Glavine don’t have a lot more postseason wins. If you look at all those years in the playoffs often going 2+ rounds, you’d think they’d have a lot more wins than they do.

    After Glavine’s win last night, their career totals are:
    Smoltz 15-4, 2.65
    Glavine 14-15, 3.47
    Maddux 11-14, 3.34

    Taking into account Game 7, 1995 is it to much to ask that any future listing of the big three be done in this order? Smoltz has certainly earned that much.

  30. I don’t think you can judge a player’s career JUST on their post-season performance. True, if you go by that, Smoltz is the better pitcher. But, clearly, he was not the better pitcher overall. Especially early in his career, Smoltz was a lot more inconsistent. I suspect that Smoltz has had an advantage in the playoffs because he is a power pitcher, but it’s unfair to ignore Maddux and Glavine’s overall careers based on a relatively small number of starts. And, Smoltz was never the nunber one starter when they were all together, so he generally never faced the other team’s best pitcher in the playoffs. Not to take anything away from Smoltz, obviously, but you simply can’t ignore, IMO, the two games that Maddux (Game 1) and Glavine (Game 6) pitched in 1995. As I recall, Smoltz had a no decision in his only start and did not pitch particularly well. Of course, they were all great pitchers and you can parse the numbers anyway you want.

  31. I think there’s a 99% chance that Glavine is with the Mets again next year, the other 1% is that he will retire. That’s a huge option they have on him and we cant come anywhere close to it. Some people think Glavine will come back for less, I wish he would, but there is also a reason why he left and its called more $$$.

  32. @72

    I feel like picking a fight I can’t win. lol

    I can give Reyes props for what you said, scoring 122 runs. It’s what a leadoff hitter is supposed to do. Shows the Mets have great batters as well. Reyes’ RBI total of 81 shows that he can drive in people from the lower end of the order (That’s a lot, wow). But looking at his short career, he has to up his OBP above .360. Elite batters usually have OBPs in the .380-.420 range, do they not?

    Grasping at straws. Destroy me. LOL

  33. @66

    Actually, we do have people who could be called “great.” They’re in Atlanta right now. If all those injuries didn’t happen in 2005, McCann’s rookie season would have been in 2006 and Jeff Francoeur would still be in the minor leagues, which would have been fine, but you know. On the other hand, we wouldn’t be fretting on how much Kyle Davies sucks.

  34. “Who are our players for the future that are still in the minors? ”

    I know about them, do we have any top notch stars in A or AA ball right now. Lets face it Richmond’s team is horrible.

  35. Sam, leadoff hitters rarely have OBP’s much above .400, because they have to work their way to walks. People aren’t going to pitch around them because you don’t want to let them get on base. An elite slugger will always have a higher OBP than an elite leadoff hitter. Reyes bested his career OBP by about 50 points this year, and outslugged his career average by about 100 points. He’s not Rickey Henderson, but when you increase your OPS by 150 points, you’re moving in the right direction.

    I think we should get Scott Williamson immediately, and then sign Mark Bellhorn to teach Jeff Francouer how to grow facial hair. Then we should have another Roger McDowell poetry contest.

  36. Johnny W.–All that Tony Pena Jr. has proven is that he is overmatched at the major league level. Yes, Luis Hernandez flirted with the Mendoza line when we reached AAA this season; he was better .268 at AA. Basically, most of his minor league numbers are no worse (they are actually better if age is taken into account) than Pena’s and he is more than 3 years younger. It would still not surprise me to see him have the better career. Then again that is not saying much….

  37. Hey friends,
    My broadcasting dreams finally come true tonight at the age of 22 as I do play-by-play between two teams, one each from Tuscaloosa and Auburn in a game of organized football. Unfortunately, it’s not the Tide and Tigers, but the Knights & Warriors. Pregame at 7:45 ET (6:45 CT) and kickoff at 8:00 ET (7:00 CT) from Auburn on mix967online.com – listen in!

    Mac, who leaves their school first – Orgeron or Shula?
    I think both are gone after the 2007 season.

  38. Travis Smith wound up in the Cardinals organization, and I lost track of what happened to him after that.

    Jason Shiell was outrighted (removed from the 40-man roster), and had nowhere to go with the Braves. He’ll try to find another team to sign him as an emergency option.

  39. Alex Rodriguez again? Why spend all that money and players on him? He ain’t worth it, period.

    For the same price, probably even less, you can get Soriano to play left-field and bat lead-off.

