Fantasy Baseball League Wrapup and Open Thread

The winner of the Yet Another Braves Journal League is the Viking Dawgs. I don’t know who that actually is. Anyway, as first prize he receives:

“Special Course in Human Evaluation: Lectures” by L. Ron Hubbard on ten CDs in a handsome black carrying case. To be shipped whenever I get their address and figure out how to mail the darned thing.

Second place is Francoeur’s Fisher Kats, and I don’t know who that is either. Their prize shall be something else from my giant box of books nobody will ever read.

Third place goes to Village Idiots Redux, and I don’t know who that is either. Their prize is something else from the giant box after FFK gets their turn.

What we have learned is that you should always conceal your identity from me, and probably from the Church of Scientology.

139 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball League Wrapup and Open Thread”

  1. I might, the wife has been complaining about my Fantasy sports. Between baseball and football she’s getting a little irritated, but now that baseball is over who knows. Football is only once a week

  2. Thanks Jay10, I guess I’ll be joining another time wasting yet very addictive fantasy sports league.

    By the way: McCannsRocket won the ‘Braves Journal Readers 2’
    league @ yahoo and I don’t know who that is either.

  3. does buying scientology books give you special jedi powers? For instance, can you see the future or move object with your mind. Tom Cruise can.

  4. Scientology gives the damned things away, people don’t want them any more, so they dump them on libraries, and Lord knows we don’t want them.

    I think that the best choice from the Big Box is Brethren of the Net: American Entomology, 1840-1880, which we actually rejected as a duplicate. That, or one of the math books in German.

  5. As a lifelong Braves fan, I’m not so liberal my use of the word “choke.” But that’s one helluva number to think about. In fact, if any number defines choke, that may be it.

    Up 4-1, let’s see if they can do it again…

  6. Yeah Mac, you should definitely endorse the Yankees. Neither the Twins nor the Padres are doing very well. I think because you endorse them, the curse of the Braves has gone through us to them…

  7. Jay, that’s the worst thing I’ve heard all day. Hockey???

    Yes, I dont think this is what Hunter wanted since he’ll be trying to get them to pick up a $12 mil option on him next year. They probably will anyways

  8. Ballgame.

    Hockey season, yes. Devils-Hurricanes tonight, Yanks-Tigers tonight. Tough choices, but I’m going to see “The Departed” instead.

  9. Justin Hartwig was a teammate of Haynesworth for four seasons and had his own run-in with the defensive tackle.

    “He’s a guy that isn’t in very good control of his emotions,” Hartwig said. “When he’s getting beat he tends to lose control of his emotions and he gets irrational and he doesn’t think straight.”

    In training camp one year, Hartwig was blocking Haynesworth in a pass-rush drill. Haynesworth bull-rushed Hartwig over and then with the center on his knees, Haynesworth reared back and kicked Hartwig in the chest.

    “I tried to grab his foot when he kicked me,” Hartwig said. “I was going to dump him on his back, but when I tried to pick up his foot one of the other offensive linemen came in and cleared him out. So it was basically a brawl after that.”

    Panthers receiver Keyshawn Johnson said he never in his 11 seasons in the NFL had ever seen such an assault on another player. Keyshawn added that Haynesworth should have been suspended for the whole season. “I wouldn’t want him on my team,” Keyshawn said. “I’m not playing with a dude doing that on my team.”

    Hartwig said he steered clear of Haynesworth off the field. He said there were incidents in practices with Haynesworth every year, accusing him of punching teammates when they weren’t looking.

    “He’s just the kind of guy I stayed away from,” Hartwig said. “He just kind of loses his mind sometimes. That’s just him. I don’t put anything past the guy. He was reprimanded for things by the club in the past. A lot of it didn’t get out to the media.”

  10. 1 down – 5 left to pull for in this order

    1. Detroit
    2. LA
    3. SD
    4. A’s
    5. Cards

    Mac, you should pull for the two NY teams

  11. hmmm…last time I actualy watched hockey….Forsberg was with Col and Patrick Roy was still playing….that’s probably not a good sign…damn…draft is at 9(CDT) i’m screwed.

  12. Hilarious moment in the broadcast booth with Ernie Harwell — Miller asked him how his Thomson HR call compared with Russ Hodges. Harwell said (paraphrasing), “My call was more TV-oriented. I said, ‘It’s gone’, and then shut up.” You could almost hear Miller and Morgan thinking, “That’s TV oriented? Hell, we NEVER shut up.”

    And now Harwell, a man who called the Shot Heard Round the World, is doing play-by-play….sweet.

  13. sansho1, I totally agree. I wish Harwell was doing the entire broadcast. Sure, he might forget a players name here or there, but he calls the game the way it is meant to be called.

  14. Again, sansho1, a-men. The Gambler looked as good as I’ve ever seen him. Painting the corners, out-thinking the vaunted Yankees lineup, monster curve, fierce attitude, just great. I don’t really like him either but that was a masterful performance by any standard.

