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  1. Today’s DHs: For the A’s Frank Thomas, for the Twins Jason Tyner.

    That’s gotta be some kinda record for something.

  2. Frank Thomas ate jason tyner’s little brother for breakfast this morning, so I think Tyner is inspired to play well.

  3. If you’re gonna say it, go all out. WAR DAMN EAGLE!

    I love Eddie as the bullpen coach. Maybe he can keep the guys loose but still focused. Its not like bullpen coach is a particularly strenuous job. One of my dream jobs is to be the Braves bullpen catcher. Too bad I’m left handed…

  4. Buffalo, Tulane, Arkansas State. In ’04 it was La-Monroe, La Tech, Citadel.

    If Auburn does go undefeated again, they will probably again come up short for the title game. Playing in the SEC is good, taking three weeks off is not.

    I too would love to see a playoff, but it will never happen.

  5. James,

    I was totally kidding. Although my mom went to grad school at Auburn, I’m a UGA grad—so no WDE for me.

    But I admire Tuberville’s stance there.

  6. The Twins and A’s are playing some really good baseball. Really good. There is almost no way an NL team wins it all this year it would appear.

  7. I have no idea why Auburn won’t play better schools. At least play UAB, Southern Miss or someone like that.

  8. Auburn did host Southern Cal a couple years ago.

    I believe they play Southern Miss in ’08 & they begin a home-&-home with West Virginia in ’08 as well.

  9. Okay, all you college football fans. Pretend I’m Bill Simmons trying to pick an English soccer team to root for: I have virtually no ties or allegiance, and virtually no knowledge about, any of the teams out there. Who should I root for, and why?

  10. Best part of Eddie as bullpen coach is we won’t need to have deadweight like Todd Pratt to teach McCann how to catch or whatever it was Todd was supposed to bring to the team.

    Things look bad for the Mets on paper. Makes me happy. :)

  11. I have no Premiership allegience, so take from this what you will:

    From the little I understand about it, a Chelsea fan told me that his team is basically like the New York Yankees now, in that they overspend for all the top talent. They’re now the most-hated team in the Premiership, and the best.

    There was a time when Chelsea had an ugly racist element among their supporters. But, supposedly, once the “football hooligans” discovered ecstasy, the violence started to abate. Funny how that happens.

    I have friends who are Arsenal fans & they detest Chelsea. I was in Central London once after a Chelsea-Arsenal match & it was lotsa pasty-faced brits puking in fountains. Pretty ugly.

    Manchester is interesting, too. The local Mancs (like the Oasis guys) root for Man City, but Man United has more appeal throughout the country & the world. It also has large Irish support.

    Salmon Rushdie is a Tottenham Hotspurs fan.

    And one of my best pals is a Liverpool supporter. They seem to be the respectable club that finishes in the upper part of the league, but never wins.

    From what I’m told, the English Premiership is one of the more exciting go-for-it leagues in the world. Again, I know very little about soccer, but I like watching it in a pub with those who understand it. I remember watching an England-Poland World Cup qualifying match in Manchester many years ago & it was terrific fun.

  12. From Yahoo!:

    “R. Martin singled to deep right, J. Kent out at home, J.D. Drew out at home, R. Martin to second”

    What happened?? I am having trouble even imagining how that play went.

  13. that’s very strange. They already have 4 hits in the 1st two innings also. Betemit just walked, I miss him

  14. Okay, first of all, who’s Auburn going to play? You want Auburn to play non-conference opponents like Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, and Southern Cal?

    Heck, look around the dad-gummed league.

    Auburn – Washington State (lost to SC by 6), Tulane, Ark. St., Buffalo
    Alabama – Hawaii, La-Monroe, Duke, Fla. International
    South Carolina – Clemson (rival), Wofford, Fla. Atlantic, MTSU
    Ole Miss – Memphis, Missouri, Wake Forest, NW State
    LSU – La-Lafayette, Arizona, Tulane, Fresno St.

    The one team I would love to see Auburn start a several-year stretch with is Fresno State. They’re a good team, heck, play once out there and twice here or something. Southern Miss sucks. So does Memphis. Central Florida and Auburn have a history. But remember this, Auburn has no bye week until after the Bama game. You HAVE to put patsies in there.


  15. Ron, it was first and second no one out and the batter hits a ball off the wall. It’s picked up, thrown to the cut-off man, thrown home, gets the guy outs, then the other runner who was at first kept going for some reason and was tagged out. It looked so stupid, it’s unbelievable. The Dodgers’ third base coach should be fired as soon as the game is over.