  40. @93

    Well, it’s not every day you can potentially get a future Hall of Famer. He could be worth it, but the Braves do NOT need him.

  41. “Soriano, just turned down $70 mil over 5 years.”

    $70 million a year over five years comes to 14 million a year. Still cheaper than Rodriguez!

  42. for anyone that wants to play fantasy basketball..here’s the id and password

    League Id#-74680
    Password- 102529

    and for anyone that already is in the league, so, am I changing the draft date to tuesday or not?

  43. That article at SI about possibilites for ARod lost all credibility when they put the marlins as number 10. That’s just flat out funny.

    Jay10, I’ve already posted at the yahoo site, but tuesday night is grrrrrrreat…

  44. “$70 million a year over five years comes to 14 million a year. Still cheaper than Rodriguez! ”

    not if they pay the bulk of it, which they will probably do anyways.

  45. check this out…

    After he and his St. Louis Cardinals were dominated by Tom Glavine in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series on Thursday, Pujols proceeded to rip the veteran left-hander’s performance.

    “He wasn’t good. He wasn’t good at all,” Pujols said of Glavine, who allowed four hits over seven scoreless innings to nail down the victory. “I think we hit the ball hard, we didn’t get some breaks.

    “I say he wasn’t good at all. We just didn’t get some opportunities and that’s it…(Glavine did the) same thing that he always does. Throw a changeup, fastball and that was it. I just think we should’ve done a better job than we did.”

  46. Pujols was probably right, but it’s a pretty classless thing to say. I tsort of reminds me of things the Indians said after the ’95 World Series about being the better team. Sour grapes.

  47. Glavine didn’t really pitch all that well. It really felt like he was in trouble all night. But it’s irrelevent, it was still seven innings and no runs and a Mets’ win.

  48. @97

    Well, I think they did need Maddux. They were going into 1993 with Pete Smith and Kent Mercker as the fourth and fifth starters. Oh, sure, Pete was 7-0 with a 2.20 ERA in 11 starts in 1992, but he had really stunk up the joint before that. How likely was it that he’d do 1992 again? Not very, I say.

  49. I want to see Glavine face them again after these comments. See what happens! I love this, its getting intense

  50. @108

    HAHAHA! Sure, they had the better team on paper, no question. But sour grapes is the right term for that and the Pujols thing. It doesn’t do you much good to say you’re better or your opponent is bad if you don’t do what you need to.

  51. Sam, Charlie Leibrandt would have been the fourth starter in 1993 (he was still under contract and was traded to make room for Maddux). In 1992, he went 15-7 with a 3.36 ERA. Of course, he completely collapsed in 1993 and never pitched in the majors again, but I don’t see how the Braves could have known that.

    The 1992 Braves rotation of Glavine-Smoltz-Avery-Leibrandt-Smith was easily the best in the league, and the team ERA of 3.14 was the best in the league by .11 runs. There was no reason to think that adding the best starting pitcher in the league was necessary — though it surely helped.

    Maddux : Leibrandt :: A-Rod : Renteria. Though I have no reason to think that Renteria is going to collapse, he’s a solid, workmanlike player. A-Rod is a future Hall of Famer who is the same age as Edgar.

  52. Yeah, you’re right about Charlie and the analogy, but I still stand by my assertion about Pete Smith.

    ARod would be wonderful in the Braves lineup, but all the blocks would have to fall into place for that to come true.

  53. Really only a couple of blocks need to fall into place, Yanks and Braves agree to trade, then unless renty can somehow place second, we could trade him for a starting pitcher. A-Rod would go back to SS, keep chipper at third and maybe Prado plays second.

  54. And what would the Braves offer the Yankees? Hudson, Saltalamacchia, McBride and someone else? Isn’t that too much for ANY one player?

  55. “The Braves didn’t really need Greg Maddux in 1993 either, but that worked out pretty well.”

    The Braves’ only had an NL-best 222 homeruns in 2006 (second in all the majors.) If only we had A-Rod, the Braves would have hit in 240 homeruns and would have won the division and be the favorites!

  56. And what would the Braves offer the Yankees? Hudson, Saltalamacchia, McBride and someone else? Isn’t that too much for ANY one player?

    It’d take more than that. Much more. And I still don’t see why the Yankees would want Hudson and his obscene salary. Sounds like pipe dreaming to me. Yes, I realize the Yankees are dumb, but they’d have to be clinically brain dead to want Hudson.

  57. “Does this A-Rod fellow pitch?”

    Nope. Some still think adding another at-bat to an already overdone offense is the way to go for some reason. Did these people watch the Braves in 2006?