  15. Thanks for the 1972 series link, Mac. That and the ’72 WS was Blue Moon Odom’s swan song as a good major league pitcher — he won two games in the ALCS (check out Vida Blue with the 4-inning save in the clincher), then pitched brilliantly, but with hard luck, against the Reds. He was 27, had won 15+ games three times.

    Think he reminisced about those days just two years later, stinking up the joint during his brief Braves stint?

  16. I actually remember watching the 1972 ALCS. Mostly, what I remember is Bert Campaneris getting hit in the ankle by Detroit reliever Lerrin Lagrow, then slinging his bat at him.

  17. From my high school game tonight. We went on to lose 45-7 to #2 in the state. But for a moment, a brief moment, we were there..

  18. “Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja!… Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!”

    This didn’t make any sense at all :-) lots of coughing noises when you are reading that though…

    Ich wuerde mich sehr ueber das deutsche Mathe-Buch freuen. Kannst Du gerne zu mir schicken… ;-)

  19. For awhile, I didn’t think the Tigers had a chance. I’ve changed my mind. Between the fancy dinner and the midnight surprise party, I feel like I’ve had the best birthday ever and it’s not even 2 hours old, but watching the Yankees get eliminated would make it 1000 times better. Hint hint.

  20. Also, did anyone see A-Rod on the postgame show compare Kenny Rogers to “Uh, that Jewish guy?”

    Hey, Alex, you mean Sandy Koufax? That “Jewish guy?” Wow.

  21. cool…thats six so far…plenty of spots..if you like basketball join our fantasy football league….

    League Id#-74680
    Password- 102529

  22. I’m in as the Louisiana Lice.

    Watching Auburn get manhandled is immensely amusing. So is seeing a freshman QB outthink Tuberville.

  23. Can you believe Arkansas today?

    So I guess that argument I got into about Auburn’s schedule and the NC game was kind of a waste of time.

    Getting run over at home by an unranked team…didn’t see that coming. USC strength of schedule gets a nice bump.

  24. Once again, strength of schedule, rankings, national championships are all ca-ca. Line it up & play. Don’t leave it up to some computer to hand out title opportunities. Get a playoff. Until then, it’s all talk.

  25. We’re a really beat-up football team right now, and we’re too predictable on offense. Auburn habitually will check in a role player for one play, then look his way on the formation on the first check.

    Hats off to Arkansas; they played stellar football. They’re the one team we can never seem to beat. Shh, but Arkansas’s still undefeated in the SEC but the five remaining SEC games are Ole Miss, Miss State, Tennessee, South Carolina, and LSU.

  26. All the newspapers say the Indians want a second baseman. Let’s give them Marcus Giles for Paul Byrd. Just a thought…

  27. Tim Tebow is the freaking man. If you have Facebook, join the UTTFC (Unofficial Tim Tebow Fan Club). I created it. WHAT A PLAY!

  28. You think we can get the Yankees to give us A-Rod and pay all his salary? I bet we could.

    And I’m away from my TV… Did LSU just fumble the opening kickoff of the second half in their own endzone and have it recovered by Florida? Spastic.

  29. Umm….Fox announcers….Jim Leyland is not the only MLB manager who wears cleats, I’m almost certain Bobby Cox does too.

  30. “You think we can get the Yankees to give us A-Rod and pay all his salary?”

    Maybe. Wasn’t A-Rod going to be a Brave before the Rangers offered him that crazy deal? And he could be a shortstop again, where he is meant to be.

    5-0 Tigers now….Bonderman with a no-hitter through five innings.

  31. I keep hearing that these Yankees “arguably have the best lineup ever constructed”. This is only true if you replace “arguably have” with “inarguably do not have”. If they had this lineup five years ago, I’m listening. But their present lineup consists almost entirely of players aged 32 to 38 (give or take). They scored 8.7% more than the league average, which I’m guessing wouldn’t land them in the top 100. The ’27 Yankees, just to pick one, scored 27.8% more than league average.

    I guess we’re supposed to be dazzled by the names. But merely by that measure, here’s a lineup that the ’28 A’s could have thrown out there:

    C — Mickey Cochrane
    1B — Jimmy Foxx
    2B — Max Bishop
    3B — Eddie Collins
    SS — Jimmy Dykes
    OF — Ty Cobb
    OF — Tris Speaker
    OF — Al Simmons

    Only Cochrane, Bishop, and Simmons were in their prime, and this particular lineup may have never happened for all I know. But since all FOX means is, “Wow, look at all those names!”, I’ll take this team.

  32. It’s because a former Brave started an elimination game for the Yankees that they’re losing. Once the curse of losing in the first round is out, it’s hard to shake. Actually, it’s great seeing Sheffield choking (so it’s not just on the Braves!) and Abreu and Lidle(Does Philly win the WC with them, or was getting rid of them the reason they went on a run?)

    I’m loving this. Now I can pick on all of me Yankee fan friends who have been getting on me for years about losing in the first round. “See? It’s not so easy…”

  33. Mac,

    You read my mind. I was at the gym watching the Yanks-Tiger game. When A-Rod made the error, I thought, “I wonder if the Yanks would swap us A-Rod for Hudson & eat some of his salary?”