    1-0 Dodgers anyway.

  16. wow, the 1st guy is out at home and the thrid base coach still thinks the second guy has a shot at scoring. Yes, he should be fired on the spot!!!

  17. You want Auburn to play non-conference opponents like Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, and Southern Cal?

    Sure why not? Michigan plays ND. ND plays USC and Michigan. OSU plays Texas and just signed a deal to play USC. It’s tough to take you seriously as a national title contender if the best out of conference game you schedule in three years is Washington State.

  18. Robert, the problem is getting those games. We’ve contacted Michigan, Notre Dame (don’t think OSU) to all do home-and-homes. They don’t want to do it. So what do you do? If you’re an AD at Auburn, would you sign a one-year agreement to play @ Notre Dame or @ Ohio State? Of course not.

    ..and last year we played Georgia Tech. Sorry to bust your argument there.

  19. Oh, and to the Notre Dame homers, explain this to me. How can ND’s schedule be so outrageously tough when they play only 3 ranked teams all season?

    I’m looking at this schedule:
    Purdue, Stanford, UCLA, @ Navy, North Carolina, @ Air Force, Army

    Give me a break! 7 games against hapless opponents!

    Look at Auburn’s schedule for a second – LSU, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, S. Carolina, (Georgia/Florida/Tennessee in SEC CG), Arkansas .. that’s a pretty solid slate of teams. South Carolina would destroy any of those hapless Notre Dame opponents. Arkansas is a gritty team that always keeps it close. Bama has tradition. Georgia is the reigning SEC champion. Florida is a top-5 team. LSU is probably a better team than Auburn and is playing better than anyone in the country right now.

  20. The traditional Big 10 powers (not including Penn State) have never been willing to come south. Alabama has played home-and-homes over the years with USC, Penn State (on several occasions, with another with PSU coming up), Texas, and Notre Dame, but hasn’t played Michigan or OSU outside of bowls. Those two schools are a bunch of arrogant, overrated, self-righteous pricks — and in Ohio State’s case, the dirtiest athletic program since the glory days of SMU — who made me glad when USC kicked their asses in the Rose Bowl every year, and I hate USC.

    Wryn, it’s because the idiots in the national media rate teams’ schedule only on their non-conference games, so ND, which isn’t in a conference, schedules four good teams and looks really tough even with their annual tour of the service academies.

  21. ..I will give you one point though. Ole Miss & Mississippi State may never score in this year’s Egg Bowl. Both of those teams are absolutely terrible.

  22. It’s also because much of the national media knows very little about college football. Living in New York, it’s almost silly the stuff I hear.

  23. So what do you do?

    Try harder. Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia have all added strong out of conference games in recent years, it can be done. If Ohio State can lure teams into the Horseshoe, Auburn should be able to find somebody.

    Bottomline if you play a three or four patsy schedule, don’t expect an invite to the NC game.

  24. Who did Georgia add Robert? (ooh, Boise last year, ooh)
    Same with Florida.

    Tennessee beat the stuffing out of a Cal team that has never beaten a big team in the national spotlight.

  25. This very argument points up the silliness that is college football. It’s the only sport that doesn’t have a real champ.

  26. Bottomline if you play a three or four patsy schedule, don’t expect an invite to the NC game.

    Wanted to clarify this so I’m quoting myself.

    I’m not saying it’s right or fair but the way the BCS system is setup is that the computers will kill you for a three patsy schedule and you will lose out to someone in a somewhat weaker conference with stronger non conference schedule.

    So if you are serious about the NC game you need to schedule accordingly. Auburn never does and then whines the whole year which is very annoying. That’s all I’m saying.

  27. Robert, we play 3 top-10 teams. Nobody else does that. If we can handle 3-top 10 teams, I think we could handle a Colorado State or a Michigan State.

  28. We = SEC teams. Florida fans can hush because their schedule is ridiculously tough and a 1-loss Florida team should go before an undefeated Big East champ.

  29. Who did Georgia add Robert? (ooh, Boise last year, ooh)
    Same with Florida.

    Colorado looked good at the time. They’ve got Arizona State lined up for 08-09.

    Florida plays FSU this year and the next, plus Miami in ’08.

    Tennessee finishes up at Cal next year, then has NC State and UCLA in ’08.