  58. Just because the offense is already good doesn’t mean that the Braves shouldn’t take the opportunity to improve it if they have the chance. If, on a per-run basis, adding offense proves more efficient than adding pitching, then so be it.

  59. The only reason you should say “add pitching, not offense”, in my mind, is if the offense is so good that you start running into diminishing returns. We are not there yet. The offense was good in 2006, but it wasn’t an all-time great offense or anything. The Mets scored more runs and they play in a terrible place to hit. And it’s my opinion that it’s easier to add offense than pitching, especially since relatively few good pitchers are getting to free agency.

  60. Dan, unfortunately we did watch them. Guess what though, when we trade Druw this offseason for pitching or whatever and then Chipper gets his usual 4 to 5 trips to the DL then we have a problem. If we get rid of Andruw, which I think we will, the best pitching in the world wouldn’t be able to save us then.

  61. I hope those that are in the ARod bashing “some guys just can’t handle post season pressure” camp are enjoying the Kenny Rogers experience.

    Post season up to 2006: 0-3, 20.3 IP, 20 ER
    Post season 2006: 2-0, 15 IP, 0 ER

    It can turn at any time…

  62. I’ve been on A-Rod’s bandwagon this week, so I’ll continue. Adding Soriano would cost at least 14 million a year. A-Rod might not really cost that much if a creative deal is involved. For instance, if we were to send either Hampton or Hudson (or both), we might be paying more for A-Rod than Soriano, but we would reduce costs that would offset the addition of A-Rod (and I’m thinking that we’d probably turn around and trade Renteria which would add cost savings.). And as Mac states, it’s probably more cost efficient to add offense (since there are relatively few starters available and most will come at an extreme premium, along with a healthy amout of risk, like Zito, Schmidt, and others). That said, I’d guess that such a trade is rather a pipe dream, but this is the offseason…what else do I have to do but dream?

  63. Thanks for the Palmer story, csg. I don’t think anyone’s ever had a longer continuous sporting career (not even Willie Hoppe!) — Arnie’s Army made the Senior Tour possible.

  64. The only “creative” way A-Rod will cost less than Soriano is if the Yankees eat a big chunk of his contract, which I don’t see happening.

    But the real reason to oppose getting A-Rod is that the Braves have made it clear that they won’t bust the bank for payroll this year. To pay A-Rod’s salary, someone’s going to have to go. If it’s Andruw, the most obvious choice, the dropoff from Andruw to whatever other CF we play (Langerhans/ Blanco) will outweigh the gain of effectively replacing this year’s LF’s with A-Rod (I’m guessing he’d play third and Chipper would play left).

    And re the fantasy basketball draft- I’ll be busy for at least part of Tuesday evening, through 7pm Central. Can it be moved forward an hour or a day?

  65. Two points about adding A-Rod: (other than the obvious problems regarding money) the Yanks would certainly want good players from the Braves (Hudson does not qualify and Salty has gone from an elite prospect to one with a less certain future and McBride is not yet established) not the players we all want to be traded.

    In addition, A-Rod would add offensive production and probably help the Braves reach the playoffs again. But, since A-Rod’s teams have never won and since there is absolutely no reason to believe that A-Rod would be a big asset in postseason play, the Braves mighe well be headed for a repeat of 2000-2005. Now, that is better than 2006, but I think that most of us still hope that the Braves can put together a team which can win the World Series.

  66. And really, does getting A-Rod sound like a Schuerholz type of move? It’s not happening, but I’m sure that is already known. It’s fun to speculate.

    I don’t think this team will change much. I don’t see any new starting pitchers or quality relief pitchers (I’m sure Schuerholz will bring in a new gang of league minimum junk and see if any of it works) coming. I don’t see the Braves getting a power left-fielder or a leadoff man. I imagine the 2007 Braves will look almost identical to the 2006 Braves, except Wickman and maybe Ward will be around all year.

  67. Reyes tries to hit the ball like Furcla MEANING OUT.

    A leadoff hitter should have the approach of Tony Gwynn, the patience of Brian Giles, and the legs or Carl Crawford.

  68. Dan, Schuerholz has been willing to splurge on big free agents before- Maddux and Galarraga come to mind. Not too often, but he does.

    And Uga needs to bite someone in the ass- struggling to a win over Vandy at home is disgraceful.

  69. Less disgraceful than, you know… not winning. Richt needs to find a new DC and stick with one QB, one RB, and run the ball.

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