  34. The last thing we need is a player who chokes in October (I know, I know, that’s been driven into the ground. I’ll stop now…)

  35. For all you Yankee-haters, I encourage you to tune in WABC (on & listen to the hand-wringing in Yankeeland from the Minister of Pinstripe Propaganda, John Sterling. Very amusing.

  36. You’re right. The parallel would just be amusing. The player widely known for choking oin the playoffs in recent years ot the team best known for choking in the playoffs in recent year. Sportswriters would be all over it.

    Derek Jeter is insane in October. It jut goes to show, one person can’t win all by himself.

  37. We don’t get the satisfaction of watching the Yankees get shutout while eliminated. I’m plenty satisfied with having them eliminated, though.

  38. I’m sure ESPN is going into mourning. Their dreams of another subway series is quickly evaporating. The possibility of another NY/BOS ALCS was already gone, and now the Yankees look like they won’t get to the World Series. What’s the network going to do?

  39. They’ll go into an “all Mets, all the time” mode at ESPN. No Yankees-Red Sox ALCS, no subway series (all the talk in mid-September.) The Mets are there last true hope. If the Dodgers, Padres or Cardinals beat them, they’re screwed.

  40. Ding dong the Yanks are dead! Which ol’ Yanks? The New York Yanks! Ding dong the New York Yanks are deeaaaaaddd!

  41. I think A-Rod will be an ex-Yankee soon. Renteria and Andruw for A-Rod and stick him back at SS anyone?

    Lineup next year would be:

    2b Aybar
    C McCann
    3b Chipper
    SS A-Rod
    1b LaRoche
    RF Frenchy
    LF Diaz
    CF Langerhans


  42. Sam, you want someone who gets on base in the 2 spot, since he bats more often than anyone but your leadoff guy.

    That would give the Braves the best infield in the majors as long as Chipper stayed healthy, and one of the worst oufields.

  43. I’d rather somehow keep Andruw and get rid of Hudson in such a scenario…

    Langerhans, Diaz and Frenchy is not the outfield i want to see….

  44. I dont see the yanks taking andruw….Matsui, damon, abreu…no where to really put him…now hudson, renty….maybe throw in somebody else …..thats a better possibility.

    ATL- Alex Rodriguez and cash
    NYY- Tim Hudson, Edgar Renteria and Maybe a prospect(no blue chips…if we have any)

  45. We would have to sweeten the pot…they wouldn’t take Huddy for A-Rod straight up. Maybe throw in Salty?

    I think Diaz may be the real deal since we got his vision corrected.

  46. Diaz’s fielding stats in LF were pretty f’ing good and he gets on base.

    How about Huddy, Salty and Devine for A-Rod? What a way for Liberty Media to make a PR splash when they take over the Braves!!

    Oh, and fUGA. Go Jackets.

  47. The Tennessee Volunteers are like my computer… they need to be “rebooted” from time to time.

    I think Georgia finally has a quarterback.

  48. Hey guys, you should root for the Miami Hurricanes. They don’t have a good quarterback but at least they got Edge’s cousin.

  49. Sam,

    Touche….If it wasnt for that F**KING 1st quarter!!!!

    Ok…count to ten…..

    Georgia Tech was better prepared for that game….my hokies have a problem with looking ahead about what could be….same thing happened last year against Miami, if you remember any interviews the hokies players had, they were all talking about ACC championship and possible National Championship…then we lost, same thing happened last week…its ok..though.

    The Virginia Tech football team is no longer allowed to have a personal life…we can’t go out and have a nice time without getting into a fight, arrested(Josh..Chris), or pull a gun outside of a McDonalds(Marcus!!!)

  50. Edge..hahahahahahaha….that pick up really worked out for the cards huh…..thats not fair…that offensive line is overweight and horrible.


  51. Boy, was I wrong about UGA! The boys are definitely making some plays for Joe T.

    And UT’s lack of discipline is again rearing its ugly head in the form of stupid penalties and terrible kick coverage.

    I believe this one might come down to the last play.

  52. (Irony from a Gator fan)

    So how about that LSU-UF game today. I wanna say Florida kicked their butts, but dang, LSU just kinda handed the game to us didn’t they?

    (End of Irony)

    How about that freaking Tim Tebow?! I’m not one of those “BENCH LEAK! PUT IN TEBOW!” people, but I really like Tebow right now. He’s not playing enough to where his weaknesses would be exposed, and he’s got Leak to get the majority of the playing time while he learns the offense and comes in periodically to throw touchdown passes and knock the living crap out of the LSU secondary, or whoever’s secondary he comes into contact with. Did you guys see him pop the crap out of those two LSU safeties? The guy’s a freshman quarterback!

    On a serious note, I don’t care if Auburn lost and Georgia is close right now with Tennessee, I am not at all excited about the rest of the gauntlet.

    Go Braves.

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