Game Thread: Astros at Braves, Oct. 1

I break my silence to praise the Lord:

After today, I won’t have to watch the 2006 Braves ever again.

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  1. I don’t know… April is a long ways away. I always dread the offseason when I don’t have my Braves to watch.

  2. Same here. Even as bad as this season has been, it’s always depressing to see the Atlanta Braves go away until April.

  3. When is it all the trades get going? Is it after the regular season, world series or not until the winter meetings?

  4. I’d love to see us get a real SP but I don’t really see that happening (where “real” is defined as a Jason Schmidt or Barry Zito type). One guy they might think about is Gil Meche – his shoulder looks like it’s in much better shape, he’s still on the right side of 30, and he had a modicum of success in Seattle. If he could throw a few more strikes, he could be a good pitcher, and he probably won’t cost too much.

    Unfortunately, I have zero confidence that McDowell will be able to help him whatsoever. I miss Leo :(

  5. Today’s game is on Turner South again. They’ll probably talk about the upcoming Atlanta Thrashers hockey season than the possibility of the Braves eliminating the Astros from the NL central race. Rathbun and Torborg (will they both be back next year I wonder) talking about the Thrashers quite a bit yesterday, and today is their last chance to advertise Thrashers hockey to baseball fans who won’t have baseball at all much longer.

  6. For all our complaining, we’re going to miss this team. Really we will. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been here to commiserate these last six months. And the team’s problems are relatively limited, and so obvious even Schuerholz should be able to fix them.

    Here’s to the Atlanta Braves- 1995 and 2007 World Series Champions!

    And on the subject:

    1914 Update:

    Boston Braves 90-56 (Clinched)
    NY Giants 80-68 (11 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 78-69 (12.5)
    Chicago Cubs 75-73 (16)
    Philadelphia Phillies 73-76 (18.5)
    Brooklyn Robins 72-76 (19)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 65-83 (26)
    Cincinnati Reds 58-90 (33)

    Today’s Game:
    Braves 400 001 002- 7 12 3 W- Davis
    Giants 000 031 011 – 6 8 2 L- Schupp

    A five-run comeback by the Giants for naught. The biggest reason for this was probably the Giants’ bench jockeys abusing the umpires. William Klem, Hall of Fame umpire and autocrat, didn’t have to put up with this nonsense, and so he didn’t. He ejected the entire Giants’ bench, all 24 players not in the game. An inglorious end for the Giants’ Mike Donlin, for whom this would be his last major league game.

    In response to one of the taunts sent Klem’s way, the New York Times account opined, “Willyum doesn’t have fish eyes. He has nice eyes.” So there.

  7. Who is Chris Sampson, and why is he pitching a game the Astros absolutely have to win.

    His ERA looks good but I have never heard of him. Not a great start for him, but it looks like the Astro defense is more to blame than his pitching.

  8. I just read about that on the Braves’ official site. Mike Hampton will improve this staff next year if nothing else.

  9. Carl Crawford=expensive in terms of money and prospects. Plus Schuerholz is focusing on pitching.

    I’ve grown used to the way Marcus Giles leads off about 85% of games with a flyout too.

  10. Does Jeff Torborg take pride in the fact that he has been fired from five different managing jobs? That’s the second or third joke about his firings over the past two games only.

  11. The Falcons have outgained the Cardinals by more than 200 yards and yet lead by only five because of (a) they’ve kicked five fieldgoals and (b) they had a 99 yard interception return against them. Yes, the Falcons have become Alabama.

  12. Mac, if the Falcons were Alabama, how could they have kicked five field goals?


    Thank you, Kali. I’m glad that our last memory of you will be of your doing something right. Since that’s not our only memory of you, get lost.

  13. In response to yesterday’s mini debate over whether or not Reitsma will be resigned, here’s a list of things that are more likely to happen:

    1) Sid Bream will publicly announce that he was indeed out at the plate and explain how guilty he feels for preventing Barry Bonds from attaining his much deserved World Series ring.
    2) Adam LaRoche will be the number five starter…for a Little League team in Tampa.
    3) David Justice will refuse to be associated with the New York Yankees.
    4) Ron Gant will quit his illustrious career as a sports announcer to join the news team on CNN.
    5) Tampax will buy the Braves and rename the staidum “The Atlanta Braves’ Pad (with wings)”.
    6) Alex Rodriguez will finally admit that his numerous errors can be attributed to the fact that he stares at Derek Jeter’s butt 90% of the game.
    7) Bobby Cox will announce that he will take on the role of set-up man for the 2007 Braves. Shortly after the announcement, JS will sign him to a six year $75 million contract.
    8) Marcus Giles will grow six inches, making him tall enough to ride the roller coasters at Six Flags.
    9) John Rocker will usurp McDowell’s role as pitching coach and, in doing so, also steal McDowell’s wife and family. After six months, McDowell’s wife will file for divorce because Rocker constantly yells inappropriate and incorrect racial slurs at her.
    10) EVERYONE will be happy with the post season changes that are about to take place.

  14. “Thank you, Kali. I’m glad that our last memory of you will be of your doing something right. Since that’s not our only memory of you, get lost.”

    Not only is he still in there, he’ll be back in 2007 for reasons no one can figure out. Mark Bowman says he’ll make a capable set-up man, the same guy who said Chris Reitsma would be an above-average closer in 2006.

  15. Good news: Braves’ attendance incrases for the second year in a row, the first time since the 1996 and 1997 seasons. Over 2.5 million fans this year.

    Speaking of that attendance, why were these past six games at Turner Field so packed? Where was that support earlier in the season? I’m not complaining, just wondering.

  16. Wickman nails the door shut. Man, if we’d had him around all year, we’d be meeting again in a couple of days for the Division Series.

    79 wins. Gah.

  17. Well, we did it. No Houston in the playoffs this year. Again, why did Chris Sampson start a game the Astros had to have?

    Nice to go out on a season on a positive note. The last few years’s last games have been hard to stomach…

  18. I’d like to thank each and every person who has participated in Braves Journal this year for your companionship. I look forward to doing it again in 2007.


  19. Hey I just realized—we beat Houston in a series that ended in October. Where was this for the last two years?

  20. I had wanted to go to one of the games this weekend and I checked on tickets about a month ago…. there wasn’t a lot of good seats available then

    man… I can’t believe the season is over! glad we went out with a win

  21. It does seem kind of weird it’s over. I so clearly remember Spring Training and Chipper and Marcus missing so much time (although the WBC is a very distant memory). It’s strange to think that all of my wondering in Spring Training about what would happen to this team now has a definite answer.

    June also seems like yesterday, with everyone’s sarcastic comments about how we would never win another game. Also, it seems strange to think Jorge Sosa hasn’t been a Brave for over two months.

    I’d like to echo an above comment and say how much I’ve enjoyed the discussion on this board. I hope everyone sticks around during the offseason for equally compelling discussions on trades and signings or the lack of those things.

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