    Obviously these are not all elite teams but hopefully you recognize there is a difference between these types of games and La Tech, La-Monroe, The Citadel. The computers certainly recognize the difference.

  30. Uhh.. Florida and FSU have played for years and years. If FSU was in the SEC, it would be a non-issue.

    Arkansas > NC State & UCLA.

    Now, back to my management presentation tonight..

    Thanks for the discussion.

  31. If FSU was in the SEC, it would be a non-issue.

    Arkansas > NC State & UCLA.

    Wow, neither of those make any sense in regards to the discussion.

    Have a good presentation.

  32. I’ve always hated the Dodgers, but since they have two of my more recent favorite Braves – Furcal and Betemit – I guess I can manage to root for them in this series.

    As long as I don’t have to say anything good about JD Drew.

  33. Today, I’m all Dodger Blue.

    I’ll root for anyone playing the Mets. As I’ve said before, if the Mets were playing the Taliban, I’d have to think about it.

  34. I dont see the Twins being able to beat Haren, Harden, and Zito to win this series. They are done

  35. Darby has been injured…..WHY DIDN’T YOU SIT OUT STUPID!!!!!!

    We would be 3-1 you jerk!!!!!!!!

  36. This was a funny thread to read all at once. Bottom line is the best conference this year is the SEC, so regardless of your non-conference games, your conference games get you substantial pull. As Wryn said, when teams like Florida are rocking it hard against LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, and Georgia, then a 1-loss season still entitles you to a national championship berth over a Big East team. Florida also plays FSU every year, as well, and in ’08, here comes Miami.

  37. Alex R- Here is why you should root for Tennessee

    1) A traditional powerhouse
    2) A history of winning not just 50 years ago, but present
    3) Lots of traditions (Vol Walk, running through the T, Rocky Top…)
    4) Large fan base
    5) Always plays a tough schedual

  38. Here is why you should never under any circumstances root for Tennessee:

    1. Philip Fulmer is the Devil.
    2. Ugly uniforms.
    3. Peyton Manning went to Tennessee.
    4. As did Albert Haynesworth.
    5. And Leonard Little.
    6. Their band only knows one song.

  39. regarding robert’s comment:
    “Bottomline if you play a three or four patsy schedule, don’t expect an invite to the NC game. ”

    USC’s Schedule
    September 2 at Arkansas
    September 16 No. 19 Nebraska
    September 23 at Arizona
    September 30 at Washington State
    October 7 Washington
    October 14 Arizona State
    October 28 at Oregon State
    November 4 at Stanford
    November 11 No. 11 Oregon
    November 18 No. 16 California
    November 25 No. 12 Notre Dame
    December 2 UCLA

    Auburn’s Schedule
    September 2 Washington State
    September 9 at Mississippi State
    September 16 No. 6 LSU
    September 23 Buffalo
    September 28 at South Carolina
    October 7 Arkansas
    October 14 No. 5 Florida
    October 21 Tulane
    October 28 at Mississippi
    November 4 Arkansas State
    November 11 No. 10 Georgia
    November 18 at Alabama

    Robert, you are abslolutely right…auburn should stop their whining, because when you play such an easy schedule, you shouldnt have a bid to the NC game. why dont you do some research before you spat at the mouth. look at the schedule. if you dont like auburn personally, i understand, but anyone with common sense can see the facts. USC plays no Top ten teams……auburn plays 3. Conference games or no conference games, auburn plays the tougher schedule. if it comes down to USC and Auburn being undefeated, then i (and any other person that know sports) knows auburn will be getting screwed once again.

  40. Don Sutton is gone. Look on the Braves website for more info. This sucks. Why not get rid of Chip Caray ???

  41. Yeah, I always liked Sutton, although I know other people here don’t at all. All the good announcers are slowly being phased out. First they tried to banish Skip to TS, then brought him back to TBS (thank God). Then they hired Chip (what a schmuck). Then TS gets bought by Fox, and Rathborg inherits those games (mute). Then they pretty much force Don to leave. And also the changing situation with TBS and what channels the Braves will be on. Everything’s changing. :(

    I don’t know if it’s even possible, but the best scenario would be for Fox to hire the TBS guys. We should start a campaign.

  42. why dont you do some research before you spat at the mouth

    I actually have done some research, it’s called the 2004 college football season. Auburn got left out then and could easily be left out again this year because of the three patsy schedule. Thanks for your constructive input though.

    I have no problem with Auburn other than their coach is a whiner, not Bob Stoops-level, but still kind of embarrassing.

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